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必修 1 unit 2 English around the world

English around the world Warming up, Pre-reading, Reading & comprehension 一.Warming up, Pre-reading
1. Do you know that there is more than one kind of English ?
1) more than: 不仅仅+n,非常+adj,超过+No.(=over),多于 eg: I am more than happy to take you there in my car. They are more than my workmates. They are my close friends. More than one person was killed in the fire. 2) more than sb/sth can/could do. “非某人/物所能…..的” eg: The road conditions there turned out to be very good, which was more than we could expect. 3) not more than = at most 至多,不超过 no more than=only 仅仅,不过 less than 少于 eg: There are not more than 20 students in the classroom. There are only 20 minutes left. 【例题 1】用以上的词填空 1) It took _________ building supplies to construct these energy-saving houses. It took brains, too. 2) Tom works hard and he works__________ ten hours every day. 3) Don’t hurry. There is ____________ five kilometers away from the office. 4) My love for my hometown is __________ I can describe in language. 5) Though he is famous all over the country, he is _______ a worker. 6) He worked only a week, so he could get ___________ 100 yuan.

2. In some important ways they are very different from one another. ? way
In some ways 在某方面 by the way 顺便问一下 in …. way 用…方式 in the way 挡道,妨碍 under way 在进行中 in a way 在某种程度上 on the way (to) 在去…的路上 all the way 至始至终

【例题 2】用以上的词填空 (1) Please move the chair; it ’s_______________. (2) You can do it well _________________. (3) _____________, could you tell me the way to the stadium. (4) I met Tom _________________ to school. (5) What you said is right____________________. ? be (very/much/quite/entirely/toally)different from…..in …..


1.区分 voyage/journey/travel/trip/tour voyage: 指海上/水上/空中旅行 journey: 指陆地上较远的旅行 travel: 常指到国外的旅行,不强调具体的目的地,指具体地点时常用复数。 trip: 短途旅行 tour:观光巡回旅行 eg: She usually gets seasick during the voyage. It was a long journey, but we eventually arrived. It will be on a trip/journey to the south next summer holiday. They are making a tour of Sctoland. The novel is based on his travels in India. 2. native (adj) 本国的,本地的,与生俱来的; (n)本地/国人 eg: He was happy to return to his native land. he speaks English like a native. he is a native of Harbin. ? be native to…. 原产于….. 【例题 3】用适当的介词填空 (1) The ability to swim is native ______ fish. (2) Nowadays, we find many plants navtive_______ America, such as tobaccos and potatoes. (3) He is a native _______ Beijing. 3. even if/although 尽管, 即使 Eg: Even if you take a taxi, you will miss the train. as if/ though 好像,仿佛 eg: He talks as though he knew all bout it. 【例题 4】 Many of them turned a deaf ear to his advice,_______ they knew it was valuable. A. as if B. now that C. even though D. so that 4. American Amy: Yes, I’d like to come up to your apartment. come up 走近;上来;提出 come up to 达到(标准) come up with sth: 提出(意见) ;找到(答案,解决办法) come out 出版,产生 come arcoss: 偶然遇见 come to: 谈及,达到 come about: 发生,产生 eg: A suggestion came up at the meeting yesterday. our teacher came up with a suggestion yesterday. The water came up to his waist. How does this come about ? The news has come out.

【例题 5】用 come 的短语填空 (1) At the meeting, the old man___________ some good advice and all the people there agree with him. (2) (3) (4) (5) The new book ___________ last week. I________ a friend of mine on the street yesterday. When it ____________ playing tennis, you can’t beat Mary. The product___________ our standard.

