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Have you ever wondered what our future is like?Practically all people _1_ a desire to predict their future _2_.Most people seem inclined to _3_ this task using causal reasoning.First we _4_ recognize that future circumstances are _5_ caused or conditioned by present ones.We learn that getting an education will _6_ how much money we earn later and that swimming beyond the reef may bring an unhappy _7_ with a shark.Second,people also learn that such _8_ of cause and effect are probabilistic(可能的) in nature.That is,the effects occur more often when the causes occur than when the causes are _9_, but not always.Thus,students learn that studying hard _10_ good grades in most instances,but not every time.Science makes these concepts of causality and probability more _11_ and provides techniques for dealing _12_ then more accurately than does causal human inquiry.In looking at ordinary human inquiry,we need to _13_ between prediction and understanding.Often,even if we don't understand why,we are willing to act _14_ the basis of a demonstrated predictive ability.Whatever the primitive drives _15_ motivate human beings,satisfying them depends heavily on the ability to_16_future circumstances.The attempt to predict is often played in a _17_ of knowledge and understanding.If you can understand why certain regular patterns _18_,you can predict better than if you simply observe those patterns.Thus,human inquiry aims _19_ answering both "what" and "why" question,and we pursue these _20_ by observing and figuring out.

1. [A]exhibit [B]exaggerate [C]examine [D]exceed 2. [A]contexts [B]circumstances [C]inspections [D]intuitions 3.[A]underestimate [B]undermine [C]undertake [D]undergo 4. [A]specially [B]particularly [C]always [D]generally 5. [A]somehow [B]somebody [C]someone [D]something 6. [A]enact [B]affect [C]reflect [D]inflect 7. [A]meeting [B]occurrence [C]encounter [D]contact 8. [A]patterns [B]designs [C]arrangements[D]pictures 9. [A]disappointde [B]absent [C]inadequate [D]absolute 10.[A]creates [B]produces [C]loses [D]protects 11.[A]obscure [B]indistinct [C]explicit [D]explosive 12.[A]for [B]at [C]in [D]with 13.[A]distinguish [B]distinct [C]distort [D]distract 14.[A]at [B]on [C]to [D]under 15.[A]why [B]how [C]that [D]where 16.[A]predict [B]produce [C]pretend [D]precede 17.[A]content [B]contact [C]contest [D]context 18.[A]happen [B]occur [C]occupy [D]incur 19.[A]at [B]on [C]to [D]beyond 20.[A]purposes [B]ambitions [C]drives [D]goals

参考答案及解析: 1.A 词义辨析 exhibit"展出,表现",exaggerate"夸张",exceed"超越,胜过" 原句意为:实际上,人们会对未来的 生活怀有(展示出)一定的愿望。 2.B 词义辨析 context"上下文",circumstance"环境",inspection"检查,视察",intuition"直觉" 3.C 词义辨析 underestimate"低估",undermine"破坏",undertake"承担,担任",undergo"经历,遭受"。undertake a task 为常见搭配,意为"开始进行一项任务" 4.D 词义辨析 选项 C、D 看似均可,但 always 显得有些武断。 1

5.A 篇章逻辑 somehow"不知何故,以某种方式" 6.B 词义辨析 enact"制定法律,颁布",inflect"弯曲" 7.C 词义辨析 encounter 指没有事先计划的、未料到的、短暂的相遇 8.A 词义辨析 pattern 模式,式样;design 设计,图案;第一段中提到过人们习惯用因果关系去推断,这是一种思 考模式。 9.B 词义辨析 absent 缺少的,不在的;inadequate 不充分的;根据文中意思应选一个与 occur 意思相反的词。 10.B 词义辨析 create 创造 produce 产生,得到。原句意为学生知道努力学习在大多数情况下会得到高的分数。 11.C 词义辨析 obscure 朦胧的,模糊的;indistinct 不清楚的;explicit 外在的,清楚地;explosive 爆炸的; 原句意为:科学使因果性和可能性的观念变的更加清楚 12.D 短语搭配 deal in 经营 eg: He deals in a small shop. deal with 处理,安排 13.A 词义辨析 distinguish 区别, 辨别; distinct 清楚地, 明显的; distort 扭曲, 歪曲; distract 转移。 distinguish between 为常用搭配,意为"区别...和..." 14.B 短语搭配 on the basis of 以...为基础 15.C 语法结构 drive 在此为名词,意为“动力”,空格后部分是对 drive 进行修饰,故选关系代词 that 引导定语 从句。 16.A 词义辨析 predict 预言;pretend 假装;precede 在...之前 17.D 词义辨析 content 内容;contact 接触;contest 争论,竞赛;context 上下 in the context of 意为"在... 情况下" 18.B 词义辨析 occur 发生,出现;occupy 占用,占领;incur 招致 19.A 短语搭配 aim at 瞄准,针对 20.D 词义辨析 purpose 目的,以图;ambition 野心;drive 推动力;goal 目的,目标。 六级完型填空练习(2)
A great deal of attention is being paid today to the so-called digital divide--the division of the world into the info(information) rich and the info poor. And that __1__ does exist today. My wife and I lectured about this looming danger twenty years ago. What was less __2__ then, however, were the new, positive __3__ that work against the digital divide. __4__,there are reasons to be __5__. There are technological reasons to hope the digital divide will narrow. As the Internet becomes more and more __6__, it is in the interest of business to universalize access-after all, the more people online, the more potential __7__ there are. More and more __8__, afraid their countries will be left __9__, want to spread Internet access. Within the next decade or two, one to two billion people on the planet will be __10__ together. As a result, I now believe the digital divide will __11__ rather than widen in the years ahead. And that is very good news because the Internet may well be the most powerful tool for __12__ world poverty that we've ever had. Of course, the use of the Internet isn't the only way to __13__ poverty. And the Internet is not the only tool we have. But it has __14__ potential. To __15__ advantage of this tool, some poor countries will have to get over their outdated anti-colonial prejudices __16__ respect to foreign investment. Countries that still think foreign investment is a/an __17__ of their sovereignty might well study the history of __18__ (the basic structural foundations of a society) in the United States. When the United States built its industrial infrastructure, it didn't have the capital to do so. And that is __19__ America's Second Wave infrastructure-__20__ roads, harbors, highways, ports and so on-were built with foreign investment.

1. A) divide 2. A) obscure 3. A) forces 4. A) Seriously

B) information B) visible B) obstacles B) Entirely

C) world C) invisible C) events C) Actually

D) lecture D) indistinct D) surprises D) Continuously


5. A) negative 6. A) developed 7. A) users 8. A) enterprises 9. A) away 10. A) netted 11. A) decrease 12. A) containing 13. A) win 14. A) enormous 15. A) bring 16. A) at 17. A) offence 18. A) construction 19. A) why 20. A) concerning

B) optimistic B) centralized B) producers B) governments B) for B) worked B) narrow B) preventing B) detail B) countless B) keep B) with B) investment B) facility B) where B) concluding

C) pleasant C) realized C) customers C) officials C) aside C) put C) neglect C) keeping C) defeat C) numerical C) hold C) of C) invasion C) infrastructure C) when C) according

D) disappointed D) commercialized D) citizens D) customers D) behind D) organized D) low D) combating D) fear D) big D) take D) for D) insult D) institution D) how D) including

