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外研版八年级下册英语 Module8 Public Holidays 全模块综合试题及参考答案 一. 单项选择 ( A. act ( )1. How long did the film ________ ? B. keep C. last D. play ) 2. Yesterday we left off ________ of page 51.So today we’ll begin _______ page 52. B. at the end, with C. in the end, from ( D. in the end, with

A. at the end, from

) 3. Tell Tom to call me as soon as she ________. B. gets there D. reach here

A. will arrive C. has gone (

) 4. He is often made _______ for twelve hours a day by the boss. B. working D. to be working

A. work C. to work (

) 5. He could neither ________ French nor German. So I ______ with him in English B. talk, told D. tell, talked

A. speak, talked C. say, spoke (

) 6. She will have a holiday as soon as she ______ the work next week, B. doesn’t finish

A. finishes

C. will finish (

D. won’t finish —Sorry, I have a lot of clothes ________.

) 7. —Shopping with me? B. washed D. to be washed

A. to wash C. wash (

) 8. I don’t know if he ______ if it ______ tomorrow. B. will come, rains

A. comes, will rain

C. will come, will rain D. comes, rains ( ) 9. They didn’t learn ______ in this lesson. B. anything new D. new anything

A. something new C. new lesson (

) 10. ___What day is it? —____. B. It’s Tuesday D. It’s wet

A. It’s a fine day C. It’s June 26 th (

) 11. ___Meimei, ______ it again in English, please. ____OK A. speak B. talk C. tell D. say

) 12. ___“What’s the _______ today?” ___ “It’s June 26.” A. day B. date C. time D. hour

) 13. China _________ the WTO and became a new member of it last year. A. joined B. join C. will join D. bas joined

) 14. ___The box looks so big. Can I help you?

___ No, thanks. _______ in it. It’s empty. A. Nothing B. Everything C. Anything ( D. Something

) 15. I think the older people must be _______ politely. A. talked about B. said with C. told about D. spoken to

) 16. ___ How much did this CD _______ you, Sally? __ I got it for 5 dollars. A. use B. spend C. take D. cost

) 17. The twins are coming to Meirmei’s house tonight. She will give them ______ to eat. A. anything delicious C. Chinese something B. something Chinese D. delicious anything

) 18. Kate _________ to bed until her father returned yesterday evening. A. won’t go B. doesn’t go C. went D. didn’t go

) 19. The boys _______ green sports shirts are the fans of Guo’an Team. A. with B. in C. at D. from

) 20. By the time my parents reached home yesterday, I ______ the dinner already.

A. had cooked

B. cooked

C. have cooked

D. cook

二. 完型填空 One day when Jamie came home after school, his mother had on her “worry face. He knew she was thinking of 1 . “It’s bad out there.. Black clouds are coming from the sea,” Jamie said. “Yes, I’ m thinking of those fishing boats at sea,” she said. At that moment, 2 went out, Jamie and his mother were in the dark. always come in

“The coastline(海岸)will be in the dark,” Jamie’s mother said. She got more worried. 3 threes, I broke my best glasses this morning, and my sister has the cold.” “Now, don’t worry, mum.. They’re 4 to come through this all right.”

But Jamie really worried about those fishing boats himself. The fishing boats would 5 the cove(海湾) in the dark, Jamie took flares(火焰信号弹)and rushed into the wind. There was a cliff(峭壁)by the sea. He started to climb. He 6 himself up hand. over hand. At last he reached the top. He 7 three times. On the fourth try he fired off (发射)one of the flares. It rose and cut into the black sky in bright light. Then he saw an answering flare up at sea. Jamie fired off two more. He saw another answering flare up, then another, then another. The answering flares from the fishing boats showed they 8 the entrance to the cove but then changed course (路线) and were 9 sailing (航行) into the cove. They were almost home. Jamie helped 10 the fishermen of the village. ( ( )1. A. the wind B. the clouds C. the rain D. the weather )2. A. Jamie ( B. his mother C. the fire D. the lights

)3. A. Messages B. Accidents C. Troubles D. Questions

( ( ( ( (

)4. A. sure B. lucky C. safe D. ready )5. A. lose B. miss C. leave D. forget )6. A. pushed B. pulled C. carried D. climbed )7. A. made B. tried C. failed D. finished B. had found C. had passed by D. were going into

)8. A. were at ( (

)9. A. now B. then )10. A. answer

C. once D. again

B. save C. find out D. look for

三. 阅读理解 (A) One of the things I always believe is that no matter how bad something is, you can take something positive out of it. The one time I wasn’t sure of that was on September 11. I usually wake up at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning. That day, I happened to wake up earlier. I turned on the TV and I saw that a plane had crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. My first reaction was that it was a terrible accident. Then I saw another plane fly into the South Tower and I realized that I was witnessing an act of terrorism. My wife and I spent the day watching the terrible pictures over and over again. When I Watched family members looking for their loved ones, the pain in their eyes was something I would never forget. Couldn’t understand how something this terrible could have happened. It wasn’t until a few weeks after September 11 that I began to see that perhaps some good did come from this tragedy. People seem different now, more understanding, more tolerant. Little things that seemed to be such a trouble before are no longer big things. Personally, I am more tolerant than I was. I realize life is too short, and too precious, to let

myself get worried over small things. I’ve learned also that you can’t take things for granted, Things change in the blink of an eye. People go to work and don’t come back. One moment they’re living and the next minute they’re not. And, it doesn’t matter who you are, there is nothing you can do about it. We never know when our time here will be over, so we all need to make the most of every minute we have.

