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【新步步高 人教版】2016届高三英语大一轮复习课件 《Book 1 Unit 1 Friendship》




五年高考 最新模拟



1.on purpose故意 2.face to face面对面地

3.at dusk在黄昏时刻
4.join in 参加;加入

5.fall in love 相爱;爱上

6.go through经历;经受 7.get/be tired of对??厌烦 8.set down记下;放下;登记 9.get along with 与??相处;进展 10.a series of一连串的;一系列;一套 11.no longer/not...any longer不再?? 12.grateful adj.感激的;表示谢意的 13.pack vi.& vt.捆扎;包装;打行李 n.小包;包裹 14.power n.能力;力量;权力→powerful adj.有权势的

15.suffer vt.& vi.遭受;忍受;经历→suffering n.痛苦;折磨

16.recover vi.& vt.痊愈;恢复;重新获得→recovery n.痊愈
17.exactly adv.确实如此;正是;确切地→exact adj.精确的 18.disagree vi.不同意→disagreement n.不同意→agree vi.(反 义词)同意 19.outdoors adv.在户外;在野外→indoors adv.在屋内 20.entire adj.整个的;完全的→entirely adv.完全地;整个地 21.dislike n.& vt.厌恶→like n.& vt.(反义词)喜欢

22.loneliness n.孤单;寂寞→lonely adj.孤独的
23.add up合计→add up to 总共有→add to增加→add...to...

24.upset adj.心烦意乱的;不安的;不适的 vt.(upset,

upset) 使不安;使心烦
25.calm vt.& vi.(使)平静;(使)镇定 adj.平静的;镇静的;

沉着的→calm (...) down (使)平静下来;(使)镇定下来
26.ignore vt.不理睬;忽视→ignorance n.愚昧→ignorant


27.concern vt.(使)担忧;涉及;关系到 n.担心;关注;(利 害)关系→concerned adj.担忧的→concerning prep.关于

28.settle vi.安家;定居;停留 vt.使安居;安排;解决
→settled adj.稳定的;舒适自在的→settlement n.安居;定居

1....but your friend can’t go until he/she finishes

cleaning his/her bicycle.

2.While walking the dog,you were careless and it got
loose and was hit by a car. 你在遛狗的时候,不小心把狗松开了,结果狗被车撞了。

3.I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be
outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 我不知道是不是因为我长久无法出门的缘故,我变得对一 切与大自然有关的事物都无比狂热。 4.It was the first time in a year and a half that I’d seen the night face to face... 这是我一年半以来第一次目睹夜晚??

5.She and her family hid away for nearly twenty-five
months before they were discovered. 她和家人躲藏了两年,后来被发现了。 6.Mother asked her if/whether she was very hot with so many clothes on.


a- arise /?′raIz/ vi.(arose,arisen)发生;出现;产生; 起来;站起 asleep /?′sli?p/ adj.[常作表语]睡着的;睡熟的 awake /?′weIk/ vt.叫醒;唤起 vi.醒来 adj.[作表语或补语] 醒着的;警觉的



1 ignore v.不理睬;忽视;不顾

?多词一义 ignore,take no notice of,leave out

ignorance n.无知;愚昧;不知道 out of/through ignorance出于无知 ignorant adj.无知的;愚昧的;不知道的

be ignorant of不知道??

What’s worse,they spat and even threw rubbish into the lake , totally ignoring the noticeable sign “No Littering” nearby.

忽视了附近“禁止扔垃圾”的警告牌。(福建· 书面表达)

夯实基础 用ignore的适当形式填空

(1)They fought a long battle against prejudice and ignorance . (2)He felt himself very ignorant .
(3)Last week a tennis ball hit me on the head,but I tried to ignore the pain , believing that it would go away sooner or later. (4) Ignoring the past means complete betrayal.

