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Lesson 121 The man in a hat

? ? ? ? ? ? customer forget manager serve counter recognize n. 顾客 v. 忘记 n. 经理 v. 照应,服务,接待 n. 柜台 v. 认出

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

customer n. 顾客(买东西的顾客) client 银行,律师等的客户 guest 旅馆的旅客 passenger 乘客 a regular customer 老顾客 顾客至上。 The customer is always right.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

--forget v. 1) 忘记 我忘了他的电话号码。 I forget his telephone number. forget doing 忘记曾做过 我永远忘不了在纽约见到他。 I’ll never forget seeing him in New York. forget to do 忘记去做 别忘了打电话给我。 Don’t forget to call me. 她忘了寄信 She forgot to mail the letter.

? ? ? ? ?

2) 忘记事 --I forgot my umbrella. 我忘了带伞。 他将伞忘在火车上。 He forgot his umbrella on the train, = He left his umbrella on the train.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

manager n. 经理 销售经理 sales manager 总经理 General Manager 他是我们的经理 He is our manager. manage v. 管理 经营公司 manage a company

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

serve v. 照应,服务,接待 一位年轻的侍者侍候他们进餐 A young waiter served them. serve sb right (口语) 给某人应得的报应(惩罚) 他活该 Serve him right.= It serves him right! service n. 那家餐馆的服务很差。 The service in that restaurant is poor. a charge for service 服务费

? ? ? ? ?

counter n. 柜台 在珠宝部 at the jewelry counter 付帐柜台 checkout counter

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

recognize v. 1) 认出 你能认出他的笔迹吗? Do you recognize his handwriting? 2)承认(事实),认清,确认 我们都肯定她在舞蹈方面有才华。 We all recognized her talent for dancing. ? 他不承认自己犯下了大错。 ? He didn’t recognize that he had made a big mistake.

? 定义:在复合句中修饰名词和代词的从句 叫做定语从句。
? 被定语从句修饰的名词或代词是先行词。 定语从句必须放在先行词之后。 ? The student who answered the question was peter. ? 回答问题的那个学生叫Peter.

? 用作关联词的关系代词有who, whom, whose, that, which 等。 ? A child whose parents are dead is called an orphan. ? 失去父母的孩子叫做孤儿。 ? 我想要一个有大窗户的房间。 ? I’d like a room whose window is big. ? 用铅笔写的信很难读 ? A letter that is written in pencil is difficult to read.

? I bought two expensive dictionaries here half an hour ago, but I forgot to take them with me. ? half an hour ago 半小时之前(用在过去时当中) ? hour 是以元音音素开头字母,前面的不定冠 词用“an” ? forget to do 表示忘记去做某事 ? 昨天我忘记了要给你打电话。 ? I forgot to call you yesterday. ? 下次别忘了把你的书带来。 ? Don’t forget to bring your book here next time.

? take sth with sb 把某物带走 ? 我去那个村庄的时候我随身带了一些药。 ? I took some medicine with me when I went to the village. ? take sb sth = take sth to sb ? 把某物拿去给某人 ? 我将给我在北京的朋友们带一些礼物。 ? I’ll take some presents to my friends in Beijing. ? = I’ll take my friends in Beijing some presents.

? bring sth with sb 把某物带来 ? 如果你下次再不把书带来,我就给你父亲 打电话。 ? Peter, if you don’t bring your book with you next time, I’ll call your father. Peter, ? bring sb sth = bring sth to sb ? 把某物带给某人 ? 谢谢你给我带来你的照片。 ? Thank you for bring me your pictures.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Who served you, sir? The lady who is standing behind the counter. served是serve的过去式,“服务” 我会全心全意为人民服务的。 I’ll serve the people with heart and soul. 这不喜欢站在门口的那个男人。 I don’t like that man who is standing by the gate.

? ? ? ?

Which books did you buy? which 指在一定范围内的哪个(些) which 既可用来指人,又可用来指物 Did you serve this gentleman half an hour ago, Caroline? ? He says he’s the man who bought these books.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I can’t remember. The man who I served was wearing a hat. wear 穿(表示状态) put on 穿上(强调动作) Have you got a hat, sir? Yes, I have. Would you put it on, please? All right. Would you…? 请你…好吗?

? Is this the man that you served. Caroline? ? Yes, I recognize him now.

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