参考答案及解析: 1.A 由文中第一行的 digital divide 得出答案。 2.B obscure 模糊的,不清楚的;visible 看得见的,明显的;invisible 看不见的;indistinct 不清楚的,模糊的。 空格前的 less 已有否定意义 3.A force 力量,武力;obstacle 障碍;event 事件;surprise 惊奇,诧异。句意:现在有新的、乐观的力量来对 抗数字鸿沟。 4.C seriously 认真地;entirely 完全的;actually 实际上;continuously 连续地。 5.B negative 消极的;optimistic 乐观的;pleasant 令人愉快的;disappointed 令人失望的。前文说有积极的力 量在对抗数字鸿沟的不利因素,因此,实际上我们有理由保持乐观的态度。 6.D develop 发展;centralize 集中;realize 认识到;commercialize 使商业化,由下文“网络有利于商业途径的 普及”,可知此处表述的意思是网络越来越商业化。in the interest of...为了...的利益 7.C user 使用者;producer 生产者;customer 消费者;citizen 公民。句意:越多的人上网就有越多的潜在消费者。 8.B enterprise 企业,事业;government 政府;official 官员;句意:越来越多的政府害怕他们的国家... 9.D leave behind 留下,超过与 leave 相关的短语:leave aside 把某事搁臵一边 leave out 省去,遗漏,不考虑 leave off 停止,不再穿 10.A 网络把人们联系在一起,选 netted 11.B decrease 减少,narrow 变窄;neglect 忽视,疏忽;low 降低 句意:因此,我现在认为数字鸿沟是在变窄而 不是在拓宽 12.D contain 包含,容纳;prevent 防止,阻止;keep 保留,保持;combat 战斗,搏斗 13.C win 赢得;detail 详述,细说;defeat 击败,战胜;fear 畏惧。 14.A enormous 巨大的;countless 无数的;numerical 数字的。potential 作名词为不可数,不能用 countless 修 饰,big 一般表示尺寸、数字、范围上的大。 15.D take advantage of 利用 16.B with respect to 关于,至于 with 也可换成 in.表示关于的还有 with regard to,concerning 等。 17.C offence 冒犯;investment 投资;invasion 入侵;insult 侮辱 18.C construction 建筑;facility 设备;infrastructure 基础设施;institution 公共机构,制度。从后文中出 3

现的 infrastructure 可以轻易得到答案。 19.A 表语从句,表示原因,“这也就是为什么...” 20.D concerning 关于;concluding 结束的;according 根据;including 包括 六级完型填空练习(3)
According to BT's futurologist, Ian Pearson, these are among the developments scheduled for the first few decades of the new millennium(a period of 1,000 years), when supercomputers will dramatically accelerate progress in all areas of life. Pearson has __1__ together to work of hundreds of researchers around the world to produce a __2__ millennium technology calendar that gives the latest dates when we can expect hundreds of key __3__ and discoveries to take place. Some of the biggest developments will be in medicine, including an __4__ life expectancy and dozens of artificial organs __5__ into use between now and 2040. Pearson also __6__ a breakthrough in computer human links. "By linking __7__ to our nervous system, computers could pick up __8__ we feel and, hopefully, simulate __9__ too so that we can start to __10__ full sensory environments, rather like the holidays in Total Recall or the Star Trek holodeck," he says. But that, Pearson points __11__, is only the start of man-machine __12__:"It will be the beginning of the long process of integration that will __13__ lead to a fully electronic human before the end of the next century."__14__ his research, Pearson is able to put dates to most of the breakthroughs that can be predicted. However, there are still no __15__ for when faster-than-light travel will be __16__, or when human cloning will be perfected, or when time travel will be possible. But he does __17__ social problems as a result of technological advances. A boom in neighborhood surveillance cameras will, for example, __18__ problems in 2010, while the arrival of synthetic __19__ robots will mean people may not be able to __20__ between their human friends and the droids. And home appliances will also become so smart that controlling and operating them will result in the breakout of a new psychological disorder-kitchen rage. 1.[A]taken 2.[A]complicated 3.[A]breakthroughs 4.[A]expanded 5.[A]being 6.[A]schedules 7.[A]directly 8.[A]that 9.[A]thinking 10.[A]form 11.[A]out 12.[A]program 13.[A]finally 14.[A]Through 15.[A]forecasts 16.[A]advisable 17.[A]solve 18.[A]confront 19.[A]lovely 20.[A]distinguish [B]pieced [B]delicate [B]findings [C]kept [C]subtle [C]events [D]made [D]unique [D]incidents [D]enriched [D]coming [D]designs [D]automatically [D]all [D]feeling [D]undertake [D]toward [D]integration [D]absolutely [D]By [D]meetings [D]valuable [D]expect [D]collect [D]lively [D]deviate

[B]extended [C]enlarged [B]becoming [C]carrying [B]plans [B]instantly [B]how [B]hearing [B]develop [B]at [B]production [B]ultimately [B]Though [B]articles [B]affordable [B]arose [B]cause [B]likely [B]differ [C]predicts [C]precisely [C]what [C]sight [C]find [C]to [C]experiment [C]utterly [C]During [C]stories [C]available [C]exercise [C]witness [C]lifelike [C]diagnose

参考答案及解析: 1.B piece together 拼凑,结合 4

2.D complicated 复杂的;delicate 精致的,脆弱的;subtle 狡猾的,敏感的;unique 唯一的,独特的 3.A breakthrough 突破;finding 发现;event 事件;incident 事件,事变 4.B expanded 膨胀的,扩张的;extended 伸出的,延长的;enlarged 放大的,扩大的;enriched 浓缩的,强化的; extend life expectance 延长寿命。 5.D come into use 开始投入使用 6.C schedule 确定时间;plan 计划;predict 预测;design 设计 7.A directly 直接地;instantly 立即;precisely 精确地;automatically 自动地 8.C 9.D 根据上文 what we feel,以及下文 full sensory environments,可知 D 符合文意。 10.B 11.A point to 和 point at 都是“指向”的意思,point out 指出,提出 12.D integration 综合,集成,此处指人机一体化 13.B finally 表示久等之后,有时表示在一系列因素的最后一个,eg:After putting it off three times,we finally managed to have a holiday in Greece. utlimately 指最后,终于,基本上,即达到最高界线。 eg:Ultimately people rely on science to gain an understanding of biological phenomena. 14.A through 为连词,后应接句子;during 表示过程;by 表示方式、手段或借助某种工具。 15.A forecast 先见,预测 16.C available 可利用的,可行的 17.D 注意主语是人,不选 arose 18.B 19.C lovely 可爱的,有趣的;likely 可能的;lifelike 逼真的;lively 活泼的 20.A distinguish between;differ from;diagnose 诊断;deviate from 背离 六级完型填空练习(4)
Public image refers to how a company is viewed by its customers, suppliers, and stockholders, by the financial community, by the communities 1 it operates, and by federal and local governments. Public image is controllable 2 considerable extent, just as the product, price, place, and promotional efforts are. A firm's public image plays a vital role in the 3 of the firm and its products to employees, customers, and to such

outsiders 4 stockholders, suppliers, creditors, government officials, as well as 5 special groups. With some things it is impossible to 6 all the diverse publics: for example, a new highly automated plant may meet the approval of creditors and stockholders, 7 it will undoubtedly find 8 from employees who see their jobs 9 .On the other hand, high quality products and service standards should bring almost complete approval, 10 low quality products and 11 claims would be widely looked down upon. A firm's public image, if it is good, should be treasured and protected. It is a valuable 12 that usually is built up over a long and satisfying relationship of a firm with publics. If a firm has learned a quality image, this is not easily 13 or imitated by competitors. Such an image may enable a firm to 14 higher prices, to win the best distributors and dealers, to attract the best employees, to expect the most 15 creditor relationships and lowest borrowing costs. It should also allow the firm's stock to command higher price-earnings 16 than other firms in the same industry with such a good reputation and public image. A number of factors affect the public image of a corporation. 17 include physical 18 , contacts of outsiders 19 company employees, product quality and dependability, prices 20 to competitors, customer service, the kind of advertising and the media and programs used, and the use of public relations and publicity. 1. A) which 2. A) in 3. A) attraction B) what B) within B) attachment C) where C) on C) affection D) whom D) to D) generalization


4. A) and 5. A) converse 6. A) satisfy 7. A) so 8. A) support 9. A) ensured 10. A) because 11. A) false 12. A) fortune 13. A) countered 14. A) pay 15. A) favorite 16. A) rate 17. A) These 18. A) appliances 19. A) on 20. A) relative

