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介绍酒店房间 Introducing the hotel room

Category of Room(房间的类别)
按设施及规格分 按级别分 按朝向分 特殊房型 Divide according Divide according Divide according Particular house to facilities and to rank to the type specification orientation

单 人 间 Single Room 双 人 间 Twin Room/Double Room 大 床 间 Double , King size or Queen size Room 标 准 间 Standard (Single, Double or Twin ) 三 人 间 Triple 四 人 间 Quad 套 间 Suite 公 寓 Apartment 别墅 Villa

经济间 Economic Room 普 通 间 Standard Room 高 级 间 Superior Room 豪 华 间 Deluxe Room 商 务 标 间 Business Room 行 政 标 间 Executive Room 行 政 楼 层 Executive Floor

朝 街 房 Front View Room 背街房 Rear View Room 城景房 City View Room 园 景 房 Garden View Room 海 景 房 Sea View Room 湖景房 Lake View Room 山 景 房 Mountain View Room

不限房型 Run of the House 无 烟 标 准 间 NonSmoking Room 残 疾 人 客 房 Handicapped Room 带 厨 房 客 房 Room with Kitchen 相邻房 Adjoining Room 连 通 房 Connecting Room

Room with twin beds or a double bed is called a standard room.it is suitable for living two guests to come and live with husband and wife.

Sea view room built on the beach or near the sea. You can see the sunrise at sea. With the wind blowing, you can feel comfortable. This is a good place to live!

Container house is very special

building,it can be moved to the country,

anytime and anywhere to bring people a

more convenient and comfortable life

That all, thank you !


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