2 concern v.影响(affect);涉及(involve),与??有 关(be connected with);让(某人)担忧(be worried about);n.担心,忧虑;关心
?应试指导 过去分词作前置定语与后置定语时意义的区别

concerned adj.( 作表语或前置定语 ) 担心的;忧虑的;

as far as sb.be concerned就某人而言
be concerned about/for (concern oneself about/for)对

be concerned with sb./sth.(concern oneself with sb./sth.) 与??有关 concerning prep.关于

It is love and concern that have brought about the great changes.是爱和关心带来了这巨大的变化。(福建· 书面表达 ) Instead , it is a major issue of right and wrong that

concerns aggression versus anti-aggression,justice versus
evil,and light versus darkness.


夯实基础 用concern的适当形式填空

(1) Concerning the toll-free policy on the express way,
what concerns us most is the traffic jams while some are

concerned about/for the safety.
(2) Concerned about the student,the teacher called his parents to find out why he was so often absent from class.

3 power n.能力;力量;权力;动力



come to/into power掌权;上台
in one’s power在某人的掌控中 do all/everything in one’s power=do one’s best


As a saying goes,knowledge is power.

She is said to have the power of foreseeing the future.

She interviewed six women who have reached positions of great power and influence. 她采访了6名身居高位,并且颇具影响力的女士。

夯实基础 (1)语法填空

①The President is the most powerful (power) man in
America. ②They have invented a new car,which is powered (power) by solar batteries.

(2)He told her that he would do everything in his power to prove that he was the man for her. ①He told her that he would do what he could to prove

that he was the man for her.(改为含有what从句的复合句)

②He told her that he would do his best to prove that he
was the man for her.(用do one’s best改写句子)

4 suffer v.(因疾病、痛苦、悲伤等)受苦,受难,受 折磨(to be badly affected);遭受,经受(experience); 得??病
suffer pain/defeat/hardship 遭受痛苦/失败/艰难

suffer from受??折磨;患??病
suffering n.痛苦;苦恼;让人痛苦的事

On the other hand,they also suffer from less respect and lower pay,working all day on the street whether it shines strongly or snows,winds heavily. 另一方面,他们不受尊重,报酬很低,整天在马路上劳作,不 管烈日炎炎还是狂风暴雪。 (广东· 读写任务) This act hurt the people of all countries that once suffered from

Japanese aggression and colonial rule.


? 特别提醒
suffer 和 suffer from 一般不用于被动语态。


①He has suffered from the lung cancer for many years.

②The sufferer (suffer) has decided to give up smoking.
③Drought continues to annoy many parts of China,with tens of thousands suffering (suffer) water shortages and millions of others affected(affect).

(2) Having suffered from the lung cancer for many years,the sufferer has decided to give up (

smoking. 用非谓语动词短语作状语连接上题①②两句 )


5 add up合计,加起来;合情理;说得通


add up to加起来达到,总计为;总的来讲;等于说
add to增添 add...to...把??加到??里 in addition除此之外,另外 in addition to除??之外


The heavy rain added to the difficulty in rescuing the buried people. 大雨增加了营救被掩埋群众的困难。 “China’s space program will not stop at the moon,” added Sun Huixian,a senior Chinese space official. “Our

target is deep space.”


? 图解助记

夯实基础 用add的适当形式填空 (1)Hearing how others react to the book you have just read creates an added pleasure. (2)Five added to four makes nine. (3)We need some additional information. (4) Additionally,some computers are needed badly.

(5)He left, adding that safety is first.

6 go through经历,经受(experience);仔细查看

(go over);(法律等)通过;用完(use up);浏览 (look through)


get through通过;接通电话;花费 look through浏览;往??里面看

break through冲破;突破
see through看穿;识破 pull through康复;渡过难关

North Korea most resembles Stalin’s Russia or Mao’s
China going through the horrors of the cultural revolution.

化大革命时期的中国。 She was able to get through to me by email.


