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Unit 2

English Around the World

Warming up and Reading
Words and expressions

How much do you know about the English language?

1. It is an international language and widely used. 2. It is the official language of many countries and the UN. 3. It plays an important role as a first or second language. 4. It is learned by people in many nonEnglish speaking countries.

In what situations is English used?

in an international talk/meeting

on the air in schools (on TV, on the radio…)

When we sing English songs.

When we listen to English.

Native language: It is the language that one or both your parents speak. You learn it as your first language /your native language/mother tongue.

English as a second language: It is the language used by government,schools, newspapers and TV, but people speak the language of their own country at home.

English as a foreign language
It is the language learnt as a school subject.

the United Kingdom Ireland the USA


South Africa

Australia New Zealand



What are the two main groups of English?

B.E and A.E

Do you know the difference between B.E and A.E?

Ok.but Butthe how shall Er, subway we go to station isthe farmovies? away.

British English

American English
Come on! Yeah!

elevator/lift in a team/on a team rubber/eraser petrol/gas

Do you want to come to my flat? How far is your apartmen t? It is beautiful?

Shall we go to the pub to celebrate your birthday?

Wow, bar is a nice place.

Wow, I want a tin of Coko, some biscuits and sweets. What about you, Obama ?

Well, I want a can of milk tea, some cookies and some candy.

Hey, let’s go and see a soccer game. It is very exciting.

Great. I like football match very much.

Time to go home. Let’s go to the elevator together.

Oh no, the lift must be full of people this time.

Chinese 公寓 酒吧 罐头 糖果 饼干 电梯 比赛 足球 秋天 汽油

British English

American English

flat pub tin sweets biscuit lift match football autumn petrol

apartment bar can candy cookie elevator game soccer fall gas

1.Do you think that people from Britain and American can understand? Why do you think so?

2.Is there any differences in written and spoken English in the countries?


colour centre travelled

color center traveled

[da:ns] dance [d?ns] not [nat] [nэt]
Difference 1 Difference 2

words expressions

autumn I think

fall I guess

Which language do you prefer, American English or British English? Why?

Suppose girls are from Britain , and boys come from America. Talk about the differences between American English and British English with your partner.

Read the title “The Road to Modern English” and predict (预测) what the passage is mainly about?
The road to modern English

The road
the development of the English language


Scan the text to find or make out a key sentence for each paragraph.

Careful reading
1 Read the passage carefully and decide whether

the statements are true or false and explain why.

F 1.English had the most speakers in the 17th century. T 2.English developed when new settlers and rulers came to Britain. F 3.Languages frequently change.

F 4.The language of the government is always the language of the country. T 5.English is one of the official languages used in India. T 6.This reading describes the development of the English language.

Time Between about AD450 ______ and 1150 _____ Between about AD800 1150 _____and ____

How is English developed?

Spoken in England ________ and based more on German _____. Danish French enriched the _______and ______ English language _______ and especially its vocabulary ________ five to seven million At the end of About __________________ 16th _____ century people spoke English In the 17th ____ century Used by more people as the result of thevoyages _______ to conquer other parts of the world Later in the18th ___ Began to be spoken in ______ America century and Australia ______ By the 19th ___ century Settled by two dictionaries _________

Time now

How is English developed?

Spoken in countries such as India _________, Singapore China,______, Malaysia and South Africa as a ________ __________ foreign or second language In a word, English is changing ________ and developing _________ over all over time and is spoken ___________ the world.


In pairs discuss these questions.

1. Why do so many people want to learn English?

1.use computers and the internet 2.to trade 3.to learn in western universities 4.to read academic journals ……

2.Why do you think more people in the world now want to lean Chinese?

1.as a result of China’s growing economic power 2.as a result of China’s growing influence in the UN 3.to trade with China 4.to move some branches of Western companies into China. …….

Development of English

today the end of the 16th century

the next century
More people speak in more countries


Many other countries

Language can change with time.
Language can change when cultures communicate with each other.



How does a powerful country influence a language, such as the USA. Will Chinese English become one of the world’ English? Why? Has Chinese changed over the time? How? Why? Choose any one of it to have a discussion.

Assignment 1. Try to remember the English meaning of the new words in Reading I. 2. Prepare for the next class. 3. Finish the exercises on 30-33 in chengzhangziyuan.

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