B) with B) diverse B) treat B) then B) identification B) promoted B) while B) fake B) asset B) defeated B) get B) prosperous B) ratio B) They B) equipment B) with B) related

C) as C) reverse C) amuse C) thus C) compliment C) threatened C) though C) artificial C) possession C) repelled C) order C) favorable C) ration C) That C) devices C) in C) reliable

D) for D) universe D) entertain D) but D) resistance D) unemployed D) when D) counterfeit D) property D) compelled D) charge D) prospective D) interest D) It D) facilities D) along D) reconcilable

参考答案及解析: 1. C)。 【解析】连接词辨义。在词组 by the communities 1 it operates 中,名词 communicates 后有主语 it 和谓 语动词 operates, 因此判断该从句为定语从句。 而先行词在定语从句中作状语, it operates in the communities, 即 于是选择 C)where。 2. D)。 【解析】 考查固定搭配。to...extent 或者 to the extent of...表示"达到...的程度",因此答案为 D)。 in, within, on 均不能与 extent 搭配。 3. A)。 【解析】名词辨义。由第一段我们得知,公司的公共形象,也就是来自社会各方面的对公司的关注,也即公 司的大众吸引力。所以,空格处应选择 A)attraction。attachment"附件,附加装臵,配属";affection"友爱,爱情, 喜爱";generalization "一般化,普遍化,概括,广义性"。 4. C)。 【解析】考查语义和固定搭配。因为 stockholders, suppliers, creditors, government officials 等都属 于 outsiders,是 outsiders 的下义词。而词组 such...as...就是这种用法。因此答案为 C)。 5. B)。 【解析】 形近词辨义。 well as 连接意义相近的词, as 前面 stockholders, suppliers, creditors, government officials 等都是各不相同的群体,那么后面 special groups 也应是多种多样的。diverse 表示"不同的,多种多样 的",因此选择 B)。converse"相反的,颠倒的";reverse"相反的,倒转的,颠倒的";universe"宇宙,世界,万物,领域 "。 6. A)。 【解析】动词辨义。根据后面的例子我们得知,高度自动化的工厂可能迎合了公司债权人和股东的想法,但 是却会遭到公司员工的反对,因为他们可能面临失业的危险。因此,公司不可能满足所有公众的愿望。所以选择 A) satisfy。treat"视为,对待,论述,治疗,款待";amuse"使发笑,使愉快";entertain"娱乐,招待,接受"。 7. D)。 【解析】考查句际关系。由上题可知,两句之间是转折关系。因此 D)正确。so"因而,所以,那么,这样看来"; then"当时,那么,因而,然后,于是";thus"因而,从而,这样,如此"。 8. D)。 【解析】名词辨义。本句中,两个分句是转折关系,而且作为利益对立双方 creditors and stockholders 和 employees,他们对待工厂自动化的态度也是对立的。前者有单词 approval(赞成)表明态度,后者的态度就应是 resistance(抵抗,反对)。support"支撑,支持,支援,维持,赡养";identification"辨认,鉴定,证明,视为同一"; compliment"称赞,恭维,致意,问候,道贺"。 9. C)。 【解析】动词辨义。由上下文得知,工厂高度自动化遭到了工人们的抵制,而他们抵制的原因就在于他们的 工作岗位受到威胁,他们将面临下岗。因此 see their jobs threatened 或者 see themselves unemployed。故选择 C)。ensure"保证,担保,使安全,保证得到";promote"促进,发扬,晋升为";unemployed"失业的,未被利用的"。 6

10. B)。 【解析】考查连词。本句话中空格前的从句的主语是 high-quality products,空格后的从句的主语是 low quality products,很明显,两句之间是对比关系,while 表示"和...同时",表示对比关系,因此 B)正确。because 表示因果关系,意为"由于,因为";though 表示转折关系,意为"虽然,尽管"。 11. A)。 【解析】近义词辨析。根据句义, 11 claims 意为"不良的、不切实际的、或者虚伪的主张和要求"。false" 错误的,虚伪的,假的,无信义的,伪造的",因此,false 符合题意。fake"假的,伪造的,冒充的 "; artificial"人造 的,假的,矫揉造作的,不自然的"; counterfeit"伪造的,假冒的"。 12. B)。 【解析】名词辨义。根据句义我们判断,具有良好的公众形象是一个企业珍贵的财富。这里"财富"一词并不 指代拥有的金钱或财产, 而是指代一种长处和优势。 asset"财产"(anything owned), "可取之处"(a desirable thing), "优势"(advantage),因此 B)正确。fortune"财富,好运,命运"; possession"拥有,占有,着迷,领土,财产(常用复 数)";property"财产,所有物,所有权,性质,特性"。 13. A)。 【解析】动词辨义。这句话的意思是:如果一个企业有良好的形象,那么对手就很难与之抗衡或者效仿。本 句中空格一词应能与 imitate 并列,如果选择"打败"或者"抵制",那么竞争者效仿这一获得良好形象的企业就无从 谈起。counter"反对,反击,抗衡",因此 A)正确。defeat"击败,战胜,使失败,挫折";repel"击退,抵制,使厌恶,使 不愉快";compel"强迫,迫使"。 14. D)。 【解析】 考查语义与词组搭配。在上下文中,由于企业具备了良好的形象,因此它就可以把价格定得更高, 可以与最好的发行商和经销商合作等等。charge price (索价,要价)符合题意。pay, order, get 均不与 price 搭 配。 15. C)。 【解析】 形容词辨义。在诸多由良好的形象带给企业的好处中,企业有望能与债权人建立的关系应是对双 方有利的, 起促进作用的。 favorable"赞成的,有利的,讨人喜欢的,起促进作用的", 因此 C)正确。 favorite"喜爱的, 宠爱的,中意的";prosperous"繁荣的"; prospective"预期的"。 16. B)。 【解析】固定搭配。price-earnings ratio"(股票市场上的)市盈率,价益比"。rate"比率,速度,等级,价格, 费用";ration"定量,配给量,定量配给";interest"兴趣,关心,利息,利益"。 17. B)。 【解析】考查代词。在上下文中,我们判断空格是代替 a number of factors 的,因此 They 正确。 18. D)。 【解析】近义词辨析。根据语境,有很多因素影响了一个企业的公共形象,这些因素包括物理设备等等。因 为这些设备会影响企业的公共形象,所以这些设备应该是公众能够接触到的设备、服务等硬件和软件的设施, facilities 指为某一特殊活动或目的所提供的种种便利,包括设备、建筑物和服务等等,因此 D)正确。appliance" 用具,器具",一般指电器设备,通常需要动力才能操作的家用电器和装臵等;equipment"装备,设备,器材,装臵",一 般指机械设备;device"装臵,设计,图案,策略",既可以是抽象的,也可以是具体的。 19. B)。 【解析】固定搭配。contact 无论作动词还是名词,都与 with 搭配表示"与..联系"。 20. A)。 【解析】搭配与语义。首先判断空格一词能与 to 搭配,再通过句义判断词组 prices 20to competitors 的 意义为"能与同行竞争者相抗衡的价格",relative to"相对于",因此答案为 A)。 relative"有关系的,相对的,比较而言的";related"叙述的,讲述的,有关系的",related to"与...有关的"; reliable"可靠的,可信赖的";reconcilable"可和解的,可调和的"。 六级完型填空练习(5)
When women do become managers, do they bring a different style and different skills to the job? Are they better, or worse, managers than men? Are women more highly motivated and __1__ than male managers? Some research __2__ the idea that women bring different attitudes and skills to management jobs, such as greater __3__, an emphasis on affiliation and attachment, and a __4__ to bring emotional factors to bear __5__ making workplace decisions. These differences are __6_ to carry advantages for companies, __7__ they expand the range of techniques that can be used to __8__ the company manage its workforce __9__. A study commissioned by the International Women's Forum __10__ a management style used by some women managers (and also by some men) that __11__ from the command-and-control style __12__ used by male managers. Using this "interactive leadership" approach, "women __13__ participation, share power and information, __14__ other people's self-worth, and get others excited about their work. All these __15__ reflect their belief that allowing __16__ to contribute and to feel __17__ and important is a win-win __18__-good for the employees and the organization." The study's director


