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2014 高考英语阅读理解答案解析二
C4[2012· 辽宁卷] Mini Book Excerpts(节选) Biography When Salinger l earned that a car park was to be built on the land, the middleaged writer was shocked and quickly bought the neighboring area to protect it… The townspeople never forgot the rescue and came to help their most famous neighbor. J.D.Salinger:A Life by Kenneth Slawenski(Random House, $27) Mystery(疑案小说) “You're a smart boy. Benny's death was no accident, and you're the only one who saw it happen. Do you t hink the murderer should get away with it?”The boy was stari ng stubbornly at his lap again. A thought suddenly occurred to Annika.“Did you…You recognized the man in the car, didn't you?” The boy hesitated, twisting his fingers.“Maybe,”he said quietly. Red Wolf by Liza Marklund(Atria Books, $25.99) Short Stories She wants to say to him what she has learned, none of it in class: Some women are born stupid, and some women are too smart for their own good. Some women are born to give, and some women only know how to take. Some women learn who they want to be from their mothers, some who they don't want to be. Some mothers suffer so their daughters won't.Some mothers love so their daughters won't. You Are Free by Danzy Senna(Riverhead Books, $15) Humor Do your kids like to have fun? Come to Fun Times! Do you like to watch your kids having fun? Bring them to Fun Times! Fun Times!'s “amusement cycling” is the most fun you can have, legally, in the United States right now. Why spend thousands of dollars flying to Disney World when you can spend less than half of that within a day's drive of most cities? Happy:And Other Bad Thoughts by Larry Doyle (Ecco, $14.99) 56.If the readers want to know about the life of Salinger, t hey should buy the book published by ________. A.Ecco B.Atria Books C.Riverhead Books D.Random House

57.The book Happy: And Other Bad Thoughts is intended for ________. A.young children B.Disney World workers

C.middle school teachers D.parents with young children 58.Which book desc ribes women with characters of their own? A.Happy:And Other Bad Thoughts B.J.D.Salinger:A Life C.You Are Free D.Red Wolf 59.After finishing the book Red Wolf, the readers would learn that ________. A.the boy helped arrest the murderer B.Benny died of an accident C.the murderer got away with the crime D.Annika carried out the crime 【要点综述】本文是广告阅读。全文是四本书里面精彩部分的节选,每本书后面都标明 了价格,目的是推销这些书。 56. D 细节理解题。这是针对第一则广告设计的问题。从第一则广告的 When Salinger

learned that…我们知道,如果读者想知道 Salinger 的生活,就要买 Random House 出版的这本 自传。本题中,题干部分的 Salinger 是关键。其他广告都没有提到 Salinger 这个人,因此可以 排除。 57. D 推理判断题。本题是针对第四则广告设计的问题。从 Do you like to watch your kids having fun?我们知道,这是写给父母的。再结合里面的 Disney World 我们更能确定答案。 58. C 细节理解题。这是针对第三则广告设计的问题。这一部分提出了妇女的性格各异。 59. A 推理判断题。这是针对第二则广告设计的问题。从文章中的 “Maybe,” he said

quietly 我们知道,他会帮助抓住杀人犯的。Annika 是分析案情的人,不是凶手,故排除 D 项。 从文章中分析,杀人犯不会逍遥法外,他们会把他抓住的,因此排除 C;从 Benny’s death was no accident 我们可以排除 B。

C4[2012· 重庆卷] Top lists are lecturing people on everything from “100 places to visit” to “100 books

