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【新步步高 人教版】2016届高三英语大一轮复习课件 《Book 1 Unit 4 Earthquakes》




五年高考 最新模拟



1.at an end 结束;终结

2.right away 立刻;马上
3.event n.事件;大事

4.rescue n.& vt.援救;营救
5.trap vt.使陷入困境 n.陷阱;困境

6.dig out 掘出;发现 7.bury vt.埋葬;掩埋;隐藏 8.disaster n.灾难;灾祸 9.a (great) number of 许多;大量的 10.damage n.& vt.损失;损害

11.useless adj.无用的;无效的;无益的
12.reporter n.记者→report v.报道

13.burst vi.(burst,burst) 爆裂;爆发 n.突然破裂;爆发

14.ruin n.废墟;毁灭 vt.毁灭;使破产→in ruins 严重受损;

15.nation n.民族;国家;国民→national adj.国家的,民族的

→nationality n.国籍
16.extreme adj.极度的→extremely adv.极其,非常

17.injure vt.损害;伤害→injured adj.受伤的→injury n.伤害;
损害 发电的→electrical adj.与电有关的;电学的

18.electricity n.电;电流;电学→electric adj.用电的;带电的;

19.frighten vt.使惊吓;吓唬→frightened adj.受惊的;受恐

吓的→frightening adj.令人恐惧的
20.judge vt.断定;判断;判决 n.裁判员;法官;评判员

→judgement n.判断,审判,判断力,意见
21.destroy vt.破坏;毁坏→destruction n.破坏→destructive

22.congratulation n.祝贺;(复数)贺词→congratulate v.祝贺

23.shock vt.& vi.(使)震惊;震动 n.休克;打击;震惊
→shocked adj.震惊的→shocking adj.令人震惊的

24.express vt.表示;表达 n.快车;速递→expression n.

词语;表达;表示→expressive adj.富于表情的;有表

1.In the farmyards,the chickens and even the pigs were
too nervous to eat. 在农家大院里的鸡,甚至连猪都紧张得不想吃食。 2.It seemed as if the world was at an end! 好像世界末日到了。 3.Everywhere they looked nearly everything was destroyed. 人们无论朝哪里看,那里的一切都几乎被毁了。

4.All hope was not lost.

5.Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide. 老鼠跑出田地,寻找地方躲藏。 6.Thousands of families were killed and many children were left without parents. 成千上万的家庭被毁,许多孩子成了孤儿。

en- enable /I′neIbl/ vt.使能够;使成为可能;使实现

encourage /In′k?rId?/ vt.鼓励;支持;促进
enlarge /In′lɑ?d?/ vt.扩大;扩充;放大(照片) vi.增大



1 ruin v.毁坏;使破产;n.毁坏; 破产;废墟
in ruins毁坏;成为废墟 fall/come into ruin逐渐破碎 bring...to ruin使??失败; 使??毁坏

Heavy smoking ruined his health. 过度吸烟损害了他的健康。

The bad weather has ruined all my pleasure for the
holiday. 糟糕的天气毁掉了我度假的好心情。


(1)Years of fighting has left Iraq ruined (ruin).
(2)It rained for two weeks on end,completely ruining (ruin) our holiday. (3)This country was once proud of its education system.Now it seems to be in ruins. (4)Shortly after suffering from a massive earthquake and being reduced to ruins,the city took on a new look.

2 trap n.夹子;陷阱;困境;圈套; v.把??困在,使陷于;使落网
?应试指导 非谓语动词句法功能的考查

set/lay a trap for为??设下圈套
be caught in a trap=fall into a trap落入陷阱 be trapped in 被困在??;使陷入??困境 trap sb.into doing...诱骗某人做??

She had set/laid a trap for him and he had walked
straight into it.

She was trapped in the burning house at that moment. 那时她被困在燃烧着的房子里。

夯实基础 语法填空

(1)Were you just trying to trap her
mistaken decision?


making a

(2)Her mother Donna was trapped (trap) in the destroyed

(3)Mary set a trap for Peter and he really fell into it. (4) Trapped (trap) in a traffic jam,he had to be patient,

3 bury v.埋葬;埋藏;使陷入;

?应试指导 非谓语动词句法功能的考查

bury sth.in...把??埋在??
bury oneself in埋头于,专心于

be buried in专心于
The paper was buried under a pile of books.

She sat there,buried in thought. 她坐在那儿,陷入了沉思。


①He walked slowly,his hand buried in his pocket. ②The girl was sitting on the bench in the park, burying her head in the book in her hands. ③They think she was buried in the desert,along with a

few others.

(2)Because she buried herself in the film,she didn’t
know it was snowing outside.

① Burying herself in the film,she didn’t know it
was snowing outside. (用现在分词短语作状语改写句子) ② Buried in the film,she didn’t know it was snowing outside. (用过去分词短语作状语改写句子)

4 congratulation n.祝贺;(复数)贺词


congratulations (to sb.) on sth.就??(向某人)祝贺
Congratulations!祝贺你!(口语) congratulate vt.祝贺,向??道喜 congratulate sb.on sth.为某事向某人祝贺 Congratulations on your happy marriage! 祝贺你喜结良缘!