5. actually 事实上,实际上= in fact=as a matter of fact= in reality = in truth =in effect 6. It was based more on German than the English we speak at present. (1) be based on/upon… 以…为依据 base….on/upon….. 以….作为….的根据 at the base of 在….的脚底;在….的基点 (2)at present 现在,目前; for the present 暂且 vt: 呈现,赠送,介绍 present n: 礼物 adj 现在的(前置定语) ;出席的(后置定语) be present at sp 出席;在场 Eg: The present president present at the meeting presented us with nice presents. 7. The latter gave a separate identity to American English spelling. the latter…后者; the former 前者 ? 区分 late: adj & adv 晚的/地,迟到的地 be late for; later: adj 后来的,以后的;adv 以后,后来 lately: adv 近来=recently 常与完成时连用 latest: 最新的,最近的 【例题 6】填空 1) He has been writing a novel________. 2) Tom is always being _______ for school 3) Let ’s take a_______ train. 4) Tom and Jack come, the ________ wearing long hair. 5) This is the ________ news about Zhao Benshan 8. 区分 a number of “大量的”+可数名词复数 + V 复 the number of “总量” +可数名词+V 单


【例题 1】1)more than 2) more than 3) less than 4) more than 5) mo more than 6) not more than 【例题 2】(1) in the way (2) in this way (3) By the way (4) on the way (5) in a way

【例题 3】 (1)to

(2) to

(3) of

【例题 4】C

【例题 5】(1) came up with (2) came out (3) came across (4) comes to (5) came up to 【例题 6】1)lately 2) late 3) later 4) latter 5) latest

同 步 跟 踪 训 练(一) 一.单词拼写 1. An _________(官员) of the local government called to see him. 2. I’ve know Barbara for years, since we were children,__________ (事实上) 3. Rains are _________(频繁) here in early summer. 4. His ___________ (公寓) covers 200 square metres, which I like very much. 5. He can’t express himself well in English because his _________(词汇量) is small. 6. The teacher was angry to see the _________(拼写) mistakes in his students’ compositons. 7. Though he speaks Chinese fluently, his ________(本族的)language is Russian. 8. You should show your__________ (身份) card before you check in at the hotel. 9. I’m not at all satisfied with the __________(现在的)situation. 10. We decided to make a __________ (航行) down the Yellow River to the sea. 二 . 用所给的短语的适当形式填空 be based on come up make use of at present because of

1. It was partly_________ her sick mother that she didn’t take the job abroad. 2. The film Curse of the Golden Flower _____________ Cao Yu’s play Thunderstorm. 3. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss how to _______________ the used books. 4. ___________, you are a student; you must not smoke. 5. The question hasn’t _________ yet. 二.用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空 1. To speak English__________ (fluent),you should read many English articles as you can. 2. __________(gradual), she realized that he wasn’t telling the truth. 3. We crossed into _________(German) from Switzerland last week. 4. My computer has a program which corrects my ________(spell). 5. I didn’t __________(actual) see hr—I just heard her voice.

三. 语法填空

(共 10 小题;每小题 1.5 分,

满分 15 分)

阅读下面短文, 按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的词或 使用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为 16~25 的相应位置上。


The story happened in Japan ___16___ a house was redecorated and the wall inside a room was removed. The inside of the wall was hollow. When the owner of the house removed the wall, he saw a gecko (壁虎) inside the wall. Its tail was pinned by a nail ___17___ (come) through the wall from outside. The owner was very curious why the gecko was still alive. Then the nail caught his eye. Goodness! It is the nail that was driven here ten years ago when the house was built! How amazing it is ___18___ the gecko to have lived in the wall in complete___19__ (dark) for ten years! The story touched me so ___22 (deep) that it is useless to find out __23_ relationships they had between them. Parent __24 child ? Friends? Lovers? Brothers or sisters? __25 _ last thing we should do is to abandon your beloved in hardship.