to read”. Aren't you just tired of being told what to do with your time? Now you have a list to end all lists! Take a look at the following two examples from the list of “101 things not to do”: Swim with Dolphins(海豚)? Swimming with dolphins is one of the world's most profitable tourist activities.However, not every dolphin will welcome having their busy, tiring day interrupted by tourists screaming and pushing around them in the water. Worse yet, when dolphins get too near to the boats loaded with tourists, they could get caught up in ropes and killed by propellers(螺旋桨). Here's a little secret. Dolphins look like smiling at you, but actually they're just opening their mouths. Go to See the Mona Lisa? There must be something about the mysterious(神秘的) smile. The 6 million people who visit the lady in the Louvre every year can't all be wrong, after all. But they can be quite annoying, standing in front of you; holding up their cameras to prevent you from seeing anything. In fact, it is hard for you to see the painting clearly because you have to stay away from it for security reasons. After queuing for hours, many tourists can remain in front of the painting only for 15 seconds at most. If the mysterious lady in the picture knew her fate, she wouldn't just be smiling, she'd be laughing. So, still long to see the Mona Lisa? If you want to find out more about the list, read 101 Things NOT to Do Before You Die. Visit ww w.not2dobeforeidie.co.uk and buy the book at a 20% discount. 60. According to the passage, swimming with dolphins ________. A. is the world's most popular tourist activity B. gives fun to both tourists and dolphins C. will make tourists busy and tired D. can cause danger to dolphins 61. What does the author think about going to see Mona Lisa? A. It is wrong to go and see the mysterious smile. B. It is not as satisfying as expected. C. Fifteen seconds in front of the painting is enough. D. Queuing for hours is worthwhile. 62. The list of “101 things not to do” is made most probably because its author ________. A. thinks it boring to do the things suggested by other lists B. believes other lists are not humorous enough C. intends to persuade people to read more lists D.wants to provide a list different from other lists 63. What is the main purpose of the passage?
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A. To advertise a book. B. To introduce a website. C. To comment on popular lists. D. To recommend tourist activities. 【要点综述】该篇短文前面否定“100 lists to do”的种种弊端,最后推出自己的 101 Things NOT to Do Before You Die,很明显是一则常见的广告。 60. D 细节理解题。从 Swim with Dolphins 下面材料中的第一段最后一句可知和海豚一 起游泳会给海豚带来危险。 61. B 细节理解题。在 Go to See the Mona Lisa 的材料中,作者反复论证了 go to see the Mona Lisa 的诸多弊端,每年大量的游客前往参观,个人不可能有预想的观赏效果。 62. D 推理判断题。该文采取先抑后扬的写作技巧,其目的是要提出不同的观点。 63. A 写作意图题。该篇材料最后点出写作目的,即为 101 Things NOT to Do Before You Die 打广告。

C4[2012· 四川卷] Here is your best chance to travel around the UK in 2012: More that 200 B&Bs(bed & breakfast) across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are selected to offer you amazing services for your stay at their lowest prices! Don’t miss it. Just collect the vouchers(活动券) in our B&B Daily printed from 01/04/2012 to 07/04/2012 and book the stays for your travel following the terms and conditions below: · offer includes a room for the night and a breakfast the next morning. The · offer is of two kinds:£ 20 per room, per night, valid(有效的)during stay period of The 02/04/2012-31/05/2012 and then again 01/09/2012-31/10/2012;£ 35 per room, per night, valid during stay period of 01/06/2012-31/08/2012. · offer is valid for a basic twin or double room only. The · stay must be booked directly with the chosen B &Bs before 28/04/2012. The · Each voucher can only be used by the holder to book one room for one night. · voucher holders book either the £20 or £35 per room per night, and additional services If such as lunch, evening meal or activities may require an extra charge. But these are not required in order to take up the offer. Please check directly with your chosen B&Bs to see what extra services are available. · Vouchers must be presented on arrival. If no vouchers are presented, the B&Bs may reserve(保 留)the right to charge at full price for every night of stay.

· Vouchers may not be used together with any other offer. · voucher holders must pay for the stay in full at the time of booking. Additional $10 may be The paid to confirm(确认) the booking and will be returned on arrival. ·The B&Bs reserve the right to refuse voucher holders’ bookings for people under the age of 18. 45. The voucher can be used for a stay at the chosen B&B on ________. A.09/01/2012 C.01/03/2012 B.04/02/2012 D.28/04/2012