__19__ that "interactive leadership may emerge __20__ the management style of choice for many organizations." (本篇为 03.1 真题). 1. A) confronted 2. A) supports 3. A) combination 4. A) willingness 5. A) by 6. A) disclosed 7. A) therefore 8. A) help 9. A) evidently 10. A) developed 11. A) derives 12. A) inherently 13. A) encourage 14. A) enhance 15. A) themes 16. A) managers 17. A) faithful 18. A) situation 19. A) predicted 20. A) into B) commanded B) argues B) cooperativeness B) loyalty B) in B) watched B) whereas B) enable B) precisely B) invented B) differs B) traditionally B) dismiss B) enlarge B) subjects B) women B) powerful B) status B) proclaimed B) from C) confined C) opposes C) coherence C) sensitivity C) at C) revised C) because C) support C) aggressively C) discovered C) descends C) conditionally C) disapprove C) ignore C) researches C) employees C) skillful C) circumstance C) defied C) as D) committed D) despises D) correlation D) virtue D) with D) seen D) nonetheless D) direct D) effectively D) located D) detaches D) occasionally D) engage D) degrade D) things D) males D) thoughtful D) position D) diagnosed D) for

参考答案及解析: 1. D confront 面对,遭遇;command 命令,指挥;confine 有限的,狭窄的;committed(对事业,本职工作尽忠的) 2. A despise 轻视,厌恶,根据下文可知,这些研究是支持而不是反驳这种观点,只有 support 为支持的意思 3. B 根据下文,强调 affiliation,attachment 的自然就是 cooperativeness 合作了。 4. A willingness 愿意,自发 5 .B bear sth. in sth.(one's mind)心里怀有,铭记在心 6. D be seen to...被视为... 7. C nonetheless=nevertheless 虽然如此;whereas 虽然,反之;这两词表转折,先排除。根据句意,是表因而不 是果,故选 because 8. A 只有 help 可以接不带 to 的不定式。 9. D effectively 有效的 10. C 11. B differ from 区别,不同 12. B traditionally 传统上的 13. A encourage 鼓励 14. A enhance 提高,增强 15. D things 事情 16. C 根据 88 后的 employee 可以轻易得到答案 17. B powerful 强大的和后面的 important 重要的相呼应。 18. A win-win situation 双赢 19. A 根据后面句子里的情态动词 may 可知,研究主任的话是预测,不是宣布,故用 predict. 20. C emerge as 作为,以...的形式,此处意为“作为可供选择的管理模式” 8

The mass media is a big part of our culture, yet it can also be a helper, adviser and teacher to our young generation. The mass media affects the lives of our young by acting as a(an) 1 for a number of institutions and social contacts. In this way, it 2 a variety of functions in human life. The time spent in front of the television screen is usually at the 3 of leisure: there is less time for games, amusement

and rest. 4 by what is happening on the screen, children not only imitate what they see but directly 5 themselves with different characters. Americans have been concerned about the 6 of violence in the media and its 7 harm to children and adolescents for at least forty years. During this period, new media 8 , such as video games, cable television, music videos, and the Internet. As they continue to gain popularity, these media, 9 television, 10 public concern and research attention. Another large societal concern on our young generation 11 by the media, is body image. 12 forces can influence body image positively or negatively. 13 one, societal and cultural norms and mass media marketing 14 our concepts of beauty. In the mass media, the images of 15 beauty fill magazines and newspapers, 16 from our televisions and entertain us 17 the movies. Even in advertising, the mass media 18 on accepted cultural values of thinness and fitness for commercial gain. Young adults are presented with a 19 defined standard of attractiveness, a(n) 20 that carries unrealistic physical expectations. 1.[A]alternative [B]preference[C]substitute [D]representative [C]provides [C]height [D]suffices [D]expense

2.[A]accomplishes[B]fulfills 3.[A]risk 4.[A]Absorbed 5.[A]identify 6.[A]abundance 7.[A]disposed 8.[A]merged 9.[A]apart from 10.[A]promote 11.[A]inspired 12.[A]External 13.[A]As 14.[A]mark [B]mercy

[B]Attracted [C]Aroused [B]recognize [C]unify

[D]Addicted [D]equate

[B]incidence [C]prevalence[D]recurrence [B]hidden [B]emerged [B]much as [B]propel [B]imposed [B]Exterior [B]At [B]effect [C]implicit [D]potential

[C]immerged [D]submerged [C]but for [C]prompt [C]delivered [C]Explicit [C]For [C]impact [D]along with [D]prosper [D]contributed [D]Exposed [D]In [D]shock

15.[A]generalized[B]regularized[C]standardized[D]categorized 16.[A]boom 17.[A]over 18.[A]play 19.[A]barely 20.[A]ideal [B]bottom [B]with [B]take [B]carefully [B]image [C]brim [C]on [C]profit [C]narrowly [C]stereotype [D]beam [D]at [D]resort [D]subjectively [D]criterion

答案详解 1.【解析】 [C] 语义衔接题。空格所在部分填入一个名词,表示"大众媒体作为许多机构和社会交往的??而影响 年轻人的生活"。substitute 作名词时意为"代替物,代替者",常和介词 for 搭配,本句意为"大众媒体可以代替机 构和社会交往"。alternative 作名词时意为"可供选择的办法或事物"。preference 和介词 for 搭配,指"对??的 偏爱,爱好",将它放入文中显然不符逻辑。representative 一般指人,即被选举或委派代表某人或某团体的人,如 representative of the UN/the youth of her generation(联合国代表/一代年轻人的典型代表)。因此[C]项正 确。 2.【解析】 [B] 语义衔接题。从四个选项来看,能够和后面的宾语 functions 搭配且符合上下文语义的动词只有 9