一.单词拼写, 1. official 2. actually 3. frequent 4. apartment 5. vocabulary 6. spelling 7. native 8. identity 9. present 10. voyage 二.短语填空 1. because of 2 was based on 3. make use of 3. At present 4. come up 三. 语法填空 16.where 17.coming 18.for 19.darkness 20. nailed 21.its 22.deeply 23. what 24. and 25.The

learning about Language
use:用途,使用,利用 1. 区分 usage:惯用法,用法 eg:master the usage of ―charge‖ eg: the use of this bottle

2. make(no) sense:有道理,有意义;讲得通;合乎情理 make sense of sth 理解…; 弄懂…. in a sense: 在某种意义上 3. command 命令,指令,掌握 n/vt give a command 发布指令 at one’s command 由….指挥 in command of sth 指挥…. have a command of 精通,掌握 ? command sb to do sth 命令某人做…. command that sb (should) do sth “命令某人做….”从句用虚拟语气 4. request 请求,要求 n/vt made a request for sth 要求… at the request of sb= at sb’s request 应某人的要求 by request 应邀 on request 一经要求 request sb to do sth= request that sb (should ) do

同 步 跟 踪 训 练 (二) 一.单词拼写 1. That is a new u_______ of the word, which is very useful. 2. What our teacher said did make s_________. 3. I came at your special r_________ 4. The general gave a c________ that they should start at once. 5. What should I find but an enormous_________(蜘蛛) 二. 把下面的直接引语变成间接引语 1. Mary said to me ―Don’t forget to answer that letter‖ Mary reminded me __________________________________. 2. He said, ‖Please come here again torrow‖ He asked me________________________________. 3. ―Take the dog for a walk !‖ she ordered her child. she ordered her child____________________________. 4. She said to me,‖Please, have a rest.‖ She________________________ have a rest. 5. ―Don’t stand close to the tiger,‖ the guard said to the visitors. The guard________ the visitors _______ _______ ______ close to the tiger. 6. ―Why don’t you take a walk after supper‖ he asked. He______________________ take a walk after supper. 三. 单项选择 1. With a good ______ of both Chinese and English, she had an advantage over others. A. program B. guidance C. command D. ability 2. Students _______ to read the text carefully before answering the questions. A. request B. requested C. are requested D. were requested 3. It______ to grow fruit trees on the hillside. A. makes up B. makes for C. makes out D. makes sense 4. It’s not a word in commom________. A. usage B. use C. used D. using 5. The teacher asked us ______ in the river without parents. A. don’t swim B. not swim C. not swimming D. not to swim 6. --- What did the manager say to Mary? --- He told Mary______ so much noise. A. not make B. not to make C. not making D. don’t make 四. 单句改错 1. Mr smith said Mary isn’t angry judging from the expression on her face. 2. Mother told her children to not play computer games frequently. 3. The teacher asked Tom come up to the blackboard and write down English words. 4. Li Hua asked his deskmate that he played an important role in the movie directed by Zhang

Yimou. 五. 语法填空 Tom went to the seaside to spend his holiday last summer with his family.One day, he was swimming in (1)________ river when someone shouted, ―Look out, there is a shark not far away!‖ On hearing the shout, Tom was scared to (2)________ (die) because he was scared of its dangerous characteristic.―Just don't worry, Tom ! ‖ His father said, ―but in order to avoid (3)________ (harm), let's go back to our hotel.‖ They stayed at the seaside for several weeks.(4)________ the weather was much hotter than that in their hometown, Tom got used to (5)________ and felt at home.Every morning, he got up earlier than his parents and went for breakfast ahead of time.Then he went to have a chat with his new friend, Jack, who he happened to come (6)________ during his holiday.Jack was a native and he was familiar with the seaside (7)________ (good).He was a man with good qualification.Soon they (8)________ (become) very good friends.After they parted, they kept writing to each other.Now, Tom still often hear (9)________ Jack.They talked in their letter about things and persons (10)________ they remembered at the seaside. 一.单词拼写 1. usage 2. sense 3. request 4. command 二. 直接---间接 1. not to forget to answer that letter 3. to take the dog for a walk 5. warned; not to stand 三.单项选择 1-6 CCDAD B 四.改错 1.isn’t—wasn’t 2. to not--- not to 3. come – to come 4. that—if/whether 2. to go there again the next day 4. told/asked me to 6. advised me to 5. spider