? 特别提醒
(1)congratulation 用作祝贺语时,通常用复数形式; 作为“祝贺”这一抽象意义时,通常用单数形式。 (2)congratulate后不接带不定式的复合结构或that从句。

夯实基础 语法填空
(1)—I got that job I wanted at the public library.

— Congratulations (congratulate)! That’s good news.
(2)I congratulate myself on having chosen a good woman to be my wife. (3)We congratulated him on having passed the exam.

5 prepare v.准备;调制
prepare for,get ready for,

make preparations for,be
prepared for

prepare for为??作准备

prepare sb.sth.=prepare sth.for sb.为某人准备??
be prepared for.../to do...准备好?? preparation n.准备 in preparation for为??作准备 make preparations for为??作准备

—I’ve prepared all kinds of food for the picnic.

—Do you mean we needn’t bring anything with us?
——我已经准备好了野餐要带的各种食物。 ——你的意思是我们不必带任何东西了吗?(湖南,25) Justin had opened several bottles of wine in preparation for the party. 贾斯廷已开了好几瓶葡萄酒为聚会作准备。

夯实基础 语法填空 (1)The Foreign Minister was not prepared for questions. such

preparations (prepare), the

(2)If we hadn’t made adequate

conference wouldn’t have been so successful. preparing (3)—Pity you missed the lecture on nuclear pollution. —I would have attended it,but I was busy

(4)We won’t start the work until all the preparations have been made (make).

(5)Well prepared (prepare) for the coming exam,he
felt quite confident.


6 think little of以为??没什么了不起 对??满不在乎;轻视;忽视

think much/highly/well of重视;看重;对??高度
评价 be well/highly thought of被??高度评价

sing high praise of/for高度评价 I gave him some advice,but he thought little of


—How did you find the concert in Beijing Grand Theater last

—I thought little of it,but the conductor performed very well.
(2)同义句改写 ①She was highly thought of and was called one of the Chinese ten filial piety stars (中国十大孝星之一). Highly thought of,she was called one of the Chinese ten filial

piety stars. (用过去分词短语改写句子)

②She thought nothing of travelling around the world
alone and went on a journey on her own. Thinking nothing of travelling around the world alone, she went on a journey on her own. (用现在分词短语改写 句子)

7 instead of代替;而不是


instead of连接并列结构

instead of后面可接名词、代词、形容词、副词、动
名词、介词短语等。 instead adv.代替,可置于句首或句末,在句首时常


Instead of shouting empty slogans,it is more meaningful

to donate books and sports goods to children in need.
不要空喊口号,把书和运动物品捐给那些需要的孩子们 会更有意义。 (江苏· 书面表达)

夯实基础 语法填空 (1)This order of yours is smaller instead of larger (large). (2)He will go instead of me (my). (3)Jack is a great talker.It’s high time that he did something instead of just talking (talk). (4)They went there on foot instead of by bus. (5)The young man couldn’t afford a new car. Instead ,he bought a used one.

8 a (great) number of 许多;大量的(后 接复数名词作主语时,谓语动词用复数 )


the number of...??的数量(作主语时,谓语动词用单数 ) 表示“许多;大量”的其他表达方式: many ? ? a great/good many?+复数名词+复数谓语动词 ? ? quite a few

a great/good many of+(the,my等)修饰语+复数名

? a lot of/lots of? ? ?复数名词+复数谓语动词 ?+? ? plenty of ? ? ?不可数名词+单数谓语动词

quantities of? ? ? +可数或不可数名词+复数谓语动词 masses of ? ?
? a great deal of ? 不可数名词+单数谓语 ? a great/large amount of? ? 动词

A number of problems have arisen. 已经出现了一些问题。

Quantities of/Masses of food were on the table.


(1)—Why does the lake smell terrible? —Because large quantities of water have been polluted (pollute).

(2)In China,the number of cities is increasing
(increase) whose development is recognized across the have arisen world. (3)A number of high buildings (arise) where



1 In the farmyards,the chickens and even the pigs

were too nervous to eat. 在农场里,鸡甚至猪都紧张得不吃食。
句型公式 too...to...

(2)too...to... 与 not 或 never 连用时,意为“无论??也不过分,

cannot be too...再??也不过分 (3)only/just/but too...to... 非常??去做 (too 前的 only , just , but不仅没有否定意义,反而加重了too的肯定语气) (4)too ready/easy/eager/willing/anxious/happy...to... 句 型 表 示

(5)too...not to...表示肯定,含义是“非常??必定能;太??


That’s the new machine whose parts are too small to be seen.

I’ll be only too pleased to be able to do the job for you. 我能为您效劳,真是十分高兴。

夯实基础 翻译句子 (1)One is never too old to learn. 活到老学到老。 (2)You cannot be too careful. 小心无过火。/你再小心也不为过。/你越小心越好。 (3)She is too ready to get angry. 她动不动就生气。 (4)Mary is too wise not to know it. 玛丽很聪明,不会不懂的。

2 All hope was not lost. 不是所有的希望都破灭了。

句型公式 部分否定

all...not=not all...部分否定,也称半否定。


always , wholly , altogether 等 ) 与否定词 not 连用,构成
部分否定,表示“不都;并非都”。 而no,none,never,nobody,neither,nothing,no more,no longer等表示否定意义的词与谓语一起使用构 成了全部否定。

Everything is not right. 并非什么都好。 Nothing can change her mind.


