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[四级完形] 新东方四级考试完形填空真题精练

[四级完形] 新东方四级考试完形填空真题精练 More than forty thousand readers told us that they looked for in close friendships, what they expected 61 friends, what they were willing to give in 62, and how satisfied they were 63 the quality of their friendships. The 64 give little comfort to social critics. Friendship 65 to be a unique form of 66 bonding. Unlike marriage or the ties that 67 parents and children, it is not defined or regulated by 68. Unlike other social roles that we are expected to 69—as citizens, employees, members of professional societies and 70 organizations—it has its own principle, which is to promote 71 of warmth, trust, love, and affection 72 two people. The survey on friendship appeared in the March 73 of Psychology Today. The findings 74 that issues of trust and betrayal(背叛)are 75 to friendship. They also suggest that our readers do not 76 for friends only among those who are 77 like them, but find many 78 differ in race, religion, and ethnic(种族的)background. Arguably the most important 79 that emerges from the data, 80, is not something that we found—but what we did not. 61.A.on B. ofC. toD. for 62.A.addition B. replyC. turnD. return 63.A.about B. ofC. withD. by 64.A.results B. effectsC. expectationsD. consequences 65.A.feels B. leadsC. soundsD. appears 66.A.human B. mankindC. individualD. civil 67.A.bind B. attachC. controlD. attract 68.A.discipline B. lawC. ruleD. regulation 69.A.keep B. doC. showD. play 70.A.all B. anyC. otherD. those 71.A.friendship B. interestsC. feelingsD. impressions 72.A.between B. onC. inD. for 73.A.print B. issueC. publicationD. copy 74.A.secure B. assureC. confirmD. resolve

75.A.neutral B. mainC. nuclearD. central 76.A.ask B. callC. appealD. look 77.A.most B. moreC. leastD. less 78.A.people B. whoC. whatD. friends 79.A.conclusion B. summaryC. decisionD. claim 80.A.moreover B. howeverC. stillD. yet 【答案】 : 61.B62.D63.C64.C65.D 66.C67.A68.B69.D 70.C 71.C72.A73.B74.C75.D 76.D77.A78.B 79.A80.B 【答案解析】 : 61.B 此题考查介词用法。expect sth. of sth.表示从……上期望获得……。因此,选择 of。 62.D 此题考查介词词组固定搭配。in return 表示“以……作为回报”。从友谊中索取,自然同时要给予回 报。 63.C 此题考查介词用法。介词 with 有时可表达原因,如:I’m trembling with cold.(我冷得发抖。) 这里的用法也是异曲同工。 64.C 此题呼应前文。前文中多次提到人们对于友谊的期望,所以这里也要选择 expectation。 65.D 此题考查固定搭配。appear to be 表示“似乎”;lead to 表示“导致……的结果”,其他几个选项无此 搭配。所以,选择 appear 符合题意。 66.C 此题考查上下文理解。 译文为: “友谊似乎是人与人之间相互联系的特殊纽带。 ”表示个人与个人之间, 用 individual。

