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1.告别 考点:See you. Take care. 难点:See you.告别时用语,同 Good-bye。但有别于 You see,你知道。 如:You see, everything has two sides.而 Take care 也是道别是用语,但表示“多保重”。 真题:—It’s getting late. I’m afraid I must be going now. —OK.____. A. Take it easy B. Go slowly C. Stay longer D. See you 2.介绍 考点:Nice/ Pleased/ Glad to see/meet you. Nice meeting you 难点:Nice to meet you.初次见面时的礼貌语。Nice meeting you.初次见面后的告别语。 真题:—Let me introduce myself. I’m Albert. —___. A. What a pleasure B. It’s my pleasure C. Pleased to meet you D. I’m very pleased 3.感谢和应答 感谢:Thank you. Thanks. It’s very kind /nice of you. 回答:Not at all. It’s/That’s all right. You’re welcome. It’s a pleasure. My pleasure. That’s OK. Don’t mention it. 难点:My pleasure 同 It’s a pleasure 是感谢应答语,译作“不用谢”。而 With pleasure 是请 求应答语,译作“乐意效劳,非常愿意” 真题:—It’s been a wonderful evening. —Thank you. ____. A. My pleasure B. I’m glad to hear that C. No, thanks D. It’s OK 4.道歉、遗憾和应答 道歉:What a pity/shame. I’m sorry. 应答:It’s /That’s all right. It doesn’tmatter. Never mind. Forget it. That’s OK. 难点:“Forget it.”共有三种意义: ①休想,不可能。You expect Tom to come earlier.Forget it, he always comes late. ②没关系,别在意。I’m terribly sorry for having broken your mirror.Forget it. ③别提它了,表不原重复所说之话。What were you saying just now? I didn’t hear. Oh, nothing, forget it. Get it. 明白了 Make it. 干成,做成 Take it. 拿去吧 真题:—I’m sorry I’m calling you so late. —___Okay. A.This is B.You’re C.That’s D. I’m 5.请求、允许和应答 请求:May /Can /Could I…? Would /Do You mind…? 应答: (肯定) Yes/Sure/Certainly. Yes,please. Of course(not), you may/can. Take your time. Yes, help yourself. Go ahead, please. Not at all. That’s OK /all right. Not in the least. Not a bit. (否定)I’d rather you didn’t. You’d better not. I’m sorry you can’t. 难点:①Take it easy.安慰对方不要生气、紧张不安。②Take your time.同 no hurry,安慰

对方不要急, 慢慢来。 ③Sure, go ahead.当然可以, 干吧、 做吧、 说吧等。 ④Yes, help yourself. 同意对方使用, 让对方自己动手取。 ⑤Not in the least.一点也不, —I hope you don’t mind 如: my turning on the radio. —Not in the least. 真题:— Can I look at the menu for a few more minutes before I decide? —Of course. ______, sir. A. Make yourself at home B. Enjoy yourself C. It doesn’t matter .D. Take your time 6.祝愿、祝贺和应答 祝愿:Good luck! Enjoy yourself! Have fun! Congratulations. 应答:Thank you. The same to you. You, too. 难点:①Well done!干得好,真棒!用以赞扬对方做得好。②Congratulations!祝贺对方已 取得成功。③Good luck!祝愿对方交好运,反语为 Bad luck!或 Just my luck!④Have fun!祝 愿对方玩得开心,同 Enjoy yourself. 7.打电话 考点:Is that … speaking? Hold on,please. Just a minute, please. Hello, who is it/that (speaking)? Hello, this is … speaking. There’s no Pippa here. Speaking. 难点:指对方时用指示代词 that/it。指说话者本人时用指示代词 this。打电话用语还有: Are you there?你还在接听吗?Suppose you ring me up.你给我打电话好吗? 真题:—Good morning ,Grand Hotel. —Hello, I’d like to book a room for the nights of the 18th and 19th. —_____. A. What can I do for you? B. Just a minute, please C. What’s the matter? .D. At your service 8.就餐 考点:Help yourself to some… I’m full, thank you. Just a little, please. Yes, I’d like a drink. Yes, sir? 难点:Yes,sir?是应答语,用于应答呼唤或表示在关注倾听对方,不必作出回答,可译 作语气词”哎”。而 What?则表对方介绍一种情况,说话者觉得难已置信,希望对方重复部 分内容,译作”啥”. 真题:—Waiter! —_____. —I can’t eat this. It’s too salty. A. Yes, sir? B. What? C. All right ? D. Pardon? 9.提醒注意 考点:Mind your step/ head! Wet floor!、Look out!、Be careful!、Don’t touch!、Take care! 难点:Look out!警告对方有危险。Take care 警告对方做事要小心,还可作道别时用语, 译为“请多保重”。与 look 相关的交际用语还有:Just have a look.随便看看 Look what you’ve done!看看你干了些什么! 真题:—____for the glass! —It’s OK. I’m wearing shoes. A. Look out B. Walk out C. Go out D. Set out 10.请求和应答 请求:Can/Could/ Would you please…?

