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我的错题本(含变式训练)20140711 主书
[第 72 页 第 9 题] That secondhand car in perfect c went well. [答案] condition [解析] 句意: 那辆状况完好的二手车很好开。 [笔记] 对单词不熟悉 [变式训练] (2009 陕西) 根据下列各句句意和空白之后的汉语提示词, 在横线上写出对应单词的正确形 式, 每空只写一词。 1. Owning a house of their own is a (梦想) for the young couple. 2. We will (参加) a meeting to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of the P. R. China. 3. We left the road and (爬) the hill towards the wood. 4. He was about to speak but she raised a (手指) to her lips. 5. He is an excellent (律师) with a good brain and a determination to achieve. 6. China Daily is (广泛地) read in North America. 7. If you cannot find wooden boxes, you may use either (塑料的) or metal ones instead. 8. Sarah lives with her husband and children in a flat in (中心 的)London. 9. Brown stood at the door, (欢迎) newcomers with a large smile. 10. We should know our own strengths and (弱点) and think what could be done about them. [变式答案] 1. dream 2. attend 3. climbed 4. finger 5. lawyer 6. widely 7. plastic 8. central 9. welcoming 10. weaknesses [第 72 页 第 1 题] The (大多数) of the students find it quite hard to learn German. [答案] majority [解析] 句意: 大部分学生发现学德语很难。 [笔记] 单词拼写 [变式训练] (2007 陕西) 根据下列各句句意和空白之后的汉语提示词, 在横线上写出对应单词的正确形 式, 每空只写一词。 1. Spring has come, and the trees are thick with green (叶子). 2. Andorra is a small mountain (共和国) between France and Spain. 3. I consider it (不可能) to believe a single word you say. 4. He turned on the television set hanging from the (天花板). 5. We were talking on the phone when, (突然), the line went dead. 6. One of my favourite sayings is“Understand all and (宽恕) all." 7. A man I (认出) as his father sat with a newspaper on his knees. 8. Technical progress would put out firm in (拥有) of the home market.

9. (赢得) the support of the majority requires time, energy and devotion. 10. Xi’an International (展览) Center has attracted many business people. [变式答案] 1. leaves 2. republic 3. impossible 4. ceiling 5. suddenly 6. forgive 7. recognised/recognized 8. possession 9. Winning 10. Exhibition [第 76 页 第 8 题] He died of h because he had not eaten for days. [答案] hunger [解析] 句意: 因为好几天没吃东西, 他饿死了。 [笔记] 句意理解错误 [变式训练] (2013 陕西,10 分) 根据下列各句句意和空白之后的汉语提示词, 在横线上写出对应单词的正确、 完 整形式, 每空只写一词。 66. The students are required to (复述) the story after reading it. 67. In (三月), the weather begins to get warmer in northern China. 68. To (证明) his point, Professor Brown mentioned several other experiments which had similar results. 69. The little girl picked some grapes and put them into her (篮 子). 70. They want to (邀请) us to go over to their place and stay for the weekend. 71. Fewer than a thousand (大熊猫) still live in the wild. 72. Such a blood pressure is (正常的) for a person of his age. 73. I’ve got a good sense of (平衡) and learnt to ski quite quickly. 74. The boy looked at his father (满怀希望地) because he thought his father had brought him a present. 75. These measures are strongly (支持) by environmental groups. [变式答案] 66. retell 67. March 68. prove 69. basket 70. invite 71. pandas 72. normal 73. balance 74. hopefully 75. supported [第 76 页 第 2 题] Tom is preparing for an exam. Don’t (打扰) him. [答案] disturb [解析] 句意: 汤姆正在准备一个考试。别打扰他。 [笔记] 联想不起来有关单词 [变式训练] (2010 陕西) 根据下列各句句意和空白之后的汉语提示词, 在横线上写出对应单词的正确形 式, 每空只写一词。 1. The car is running at a (速度) of eighty kilometers an hour. 2. The teacher is glad that everyone in her class is (渴望的) to learn.