67.A 此题考查词汇。ties 能发出的动作是 bind(绑定),故选 A。其他选项的意思分别是:B 附着,联系; C.控制;D.吸引。 68.B 此题考查上下文理解。婚姻关系、父母与儿女的关系有一个共同之处:它们都有法律依据,都受到法 律保护;而友谊却并非如此。故选 law。 69.D 此处考查固定搭配。play the role of 表示“扮演……的角色”。因此,选 play。 70.C 此题考查上下文理解。 作者历数了“市民、 职员、 职业社团成员”等角色后, 还加上“其他的”组织机构。 故选 C。 71.C 后文提到的 warmth(温暖)、trust(信任)、love(爱)和 affection(温情)都是 feeling(感觉、 感受)。因此,选择 feelings。 72.A 表示“人与人之间”用 between。 73.B 此题考查词义辨析。 原文中 Psychology 指的是一份杂志, 作者援用该杂志三月那一期刊登的调查报 告来描述友谊。issue 指“(杂志或报刊)的期”,故应选此项。 74.C 此题考查词义辨析。四个选项意思分别是:A 使……安全;B 使确定;C 确认;D 解决。从文意可判 断,选择 C。B 的用法一般是:assure sb. of sth.或 assure sb. that。 75.D 作者通过这个调查发现,对友谊来说,信任和背叛是判定友谊是否存在的关键。这里的 central 表达 的是“重要、关键”的意思。 76.D 此题考查固定搭配 look for(寻找)。 77.A 此题考查上下文理解。一般来说,应寻找与自己十分相似的人做朋友。因此,这里选择 most。 78.B 这里考查定语从句的关系代词。 要做对此题, 关键是对 many 的理解。 此处, many 是名词, 指代“很 多人”,后跟一定语从句,指人的关系代词则为 who。译文为:读者找朋友的范围不仅局限于和自己很像 的人,而且还包括不同肤色、宗教和种族背景的人。 79.A 此处考查词义辨析。从数据得出的应该是“结论”,故选 conclusion。其他选项意思是:B 总结;C. 决定;D.主张。 80.B 这里考查上下文衔接。译文为:从数据中得出的最重要的结论不是我们已经发现的,而是我们尚未发 现的。这和前文形成意义上的转折,选择 however。 知识点分布情况表 考查知识点题号

语篇理解 64,66,70,71,77 词义辨析 67,68,73,74,79 固定搭配 62,65,69,76 介词 61,63,72 普通词汇 75 连词 80 定语从句 78 小结: 根据考查知识点的分布情况,这篇完型填空整个题目的设计是比较全面的,明显的上下文理解占 25%,与 词汇相关题目占 30%,固定搭配 20%,其他部分占 25%,而且也涉及到了一个语法结构:定语从句。 考生们需要注意这样一个比例和必考的项目,并针对它们进行有效的复习。

One summer night, on my way home from work I decided to see a movie. I knew the theatre would be air?conditioned and I couldn’t face my 71 apartment. Sitting in the theatre I had to look through the 72 between the two tall heads in front of me. I had to keep changing the 73 every time she leaned over to talk to him, 74 he leaned over to kiss her. Why do Americans display such 75 in a public place? I thought the movie would be good for my English, but 76 it turned out, it was an Italian movie. 77 about an hour I decided to give up on the movie and 78 on my popcorn ( 爆玉米花 ). I’ve never understood why they give you so much popcorn! It tasted pretty good, 79.

After a while I heard 80 more of the romantic ? sounding Italians. I just heard the 81 of the popcorn crunching ( 咀嚼 ) between my teeth. My thought started to 82. I remembered when I was in South Korea (韩国 ), I 83 to watch Kojak on TV frequently. He spoke perfect Korean—I was really amazed. He seemed like a good friend to me, 84 I saw him again in New York speaking 85 English instead of perfect Korean. He didn’t even have a Korean accent and I 86 like I had been betrayed. When our family moved to the United States six years ago, none of us spoke any English. 87 we had begun to learn a few words, my mother suggested that we all should speak English at home. Everyone agreed, but our house became very 88 and we all seemed to avoid each other. We sat at the dinner table in silence, preferring that to 89 in a difficult language. Mother

tried to say something in English but it 90 out all wrong and we all burst into laughter and decided to forget it! We’ve been speaking Korean at home ever since. 71.A.warm 72.A.crack 73.A.aspect 74.A.while B. hot C. heated B. blank C. break D. cool D. opening D. angle D. and D. motion D. as D. Over D. taste D. certainly D. few D. tone D. depart D. used D. therefore D. practical D. appeared

B. view C. space B. wheneverC. or

75.A.attraction B. attention C. affection 76.A.since B. when C. what C. For

77.A.Within B. After

78.A.concentrate B. chew C. fix 79.A.too 80.A.much 81.A.voice 82.A.wonder 83.A.enjoyed 84.A.until 85.A.artificial 86.A.felt 87.A.While 88.A.empty 89.A.telling 90.A.worked 【答案】 : B. still C. though B. any C. no B. sound C. rhythm B. wander C. imagine B. happened

