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最新 海南省海口市2015届高三高考调研测试(二)英语试题(含答案)

2015 年海口市高考调研测试(二) 英语试卷 考生注意: 1. 本试卷分为第 I 卷(选择题)和第 II 卷(非选择题)两部分,共 150 分,考试时间 120 分钟。 2. 作答时,请将答案写在答题卡上,写在试卷上无效。 第I卷 第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 第一节(共 5 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 7.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的 A.、B、C 三个选项中选出最 佳 选项'并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题 和阅 读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。 1. How will the woman go outing tomorrow? A. By bus. B. In the man s car. C .In her own car. 2 Who does the dress belong to? A. Susan. B. Janet. C. Susan's friend. 3 What is the woman going to do? A. Study for a flight.. for a plane trip. 4 What are the speakers talking about? A. Repairing machines. notes. 5 What is the probable relationship between the speakers? A. Classmates. B. Fellow workers. C Husband and wife. B Paying for tickets. C. Changing B. Have dinner with Jack. C. Pack 第二节(共 15 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 22.5 分) 听下面 5 段对话或独白。每段对话或独白后有几个小题,从题中所给的 A.B、c 三个选 项 中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听每段对话或独白前,你将有时间阅读各个 小题, 每小题 5 秒钟;听完后,各小题将给出 5 秒钟的作答时间。每段对话或独自读两遍。 听第 6 段材料,回答第 6 至 7 题。 6. What is the woman telling her father about? A. Her visit to Greenwich Village. B. Her sightseeing experience. C. Her plan for her holiday. 7. When is the woman going to see a show? A. On her last night. 听第 7 段材料,回答第 8 至 9 题。 8. What do we know about the writer? A. He is a child. He was born disabled. 9. How does the man find the writer? A. Inspiring. B. Surprising. C. Satisfying. B. He was an assistant years ago. C. B, Next weekend. C. Tomorrow. 听第 8 段材料,回答第 10 至 12 题。 10. How did the man get the car probably? A. He made it by himsel

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