fulfill,意为"起??作用",放入文中指"大众媒体在人们生活中起到了各种各样的作用"。accomplish 意为"完成, 实现,达到",后面一般接"计划、任务、目的",如 accomplish the plan/mission/object 等,不和 functions 搭配。 provide 与 function 搭配,指"提供功能",但根据上文可知,大众媒体对影响年轻人的生活,是"发挥功能作用", 而非"提供功能"。suffice 指"足够,足以",为不及物动词。 3.【解析】 [D] 惯用衔接题。试题所在句子的后半部分指出 there is less time for games(用于游戏的时间减少 了),这句话是对本题所在句子 The time spent in front of the television screen is usually at the of leisure 的补充和说明。对比四个选项,expense 为正确答案。空格处的名词构成的短语是 at the ?of?。四个选项都符合 要求,分别是:at the risk of(冒??的危险);at the mercy of(受??支配);at the height(在??的最盛时, 在??的高潮中);at the expense of(以??为代价)。空格所在句子表示的含义为"在电视屏幕前耗费的时间常常 是以休闲为代价的"。 4.【解析】 [B] 语义衔接题。空格部分是过去分词结构作状语,表示"被屏幕上呈现的东西所??孩子们模仿他们 所看到的"。因此空格处填入的分词要和后面的介词 by 搭配,而且要符合上下文意。attract 常和介词 by 搭配,意 为"被??吸引,对??感兴趣"。在文中意为"由于被电视屏幕上的东西吸引",符合本题所在句子的句意和语法要 求。absorb 常与介词 in 搭配,表示"注意力集中于,被??吸引";arouse 意为"使行动起来,激发";addict 动词, 意为"使入迷,使成瘾",和介词 to 搭配。因此[B]项正确。 5.【解析】 [A] 语义衔接题。空格处填入的动词构成的搭配是?oneself with?,表示"孩子们直接将自己和(电视 中的)不同人物??"。identify sb. with sth.表示"把某人视为",文中表示的含义是:孩子们直接将自己视为电 视中的各种不同的人物。recognize 的搭配是 recognize sb. as sth.(认可,接受某人为??)。unify 是及物动词, 意为"统一,使一元化"。equate 的搭配只能是 equate sth. with sth.(使等同)。因此,选项[A]是正确答案。 6.【解析】 [C] 语义衔接题。空格处填入的名词说明"暴力"的特点。abundance 是褒义词,指"大量,丰富,充裕", 它不和 violence 搭配。incidence 指"发生率,影响范围或程度",是中性词,常常由形容词修饰后表示褒贬,如 an area with a high incidence of crime(犯罪率高的地区)。prevalence 指"普遍,盛行",放入文中指"媒体里暴力 的普及"。recurrence 表示"重现,复发"。由上下文可知,美国人应担忧媒体中暴力的"普及",而非"发生率"或"重 现"。 7.【解析】 [D] 语义衔接题。disposed 只作表语,意为"倾向于,有意于"。hidden 意为"隐藏的;神秘的",强调 不外露,不明显,如 hidden illness(隐疾),hidden treasure(秘藏的财宝)。implicit 指"(语言上)含蓄的,不直 接言明的"。potential 意为"潜在的,可能的",指将来可能形成的。由上下文中的 concern about 和 for at least forty years 可知,人们担忧的是一种潜在的危害。因此,potential 为正确答案。 8.【解析】 [B] 语义衔接题。试题所在句子的前后文形成了例证关系。 再从语义上来看,media 的修饰词是 new,因此要填入的单词应当表达"出现"的含义,对比四个选项,emerge(出现) 是正确答案。merge 意为"结合,融合";immerge 意为"浸入";submerge 意为"淹没,完全掩盖"。 9.【解析】 [D] 逻辑衔接题。空格上文指的是 these media "这些(新的)媒体",空格后是 television "(旧的媒体) 电视",前后是并列关系,由于文中对两者是同等的强调,并没有突出新旧媒体的不同,因此应选 along with,表示 "这些媒体连同电视一起"。apart from 表示"除??之外"。much as 意为"尽管",一般引导让步句子。but for 意为 "要不是",多用虚拟语气。along with 表示"连同??一起, 随同??一起"。 10.【解析】 [C] 语义衔接题。空格处填入的动词的主语是 these media,宾语是 public concern and research attention。四个选项中,prompt 指 cause sth. to happen(促使,导致,激起)。放入文中表示"这些媒体引起了公 众的担忧和研究的注意",符合文意。promote 指 help sth. to happen or develop(促进,推动)。显然不能说"媒 体促进了公众的关注"。propel 本义指 push sth. forward or in a particular direction(推进),用于抽象含义 时只能是 propel sb. into sth.,表示"驱使某人进入一种状态",如 Fury propelled her into action(怒火驱使 她行动起来)。prosper 意为"(使)繁荣,昌盛"。 11. 【解析】 [B] 语义衔接题。 空格所在部分中的核心名词是 societal concern, 其后是较长的后臵定语 on our young generation by the media。空格处填入的过去分词表被动,其主语是 the media,宾语是 societal concern。因 此,关键要辨析选项中的动词的用法,它应该可以用于 the media ?another large societal concern on our young 10

generation 这个句子中。 符合要求的只有 [B] impose sth. on/upon sb./sth.表示"迫使, , 把??强加于"。 impose 将 代入文中, 指"媒体使年轻一代受到的另一方面的社会关注是身体形象"。 inspire 直接接 sth.的搭配是 inspire sth. in sb."鼓舞,激励,激起(错觉或情感)"。deliver 的搭配是 deliver sth. to sb./sth.(递送,交付)。contribute 作及物动词时的搭配是 contribute sth. to sth.(增加,增进)。 12.【解析】 [A] 语义衔接题。external 意为"外界的,外来的",指与其他物体分离或没有关系的外部,不涉及内 容,如 a combination of internal and external factors(内外因结合)。exterior 意为"外部的,外表的,外面 的",强调位于事物的外表以上,但仍是该事物的一部分,如 exterior walls/surfaces(外墙,外层表面)。explicit 意为"清楚明白的,直截了当的"。exposed 常用来修饰"地方或人",意为"无遮蔽的,无保护的"。因此能和 forces 搭配的是 external,指"外部力量"。 13.【解析】 [C] 语义衔接题。试题的前后文形成了例证关系,上文提到,外部力量影响身体形象;空格下文则具 体解释说明,社会文化标准和大众媒介的营销对我们美的观念有影响。因此下文是对上文的具体举例说明。选项中 的介词和 one 都可以构成固定搭配。as one 表示"一致,一齐"。at one(with sb./sth.)表示"完全一致,是??的 一部分"。for one 表示"作为其中一个,举例来说"。in one 表示"集于一身(或一体);多功能,多用途"。因此表达 这种逻辑关系的是 for one。 14. 解析】C]语义衔接题。 【 [ mark 作及物动词时表示"表明, 是??的迹象/征兆"。 effect 作动词指 make sth. happen" 使发生,实现,引起",如 effect a cure/change/recovery(产生疗效/引起变化/实现复苏)。impact 可作及物动词, 表示"对??有影响,有作用;冲击"。shock 作动词时接人作宾语,表示"使(某人)震惊/气愤/厌恶"。由下文可知, 文章主要论述了媒体中"以瘦为美"的宣传影响着青少年的审美价值观。因此,本题应选择 impact,表示"社会文化标 准和大众媒体的营销冲击着我们关于美的观念"。 15.【解析】 [C] 语义衔接题。standardized 指 having the same features or qualities,made standard(标准 的,定型的),它用在文中指"标准的美女"。generalized 指 not detailed, not limited to one particular area(笼 统的,普遍的,概括性的)。regularized 指 made legal or official(合法化的,正式存在的)。categorized 指 put into groups(分类的,归类的)。 16.【解析】 [D] 语义衔接题。空格处填入的动词的主语是 the images,状语是 from our televisions。四个选项 都可以充当动词。beam 表示"发射电波,播送"。放入文中表示"标准美女的形象从电视中播放出来",是正确答案。 boom 表示"迅速发展,繁荣昌盛"。bottom 表示"达到底部,降到最低点"。brim 指"(使)满,盛满"。 17.【解析】 [D] 结构衔接题。the movies 相当于 cinema(电影院)。用在地点、地名前,at 可以表示抽象概念,如 at the movies 意为"在看电影";over 表示"在??之上,通过",和 movies 不搭配。on 表示"通过,使用,借助于"。 with 表示方法、手段,entertain sb. with sth.是常用搭配,表示"用??娱乐"。文中 entertain 表示的动作的主 语是 the images,表示的含义是"标准的美女形象娱乐着我们",因此不能选 with,而应选 at,即"在看电影时(其中 的)标准的美女形象娱乐着我们"。 18.【解析】 [A] 语义衔接题。空格处填入的动词应和介词 on 搭配,符合上下文意。play on/upon sth.表示"利用 (感情等)",如 Advertisements often play on people's fears(广告常利用人们的恐惧心理)。文中表示的含义是" 在广告中,大众媒介利用公认的瘦和健康的文化价值来赢得商业利润"。take on sth.表示"呈现,具有(特征、外观 等);承担,同意负责"。profit 和介词 by/from 搭配,表示"获益,得到好处"。resort 和介词 to 搭配,表示"求助 于,依靠,诉诸",如 resort to force(诉诸武力)。 19.【解析】 [C] 语义衔接题。空格处的副词和分词 defined 一起修饰名词短语 standard of attractiveness(吸引 力的标准)。barely 意为 in a way that is just possible but only with difficulty(仅仅,勉强能;几乎不, 几乎没有),和 defined 搭配表示"几乎无法界定的"。carefully 意为"仔细地,谨慎地",和 defined 搭配意为"仔细 地定义/确定"。narrowly 可指 in a way that is limited(狭隘地,严格地)。subjectively 意为"主观地"。由上文 可知,"吸引力的标准"指的是"以瘦为美",强调其标准的狭隘,因此应选 narrowly。 20.【解析】 [A] 语义衔接题。空格处填入的名词是 a narrowly defined standard of attractive 的同位语;空 格后 that 引导的定语从句对该词进行了解释说明, 即"包含着对外形的不切实际的期望"。 ideal 作名词时可指 an idea or standard that seems perfect, and worth trying to achieve or obtain(理想,看似完美的思想和标准),符 11