You try to learn from what happened. You can’t be used up it. You can’t live by it. All you can do is just live. 注:crash 撞击 reaction 反应 witness 目击 tragedy 悲剧 tolerant 宽容的 precious 珍贵的 take — for granted 认为——是当然的 ( ) 1. The word “positive” in the passage probably means _______. B. bad C. good D. real

A. terrible (

) 2. What did the writer see after he turned on the TV that morning? B. A plane flying. D. An act of terrorism.

A. fire starting. C. A terrible accident. (

) 3. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true? A. The writer and his wife spent the day watching the terrible pictures over and over

again. B. The writer is more tolerant than he was. C. The writer didn’t think the accident was a tragedy. D. The writer think people all need to make the most of every minute the have. ( ) 4. From September 11, the writer has realized that _______.

A. people should make the most of every minute they have B. he has become less tolerant towards others C. he should get worried about little things D. life is too short to care about others ( ) 5. What’s the best title (题目) of this passage?

A. A Report about September 11 B. The Tragedy of September 11 C. September 11 and My Family D. September 11 and My Turn

(B) January 1 is the New Year’s Day, the first day of the year. It is a legal (法定的) holiday, and all banks, stores and schools are closed. Many people invite their friends to come and visit them in the afternoon or evening. The only legal holiday in February is Washington’s Birthday. Although Washington was born on February 22, his birthday is now celebrated on the third Monday of February. Some States also celebrate Lincoln’s birthday on February 12. These two, the United States’ most famous presidents, were both born in February. The last Monday in May is Memorial Day (纪念日) . This holiday remembers the many service members, men and women, who died for their country. Americans celebrate Memorial Day with services in cemeteries (公墓) and churches. America’s great national holiday, Independence Day, falls on the fourth of July. It celebrates the birth of the United States. It was on this day that the colonists (殖民者) announced their independence from England. They had to fight

hard for the next seven years to win this independence. The first Monday of September is Labor Day (劳工节). This holiday honors (向——表示敬意) the working people of the United States. There are sorts of celebrations and speeches on this day too. People go to all kinds of places to enjoy the fine weather at the end of summer. ( ) 1. This passage mainly tells us something about _______. B. America’s holidays D. New Year’s Day

A. Independence Day C. Memorial Day (

) 2. Which festival is NOT a public holiday? B. Valentine’s Day C. Washington’s Birthday D. Thanksgiving Day

A. Labor Day

) 3. The American people celebrate _________ on July 4 th every year. A. New Year’s Day C. Memorial Day B. May Day D. Independence Day

) 4. From this passage we know _______.

A. American people do not work on New Year’s Day B. Memorial Day falls on the first Monday of February C. Labor Day comes on May 1 in the United States D. Americans celebrate Independence Day on June 14 ( ) 5. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Americans celebrate Memorial Day in order to remember their dead friends. B. On New Year’s Day Americans usually go shopping. C. Washington and Lincoln were born in the same month. D. Americans celebrate Labor Day to remember the dead workers.

四. 补全对话 A: Morning! What can I do for you? B: We’d like to make a trip for a trip for a weekend holiday , please? A: There are many travel paths.___________ _? B: We’d like to choose Jinggang mountains. A: It’s really worth visiting. _______________? B: We are not sure. Which hotel do you think is comfortable? A: The Holiday Home is very good. What’s more important, ________? B: We don’t want to live in an expensive hotel. That’s what we’ll do. A: _____________________? B: OK. I’ll ask wife to fill in this form. By the way, is it all right if we pay by credit card? A: ___________________?. Enjoy your weekend.

B: Thank you.

五. 完成句子 1. 上世纪初许多欧洲人去美国居住。 ________ ________ ________ of last century a great many Europeans went to live in the USA. 2. 那要看你是不是愿意干这件事。 It _______ ________ whether you want to do it or not. 3. 你有什么新年计划吗? Have you _______ and New Year’s ________? 4. 他总是急人所难。 He is always willing to _______ ________. 5. 我们什么时候得聚在一起喝一杯。 We must _______ ________ for a drink sometime.

六. 综合填空 David goes to school in New Zealand. When he was at primary school, he didn’t have any h 1 to do. He only had to read for 15 minutes very evening : that’s all ! His school had a huge sports field that was b 2 enough for four football fields. He loved to run around with his f 3. His teacher was nice, too. Sometimes she would say, “S 4 your maths work please, children. It’s a beautiful day outside. Let’s go out and play a g 5 !”

Things have changed since David stared high school. He still p 6 a lot of sports, but the work is a bit harder. He has to do some homework, but not too much, only one hour each night. But the b 7 thing David loves about his high school is all the sports he can play. The sports ground has a running track, a s 8 pool and four football fields. David plays sports every day after school. David is looking forward to g 9 to university. After he has finished his studies, he wants to t world. He dreams and hopes that day he can. 10 around the

【试题答案】 一. 单项选择 1—20 CBBCA AABBB DBAAD DBDBA

二. 完型填空 1—10 DDCAB BCCAB

三. 阅读理解 1—5 CDCAB 6—10 BBDAC

四. 补全对话 1. Which one would you like to choose?

2. Which hotel do you want to live? 3. it’s very cheap. 4. Will you please fill in this form? 5. Certainly.

五. 完成句子 1. At the beginning 2. depends on 3. made resolutions 4. help out 5. get together

六. 综合填空 1. homework 5. game 9. going 2. big 3. friends 7. best 4. Stop

6. plays 10. travel

8. swimming


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