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欧时力品牌调研(英文版)ochirly Case Study Research Journal

ochirly Case Study Research Journal

Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------------4 Chapter1. Ochirly Brand Introduction----------------------------------------------5
1 Brand Name--- Ochirly------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 2 Brand Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------5 3 Brand Style ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 4 Brand Inspiration------------------------------------------------------------------------------6 5 Brand Slogan--------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 6 Brand Logo-------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 7 Brand Products-----------------------------------------------------------------------8

Chapter2. Ochirly Brand Image Design--------------------------------------------9
1 Logo Design----------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 2 3 4 Tag Design--------------------------------------------------------------------------------10 Product Packaging-------------------------------------------------------------------10 Store Image------------------------------------------------------------------------11

Chapter3. Ochirly Brand Planning -----------------------------------------------13
1 Market Analysis-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13 2 Consumer Group Positioning-----------------------------------------------------------------14 3 Brand Prospect--------------------------------------------------------------------------------14 4 Mode Of Operation-----------------------------------------------------------------------15

A. The Flat Delivery Channel.-------------------------------------------------------15 B. Forms A Flat Channel-----------------------------------------------------------------15
(1) Chain Promotion-----------------------------------------------------------------------------17 (2)Blog Micro-blog Promotion------------------------------------------------------------------17 (3) E-MAIL strategy------------------------------------------------------------------18 (4) Links-------------------------------------------------------------------------------18


Competitor----------------===-----------------------------------------------------------------------18 6 Promotional Activities--------------------------------------------------------------------21 7 Sales Image Design------------------------------------------------------------------22 8The Way Of Publicity ---------------------------------------------------------------23

Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 25





Ochirly Case Study Research Journal—— I choose clothing retail brand ochirly it as my research topic of this. Through the introduction of ochirly brand, brand image design and brand planning three parts for analysis. A variety of life style is the fashion product, "a thousand faces" is also a fashion. The woman, can but elegant style, feminine noble princess, sometimes is trendy, generous and modern leisure female, sometimes is enthusiastic about sports, sunny fashion girl, not a happy, also can be rebellious, persist in one's old ways, there is so little feeling decadent. "Advocating a fashion life" OCHIRLY, to change, different styles of fashion to strain of modern women different fashion life space, let a woman ever had to play their love life stage role fashion clothes, more to express their desire for a silent mode. Fickle, will become the biggest characteristic fashion, fashion has become a fashion, then, there are thousands of Customs "love".

Chapter1. Ochirly Brand Introduction

1 Brand Name--- Ochirly
From Italy's cutting-edge fashion brand (Ochirly) at 1999 year in September by Ochirly (Hongkong) group, the successful introduction.

2 Brand Introduction
In 1990, it formally (Ochirly) was born in Florence, Italy and Florence following the fashion of the profound culture, has become a new fashion brands in Europe, become fashionable representative, active in the world of fashion arena.


(Ochirly) is committed to "promote a fashion life", with the changes of different styles of fashion to strain the modern women different fashion life space, let a woman ever to play their love life stage role in trendy clothes, more to express their desire for a silent mode.

3 Brand Style

Elegant,European style, style of modern and the perfect integration of art and commerce, is love (Ochirly) source sends out the infinite charm. She was one of the first to break the normal procedure, launched a smashup concept fashion brand. Design to technology, from color to shape, from the details to the match, are "mixed" grace. Ochirly draw inspiration from movies, music, painting and other art, combined with the trend, stimulate creativity, show women free self-confidence, from the heart of modern elegant temperament.

4 Brand Inspiration.

Ochirly in the design inspiration from Florence's city flower of fragrant plantain lily. The flowers and elegant scenery, stand gracefully erect, with delicate, cool, personality. After the rain, they also do not have a taste, scattered rain through the flowers glowed. Various color bad, all these have become (Ochirly) source of creation the pursuit of extraordinary refined, change unpredictably.

5 Brand Slogan
"advocate a kind of fashionable life"

6 Brand Logo
Ochirly implied that the European fashion charm.


7 Brand Products
Style characteristics: Color: the mature classical European style suitable for 20-30 years old women. black and white plus tend to light, bright and clean soft pink color.

