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◆典型陷阱题分析◆ 典型陷阱题分析◆ 1. She was so angry and spoke so fast that none of us understood _______ he said meant. A. that C. that that B. what D. what what

【陷阱】可能误选 B.许多同学一看选项首先就排除了 C 和 D,认为这样两个"引导词"叠 陷阱】 用的情况不太可能.在 A 和 B 两个选项中,选项 A 肯定不行,因为它引导宾语从句时不能 充当句子成分,所以便选择了 B. 正确答案选 D.第一个 what 用作动词 meant 的宾语, 第二个 what 用作动词 said 【分析】 分析】 的宾语,即在 none of us understood what what he said meant 中,none of us understood 为主 句,what what he said meant 为宾语从句,而在此宾语从句中又包括有 what he said 这样一 个主语从句. 2. After _______ had happened he could not continue to work there. A. which C. what B. how D. having

【陷阱】可能误选 A. 陷阱】 【分析】最佳答案选 C.有的同学误选 A,是因为认为介词后应接关系代词 which,但实 分析】 际上, 若填关系代词, 其前没有先行词, 这根据不是一个定语从句. 另外, 由于 had happened 缺主语,所以 B 和 D 也不能选.请再做下面一题(答案选 B): He pointed to ______ looked like a tomb and said, "Ghost." A. that C. which B. what D. as

3."Is ______ you want to say?" asked the teacher. A. this C. all that B. that D. that all

【陷阱】根据中文字面意思误选 A 或 B. 陷阱】 【分析】最佳答案选 D.假若选 A 或 B,那么转换成陈述句即为:This is you want to say. / 分析】 That is you want to say. 显然句中的两个谓语动词 is 与 want 相冲突.选 D 组成的句子是 Is

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that all you want to say? 其中的 that 为句子主语,all 为表语,you want to say 为定语从句, 用以修饰 all. 4. "When ______ leave for Japan?" "When ______ leave for Japan is kept secret." A. they will, will they C. they will, they will B. will they, they will D. will they, will they

【陷阱】可能误选 D,认为 when 后应用疑问句词序. 陷阱】 【分析】最佳答案选 B.第一个 when 引出的是一个特殊疑问句,故用疑问词序;第二个 分析】 when 引出的是主语从句,故其后用陈述句词序.请做以下试题(答案选 C): (1) None knows if _______ that boy, but if _______ him, her parents will be disappointed. A. she will marry, she will marry C. she will marry, she marries B. she marries, she marries D. she marries, she will marry

(2) "Where _______ go to work?" "Where _______ go to work is not known." A. we shall, we shall C. shall we, we shall B. shall we, shall we D. we shall, shall we

5. Someone is ringing the doorbell. Go and see ______. A. who is he C. who is it B. who he is D. who it is

【陷阱】几个干扰项均有可能误选. 陷阱】 【分析】此题最佳答案为 D.首先可以排除 A 和 C,因为空格处实为一个宾语从句,所以 分析】 不能用疑问句词序.另一方面,但按英语习惯,当用于指代身份不明的人时,要用代词 it, 而不用 he 或 she 等.比较以下两句: Mr Smith is at the door. He wants to see you. 史密斯先生在门口,他想见你. Someone is at the door. It may be the postman. 有个人在门口,可能是邮递员. 第一句因前面指明了是 Mr Smith,所以后面用代词 he;而第二句因前面用的是不定代 词 someone,说明此人身份尚不明确,故其后用了代词 it 来指代. 6. Don't you know, my dear friend, ______ it is your money not you that she loves? A. who C. that B. which D. what

【陷阱】此题容易误选 A 或 B:选 A 的同学认为这是指人的,故用 who;选 B 的同学 陷阱】 认为这是非限制性定语从句,两者都是误认为这是定语从句(注意没有先行词).
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【分析】其实答案应选 C.that 引导的是一个宾语从句,用作动词 know 的宾语,它只是 分析】 被句中的插入语 my dear friend 隔开罢了.请做以下试题(答案均为 C): (1) Everyone knows, perhaps except you, _______ your girl-friend is a cheat. A. who C. that B. which D. what

(2) I think, though I could be mistaken, ______ she liked me. A. who C. that B. which D. what

(3) He told me the news, believe it or not, ______ he had earned $1 000 in a single day. A. that C. as B. which D. because

前面两题 that 引导宾语从句,后面一题 that 同位语从句(修饰 the news).