(1)They will never forget the experience they went through last year. (2)Everyone was very concerned whether he would through or not. (3)We finally broke through the unfriendly atmosphere. (4)He gets through at least $ 500 every weekend. pull

7 set down放下;记下;登记; 让??下车

set down,write down,put
down,note down,take down

set aside留出;置于一边

set off动身;引爆;引起
set about (doing) sth.着手(做)?? set out (to do...)开始;着手(做)?? set up竖立;建立;张贴 set an example树立榜样 be set in以??为背景

I wonder if the school could place more dustbins around
and set up specific rules against such behaviour. 我想知道学校是否能在周围多设几个垃圾箱并制订特

She has set a good example to us. 她为我们树立了一个好榜样。

(浙江· 书面表达)

(浙江· 书面表达)

夯实基础 (1)完成句子 ①He set down (记下) a series of numbers.

②He set out to open/set about opening ( 开始打开 ) the
door of the space lab.


① He set down a series of numbers before he set out to
open/set about opening the door of the space lab.( 用 before

②Having set down a series of numbers,he set out to open/set about opening the door of the space lab. (用非谓 语动词作状语连接两个句子)

8 get along with和??相处;进展


get about/(a)round传播;流传;四处走动 get across讲清楚;被领会 get down to开始认真做 get over克服;控制;恢复过来

Besides,I’m easy to get along with and I like to
make friends. 而且,我容易相处,也喜欢交朋友。(辽宁· 书面表达)

选择方框内的短语填空 get along with,get around,get across,get over (1)News soon got around that he had resigned. (2)No matter how I explain,I just can’t get it across to her. (3)They got over many difficulties in their English study.

(4)—How are you getting along with your study?
—Quite well.I got an “A” in a maths exam.



1 I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been able to be outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 我不知道这是不是因为我长久无法出门的缘故,我 变得对一切与大自然有关的事物都无比狂热。
句型公式 强调句型

(1)强调句型的基本结构为:It is/was+被强调部分+that/who +其他部分(若被强调的是人,可用that或who;若被强调的部 分是其他时,一律用that)。另外要注意:原句的谓语动词不能 被强调。 (2) 强调句的一般疑问句结构为: Is/Was it +被强调部分+ that/who...? (3) 强 调 句 的 特 殊 疑 问 句 结 构 为 : 特 殊 疑 问 词 + is/was it + that...? (4)对not...until...句型中的时间状语(从句)进行强调时的结构为: It is/was not until+被强调部分+that+其他部分。

In a word , it is polite words that will make your life become convenient.总之,礼貌用语会使你的生活更方便。 (江西· 书面表达)

It was not until the area was seriously polluted that they
realized that it was high time to take action to stop


(1)It’s not doing the things we like,but liking the things we have to do that makes life happy.(语法填空 ) (2)用强调句型强调下列句中的划线部分 It Iwas until until he came that I ① didnnot ’t leave he came.

Who is it that this place belongs to? ②Who does this place belong to?

③I wonder what you were doing at this time yesterday.
I wonder what it was that you were doing at this time yesterday.

④He came to see us yesterday.
It was yesterday that he came to see us.

2 I’m sorry you are having trouble in making friends. 很遗憾你在交友方面出现了问题。

句型公式 have trouble (in) doing sth.

have difficulty/trouble (in) doing...做??有困难(麻烦)

have difficulty/trouble with sth.??有困难(麻烦)
There is some/no difficulty/trouble (in) doing sth.做??

do sth.with/without difficulty/trouble做??有/没有困难

take trouble to do...费力做??
take the trouble to do sth.不怕费事/不辞辛劳地做某事

I have some trouble with the work.


夯实基础 (1)Sorry I’m so late,but you cannot imagine what great trouble I took to come here.(语法填空) (2)I had no trouble finding your home. ① I found your home without trouble/difficulty. 短语改写句子) ( 用 without

② There was no trouble/difficulty (in) finding your home.(用

there be句型改写句子)

3 单元语法——把下列直接引语变为间接引语
(1)He said,“I’m going to Beijing.” →He said that he was going to Beijing. (2)He asked,“Are you a teacher?” →He asked me if/whether I was a teacher. (3)The geography teacher said,“The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.”

→The geography teacher told us that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

(4)She says,“I’ll never forget the days in the country.”

