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Lesson 91
Poor Ian 可怜的伊恩

believe may how long since why sell because retire cost pound worth penny v. 相信,认为 可以 多长 prep. 自从 adv. 为什么 v. 卖,出售 conj. 因为 v. 退休 v. 花费 n. 英镑 prep. 值……钱 n. 便士

Now read the text together and then answer
the following questions without looking at the book.
1.Why does Nigel believe that the house is for sale?

2.How long has Ian lived there?
3.Why does Ian want to sell the house? 4.Why couldn`t Nigel decide? 5.Which one has the last word in your family?

He will shave tommorrow.

He will brush his teeth next morning.

They will go shopping next Sunday .


next morning

next Sunday

What will you do next evening?

I will watch TV next evening.
next evening

①表示将来将要发生的动作 ②tomorrow, next year this month the day after tomorrow the year after the next in five hours‘ time …

③结构: 主语+助动词will/shall+动词原形(shall可用于第一人称I, we) I will go to America tomorrow. 明天我将去美国。 Jack will move into his new house tomorrow morning. 今晚杰克将要搬进新家。 ★变疑问句 Will you go to America tomorrow? Will Jack move into his new house tomorrow morning? ★变否定句(shan’t/ won’t) I will not go to America tomorrow. Jack will not move into his new house tomorrow morning. ★肯定回答及否定回答 Yes, I will. / No, I will not. Yes, he will. / No, he will not. ★特殊疑问句 When will you go to American? When will Jack go to American?

其他表示将来时: 1.be going to +动词原形

该句式往往表示计划、打算、决定要做的事或 将要发生的事。其中be有人称和数的变化,即 2. 表示移动性的瞬间动词用 am, is , are。如: 于进行时(be + doing),表 I am going to watch a movie. 将来。 我打算今晚看电影。 类似come等等动词被称 为移动性动词,其进行时态 She is going to see her grandpa tomorrow. 可以表将来,类似的动词还 她打算明天去看望她的爷爷。 有go, leave, start, begin等。 We are not going to meet outside the school 如: gate. 我们不打算在校门口见面。 The train is coming. 火车就要来了。 The bus is arriving at 9:00. 公交车将于早上9点到达。

3.be about to do 1) 表示即将发生的动作,在时间上指最近的将来。

We are about to start. 我们就要出发了。
The new school year is about to begin. 新学年开学在即。 2) 在含有be about to do的句子中,不能再加时间状语。 Wrong: The football team is about to start immediately. Right: The football team is about to start. 足球队就要出发了。

1.will/shall + do sth


2.be going to +do sth
3.be +doing sth 4.be about to +do sth

? ? ? ? ? ? ? still move miss neighbour person people poor adv. 还,仍旧 v. 搬家 v. 想念,思念 n. 邻居 n. 人 n. 人们 adj. 可怜的


① adv. 还是,仍然 ? I still can’t decide where to go. ? 我还是不能决定去哪。 ? She was still beautiful at the age of 46. ? 她46岁时仍然美丽。 ② adv. 还要,甚至更 ? She looked very ill last week and this week looks still worse. 她上周看起来病得很严重,这周更严重了。 ③ adv. 静止地;安静地 ? He is sitting still. ? 他一动不动地坐着。 ? The patient is lying still. ? 病人安静地躺着。

? ★move
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? v. ①搬家;移动 move in 搬进(强调状态,结果) move into 搬进来(强调动作,过程) move out (of) 搬出来 move away 搬走 move from…to… 从…搬到… They moved from Nanjing to Shenzhen. 他们从南京搬到深圳。 ②感动,打动 This story moved me. 这个故事感动了我。

n. 邻居

n.四邻,邻近地区 This is a quiet neighbourhood. 这一带很安静。 He is moving into the neighbourhood.

in the neighbourhood of 在…附近

n. 人 He is a nice/good person. 他是个好人。 in person 亲自,直接的 He will go to get the money in person. 他将亲自去取钱。 personal


n. ①人们 There are a lot of people in the street. 街上有很多人。 the people 民众,人民,国民 ②民族

adj. 个人的,私人的
a personal letter

person 强调的个体的人,可以有复数形式 persons people 通常是人的统称,单复数形式相同

v. 想念,惦念 I missed you. 我想你 v. 错过;未做到 He missed the bus and walked home. 他没有赶上公共汽车就走回家了。 miss doing sth. 未能 I missed buying the magazine. 我未能买到那本杂志。 I missed seeing him yesterday. 昨天我未能/没看见他。 ① ? ? ② ? ? ?

? When did you miss your bag? ? 你什么时候发现提包不见的?

adj. ①可怜的 The poor old woman had no one to talk to. 那个可怜的老人找不到人跟她说话。 ②贫穷的 a poor man 贫穷的人 the poor 穷人 We should help the poor. ③笨拙的,差劲的 be good at sth./be good at doing sth. be poor at sth./ be poor at doing sth. 不擅于… rich

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

still move miss neighbour person people poor

v. 想念,思念 n. 邻居 adv. 还,仍旧 v. 搬家 n. 人 adj. 可怜的 n. 人们

1.Listen to the tape then repeat it sentence by sentence 2.Close your book and listen to the tape , then repeat after each pause. 3.Answer the following qustions after listening.
1) Has Ian sold his house yet?

Yes,he has. 2)Has Ian moved to his new house yet?
3) Has Ian always been a good neighbour.

No,he hasn’t

Yes,he has.he has always been a good neighbour.
4)When will the new people move into this house?

They'll move in the day after tomorrow.

5)Will Jenny see Ian today,?

Yes,she will.

CATHERINE:Has Ian sold his house yet?
JENNY :Yes, he has.

He sold it last week.
CATHERINE:Has he moved to his new house yet? JENNY :No, not yet. He's still here. He's going to move tomorrow.

CATHERINE:When? Tomorrow morning? JENNY :No. Tomorrow afternoon. I'll miss him. He has always been a good neighbour. LINDA:He's a very nice person. We'll all miss him.

CATHERINE:When will the new people move into this house?

JENNY:I think that they'll move in the day after tomorrow.
LINDA:Will you see Ian today, Jenny?

JENNY:Yes, I will.
LINDA:Please give him my regards.

CATHERINE:Poor Ian! He didn't want to leave this house. JENNY

:No, he didn't want to leave, but his wife did!

You’re a student, aren’t you?
Yes, I am. No, I’m not. He didn’t go to school, did he? 他没有去上学,是吗?

You aren’t a student, are you?
Yes, I am. (不,我是一个学生。) No, I’m not. (是的,我不是学生。)

No, he didn’t.
是的, 他没去。 Yes, he did. 不,他去了。

Thank you!

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