合文意需要,即狭隘的"美"的标准是不切实际的,是一种难以达到的完美标准。image 指"形象,印象";stereotype 指"模式化观念或形象";criterion 指"(评判或作决定的)标准,准则,原则"。 六级完型填空练习(8)
Most people would be (1) by the high quality of medicine available (2) to most Americans. There is a lot of specialization, a great deal of (3) to the individual, a (4) amount of advanced technical equipment, and (5) effort not to make mistakes because of the financial risk which doctors and hospitals must (2) in the courts if they (7) things badly. But the Americans are in a mess. The problem is the way in (8) health care is organized and (9). (10) to public belief it is not just a free competition system. To the private system has been joined a large public system, because private care was simply not (11) the less fortunate and the elderly. But even with this huge public part of the system, (12) this year will eat up 84.5 billion dollars——more than 10 per cent of the U.S. Budget—large numbers of Americans are left (13). These include about half the 11 million unemployed and those who fail to meet the strict limits (14) income fixed by a government trying to make savings where in can. The basic problem, however, is that there is no central control (15) the health system. There is no (16) to what doctors and hospitals charge for their services, other than what the public is able to pay. The number of doctors has shot up and prices have climbed. When faced with toothache, a sick child, or a heart attack, all the unfortunate person concerned can do is (17) up. Twothirds of the population (18) covered by medical insurance. Doctors charge as much as they want (19) that the insurance company will pay the bill. The rising cost of medicine in the U.S.A. is among the most worrying problems facing the country. In 1981 the country’s health bill climbed 15.9 per cent——about twice as fast as prices (20) general. 1. [A] compressed [B] impressed [C] obsessed 2. [A] available 3. [A] extension 4. [A] countless 5. [A] intensive 6. [A] run into 7. [A] treat 8. [A] which [B] attainable [B] retention [B] titanic [B] absorbed [B] come into [B] deal [B] that [C] achievable [C] attention [C] broad [C] intense [C] face [C] maneuver [C] what [C] the finance [C] Averse [D]. repressed [D]. amenable [D]. exertion [D] vast [D] concentrated [D] defy [D] handle [D] when [D] to be financed [D] Objected

9. [A] to finance [B] financed 10. [A] Contrary [B] Opposed

11. [A] looking for[B] looking into [C] looking after [D] looking over 12. [A] which 13. [A] over 14. [A] for 15. [A] over [B] what [B] out [B] in [B] on [C] that [C] off [C] with [C] under [D] limit [D] to have paid [D] is [D] known [D] for [D] it [D] away [D] on [D] behind

16. [A] boundary [B] restriction [C] confinement 17. [A] to pay 18. [A] is being 19. [A] knowing 20. [A] in [B] paying [B] are [B] to know [B] with [C] pay [C] have been [C] they know [C] on

答案与解析 1. [B] 解析:词义辨析题。各个选项的意思和辨析如下: compress 挤压;压缩。压缩机就是 compressor。近义词 squeeze。 impress 影响;给某人以深刻印象。名词 impression 印象。形容词 impressive 给人深刻印象的,感人的,出色的。 12

obsess 迷住,使困扰。例如 He was obsessed with the idea. 她一心想着那个念头。 repress 压制(感情等) ;镇压。 2. [A] 解析:Something is available to someone:某人可以享受到?? 例如: Free education is available to all taxpayers. 所有纳税人都可以享受到免费教育。 available 可以获得的。现成的。 attainable 虽然和 available 意思相近,但是没有“现成的”之意。包含“需要努力才能得到的”意思。 achievable 的用法和 attainable 相近。也包含“需努力才能得到”的意思。 amenable 有责任的,需要负责的。应该服从的,有服从义务的。 例如,citizens amenable to the law,应该遵纪守法的公民。He was amenable to spending more time at home. 他愿意在家多呆些时间。 3. [C] 解析:extension 延长,延续;推迟。 retention 保留,保持,保持物 attention 注意, 关心, 关注, 注意力 exertion 尽力, 努力, 发挥, 行使, 运用 4. [D] Vast amount of:大量的。 countless 无数的。通常用于可数名词。近义词 myriad, many。 titanic 巨大的。常形容体积。近义词 colossal broad 宽的,宽广的 vast 的用途比较广泛。 可以用来形容体积, 数量, 程度, 及强度。 近义词 enormous。 比如: vast amounts of investment 巨额的投资 5. [C] 解析:intensive 强烈的, 精深的, 透彻的。 Absorbed 全神贯注的,一心一意的。 intense 强烈的, 剧烈的, 热切的, 热情的, 激烈的 例如, excitement was intense 非常激动 intense pain 剧烈的疼痛; the intense colors, 鲜明的颜色; intense effort 巨大的努力;an intense student 刻苦的学生 concentrated 集中的,浓缩的。 6. [C] 解析:Must 后面用动词原形。To face = to be faced with:面对。 7. [D] 解析:Handle = to deal with:处理。Treat: 给??治病,对待。Maneuver:有策略、有手腕地对待、处 理。 8. [A] 解析:Which 引导的定语从句修饰 the way。这里 in which 完全可以省略掉,变成:the way health care is organized?再比如:the way he treated his wife:他对待他妻子的方式 = the way in which he treated his wife。 9. [B] 解析:Finance 在这里是动词。和 organize 是并列关系,用其过去分词。 10. [A] 解析:Contrary to?和??相反。 Opposed to 和??反对,敌对,作对。 Averse (常与 to 连用)嫌恶的 I am not averse to a dance party and a good meal after a week’s hard work. 我不反对一周紧张的工作后举办一次舞会,再美餐一顿。 The minister is averse to flattery. 部长不喜欢听恭维话。 Object 不及物动词。反对(某人或某事) 。例如: I object to all this noise. 我反对一切噪音。 However, others strongly object to developing private cars. 然而,另有一些人强烈反对发展私人小汽车。 13

He stood up and objected in strong language. 他站起来用强烈的语言表示反对。 11. [C] 解析:looking for 寻找 looking into 调查 looking after 照顾;照看 looking over 检查,察看 12. [A] 解析:Which 引导一个非限定性定语从句,修饰名词 this huge public part of the system。非限定性定 语从句不能用 that 修饰。 13. [B] 解析:To leave someone/something out:省略,忽略,不考虑。 The entire Chapter II was left out in the second edition. 再版的时候整个的第二章都被删掉了。 To leave over:留下,剩下。 questions left over by history 历史遗留下来的问题 14. [D] 解析:There’s no limit on?:??是没有限度的。 There’s no limit on the potential of the human brain. 人大脑的潜力是无限的。 15. [A] 解析:和 control 搭配的介词是 over。 16. [D] 解析: boundary 界线; 边界。 例如, boundaries of the country , the 国界。 界限; 范围。 例如: boundaries the of knowledge 知识范围。Restriction 限制.confinement (被)限制, (被)禁闭, 产期, 分娩。近义词 imprisonment 17. [C] 解析:省略 to 的不定式作表语。As I had created the embarrassing situation, I knew the kindest thing I could do was walk away.因为是我造成了那个尴尬的局面,我知道我所能做的最好的事就是远远走开。 18. [B] 解析:主语是复数名词,谓语动词应用复数形式。另外因为是一般事实,用一般现在时。 19. [A]解析:knowing that?现在分词作状语。 20. [A] 解析:in general:总的来说。 六级完型填空练习(9)
Who won the World Cup 1994 football game? What happened at the United Nations? How did the critics like the new play? 1 an event takes place; newspapers are on the streets 2 the details. Wherever anything happens in the world, reports are on the spot to 3 the news. Newspapers have one basic 4 , to get the news as quickly as possible from its source, from those who make it to those