The main specifications: Price positioning:


Main fabric types: Products with fine multifilament nylon yarn as raw materials, with exquisite jacquard, lattice as the main style, Tsudakoma water-jet loom weaving in imports and elegant, exquisite, set, smooth, supple, ultra-thin, lightweight, perspective in one.

The ochirly brand from the design to the modern city is women brought fashion and life tastes, aesthetic, fabrication requirements are very strict in Florence - ochirly brand is the source of creation.

From Florence, the poet Dante once described this poem: "the city of Florence and other city is different, individuals residing in Florence life formed in Florence unique cultural dialect."

The people of Florence, the beauty of the city is not the appreciation of his appearance, but inside the Florence culture and arts." Cultural achievements of the design philosophy of the ochirly.


Chapter2. Ochirly Brand Image Design


Logo Design

- 10 -


Tag Design

3Product Packaging

- 11 -


Store Image

(1) Store layout : Stores, brand and customer contact is zero distance, is the direct embodiment of the brand to attract, interpretation of the brand design of the original story or idea.

The taste, also directly reflects the style and brand positioning itself. Ochirly stores, the glamorous European architectural style integration of modern international trend, creating artistic and fashionable shopping environment, let people enjoy the fun of shopping.

Strong color visual enjoyment you can not help but exclaim the classic, atmospheric international fashion sense -- store design with a distinctive pink tone, make the space is full of vitality, full of fresh air. Design of open and ring wall, concise line, let the shop all the panoramic view of the open type glass door, and distinctive ring glass fitting room can produce infinite outspread feeling, with a variety of brightness of the lights, a unique window display, and carefully designed every detail plan, reflects a strong European style.

- 12 -

(2) Window Display

(3) Store Display

In general, store layout should eventually reach two effects:

First, the organic combination of the customer and the course of action, for customers, should make it feel very full of goods and easy choice. The shop assistant, full consideration should be given to the improvement of work efficiency. Second, building, creating a comfortable shopping environment.

- 13 -

Chapter3. Ochirly Brand Planning


Market Analysis

This brand in 2008 into the Chinese mainland market, the positioning of 25 to 45 years old female, follow the European standard in tailoring, its design style using bold clipping and high-grade fabrics, comfortable and self-cultivation. It's in large shopping malls Monopoly game, 2008 since the opening, very welcomed by consumers. Its main sales target for the senior white-collar workers over 25 years of age and female boss. Some customers to buy a few sets.

Love on the fabric is very sophisticated, never use low-quality fabric. The fabric must be able to show the designer's bold ideas and customer. Because only the fabric to make the product is both comfortable and self-cultivation. In addition, because it's customers are mostly to drive.

- 14 -

Therefore, there are special requirements on the shoulder and upper arm position, therefore, it's clothing in tailoring and design of these parts of the after special processing.

It changed the mature women's dull color, a variety of "rejuvenation" for the customer to choose some relatively serious, tailoring products, bold fruit, apricot, pink, recommended red, blue and other colors to the customer. This softens the female image in the work, the "strong woman" has become a beautiful scenery line.


Consumer Group Positioning

It's the target consumer group positioning in the mature, confident, independent, noble, generous women of the times. Most of them have received higher education, accept the high grade culture, like changing life and challenge, have their own way of life and the unique experience and requirements for fashion, the fashion brand, fashion, elegant European style show.

3 Brand Prospect
It is the noble brand in2008 into the Chinese mainland market, the mature female its positioning for 25 to 45 years old, to follow the European standard in tailoring, its design style using bold clipping and high-grade fabrics, comfortable and self-cultivation.