46. How much should be paid for a twonight stay in October 2012 at a chosen B&B? A.£70. B.£40. C.£35. D.£30.

47. What right do the B&Bs reserve? A.To charge extra $10 for bookings with no vouchers. B.To refuse bookings for guests under the age of 18. C.To charge at full price for stays not confirmed. D.To request extra charges as tips. 48. By taking up the offer, the voucher holders can choose to________. A.book either a basic twin or double room at the chosen B&Bs B.have lunch or evening meal without paying extra money C.use the B&B offer together with other offers D.book the stays through B&B Daily 【要点综述】本文介绍了英国的 B&Bs 旅行食宿优惠活动,主要谈到了此次活动的具体 操作及注意事项。 45. D 推 理 判 断 题 。 根 据 文 中 所 提 到 的 时 间 : 02/04/2012—31/05/2012 ;

01/09/2012—31/10/2012;01/06/2012—31/08/2012 可知,四到十月活动券有效。故答案为 D。 46. B 推理判断题。根据文中“£20 per room, per night, valid(有效的)during stay period of 02/04/2012—31/05/2012 and then again 01/09/2012—31/10/2012…”可知,在 十月住两天晚上需 £40。 47.B 细节理解题。根据最后一条规定“The B&Bs reserve the right to refuse voucher

holders’ bookings for people under the age of 18.”可知答案为 B。 48. A 细节理解题。根据第三条规定“The offer is valid for a basic twin or double room only.”可知答案为 A。

C4 [2012· 课标全国卷] Are you looking for some new and exciting places to take your kids to? Try some of these places: · Visit art museums. They offer a variety of activities to excite your kids' interest. Many offer workshops for making handmade pieces, traveling exhibits, book signings(签名) by children's favorite writers, and even mu sical performances and other arts. · Head to a natural history museum. This is where kids can discover the past from dinosaur models to rock collections and pictures of stars in the sky. Also, ask what kind of workshops and educational programs are prepared for kids and any special events that are coming up. · to a Youtheater. Look for one in your area offering plays for child and family visitors. Go Preshow play shops are conducted by area artists and educators where kids can discover the secret about performing arts. Puppet (木偶) making and stage make- are just a couple of the special up offerings you might find. · handsTry on_science. Visit one of the many hands- science museums around the country. on These science playlands are great fun for kids and grown- alike. They'll keep your child ups mentally and p hysically active the whole day through while pushing buttons, experimenting, and building. When everyone is tired, enjoy a fun family science show, commonly found in these museums. 56.If a child is interested in the universe, he probably will visit ________. A.a Youtheater B.an art museum C.a natural history museum D.a hands- science museum on 57.What can kids do at a Youtheater? A.Look at rock collections. B.See dinosaur models. C.Watch puppet making. D.Give performances.
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58.What does “hands?on science” mean in the last paragraph? A.Science games designed by kids. B.Learning science by doing things. C.A show of kids' science work. D.Reading science books. 59.Where does this text probably come from? A.A science textbook.

B.A tourist map. C.A museum guide. D.A news report. 【要点综述】这是一篇应用文。本文介绍了 4 则关于博物馆信息的广告。第一则:艺术 博物馆;第二则:自然历史博物馆;第三则:木偶剧院;第四则:自己动手科学博物馆。 56.C 细节理解题。如果孩子对宇宙感兴趣,那你就得带孩子去“自然历史博物馆”。宇 宙的内容是自然历史博物馆的一部分。根据第二则广告中的“This is whe re kids can discover the past from dinosaur models to rock collections and pictures of stars in the sky.”可知 C 正确。 57. C 细节理解题。根据第三则广告中的“Puppet(木偶)making and stage make- are just a up couple of the special offerings you might find.”可知 C 正确。 58. B 词义猜测题。根据文章中最后一则广告中的“They'll keep your child mentally and physically active the whole day through while pushing buttons, experimenting, and building.”可知 在这种博物馆中,孩子们通过按按钮、做实验和建东西去体验。所以 B 正确。 59. C 推理判断题。 根据文章的第一句话“Are you looking for some new and exciting places to take your kids to? Try some of these places:”和四则广告全是有关博物馆的内容可知,这是 一则博物馆广告介绍,所以这取材于博物馆指南。

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