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2006 年初二下学期期中模拟检测英语试卷
听力部分 (15 分)

Ⅰ. 听录音,找出合适的应答句。 (5%) 1. A. We came at six. B. Last night. C. One hour and a half. 2. A. March 12. B. Monday. C. Father ’s day.

3. A. What about tomorrow afternoon? B. Ok,I think. C. No,we won’t have the meeting. 4. A. No,thanks. 5. A. In my office. B. Here you are. B. At school. C. I’m ready. C. In the fruit shop nearby.

Ⅱ. 根据录音中的对话,选择正确答案。 (5%) 6. Which does Mary like better? A. Apples. B. Bananas. C. Neither.

7. What did she tell him to do? A. She asked him to forget it. B. She asked him to do it now. C. She told him not to do that right now. 8. Where does Mr Green come from? A. America. B. France. C. Engalnd.

9. Which season is it now? A. Autumn. B. Summer. C. Spring.

10. How many books has Mary bought? A. Five. B. Six. C. Eleven.

Ⅲ. 根据所听到的短文,选择最佳答案。 (5%) 11. Mr Johnson got up ____ in the morning. A. at 6:30. B. at 7:30. C. at 8:30.

12. He got to the station ____. A. on foot B. by bus C. by bike

13. When he arrived,he ____.

A. had to wait for the next train B. missed his train C. just caught the train 14. Mr Johnson likes ____ better. A. having breakfast B. running to work C. lying 15. Though Mr Johnson got up late, ____. A. he still had time for breakfast B. he had enough food for breakfast C. he was not late for his work

笔试部分 (85 分)

Ⅰ. 词汇(15%) A)根据句意及所给汉语提示完成下列句子。 (5%) 1. What’s wrong with your ___ _(显示器)?It doesn’t work. _(垃圾)into the river.”

2. The sign says, “Don’t throw ___ 3. Do you have a ___ 4. He’s gone to the ___

_(专门的)party for his birthday? _ (科学)Hall. _(亲戚).

5. On New Year ’s Day, both his uncle and aunt took him to visit their ___

B)用所给单词的适当形式填空。 (5%) 6. Peter likes matchbox covers. He has a large __ 7. The little boy is __ __(collect).

__(interest) in model planes. __(excite)as Christmas.

8. The Spring Festival is as __ 9. Life is much__ 10. Please help __

__(difficult)for them than before. __(you)to some chicken, boys and girls.

C)用所给动词的适当形式填空。 (5%) 11. Tom is fond of __ 12. We__ __(swim)in summer.

__(learn)two thousand English words so far. __(help)the poor old man.

13. Mrs Zhang has made up her mind __ 14. The Smiths __ 15. Jill went on __

__(come)back from Canada in a week. __(read)English after she finished her homework.

Ⅱ. 单项选择(15%) 1. Mother made me ____ at home last Sunday. A. stay B. to stay C. stayed D. staying

2. Kate,Han Mei told us ____. Would you like to tell us ____? A. something interesting, anything else B. something interesting, else anything C. interesting something, anything else D. interesting something, else anything 3. Football is one of ____ in China. A. more popular sport C. more popular sports B. the most popular sport D. the most popular sports

4. Would you please ____ it down? It sounds ____. A. not turn,nice C. not to turn,nice B. not turn,well D. not to turn,well

5. Pingping failed in the exam yesterday. _____. A. Congratulations C. What a pity B. Well done D. That’s right

6. Peter has ____ good friends. But ____ of them can speak English. A. few, a few C. little, a little B. a few, few D. a little, ittle

7. The children had a good time ____ Christmas Eve. A. in B. at C. to D. on

8. He’s never been there before,____? A. is he B. isn’t he C. has he D. hasn’t he

9. —Would you like to come to dinner this Sunday,Mr Wang? —_____ A. I’d love to,but I have lots of things to do. B. Oh no. That’ll be too tired. C. I’ll stay at home. D. Yes,please. 10. He ____ in the factory since he left school ten years ago. A. works B. worked C. was working D. has worked

11. —It’s too difficult for you to answer. —Why ____ the teacher for help? A. don’t ask B. not ask C. not wait D. don’t wait

12. We won’t go to the Great Wall if it ____ tomorrow.

A. rains

B. rain

C. will rain

D. is raining

13. —____ do you water the flowers? —Three times a week. A. How long B. How soon C. How much D. How often

14. What goes up but never comes down? A. A cat. B. A car. C. Water. D. Your age.

15. These coats are different ____ size. A. from B. of C. to D. in

Ⅲ. 完形填空(10%) Mr Black works in a hospital (医院).As a good 1 , the people in the town like him. He’s often 2 to the patients (病 人)and looks them over carefully. 3 he’s always busy and has little time to rest. One morning Mr Black got to the hospital and saw there was a fat woman in the 4 . He called her into his office and asked, “ 5 ,madam?” “It was my birthday yesterday, sir”, said the woman. “My husband gave me a 6 . But I couldn’t push my way in (挤进) it.” “ 7 , madam,” said Mr Black, “You must lose some weight(减肥). You’ll be able to 8 your coat, if you do all that I say.” “You’re 9 1. A. doctor 2. A. bad 3. A. Or , sir,” said the rich woman. “He bought me not a coat, but an expensive 10 B. farmer B. fine B. But C. teacher C. cold C. So C. park D. cleaner D. kind D. Then D. zoo .”