The large shopping malls in the monopoly game, in2008 since the opening, very welcomed by consumers. Its main sales target for the senior white-collar workers over 25 years of age and female boss. Some customers to buy a few sets. At the same time, clothing sales it follow the "fashion" concept. Some of the same even if there is a different color also sell only one color. In this way, you avoid senior social occasions event. It's about 3 working days to upload the latest styles in about 15 to 20 or so, for stores to pick. In this way, the customer within the same week will have the opportunity to choose their favorite clothing, needs to be suitable for various occasions. Also more in line with the high-end apparel "never outdated products" concept.
- 15 -

4 Mode Of Operation
Headquarters with flat supply channels, direct supply stores, retained profit maximization. Love w omen's clothing brand and the use of modern means of marketing to keep chaos rising sales promotion, amount of profit income. The ultimate broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, can ensure low-cost high-quality products ever fount into the market. Logistics and distribution, fast perfect customer service and network monitoring and analysis system. A. The Flat Delivery Channel.

On the one hand, to compress the consumer level from the manufacturer, from layers of agents, to manufacturers and retailers direct trading (Direct to Retail) development.

On the other hand, change the terminal sales model, usually a new terminal by way of direct sales model

B."Forms A Flat Channel"

1) Shop, store or brand shop will be more and more, but will not become mainstream, because manufacturing enterprises is after all not a retail enterprises, the retail industry is another industry, manufacturing enterprises, the main or brand publicity and promotion.

2) Network of sales, the company and the operation mode and the determination of relevant.

3) Telephone sales.
Ps:4 -(2)- 2)

Sales channels (network promotion strategy) Network marketing: The spread of the available network, design a clothing site, Taobao website on the Internet, have their own products on sale, now is the Internet age, imparting information faster, can trade on the net, also

- 16 -

provide great convenience to the customer, do not go out at home easily and can be purchased as one wishes clothing, weekly weekend leaflets spread. Channel: Product sales channels in the form of advertising, leaflets, network to promote the brand, let more consumers understand the brand and brand recognition. Enhance brand awareness. Ochirly it now has their own website, need to do is to popularize a website and products:

1 Chain Promotion

In the form of interlocution to actively participate in, the embedding of advertisements which approach to hidden disadvantages, implicit, does not cause the Lord (Moderator) offensive that was deleted or blocked.

Ask tool Google know, the question and answer, Search ask, Q & A, Yahoo! Knowledge hall

"Google know" in google search results always faithfully in front, the following to Q & A as an example.

First in the "Google know" find fashion topic, after the answer to connect back to it's website. Can the staff put forward questions, answered by other staff. Including the specific operation, set - keywords reasonable as far as possible into the web site keywords associated with the industry, in other words, must write "questions and answers search engine" version of the. Included with the overlap - to high frequency, one will not be included.

Avoid advertising, cheating, irrigation behavior, need to pay attention to the following matters: 1)The segment to answer a question, and the line changes, help Q advertising resources successfully uploaded. 2)The answer cannot paste a copy, each a different answer. 3) registered account, password, email, IP to distinguish, can not be the same, answer the questions to The the regular replacement of account, content. 4)The questions can not be impatient, and strive to every question well, do fine.
- 17 -

2 Blog Micro-blog Promotion

Registered in each big blog, micro-blog, registration name closely around the station name or URL, take soft published form, inserted into the appropriate link module in this paper, increase the chance to search.

At present, the prevalence of micro-blog, the specific operation as follows:

Soft Wen form write several main characteristics of garment industry, the development prospects of the paper articles, attach own signature, love the URL of the website, contact, try to make widely spread, in the past few years, there has been a lot of titled "XX ten error" of the kind of soft, a very this is a good form of.

2) micro-blog promotion find and establish ochirly target consumer group opinion leader in micro-blog, making hot topic, push

Wide ochirly related activities, using microwave relay will disseminate information.

3) - based active attention micro-blog culture fans become a fan for each other friends, to join the group to become a fan for each other, clear in time without notice. Micro-blog maintenance - stay online, update the content. More fans 3 E-MAIL strategy

1)Create a "signature" in mail, easy to connect with potential customers. Most email systems have created the function of the signature, the signature will appear in each message sent. Signature to limit in the 6 to 8 lines, including: company name, address, telephone, address, Email address and a description of company. 2)Set up the mail list, each month to send the user to fashion magazine. This is one of the best way to keep in touch with customers to establish a trust, brand development, and establish long-term relationship. But to build their own mailing list requires long-term accumulation, must adhere to.

