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完形填空技能突破 04:篇章原词重现
篇章原词重现:篇章中重复出现的关键词,为正确选项,需考生充分理解和掌握 篇章的含义。 I dashed to the front door and banged on it loudly. “Who’s there?” I heard. “It’s Billy! Let me in!” The voice behind the ______ answered, “ Billy doesn’t live here anymore, he ran away from home.” A .house B. tree C. door D. yard

【解析】考查篇章原词重现。利用原词复现解题。文章里多次提到“door”。作者 等女孩离开后便去敲门,答应声当然是从门后传来的。故选择 C。 基础练习 1、Suddenly, I long to walk again in the ____ where I was once so gloriously a child. ……. We cannot go into the house…… A. yard B. village C. room D. house

2、For disabled people, “adopting a wheelchair” is not a temporary(临时的) __46__……. My wheelchair experiment was soon __54__. It made a deep impression on me. 46. A. exploration 54. A. forgotten B. education B. repeated C. experiment C. conducted D. entertainment D. finished

3、They don't realize that he just wants to make them __32__.It runs in the __33__. Michael's father always helped the poor as he believed it made everyone happier. 32. A. smart 33. A. city B. rich B. family C. special C. neighborhood D. happy D. company

4、__46__ the hill and across the valley, she rode to the __47__ of the golden house.

___48__ she got off her bike and put it against the gate post…… 46. A. Over 47. A. windows B. Down B. steps C. Around C. center D. Beside D. gate

5、 Many people start learning a language and soon give up…….I’ve also heard people __50__ about the mistakes they make when __51__. 50. A. worry 51. A. singing 基础巩固 1、 “You shouldn’t swim that day, ” the man ____. “There is a storm coming up.”……. Oh, why had she not listened to advice? A. decided B. intended C. advised D. repeated B. hesitate B. working C. think C. bargaining D. quarrel D. learning

2、By the end of the year, I had several new friends, and two of __45__ are still my best friends today. A bigger cause of my new __46__ , however, came when I took a part-time job at a Vista Nursing Home. One old lady there who had Alzheimer’s disease became my __47__. 45. A. us 46. A. attitude 47. A. friend B. which B. hobby B. partner C. them C. hope C. guide D. whom D. luck D. guest

3、 Even though I was used to regular insults (侮辱) because of the __11__ on my head, it was __12__ horrible to hear……. But she’ll be __17__ with scars on her head, and of course her hair won’t grow there.” 11. A. hat 12. A. still 17A. pressed B. scarf B just B. occupied C. scars C. never C. left D. cuts D. seldom D. painted

4、Dad is also a living example of real __30__ ………His loving and selfless nature

has inspired me to become more sympathetic and __34__, putting others first. 30. A. love 34. A. careful B. pride B. regretful C. friendship C. considerate D. honesty D. humorous

5 、 That was why she was alone on the __39__, wearing an expensive swimsuit…….They were back at the beach-house, __41__ from the tantrum she had thrown when they told her that it was too dangerous to go diving 42 . 39. 41. 42. A. beach A. changing A. alone B. bed B. recovering B. away C. floor C. appearing C. again D. ship D. traveling D. aside

6、We were asked to “__37__ a disability” for several hours one Sunday…….For disabled people, “adopting a wheelchair” is not a temporary(临时的)__46__. 37. A. cure 46. A. exploration B. prevent B. education C. adopt C. experiment D. analyze D. entertainment

7、While traveling was inspring and meeting people was __24__, nothing about my term in France was what I __25__ .......In just a few hours, we knew we’d be good friends for the rest of the __33__. 24. A. boring 25. A. expected 33. A. term B. upsetting B. liked B. week C. exciting C. doubted C. month D. promising D. feared D. vacation

8、With __53__, she saw the old man rowing an ancient-looking boat towards her. “I hope you’ve learned a lesson. You put us both in __54__, ” he shouted angrily, as he dragged her over the side of the __55__. 53. 54. 55. A. regret A. power A. house B. relief B. safety B. wave C. interest C. danger C. beach D. ease D. thought D. boat