五. 语法填空 :本文讲述了 Tom 在海边度假时的所见所闻。 1.the 特指他游泳的那条河。 2.death 因在介词 to 后,要用其名词形式。be scared to death 吓死了。 avoid doing sth.避免做某事;harm 与主语是动宾关系,故用被动语态。

3.being harmed


4.Though 5.it


it 指代上文的 the weather。

6.across come across 碰见,遇见。 7.well 修饰短语动词短语 be familiar with 应用副词。

8.became 此处缺少谓语动词,且上下文是一般过去时。 9.from 10.that hear from 收到……的来信。 先行词既有人又有物时要用 that 引导定语从句。

using lauguage---- Writing
一.单词拼写 1. He speaks with a strong southern a________. 2. I’ve developed a taste for________ (非洲的) music since my trip to Nigeria last year. 3. Jane has changed so much that I could hardly r________ her at the party yesterday. 4. The ______(东部的) coastline of China is very long. 5. The scenery of West Lake is beautiful beyond e_________. 6. It is reported that three farmers were struck by ________(闪电) 7. This bridge can bear the weight of the heaviest__________ (卡车) 8. Shall we take a ________ (cab) there and come back by subway? 9. He went s_________ to Pairs without stopping anywhere. 10. The two buildings share the b_______. 二.完成句子 1. 印度拥有众多讲英语很流利的人。 India has_____ ______ _______ _______ _______ fluent English speakers. 2. 目前在中国学习英语的人数正在迅速增加。 Today ______ ______ _______ people learning English is increasing rapidly. 3. 对于一个中国人来说把英语讲得跟以英语为母语人一样流利是不容易的。 ______ ______ ______ _______ for a Chinese person to speaker English as fluently as a native English speaker. 4.一个原因是英语词汇量大。 one reason is that English______ _______ ______ ______. 5. She has ___________________ (起了重要作用) carrying out the whole plan. 6. I didn’t _________________(听出她的声音) on the phone. 7. ____________ (一大块冰) is in the bottle. 8. _____________ (一直向前走) until you come to the post office.


三.写作 美国某中学生代表团要来你校访问,请你以学生代表的名义,根据以下提示,写一篇 100 字左右的短文,介绍一下你们城市英语学习的情况。 关键词: 日常生活中起着非常重要的作用; 学习英语的人越来越多;词汇量大,不容易 学;能充分利用学英语的机会

using language--writing 一.单词拼写 1. accent 2. African 3. recognize 4. eastern 5. expression 7. lightning 7.lorry/truck 8. cab/taxi 9. straight 10. block 二. 完成句子 1. a very large number of 2. the number of 3. It is not easy 4. has a large vocabulary 6. plays an important role 7. recognize her voice 8. a block of ice 9. Go straight ahead 高考模拟.考题精炼 1. The form can’t be signed by anyone______ yourself. A. rather than B. other than C. more than D. better than 2. From space, the earth looks blue. This is _______ about seventy-one percent of its surface is covered by water. A. why B. how C. because D. whether 3. I’m sorry I didn’t phone you, but I’ve been very busy_______ the past couple of weeks. A. beyond B. with C. among D. over 4. _______ an important decision more on emotion than on reason, you will regret it sooner or later. A. Based B. Basing C. Base D. To base 5. I took my driving license with me on holiday, ________ I wanted to hire a car. A. in case B. even if C. ever since D. if only 6. He is so busy. He can’t afford enough time with his son_______ he wants to. A. even if B. as if C. because D. before 7. If we leave right away, ________, we’ll arrive on time. A. hopefully B. curiously C. occasionally D. gradually 8. Everything seemed to be going______ for the first two days after I moved to New York. A. vividly B. generally C. frequently D. smoothly 9. ________ I have to give a speech, I get extremely nervous before I start. A. Whatever B. Whenever C. Whoever D. However 10. My first______ of him was that he was a kind and thoughtful young man. A. expression B. attention C. satisfaction D. impression


1-5 BCDBA 6-10 AADBD


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