- 18 -

Method to obtain the target user's e-mail address is: buy software search the web site: regular discount promotions big, asking customers to fill in the email address To mailing list users (customers and access to a) product information, such as coupons, new products and other promotional information.content.

4 Links

Join a union is the biggest benefit links not only can improve the website on the Internet exposure rate, improve website back links and PR value, but also because the registration links Union left the site information, and generate links system a self-service, so that others can not inform us the case with our links, the links become more relaxed.

Get a link channel resource exchange: find and help content complementary, website traffic is connected. The professional websites: such as "a push bbs".

Note the first look at the other side of the site is Google Baidu, YAHOO, GOOGLE included. View each other links are valid. To check the quality of the other links. The exercise regularly and check the link habits, lest their link is no reason to delete.

5 Competitor
1) Competitors are Only, VeroModa, Basic House etc. Only consumer groups: independence, freedom, leading fashion, fashion and quality sensitive modern women design. Location is 15 to 35 years old between urban women. Global Distribution: in 1997, the first only store brand was established in Norway. Today, only has opened a total of 543 stores in 15 countries worldwide.

- 19 -

Vero Moda consumer groups: to provide personalized tailoring fashion for women international city independent, confident, mature. Location: is 25-35 year-old female occupation leisure occupation. there are more than 800 stores in the world.

Global Distribution:

Basic house consumption all: Girl casual for stylish women 18-28 design, color jumping eyes, texture to cotton. The general price 200RM-1000RM , is acceptable to the public leisure brand.

2)Analysis to rival Only

Only design concept ONLY is a representative of the style, a young people's unique style, "Ms. ONLY describe themselves as design, not thinking what to do next, but ask to show in what way, thus encouraging will never stop.

Ms. ONLY confident enthusiasm will this spirit into every one of her design, makes the ONLY a very personal style of the brand.

The design of ONLY with a distinct personality, her pursuit of freedom; she was strong and independent yet feminine. Design of ONLY-- from Europe's most cutting-edge fashion for all big cities in the world of
- 20 -

independent, freedom, the pursuit of fashion and quality sensitive modern women design. Represent the youth vigor, and interesting ways, dynamic and strong flavor of the times. , ONLY women is a 20 year old girl, they like to have a unique personality, ONLY brings vitality to the young, their way of life, interesting.

The fabric is selected from Europe and Japan advanced fabrics, designers of the rich and varied, a strong sense of rhythm of color, combined with the latest fashion trends, design a lot of comfort and represents the world of fashion style. Special emphasis on the use of such strong fiber, spandex the latest high-tech fabric, so that both the natural fabric clothing, comfortable, and easy to clean, maintain good form. Suitable for dating, leisure, work, so that women can easily cope with a variety of occasions.

Only brand series LUX series (luxury luxury) CT series (city trend.) SW series (street wear street) Each season, each series has closely linked to European and American fashion of different popular theme.

3) compared with competitors The same point: 1)Consumption of the same layer 2)According to the city's fashionable women 3)In terms of price are relatively close, more intensified competition 4)Have their own stores in major shopping malls

- 21 -

Different point: 1) The perfect integration of art and commerce, is the ochirly charming. She was one of the first to break the normal procedure, launched a mashup concept fashion brand. From design to technology, from color to shape, from the details to the match, are "mixed" grace. Ochirly to draw inspiration from movies, music, painting and other art, combined with the trend, stimulate creativity, show women free self-confidence, from the heart of modern elegant temperament. 2) ONLY's style is out of the ordinary, full of passion and vigor. The most popular music and international trends are inspired by ONLY design. This unique style reflected in the close fit of the model, the reduction reflects the special fitting dress personality, let female fashion style play.

