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2019届高考英语(外研版)一轮复习课件:必修1 5 Module5_图文

ordinary adj. 1._________ form vi. 2._________ 普通的;平常的 形成 天平;平衡 balance n. 3._________ mixture n.混合物→_________ mix 4._________ v.混合 electric adj.电的; electricity n. electrical 5. _________ 电→_________ 用电的→_________ adj.与电有关的;用电的 conclude vt.推论出;断定 6.conclusion _________ n.结论→_________ aim n.目标;目的→_______ aimless adj.无目的的,没有目标的 7._____ equip vt.装备;配备 8.equipment _________ n.设备;装备→_________ reaction n.反应→_________ react vi.(化学) 反应 9._________ astonish vt. 使惊讶 10 .astonished _________ adj. 吃惊的;惊愕的→_________ astonishment n. astonishing adj.令人惊讶的; →______________ 惊愕→______________ 使人惊奇的 11.liquid n. 12.expand vi. 13.contract vi. 14.stage n. 15.partial adj. 16.boil vt. 17.steam n. 18.float vi. 液体 ____________ 膨胀 ____________ 收缩 ____________ 阶段;时期 ____________ 部分的;局部的 ________________ 煮;煮沸 ____________ 蒸汽;水汽 ____________ 漂浮 ____________ 19.flame n. 20.lecture n. 21.department n. 22.substance n. 23.oxygen n. 24.rust vi. 25.dissolve vi. 26.facility n. 火焰 ____________ 演讲 ____________ (大学的)科、系 _________________ 物质 ____________ 氧气 ____________ 生锈 ____________ 溶解;分解;分离 _____________________ (常作复数)设备;工具 _____________________ [用所给词的适当形式填空] equipped with modern 1.Every classroom in our school is ___________ equipment .(equip) ___________ reaction showed us how the company ___________ reacted 2. The ___________ to the need of the customer.(react) aim of our 3.In my opinion,each of us should have an _______ aimless own. But some of us lead an ___________ life every day.(aim) 4.To our astonishment ___________,the famous star died. That’s to say, astonished at the news of her sudden death,and it we were ___________ astonishing .(astonish) was really ___________ conclude from Jane’s expression 5.Jack said he could ___________ that Jane had stolen his money. But everyone knew Jack conclusion without any evidence to always jumped to a ___________ conclusion In ___________ conclusion ,nobody was likely support his ___________. to believe Jane was a thief.(conclude) put...in order 1._____________ add...to... 2._____________ used to 3._____________ in the area of 4._____________ 使??有条理 往??加入?? 过去(常常)?? 在??领域 为??感到骄傲/自豪 应当;理应 不让??进入; 使??避开?? be proud of 5._____________ be supposed to 6._____________ keep...out of 7._____________ go ahead 8._____________ 开始做某事(表示允许);请用吧 [选用上面的短语填空] used to 1.My cousin Mark is much healthier now. But he ________ have some bad habits. Keep out of my study! I’m working on my 2.________ that cat ________ paper. 3.All the things

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