who want to 5 it. Radio, telegraph, television, and 6 inventions brought competition for newspapers. So did the development of magazines and other means of communication. 7 , this competition merely spurred the newspapers on. They quickly made use of the newer and faster means of communication to improve the 8 and thus the efficiency of their own operations. Today more newspapers are 9 and read than ever before. Competition also led newspapers to branch out to many other fields. Besides keeping readers 10 of the latest news, today's newspapers 11 and influence readers about politics and other important and serious matters. Newspapers influence readers' economic choices 12 advertising. Most newspapers depend on advertising for their very 13 .Newspapers are sold at a price that 14 even a small fraction of the cost of production. The main 15 of income for most newspapers is commercial advertising. The 16 in selling advertising depends on a newspaper's value to advertisers. This 17 in terms of circulation. How many people read the newspaper? Circulation depends 18 on the work of the circulation department and on the services or entertainment 19 in a newspaper's pages. But for the most part, circulation depends on a newspaper's value to readers as a source of information 20 the community, city, country, state, nation, and world—and even outer space. 1.A.Just when B.While 2.A.to give 3.A.gather 4.A.reason B.giving B.spread B.cause C.Soon after D.Before C.given C.carry C.problem D.being given D.bring D.purpose


5.A.make 6.A.another 7.A.However 8.A.value 9.A.spread 10.A.inform

B.publish B.other B.And B.ratio B.passed



C.one another D.the other C.Therefore C.rate C.printed D.So D.speed D.completed

B.be informed C.to be informed D.informed C.educate C.with C.contents D.edit D.of D.purpose

11.A.entertain B.encourage 12.A.on 13.A.forms B.through B.existence

14.A.tries to cover B.manages to cover C.fails to cover D.succeeds in 15.A.source 16.A.way B.origin B.means C.course C.chance D.finance D.success

17.A.measures B.measured 18.A.somewhat B.little 19.A.offering 20.A.by B.offered B.with

C.Is measured D.was measured C.much D.something

C.which offered D.to be offered C.at D.about

答案 1.【答案】A【解析】just 在此为副词,意为“刚刚”,做状语。此句意为“一个事件刚刚发生,街上就有报纸报道 详情了。说明报纸对新闻的反应之快。 2.【答案】A【解析】to give 和 giving 都合乎语法,但 giving 强调的是正在发生的动作,而此处重点表达的是“反 应快”,不是正在做什么。 3.【答案】A【解析】消息,信息要靠收集。 4.【答案】D【解析】后面的不定式短语表示目的。 5.【答案】C【解析】提供信息的目的是为了让他人知道,所以选 C。 6.【答案】B【解析】other 意为“其他的”。此句意为:无线电,电报,电视,及其它发明,成为报纸的竞争对手。 7.【答案】A【解析】根据句中的 merely 及其后所述内容,应选 however,表转折。 8.【答案】D【解析】使用更新,更快的通讯工具,目的是提高速度。 9.【答案】C【解析】报纸是印出来的,先印后看(读)。 10.【答案】D【解析】keep sb.+过去分词是一种复合结构,sb.与过去分词为被动关系,意为保持这种关系的继续。 此句的意思是:报纸不断地为读者提供新闻信息。 11.【答案】C【解析】关于 politics 之类的严肃话题,只能选 educate。 12.【答案】B【解析】此句意为:报纸通过广告影响读者在经济生活中的选择。 13.【答案】B【解析】大多数报纸依靠广告收入来维持生存,此现象人人皆知。 14.【答案】C【解析】报纸的售价之低,不足以抵付成本的一小部分。符合上下文关于广告收入的说法。 15.【答案】A【解析】收入来源应该用 source。因为 source 指河流,泉水的发源地;常指抽象事物的根源或来源以 及资料,信息的出处或来源。origin 起源,起因。指事物后来发生,发展变化的最初起点,或指人的出身和血统。 16.【答案】D【解析】succeed in 为固定短语。此句意为:广告业务的成功,取决于报纸在客户(要打广告的人)心 中的价值。 17.【答案】C【解析】根据上下文,此处应该用一般现在时的被动语态,此句意为:报纸在客户心中的价值,是靠 发行量衡量的。 18.【答案】C【解析】该句意为:发行量的大小,很大程度上取决于发行部门的工作及报纸所提供的服务功能和娱 乐功能。 19.【答案】B【解析】offered 作 services 和 entertainment 的定语。 20.【答案】D【解析】information 后面接介词 about,表示“关于”。 15

For many people today, reading is no longer relaxation. To keep up their work they must read letters, reports, trade publications, interoffice communications, not to mention newspapers and magazines: a never-ending flood of words. In 1 a job or advancing in one, the ability to read and comprehend 2 can mean the difference between success and at an early age,

failure. Yet the unfortunate fact is that most of us are 3 and never get over them. The main deficiency 5 have 6

readers. Most of us develop poor reading 4

in the actual stuff of language itself-words. Taken individually, words 7 , however, the words

meaning until they are strung together into phrased, sentences and paragraphs.

untrained reader does not read groups of words. He laboriously reads one word at a time, often regressing to 8 or passages. Regression, the tendency to look back over Another habit which 10 reads. To overcome these bad habits, some reading clinics use a device called an 12

9 you have just read, is a common bad habit in reading.

down the speed of reading is vocalization—sounding each word either orally or mentally as 11

, which moves a bar (or curtain) down

the page at a predetermined speed. The bar is set at a slightly faster rate 13 the reader finds comfortable, in order to “stretch” him.The accelerator forces the reader to read fast, 14 practically impossible. At first only read faster, 16 word-by-word reading, regression and subvocalization,

15 is sacrificed for speed. But when you learn to read ideas and concepts, you will not

your comprehension will improve. Many people have found 17 reading skill drastically improved

after some training. 18 Charlce Au, a business manager, for instance, his reading rate was a reasonably good 172 words a minute 19 the training, now it is an excellent 1,378 words a minute. He is delighted that how he can 20 a lot more

reading material in a short period of time. 1. A.applying 2. A.quickly 3. A.good 4. A.training 5. A.lies 6. A.some B.doing B.easily B.curious B.habits C.offering C.roughly C.poor D.getting D.decidedly D.urgent

C.situations D.custom D.involves D.dull D.Unfortunately D.recite D.if D.measures D.reader D.observer D.than

B.combines C.touches B. A lot C.little C.Logically C.rewrite C.that C.slows C.he C.amplifier

7. A.Fortunately B.In fact 8. A.reuse 9. A.what 10. A.scales 11. A.some one B.reread B.which B.cuts B.one

12. A.accelerator B.actor 13. A.then 14. A.enabling 15. A.meaning 16. A.but 17. A.our 18. A.Look at 19. A.for 20. A.master B.as B.leading

C.beyond C.making


B.comprehension C.gist D.regression B.nor B.your B.Take B.in B.go over C.or C.their C.Make C.after C.present D.for D.sucha D. Consider D.before D.get through

答案 1.【答案】D【解析】本句意思是“谁如果想谋得一份差事”。applying 需加 for,意思是“申请”;B.doing 做; C.offering 提供此三项均不符题意, easily(容易地);roughly (粗略地); 只有 D.getting(获得)适合。 decidedly(果断地)均与原文内容不符。 16 2.【答案】A【解析】本句意为“快速阅读与理解的能力,是关系到成败的关键所在”只有 quickly 与原意吻合。