6 Promotional Activities

Promotions: Every weekends and some holidays to carry out promotional activities, the general consumers these days is the most vigorous flow. Issuance of promotional leaflets to modified product promotion. Registered consumption: At any time enjoy VIP discount for the convenience of customers shopping, lower promotional and transaction cost, the retail terminal garment enterprises can take the "registered consumption" way in daily sales. Operation steps 1) welcome, sales presentations process when purchased hesitate in the customer, timely to introduce customers to our "registered consumption" activities; and in the checkout when once again to remind the
- 22 -

customer and interpretation activities; 2) tell the customer the brand leisure clothing in the "registered consumption" activities, if the consumer customers to leave the details, you can immediately start to enjoy a series of preferential activities we: the consumer immediately can enjoy ten percent off preferential; Begin from second time, at any time to shop customers can enjoy our twenty percent off VIP discount; If you are spending at a time when we do the promotion, not only can enjoy the promotion, but also can enjoy the discount preferential (such as we are now doing a twenty percent off promotional activities, then leave the information customers will be able to enjoy preferential, twenty percent off of the twenty percent off other left no data of the customers can enjoy twenty percent off but can't discount!) In the customer's birthday and major festivals, the customer can enjoy free access to our blessing card and a gift; In the customer shopping cumulative amount reached 5000 yuan, can enjoy discount cash 200 yuan worth of (may at any time when shopping on the spot after discount deduction); cumulative amount from zero.


Sales Image Design

Sales in addition to clothing to the customer, and explained, to recommend to customers by clothing, customer interest. 1) recommended to have confidence, recommend clothes to the customer, the salesperson should have confidence, can let the customer trust clothing. 2) suitable for the customer recommendation. On customer prompt goods and that, should be based on the actual conditions of customers, recommend suitable clothing. 3) combined with the features of the products. Each kind of clothing have different characteristics, such as features, design, quality and other aspects of the recommendation to customers, clothing, different characteristics to emphasize the clothing. 4) focus on goods. Recommended clothing to a customer, must try various devices to bring the topic to dress, and at the same time, to observe the customers to reflect the clothing, so as to facilitate sales. 5) accurately tell the advantages of various types of clothing. Is described and recommended clothing to
- 23 -

customers, to compare the different kinds of clothing, to say exactly what the advantages of various types of clothing. 6) understanding of fashion, to explain the clothing conforms to the popular trend to the customer.

8 The Way Of Publicity
Celebrity Endorsements

Body poster propaganda pictures network propaganda magazine propaganda press conference Propaganda posters

- 24 -

TV Advertising

Ochirly With Movie

Ochirly Love film aesthetic language, as well as the star model propagation effect, expression of film, art and aesthetics, sincere compliments. "Women are not bad" Xun Zhou, "love" Yuan Quan, "good rocking engagement" Chen Yao Hunan "a curtain", "phoenix" sparrow falls in love with Li Xiaolu "Du Lala promotion" Wang Luodan and many other popular movie actress who choose to use ochirly to show the modern fashion will temperament.

- 25 -

Through this case study ,we can easy to understand in a certain condition of market competition, the competitiveness of the brand is the enterprise comprehensive strength performance,Only a strong brand competitiveness, in order to have a brand competition advantage. However,Ochirly brand Also a symbol of a large clothing companies. And when the brand has a strong competitiveness,The new product to win consumer recognition and trust, has the very strong market penetration. The modern market, the brand is based on a certain scale of production, in order to obtain a certain market share, so as to win competitive. Looking at the world famous brand, basically all isThrough the market to competition in the market, we can see, the brand competition has obvious scale effect should be. But, in the face of the international clothing brand threat, Ochirly also not resigned to playing second fiddle. Modern enterprises, especially the Multi-National Corporation, is the use of the brand to expand the impact of products, improve market competitiveness, and capture the market share. An enterprise wants to grow and develop, the enterprise is not the product, but the brand. Because every kinds of products are short, there is a certain life cycle, competitors are also constantly bring forth the new through the old, enterprise products will eventually be replaced by other products. However, the enterprise brand is the eternal, has permanent effects on market competitiveness. So, the enterprise brand has become a famous brand, its products will be able to carry the world before one in the market.

- 26 -









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- 27 -

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