C. turned

B. because C. then B. informal C. perfect B. looked B. If C. seemed

C. Before C. stiff

D. Once D. calm D. speaking

B. quiet B. uttering

C. saying D. made

B. gotC. came

71.B72.D73.D74.C75.C 76.D77.B78.A79.C80.C 81.B82.B83.D84.A85.B86.A87.D88.B89.D90.C 【答案解析】 : 71.B 本题考查考生理解能力。在夏天,公寓里没有空调,所以应该很热。故答案为 hot。 72.D crack 指“裂缝”, blank 指“空白”, break 指“破裂,休息”, opening 指“空缺,口子”。这里指 通过两个人头之间的空隙来看电影,应该用 opening。 73.D 这里考查词汇和理解。 原文表示前面人头位置一变, 自己就要改变角度看电影。 指“方面”, 指“视 A B 野”,C 指“空间”。因此,应该选择 D.angle。 74.C 联系上题,“男的侧身过去与女的说话”与“女的侧身吻男的”两者之间应该是选择关系,所以答案为 or。 75.C 本题是对上文中男女两人的所作所为的描写,作者不明白为什么美国人那么喜欢在公开场合展示情 人间的亲密。只有 C 指两个人之间的亲密。 76.D 这里不是状语从句,而是定语从句,表示“正如接着自己所看到的一样”,具有此功能和意义的是 as。 77.B 从时间关系上来看,作者是看了一个小时后才决定放弃电影的,所以答案为 after。 78.A 本题考查固定搭配 concentrate on,表明作者放弃看电影,而开始专心吃爆米花。B chew on 指 思考某事情。 79.C It tasted pretty good 与上文的 I’ve never understood why they give you so much popcorn 之间应该是转折关系,所以答案为 though。 80.C 从下文只能听到嚼玉米花的声音判断本题答案为 no,表示听不到电影中的浪漫声音。 81.B 参照上题,嚼玉米花的声音应该用 sound 表达。 82.B 从下文中自己所想可以判断这里表示自己的思绪开始游荡,能表达此含义的是 wander。wonder 表示“诧异,纳闷”,depart 表示“离开”,imagine 表示想象,都与上下文不符。 83.D 叙述自己过去的事情,又表示经常性行为,应该用 used to。 84.A 从下文的 betray 可以判断,在作者发现 Kojak 说得一口流利的英文之前一直把对方当作朋友,四 个选项中能表示“到某时为止就不……”的是 until。

85.B 参照上文,这里表示作者所喜欢的 Kojak 到美国之后不再说韩语,而学说英语。与 perfect 语言相 对的应该是不正规语言, 应该是 informal, 其他 artificial (人工的, 假的)、 practical (实际的)都与 perfect 不对立。 86.A 本题考查的是固定搭配 feel like,表示自己看到这种情况的感觉。 87.D 本题答案为 once, 表示“我们一开始学习英语, 母亲就提出了一个建议, 建议我们在家里都说英语”。 88.B 此处考查上下文理解。从 we all seemed to avoid each other 与 we sat at the dinner table in silence 来看,答案应该是 quiet,即“屋里十分安静,大家都避免和对方说话”。 89.D 此处考查固定搭配和词汇。prefer A to B 表示相较于 B,更喜欢 A。而从各选项来看,可以判断答 案为 speaking,其他都要带宾语。 90.C 原句表示:“母亲试着说点英语,结果是错误百出,我们都禁不住发笑。”work out 表示“解决,设 计出,计算出”, come out 表示“出来,出现,真相大白”,get out 表示“逃脱,离开”,make out 表示 “填写,理解,辨认出”。四个短语,能表达结果含义的是 come out。 知识点分布情况表 考查知识点题号 词义辨析 71,72,81,85,88,89 普通词汇 73,75,78,82 连词 74,79,84,87 固定搭配 83, 86,90 语篇理解 77,80 定语从句 76 小结: 根据上表可知, 这篇完型填空侧重考查词汇和固定搭配, 两者共占了 65%。 词汇里包括常考词: opening, crack,aspect,angle,affection,chew,rhythm 和 wonder,固定搭配分别是:used to(过去经 常),feel like(觉得……),come out(结果是……)。 另外,连词考的相当多,分别是:or,though,until,once。语法结构上考了 as 作为关系代词的定语 从句,这种定语从句比较少见,考生要多加注意。


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