9、When I was 8 years old, I once decided to run from home. With my suitcase

__36__ and some sandwiches in a bag, I started for the front door and said to M om, “ I’m leaving.” “If you want to ___37___, that’s all right.” she said……. The voice behind the ___45___ answered, “ Billy doesn’t live here anymore, he ran away from home.” 36. 37. 45. A .packed A. drop out A .house B. returned B. go by B. tree C. cleaned C. move around C. door D. repaired D. run away D. yard

10、When I was 8 years old, I once decided to run from home…….The door inched open and Mom’s smiling face appeared. “ Did you change your __47__ about running away?” she asked. A conclusion B. promise C. concern D. decision

完形填空技能突破 04:篇章原词重现
【答案解析】 1、 【解析】D。考查篇章原词重现:该篇文中回到老房子寻根为主旨,如果就本 句的意思来看, 四个选项都可以, 但下文的语境 We cannot get into the house,—— 作者渴望走进去而又不被允许的地方——房子,复现了 9 空处句子的正确选项, 故选择 D。 2、 【解析】C。考查篇章原词重现。从下文的 My wheelchair experiment,说明对 于残疾人来讲,这并不是临时的实验。故选择 C。 3、 【解析】D。考查篇章原词重现。那些对他感到惊奇的人,只是没有意识到他 只是想让他们高兴(happy) 。下文的 made everyone happier 重现了此处的答案。 4、 【解析】D。考查篇章原词重现。根据下文词汇复现解题。由下段的开始句 she got off her bike and put it against the gate post, 可知小姑娘骑车到金色的房子的门 口,所以答案为 D。 5、 【解析】D。考查篇章原词重现。前面反复出现 learn、learning,可知此处选 D。 其余三个选项分别意为:唱歌;工作;讨价还价,均不符合语境。

【答案解析】 1、 【解析】C。考查篇章原词重现。由后面一句话“Oh, why had she not listened to the advice?”中的 advice 可知,那个人是建议(advised)她的。其余三项分别意 为:决定;打算;重复,均不符合语境。 2、 【解析】A。考查篇章原词重现。47.A。 根据上文 By the end of the year, I had several new friends, and two of ___45 are still my best friends today。多次提到

friend,得知:作者去敬老院做兼职,与老人之间成了 A 朋友,而不可能成为 B 伙伴,C 向导,D 客人,故选 A。 3、 【解析】C。考查篇章原词重现。根据篇章后面的 with scars on her head 可知 作者头上能看到的应该是后面提到的‘疤痕’,因此选项 C 正确。 4、 【解析】A。考查篇章原词重现。从下文可以看出,“父亲”对于家庭无私的风 险已经对子女无私的爱,所以 选择 love 是最合适的,体现了下文父亲对子女无 私的爱。其它三个选项的意思分别是:自豪,友谊,诚实,均不符合句意。 5、 【解析】A。考查篇章原词重现。本段开头“That was why she was alone”提示了 答案。 6、 【解析】 C。 考查篇章原词重现。 46 题的“adopting a wheelchair”, 跟 37 题“ 37 a disability”表达同样的意思,故 C 为正确选项。 7、 【解析】A。考查篇章原词重现。根据前文的 my term in France 可知作者在法 国要待一个学期,故选项 A 正确。 8、 【解析】D。考查篇章原词重现。句中说到“dragged her over the side of”,over 此处意为“越过”,老人能把女孩拖着越过某物的一侧或一边,在房子,波浪,沙 滩和船之中,只有船才能跟前面的 an ancient-looking boat 相呼应。 9、 【解析】D。考查篇章原词重现。根据 45 空后面的 he ran away from home 可 推知正确答案。 10、 【解析】D。考查篇章原词重现。根据文章第一段中的 I once decided to 可以 知道答案为 D decision。



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