夯实基础 把下列半否定的句子改为全否定 (1)Not everything she did pleased him. Nothing she did pleased him. (2)Both of them are not my brothers. Neither of them is my brother. (3)I do not remember all the details. I remember none of the details. (4)She is not always excited. She is never excited.

3 单元语法——用定语从句的引导词完成句子
(1)A plane is a machine that/which can fly. (2)The noodles that/which I had were delicious. (3)Mr.Read is the professor to whom you should write. (4)This is the boy whose composition the teacher talked of.

(5)The boss in whose company my father worked is a very
kind person.


五年高考 最新模拟

Ⅰ.短文改错 Dear Jeremy and Alice, (2014· 辽宁)

Although we’ve been delighted to have you as
neighbors , we’re hoping to settle something that bothers to us.In a word,your dog—Cleo.

We’ve called several time about Cleo’s early
morning barking.It is difficult to understanding why she barks every minute she’s outside.The early

morning barking have been disturbing us as we are
often up all night with the baby. Beside,Cleo tends

to bark a average of six hours a day.This morning she starts barking even before 5 o’clock.That is too much for us, considering how closely the houses are. We appreciate our apologies and goodwill,but we hope

that you can figure a good way of settling the matter.

Jack and Rose

答案 Dear Jeremy and Alice,

Although we’ve been delighted to have you as
neighbors , we’re hoping to settle something that bothers to us.In a word,your dog—Cleo.

time We’ve called several about Cleo’s early times understanding morning barking.It is difficult to why understand she barks every minute she’s outside.The early have morning barking been disturbing us as we are has Beside often up all night with the baby. ,Cleo tends to Besides

a bark average of six hours a day.This morning she an starts barking even before 5 o’clock.That is too started closely much for us,considering how the houses are. close

our We appreciate apologies and goodwill,but we your ∧ a good way of settling the hope that you can figure out matter. Sincerely, Jack and Rose

Ⅱ.写作常用句翻译 1. 我 马 上 去 给 她 拿 了 些 药 然 后 为 她 做 了 些 面 条 。 (prepare) (2013· 北京· 情景作文)

I immediately went to get her some medicine and then prepared some noodles for her.

激励他们自我发展。(instead of)(2013· 福建· 书面表达)

Instead of doing everything for them,parents should
encourage their children to overcome difficulties and inspire them to develop by themselves.


into tears)

(2012· 湖北· 完成句子)

I don’t know what in the novel made him burst into tears.


(2012· 辽宁· 书面表达) However,some of the texts have too many new words and

expressions which are hard for us.Therefore,I’d like to
suggest changing them into easier ones.

5. 我写信邀请你担任 6月 15 日在我们学校举行的英语演讲
比赛的裁判。(judge) (2010· 大纲全国Ⅰ· 书面表达)

I’m writing to invite you to be a judge at our English speech contest to be held in our school on June 15.

Ⅰ.语法填空 1.They found the precious manuscripts were hopelessly

ruined(ruin) by long exposure in the cold,damp cellar.
2. Having trapped (trap) in the ruins for five days,he could hardly survive.

3. Buried (bury) in the newspaper,I didn’t notice what was happening. 4.Upon graduation from school,how well will you be prepared (prepare) for the job that lies ahead?

5.A great number of children whose parents had died in
the earthquake were sent (send) to live with families in

other cities.

6.Lily had to call a taxi because the box was much too heavy to carry (carry) all the way home. 7.—Which of the two computer games did you prefer? —Actually I didn’t like either of them.

8.I’m calling to enquire about the position advertised
(advertise) in yesterday’s China Daily.

9.Mary has a very good memory and can remember everything exactly as if it happened (happen) yesterday.

10.Maria has written two novels,both of which have
been made into television series.

1.After the earthquake,the whole city was in ruin. ruin→ruins 2.An accident happened.Luckily,nobody badly injured. nobody后加上was 3.Luckily for him, he survived from the car crash. 去掉from 4.The express train arrived on schedule as was usual.


5.Everywhere that they appeared,they met with strong



6.Twothirds of the people died or was injured during the

Wenchuan earthquake.

7.But the one million people of the city, they thought little of these events,went to bed as usual that night. they→who 8. Believe it or not,Lily’s sister burst into crying when we were eating.


9.The two ladies are of the same age,but it looks as if one were ten years older than other. than后加上the

10. After visiting China,most of the foreign friends said
they would never forget the time when they had spent in China.


Ⅲ.写作句式升级训练 Compared with the driver who had escaped,I am proud

of my action.

(素材来源于2014· 湖北· 短文写作)

Compared with the escaped driver,I am proud of what
I did. (用过去分词作定语及what从句改写句子)




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