应答:No/ Less noise, please. What for? 难点:与 what 相关的交际应语: What for?相当于 Why?表“为什么”,还可表示“为何”。 Guess what!表示“你猜猜发生了什么事?”,用于说出令人感到惊讶的事情前。 What’s up?表示“What’s happening?”译作:有啥事? So what?表示“是……又怎么样”、”那有什么了不起”、“与我有什么关系”。 What’s wrong?表焦虑。 What a shame!表遗憾。 What is it?表示“是什么”。 What about…?表劝告或建议。 What a surprise!表惊讶。 真题:—Susan, will you please go and empty that drawer? —______. A. What for B. What is it C. How is it D. How come 11.同意和不同意 同意:Certainly/Sure/Of course/Exactly. No problem. Yes, please. Yes, I think so. All right/OK. It’s a good idea. Sounds good. I couldn’t agree more. I will. With pleasure. Sure, go ahead. Yes, help yourself. I dare say. I should think so. If you like, Why not? So it is. 不同意:No. I don’t think so. I’m afraid not. No way. Far from it. Forget it. No chance. 难点:①No way.没门儿。②No chance.决不可能,即说话者确信某事不可能发生。③I couldn’t agree more.我非常赞成或我再同意不过了。 比较级用于否定句中表最高级。 又如: It can’t be better/worse. ④Far from it.远不是, 差得远呢, 表远非达到某种程度。 如: —Do you think he is a good worker? —Far from it.⑤I will.表允诺、 同意, 译作“我会的”。 —Do 如: you remember me to your wife? —I will.⑥I should think so.表强烈赞成,译作“当然”。⑦I should think not.与之相反,译作“当然不”。如:—I’m not going out tonight. —I should think not, you’re always busy. 真题:—I think you should phone Jenny and say sorry to her. —______. It was her fault. A. No way B. Not possible C. No chance D. Not at all 12.肯定和不肯定 考点:Perhaps/Maybe. It’s hard to say. I have no idea. It depends. It’s up to you. No chance. Not as far as I know. That’s right. 难点:①It depends.视情况而定,表目前尚不确定,待情况发展而定。I have no idea.不清 楚、 不知道, 表说话者对此事不曾知晓。 如: —Has Bob finished his homework? —I have no idea.②It’s up to you.你看着办吧, 表说话者无所谓或无权作出决定, 靠对方自己作出决定。 真题:—How often do you eat out? —_____, but usually once a week. A.Have no idea B.It depends C.As usual D.Generally speaking 13.意愿和预见 考点:I hope so /not. I would rather not tell you. I believe so /not. I guess so/ not.

难点:I (don’t) guess/believe/think/suppose so/not.但不可说 I don’t hope so. 真题:—You haven’t lost the ticket, have you? —_____.I know it’s not easy to get another one at the moment. A. I hope not B. Yes ,I have C. I hope so D. Yes ,I’m afraid so 14.表扬和鼓励 考点:Well done/Good work! Come on! You can do it! You’re doing fine! 难点:Come on!有多种意义:①表敦促,译作“快点”。②表鼓励、煽动,译作“加油,打 呀,高兴点”等。③了解对方所说的不是事实,译作“别逗了,算了吧”。如:Oh, come on, nobody will believe you. 真题:—Now, where is my purse? —____!We’ll be late for the picnic. A. Take your time B. Don’t worry C. Come on D. Take it easy 15.高兴 考点:That’s nice/wonderful/great/lovely! How nice/wonderful! I’m glad/pleased /happy to… 难点:I’m glad to hear that.此句是考查热点,表高兴或喜悦。如:—I had a really good weekend at my uncle’s. —Oh, I’m glad to hear that. 真题:—Guess what! I came across an old friend at the party last night. —_____.I’m sure you had a wonderful time. A. Sounds good! B.Very well. . C. How nice! .D.All right 16.惊奇 考点:Really? Guess what! Oh dear! How come? what? What a surprise! No wonder. 难点:①Guess what!“你猜猜发生了什么事!”用于说出令人感到惊讶的事情前。②What? 则表对方介绍一种情况,说话者觉得难以置信,希望对方重复部分内容。③No wonder. 表因果,前一原因导致后来结果,译作“难怪,不足为奇”。④How come ?“怎么会呢?” 表惊讶。 如:—How come you are still here? —I thought you had left. ⑤How’s that?询问对 方是否满意,译作“怎么样?”。如:Come up! How’s that? Can you see it clearer now?还表 示“那是怎么回事?”。如:I’m sorry I can’t go with you. How’s that? Haven’t we fixed it? 真题:—Brand was Jane’s brother! —_____he reminded me so much of Jane! A.No doubt B.Above all C. No wonder D.Of course


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