4. A. classroom B. waiting room 5. A. How do you do C. What’s the matter 6. A. house 7. A. It doesn’t matter C. I have no idea 8. A. put 9. A. right 10. A. bike B. wear B. wrong B. bus B. coat

B. How are you D. How old are you C. shop B. It’s a pleasure D. It’s my favourite C. buy C. easy C. car D. wash D. safe D. truck D. present

Ⅳ. 阅读理解(30%) (A) Here is a story told an American general (将军) who was a very important figure in the American army during the First World War. Everybody in the Untied States knew him and many people wished to have a picture or something of his in their homes. Soon after the war the general returned to Washington. One day he went to a dentist(牙医) and had six teeth pulled out. A week later the general heard that his teeth were being sold in curiosity shops(古玩店)at $5 each. On each of the teeth there was a

label (标签) with the name of the general and words, “Buy these teeth and show them to your friends at home.” The general got angry. He rushed to his office and ordered six officers to go around the city and buy all his teeth. The officers went out and visited every curiosity shop in the capital. They were away from the office all day. In the evening they returned and put on the table in front of the general the teeth they had bought. They had collected 175 teeth. 1. The general’s teeth were sold in ____. A. the museum B. the special shops selling some rare and interesting things C. the department store D. the hospital 2. In the evening, the officers went back with all the teeth which cost _____. A. $785 B. $1,050 C. $157 D. $875

3. The general felt ____ when he heard his teeth were sold. A. happy B. excited C. sad D. angry

4. There was the general’s name on the label of each tooth. This shows that _____. A. the general’s name was known by most of the people in Washington B. the shop-keeper wanted to have more customers buy the teeth C. the shop-keeper tried to make the general more popular D. Both A and C 5. The general ordered his men to____. A. look for his teeth and buy all of them B. arrest the dentist at once C. make all the shops stop selling teeth D. buy all the teeth in all the shops

(B) An old man was going home late one night with his horse and cart after a day’s hard work. When he was not far from his house, the light on the cart went out. He tried but could not mend (修理)it. He was near his home, and so he went along the road without a light. When a policeman saw this, he stopped the old carter. “Where is your light?” asked the policeman. “No man may take a cart along the road at night without a light. You know that. You have broken the law(法律).” “I had a light, but it has just gone out,” said the old man. “I don’t believe that story,” said the policeman. He took out a book and got ready to write. What’s your name and where do you live?“ he asked. “Please don’t take my name,” said the old man. “My home is just there. You can see it from here. I had a light nearly the whole way. I haven’t come far without a light.” “You came all the way without a light. What’s your name?” The carter quickly took the policeman’s hand and put it down on top of the light. The light was still hot and burnt the policeman’s hand. The policeman jumped and he was very angry. “Now, what do you think?” said the carter. “Did I come all the way without a light?” 6. In the passage the word “cart” is ____.

A. something like a car B. something like a light C. something pulled by a horse D. something with a light 7. The old man drove home ____. A. on the back of his horse B. late one night C. very late every night D. with a policeman 8. Where did the policeman stop the old man? A. Near the old man’s home. B. At the traffic lights. C. Under a road light. D. Far from the old man’s home. 9. The cart was stopped by the policeman because ____. A. the old man didn’t have a light B. the policeman didn’t believe the old man’s words C. the old man didn’t want to tell his name D. the light on the old man’s cart was not on 10. What made the policeman believe the old man’s words? A. He made the policeman touch the light. B. He jumped and shouted angrily. C. He made the policeman angry. D. The light burnt the policeman’s hands.

(C) CCTV-1 18:30 19:00 19:45 20:20 21:50 22:20 23:00 Children’s World News Around the world Film: Diary of a Nurse Message from the market Modern arts(艺术) End NTTV 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:45 22:30 22:50 00:30 JSTV CCTV-4 Modern English Women’s life Culture and life Football Match: China-America English news Film: Gone with the wind End

18:30 19:00 19:45 20:20 21:50 22:20 23:00

NTTV news 18:40 Popular songs 19:00 Animal world 19:30 American English Today 19:45 Science and life 21:30 Sports news 23:15 End End TV play: Story of an Autumn (1) Volleyball Match: Japan-China JS News News from CCTV-1 English for children

11. A volleyball fan can enjoy a volleyball match on ____. A. CCTV-4 B. CCTV-3 C. NTTV D. JSTV

12. If you are interested in pop songs, you may choose ____. A. CCTV-3 B. NTTV C. CCTV-4 D. JSTV

13. The English news on CCTV-4 lasts about ____ minutes. A. 25 B. 20 C. 30 D. 40

14. Which TV station has the most English programmes? A. JSTV. B. NTTV. C. CCTV-1. D. CCTV-4.

15. If you are interested in Modern arts, you may choose ____. A. CCTV-1. B. CCTV-4. C. NTTV. D. JSTV.

Ⅴ. 单句改错(5%) 1. Life is much easy for them now. A B C D ( ) _____ ( ) _____

2. I can’t eat the fish use the spoon. A B C D

3. When did you arrive at? A B C D

) _____

4. He couldn’t help laugh when he heard the news. A B C D

) ____

5. The picture is too old. Let’s take down it. A B C D

) _____

Ⅵ. 书面表达(10%) 某校决定让学生轮流打扫厕所,以此作为教育学生的一种方式。这件事在学生中引起了强烈的反映。请你把下列不同 意见整理成一篇书面材料,报告给学校。

同意 1.多数学生是独生女,不会做事。 2.学会做艰苦的工作。 3.学会理解清洁工人的劳动。

不同意 1.很脏,容易使学生生病。 2.不是学生应该做的事。 3.打扫教室就够了。

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