◆精编陷阱题训练◆ 精编陷阱题训练◆ 1. They lost their way in the forest, and _______ made matters worse was that night began to fall. A. it C. that B. which D. what

2. Patience is a kind of quality — and that is ___A___ it takes to do anything well. A. what C. which B. which D. how

3. It has come to my notice _______ some of you have missed classes. A. what C. that B. which D. when

4. "What were you trying to prove to the police?" "___ I was last night." A. That C. Where B. When D. What

5. Country life gives him peace and quiet, which is ______ he can't enjoy while living in big cities.
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七彩教育网 http://www.7caiedu.cn

A. that C. where

B. why D. what

6. It is pretty well understood _______ controls the flow of carbon dioxide in and out the atmosphere today. A. that C. what B. when D. how

7. _______ she couldn't understand was ______ fewer and fewer students showed interest in her lessons. A. What; why C. What; because B. That; what D. Why; that

8. _______ we are doing has never been done before. A. That C. Which B. What D. Whether

9. People have heard _______ the President has said; they are waiting to see _______ he will do. A. how, how C. when, how B. what, what D. that, what

10. When you answer questions in a job interview, please remember the golden rule: Always give the monkey exactly _______ he wants. A. what C. when B. which D. that

11. These wild flowers are so special I would do _______ I can to save them. A. whatever C. which B. that D. whichever

12. _______ she was invited to the ball made her very happy. A. What C. When B. That D. Because

13. Eat ______ cake you like and leave the others for ______ comes in late. A. any, whoB. every, whoever C. whichever, whoeverD. either, whoever
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14. I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella. _______ I got wet through. A. It's the reasonB. That's why C. There's whyD. That's because 15. ____ has helped to save the drowning girl is worth praising. A. WhoB. The one C. Anyone D. Whoever 16. _______ medicine works in a human body is a question _______ not everyone can understand fully. A. How; thatB. That; which C. That; whichD. What; that

◆答案与解析◆ ◆ 1. 选 D.what made matters worse 是主语从句(注意其后有谓语动词 was),相当于 the thing that made matters worse. 2. 选 A.what 引导的是表语从句,相当于 the thing that it takes to do anything well. 3. 选 C.that 引导的是一个主语从句,句首的 it 为形式主语. 4. 选 C.答句为省略句,其完整形式为 I was trying to prove to the police where I was last night,在此 where 引导的是一个宾语从句.类似地,下面选 C: "_______ made her struggle to become an artist so hard?" "______ she was a woman." A. What, What C. What, That B. That, That D. That, What

5. 选 D.what 引导的是表语从句,what 在此相当于 the things that. 6. 选 C.句首的 it 是形式主语,空格处所填词用于引导主语从句.由于该主语从句中又缺 主语,故排除 A,B,D.(注意:不能选 A,因为 that 引导名词性从句时不能充当句子成 分) 7. 选 A.第一空填 what,是因为该主语从句中的动词 understand 缺宾语;why 和 because 均可引导表语从句,其区别是: why 引导表语从句强调结果,because 引导表语从 句强调原因.句中空格后文表明的是结果,故用 why. 8. B.what 在此引导主语从句且在从句作宾语,它相当于 the thing that.
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9. B.两空均填 what, 均用于引导宾语从句, 因为两个宾语从句中的动词 said 和 do 均缺 宾语,而在各个选项中只有 what 可用作宾语. 10. 选 A.what 引导宾语从句.由于动词 wants 缺宾语,所以填 what.句意是:当你找工 作面试回答问题时,请记住这条黄金定律:永远给予对方确实想要的东西. 11. 选 A.I can to save them 为 I can do to save them 之略,此句中的 do 缺宾语,故选 whatever. 12. 选 B.that 在此引导主语从句,无词义,也不充当句子成分.注意不要根据中文意思 选 D,因为 because 不用于引导主语从句. 13. 选 C.两个空格处均为引导宾语从句的引导词,而四个选项中两者可引导宾语从句的 只有 C. 14. 选 B.比较 That's why… 与 That's because…:前者用于强调结果,后者用于强调原 因.如下面一题选 D: I got wet all through. _______ I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella. A. It's the reason C. There's why B. That's why D. That's because

15. 选 D.由 is worth praising 这一谓语可知前面是主语从句, 排除不能引导从句的 B 项 和 C 项;whoever 引导主语从句表示"任何……的人",在此它相当于 anyone who. 16. 选 A.how 引导主语从句,that 引导同位语从句. 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》http://www.7caiedu.cn

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