3. Jeff has the (习惯) of listening to music while reading. 4. Mr. White has been (缺席的) from work for days, so he knows nothing about our new plan. 5. He tried to (解释), but she wouldn’t listen. 6. The local government is (讨论) how to help the poor in the countryside. 7. When things aren’t going well, my parents always (鼓励) me, telling me not to give up. 8. Miss Harper closed her eyes and (假装) to be asleep. 9. We sat chatting for a few (分钟) after finishing our meal. 10. I have been (深深地) impressed by a number of experiences in her life. [变式答案] 1. speed/rate 2. eager 3. habit 4. absent/away 5. explain 6. discussing 7. encourage 8. pretended 9. minutes 10. deeply

[第 31 页 第 17 题] The lawyer was so kind that he devoted all his spare time he had the disabled. A. to helping B. helped C. helping D. to help [答案] A [解析] 句意: 这名律师很热心, 他的业余时间都用来帮助残疾人。he had 是 修饰 time 的定语从句, 因此排除 B 项; 在短语 devote... to 中 to 是介词, 其 后应用名词或动名词, 而且 to 不可省略, 故选 A。 [笔记] devote to doing (to 是介词) [变式训练](2013 福建, 22,1 分) basic first-aid techniques will help you respond quickly to emergencies. A. Known B. Having known C. Knowing D. Being known [变式答案] C [变式解析] 句意: 懂得基本的急救技能有助于对紧急救护作出快速反应。 本题 考查非谓语动词作主语。分析题干可知非谓语动词短语 basic first-aid techniques 作主语, 因为过去分词不能作主语, 排除 A 项。根据句意可知, 空 格处不是表达完成或被动意思, 排除 B 和 D 项, 故答案为 C 项。 [第 31 页 第 3 题](2013 湖北, 25) Butterflies a sweet liquid produced by flowers, which bees and other insects collect. A. carry on B. feed on C. put on D. focus on [答案] B [解析] 句意: 蝴蝶以花蜜为食, 蜜蜂和其他昆虫采集花蜜。 本题考查动词短语 辨析。carry on 继续做; put on 穿上, 上演; focus on 集中于, 聚焦于。feed on 以……为食, 符合句意。 [笔记] A:carry on 继续 B:feed on 靠...维持生命,以...为主食 C:put on 穿上 D:focus on 聚焦于, 以...为中心 以及有关 on 的短语 v+prep (on) /adv, turn+adj/prep

[变式训练](2010 江西,26)Smell the flowers before you go to sleep, and you may just_______sweet dreams. A. keep up with B. put up with C. end up with D. catch up with [变式答案] C [变式解析] 句意:睡前闻闻这些花,你可能就会做美梦。本题考查动词短语辨 析。keep up with 跟上;put up with 忍受,容忍;end up with 以……结束; catch up with 追上,赶上。C 项符合句意。 [第 31 页 第 2 题] (2014 湖南师大附中高三月考一, 32) 40% of the students in our school from the other parts of Hunan, which relatively large number. A. is; are B. is; is C. are; is D. are; are [答案] C [解析] 句意: 我们学校 40%的学生来自湖南其他地方, 这一数量相当大。百分 数作主语时取决于后面的名词, 故第一空使用复数形式; which 代指前面的数字, 故使用单数形式。 [笔记] 主谓一致 [变式训练] (2010 四川, 15) Such poets as Shakespeare_______widely read, of whose works, however,some_______difficult to understand. A. are; are B. is; is C. are; is D. is; are [变式答案] A [变式解析] 句意: 像莎士比亚这样的诗人们的作品被人们广泛阅读,虽然他们 的作品中有些很难读懂。 本题考查主谓一致。 such poets as Shakespeare 中 poets 是中心词,所以谓语动词用 are;第二空动词的主语是 some(of theirworks), 是可数名词的复数形式,所以谓语动词也用 are。


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