3.【答案】C【解析】英语中,阅读速度快的人称为 good reader,反之,就是 poor reader。根据上下文的内容, 多数人都属于 poor reader,因此选 poor(差的)。其它选项不妥。 4.【答案】B【解析】此处的意思是“大多数人早期养成看书慢的习惯”因此选 habits(习惯)。training (训练,培 训);situations(形势);custom(风俗习惯)。 5. 【答案】 A 【解析】 此处说的是“主要的困难在于语言的自身要素, 即单词”。 combines 联合; touches 接触; involves 包括,这三项的词义与原文不符。而 lies 与 in 构成搭配,意为“在于”。 6.【答案】C【解析】这里的意思是“如果单个地看这些字,它们并没有什么意义”。some 有点;A lot 许多;dull 单调的。此三项不合题意。只有 little(很少)是否定词,合乎逻辑。 7.【答案】D【解析】此句意为“作者对未受过阅读训练的人的不良习惯感到遗憾”。Fortunately 幸运地;In fact 事实上;Logically 合乎逻辑地,均不妥。Unfortunately(不幸地)合乎句义。 8.【答案】B【解析】此句意为“在阅读时经常重读(反复读)”因此,选 reread 重读。reuse 再使用;Rewrite 改写; recite 背诵。 9.【答案】A【解析】此处所填的词既是 look back over 的宾语,又是 you have just read 的宾语,只有 what 能 充当这种双重成分。 10.【答案】C【解析】scales down 按比例减少;cuts down 削减;此两项不合题意。 measures 不能与 down 搭配。只有 slow 与 down 搭配的意思“放慢”,在此合适。 11.【答案】B【解析】本段前文已经出现 you,在此选 one(泛指人们,我们,你)来代替 you。some one 无此用法。 如果用 reader,前面应加定冠词。he 不能与该段逻辑一致。 12.【答案】A【解析】此句意为“训练快速阅读所使用的工具必然与提高阅读速度有关”,因此选 accelerator (快 读器)。actor 演员;amplifier 放大器;observer 观察者。 13.【答案】D【解析】前面的 faster 决定了应当选 than,构成比较级。 14.【答案】C【解析】此句意为“快速阅读器迫使你加快阅读速度,使你再也不能逐字阅读,回顾前文内容或者默 读”。enabling 相当于 making possible;leading 引导;indicating 指出,表明。都不合题意。只有 making (使, 使得)最合适。 15.【答案】B【解析】这里的意思是“速读最初会影响理解”,所以选 comprehension(理解力)。meaning 意义,意 思,指词或词组表示的意义;gist 大意,要旨 regression 回顾 16.【答案】A【解析】与前半句中的 not only 相呼应,构成句式“不仅??,而且??”,只有选 but,而 nor; or 或 for 均不能构成固定用法。 17.【答案】C【解析】本句中的主语是第三人称复数,物主代词必然是 their。 18.【答案】B【解析】take 与后面的 for instance 构成短语,意为:“以??例”,其它三项不能构成搭配。 19.【答案】D【解析】这里提到受训之前与受训之后进行比较,对比,因此选 before。 20.【答案】D【解析】此处意为:在较短时间内,读完众多的材料。master 掌握;go over 复习;present 呈现,展 现;此三项均不妥;只有 get through (读完)最恰当。
Have you ever wondered what our future is like?Practically all people _1_ a desire to predict their future _2_.Most people seem inclined to _3_ this task using causal reasoning.First we _4_ recognize that future circumstances are _5_ caused or conditioned by present ones.We learn that getting an education will _6_ how much money we earn later and that swimming beyond the reef may bring an unhappy _7_ with a shark. Second,people also learn that such _8_ of cause and effect are probabilistic(可能的) in nature.That is,the effects occur more often when the causes occur than when the causes are _9_, but not always.Thus,students learn that studying hard _10_ good grades in most instances,but not every time.Science makes these concepts of causality and probability more _11_ and provides techniques for dealing _12_ then more accurately than does causal human inquiry.In looking at ordinary human inquiry,we need to _13_ between prediction and understanding.Often,even if we don't understand why,we are willing to act _14_ the basis of a demonstrated predictive ability. Whatever the primitive drives _15_ motivate human beings,satisfying them depends heavily on the ability to _16_ future circumstances.The attempt to predict is often played in a _17_ of knowledge and understanding.If you can


understand why certain regular patterns _18_,you can predict better than if you simply observe those patterns.Thus,human inquiry aims _19_ answering both "what" and "why" question,and we pursue these _20_ by observing and figuring out. __1. [A]exhibit [B]exaggerate [C]examine [D]exceed __2. [A]contexts [B]circumstances [C]inspections [D]intuitions __3.[A]underestimate [B]undermine [C]undertake [D]undergo __4. [A]specially [B]particularly [C]always [D]generally __5. [A]somehow [B]somebody [C]someone [D]something __6. [A]enact [B]affect [C]reflect [D]inflect __7. [A]meeting [B]occurrence [C]encounter [D]contact __8. [A]patterns [B]designs [C]arrangements[D]pictures __9. [A]disappointde [B]absent [C]inadequate [D]absolute __10.[A]creates [B]produces [C]loses [D]protects __11.[A]obscure [B]indistinct [C]explicit [D]explosive __12.[A]for [B]at [C]in [D]with __13.[A]distinguish [B]distinct [C]distort [D]distract __14.[A]at [B]on [C]to [D]under __15.[A]why [B]how [C]that [D]where __16.[A]predict [B]produce [C]pretend [D]precede __17.[A]content [B]contact [C]contest [D]context __18.[A]happen [B]occur [C]occupy [D]incur __19.[A]at [B]on [C]to [D]beyond __20.[A]purposes [B]ambitions [C]drives [D]goals

答案: 1.A 词义辨析 exhibit"展出 ,表现",exaggerate"夸张",exceed"超越,胜过" 原句意为:实际上,人们会对 未来的 生活怀有(展示出)一定的愿望。 2.B 词义辨析 context"上下文",circumstance"环境",inspection"检查,视察", intuition"直觉" 3.C 词义辨析 underestimate"低估",undermine"破坏",undertake"承担, 担任",undergo"经历,遭受"。 undertake a task 为常见搭配,意为"开始进行一项任 务" 4.D 词义辨析 选项 C、D 看似均可,但 always 显得有些武断。 5.A 篇章逻辑 somehow"不知何故,以某种方式" 6.B 词义辨析 enact"制定法律,颁布",inflect"弯曲" 7.C 词义辨析 encounter 指没有事先计划的、未料到的、短暂的相遇 8.A 词义辨析 pattern 模式,式样;design 设计,图案;第一段中 提到过人们习惯用因果关系去推断,这是 一种思考模式。 9.B 词义辨析 absent 缺少的,不在的;inadequate 不充分的;根据文中意思应选一个与 occur 意思相反的 词。 10.B 词义辨析 create 创造 produce 产生,得到。原句意为学生知道努力学习在大多数 情况下会得到高的 分数。 11.C 词义辨析 obscure 朦胧的,模糊的;indistinct 不清楚的;explicit 外在的,清楚 地;explosive 爆炸 的;原句意为:科学使因果性和可能性的观念变的更加清楚 12.D 短语搭配 deal in 经营 eg:He deals in a small shop. deal with 处理,安排 13.A 词义辨析 distinguish 区别,辨别;distinct 清楚地,明显的;distort 扭曲,歪 曲;distract 转移。 distinguish between 为常用搭配,意为"区别... 和..." 18

14.B 短语搭配 on the basis of 以...为基础 15.C 语法结构 drive 在此为名词,意为“动力”,空格后部分是对 drive 进行修饰,故 选关系代词 that 引导 定语从句。 16.A 词义辨析 predict 预言;pretend 假装;precede 在...之前 17.D 词义辨析 content 内容;contact 接触;contest 争论,竞赛;context 上下文 in the context of 意 为"在...情况下" 18.B 词义辨析 occur 发生,出现;occupy 占用,占领;incur 招致 19.A 短语搭配 aim at 瞄准,针对 20.D 词义辨析 purpose 目的,以图;ambition 野心;drive 推动力; goal 目的,目标。


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