→She says that she’ll never forget the days in the country.
(5)He said to me,“What’s your name?” →He asked me what my name was .


五年高考 最新模拟

Ⅰ.短文改错 (2014· 新课标全国Ⅰ)

Nearly five years before,and with the help by our father,

my sister and I planted some cherry tomatoes (圣女果)in our
back garden.Since then—for all these year—we had been allowing tomatoes to self-seed where they please. As result,

the plants are growing somewhere.The fruits are small in
size,but juicy and taste.There are so much that we often share them with our neighbors.Although we allow tomato

plants to grow in the same place year after year,but we
have never had any disease or insect attack problems. We are growing wonderfully tomatoes at no cost!

before by Nearly five years , and with the help our father, ago of my sister and I planted some cherry tomatoes (圣女果)in year had our back garden.Since then—for all these —we years have been allowing tomatoes to selfseed where they please.As somewhere ∧ a result,the plants are growing everywhere.The fruits are taste much small in size,but juicy and .There are so tasty many

that we often share them with our neighbors.Although we allow tomato plants to grow in the same place year after but year,but 或 we have never had any disease or insect yet wonderfully attack problems.We are growing tomatoes wonderful at no cost!

Ⅱ.写作常用句翻译 1.我们的地球正遭受着严重的破坏。(suffer) (2013· 江苏· 书面表达) Our earth is suffering severe damage. 2.在我的细心照料下,母亲很快就康复了。(recover) (2013· 北京· 情景作文) With my special care,my mother recovered quickly.

爬山活动。(in order to) (2013· 江西· 书面表达)

In order to encourage the students to take outdoor exercise,
our school organized a mountain-climbing on April 10. 4.另一方面,那只黑色铅笔却保持平静。(calm)

(2012· 北京· 开放作文)
The black pencil,on the other hand,remains calm.

5.就我而言,骑自行车是一个好的解决办法。(concern) (2011· 江西· 写作) As far as I’m concerned,riding bicycles is a good solution. 6.是小组合作而不是靠我自己使我摆脱了烦恼并使我的工 作更有成效。(强调句) (2011· 湖北· 短文写作)

It is working in teams instead of on my own that has
freed me of trouble and made my work more efficient.

1.—What’s the matter with her? —She is really upset over not finding(find) a job. 2.It always takes the class a while to settle down at the start of the class. 3.The police asked him to set down what he had seen in a report.

4.Share prices on the Stock Exchange plunged sharply in
the morning but recovered (recover) afternoon. 5.—You all like your English teacher? —Yeah,she devotes herself entirely (entire) to teaching and it earns her a good reputation. 6.The money he spent within a month added up to more than 1,000 dollars. slightly in the

to gohim 7.It’s love and responsibility that have driven

(go) through many hardships and survive.
8.Why!I have nothing to confess.What is it that you want me to say? 9.Film has a much shorter history,especially when compared (compare) to such art forms as music and painting. 10.When Peter speaks in public,he always has trouble thinking (think) of the right things to say.


1.Many young men disagree their parents on most things
because of generation gap. disagree后加上with

2.He did it by purpose,knowing it would annoy her. by→on 3.She will never forget the unhappy time she has gone recently. gone后加上through along 后加上with

5.It is said that they have fallen in love with each other for

two years.


6.Would you please come and join our game? join后加上in

7. There was a time that when girls couldn’t go to school.
去掉that 8.The exhibition hall, added many times,became the second largest in the world and could hold 100,000 people at a time. added后加上to

9.Is this reason he explained at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? this和reason之间加上the 10.Broadly speaking , I would agree with Shirley , though not entire. entire→entirely

The important thing is to learn to control your temper in

order not to do or say anything you’ll regret.
(素材来源于2014· 安徽· 书面表达) (1) The important thing is to learn to control your temper so that you may not do or say anything you’ll regret. ( 用 so that改写句子)

(2) What is the most important thing is to learn to control your temper so that you may not do or say
anything you’ll regret. ) (用what主语从句改写句子



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