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完卷时间:80 分钟 一 满分 100 分 单项选择. ( 30 分) ( )1、What would you like , tea or milk ? A. drink B.drinking C .to drink ( )2、His father is a doctor Li Hua. A. calls B. called C. call ( )3、Mr .Wang taught them this new game. A. talk B. to talk C. talking ( )4. The room needs to be for three people. A. enough big B. big enough C. enough small ( )5. Why listen to the teacher carefully in class ? A. don’t B. no C. not ( )6. How dity your room is ! You must . A . clean it up B. clean up it C. clean up them ( )7. Could you please tell me ? A.where I can get a book B.where can I get a book C.where is the book ( )8 You should what you were supposed to wear. A. ask B. have asked C. asks ( )9 . By the time she outside , the bus . A.got , have already leave B. get , have left C. got , have already left ( )10. Look at that big building. Do you know when it . A. builds B. will build C. was built ( ) 11.We need to some ideas. A. came up B. came up with C. come up with ( ) 12. I like music I can sing along with . A. that B. who C. where ( ) 13. Taiwan is the east of China . A. to B. on C. in ( ) 14. They are used for in the dark . A. saw B. sees C. seeing ( ) 15 We usually plan to do . A.interested something B. interesting something C. something interesting 二 完形填空。 (10 分) Mr White works in an office. He liked reading in bed when he was at school. It was bad for his 1 and now he has near sight(近视). But he wouldn’t want 2 to know about it and he never weas a pair of glasses. It often 3 him some trouble. One winter morning he was sent to a village school on business. He 4 a bus at a stop in a small town. Then he had to walk there. The road to the village wasn’t smooth(平坦). He fell over some times and it 5 got colder dirty. 6 he got to the village. Suddenly it began to blow and it got colder. He was looking for the school while his 7 was blowing off. He began to run 8 it but he couldn’t get it. He couldn’t understand why his hat ran into a house as it had 9 . And he ran into the house, too. “ 10 are you running after my hen for?” Awoman stopped him and shouted angrily. ( )1 A . ears B . nose C. eyes ( )2 A . anybody else B . nobody else C. somebody ( )3 A. takes B. brings C. carries ( )4 A. took off B. brings off C. got on ( )5 A. made B. gave C. felt ( )6 A. At first B. At time C. At last ( )7 A. clothes B. bag C. hat ( )8 A. after B. with C. before ( )9 A. legs B. arms C. hands ( ) 10 A. Why B. What C. How

三 词汇。(10 分) A)用方框所给词的适当形式填空。

Who 1 My bike is broken. I am unable it up by myself. 2 Many people died of in the old days. 3 --football is this ? --- It’s mine. 4 The house belongs to Mr Wang,so he is the of the house. 5 Don’t worry about your daughter, she can look after . B) 根据句意,首字母及汉语提示完成单词.(5 分) 6 She looks sad . Let’s cheer him u . 7 He couldn’t see anything at all. He was b . 8 Many l ture yellow and fall off trees in auturmn. 9 The young man (梦想) of becoming a pilot. 10 Who (教) them Chinese last term?. 四 情景交际 (5 分) A It must be Pierre’s. A: Look ! What’s the under the tree? B Ah, there is a red-shirt. B: Oh ,it’s a backpack. C Hey, I knoe whose bacpack it is. A: 1 D Whom do you think it belongs to. B:I don’t know, let’s open it and have a look! 2 . E Well, it couldn’t be a boy’s. A: 3 .Generally speaking , girls like the red color morre. B: 4 A:Really? Whose? . B: 5 The T-shirt has name on it . 五、阅读理解。 (30 分) A In 1620, about about half the USA was covered by forests. Today the forests have almost gone. A lot of good land has gone with them, leaving only sand, China doesn’t want to copy the USA’s example. We’re planting more and more trees. We’ve built the “Great Green Wall” of trees across northern part of our country. The Great Green Wall is 7,000 kilometres long, and between 400 and 1,700 kilometres wide. It will stop the wind from blowing the earth away. It will stop the sand from movingtowards the rich farmland in the south. More” Great Green Wall” are needed. Trees must be grown all over the world. Great Green Wall will make the world better. ( ) 1. In 1620, about the USA was covered by forests. A. a third B. half C. two thirds ( )2. A lot of good land has gone with A. sand B. water C. wind ( )3. The Great Green Wall in China is long. A. 7,000 kilometres B. 1,700 kilometres C. 7,000 meters ( )4. Trees must be grown in A. China B. the USA C. every part of the world ( )5. will make the world better. A. The Great Wall B. Tall buildings C. Great Green Walls B Once an old man went to see a doctor. The doctor looked him over carefully and said, “Medicine won’t help you. You must have a good rest. Go to bed early, drink milk, walk a lot and smoke one cigar(雪茄) a day. Go to the country place for a month.” After a month the man came to see the doctor again. “How are you? ” said the doctor, “I’m glad to see you again. You look much younger.” “Oh, doctor, I feel quite well now.” said the man, “I had a good rest. I went to bed early, drank a lot of milk and walked a lot. Your advice certainly help me, but you told me to smoke one cigar a day almost killed me first. It ’s no joke(玩笑) to start smoking at my age! ” ( ) 1. The doctor told the man . A. to go bed early B. to drink milk C. both A and B ( ) 2. Which of the following sentences is true? A.The old man was younger than before after a month. B.After a month, the man felt better. B.The doctor didn’t told him what to do.

( ( (

) 3. The doctor ’s words were for the man’s health. A. bad B. good C. terrible ) 4. The doctor wanted the old man . A. to get worse B. to start smoking C. to smoke less than before ) 5. From what the old man said at last, we think . A.he didn’t understand the doctor ’s advice B.one cigar a day was helpful to him C. smoking made him better than before C

Thousands of years ago.There was a very clever king with the name of Soloman.There are many stories about him.Here is one of them which shows how clever he was.Once there were two women.They lived in the same house,and each had a baby.One night,one of the babies died,and its mother took the other woman’s chil d,and put it in her own bed instead.The next morning they had a quarrel.“No,this is my child,the dead one is yours,” said the other.Each one wanted the living baby,but no one could tell whom it belonged to.So they went to see King Solomon.When King Solomon heard their story,he said,“Bring me a knife,cut the child in two,and give each woman one half.” “That’s very fair,oh,bright King!” said the dead baby’s mother.“Give her my child,let it be hers,but don’t kill the child.Oh,King!” cried the other wom an in tears.Then King Solomon pointed to the woman in tears and said,“Give the child to her,for she is its mother.” 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) (10 分) ( )1.The two women in the same house each had a child. ( )2.One night the two babies died. ( )3.The two women quarrelled because Solomon killed their babies. ( )4.Solomon came to see the mothers after their babies died. ( )5.King Solomon cut the living child in two and gave each woman one half. 八 写作 ( 15 分 ) A) 看图写作。 (5 分) 请根据图画所给的情景及提示加上自己合理的想象,要求语句通顺,语法正确写出 3-5 句话。 提示词: be far from , get up early , go to school by bike

B)书面表达。 (10 分)假如你是,作为一名导游,现在向你的外国游客们介绍三亚的人口,气侯等情况。请根据所 给信息,写一篇短文。词数:50 个左右。 (开头已给出,不计入总数)





… 参考词汇: Tourist , scene (风景)

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