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Mrs. Black in the Red
Mrs. Black has a savings account with a nearby bank, and recently she started to receive statements not in accordance with her books. According to one notice, it said that she owed the bank $200,000. “Are they really expecting my acceptance of this?” she thought. So, accompanied by Mr. Black she marched into the bank the next morning. After hearing her story the accountant behind the counter explained that “there has been an accidental miscounting.” “But this is not the first time. The bookkeeping has never been in accord with reality!” Mrs. Black argued, and she insisted on withdrawing all her money! However, she was told that “the computer is down” and she couldn’t even access her money! By this time there were quite a few people standing in the access to the counter. They heard the conversation and of their own accord all took a stand in support of Mrs. Black. With one accord, they all accused the bank of not being accurate with their bookkeeping and insisted that measures be taken accordingly to achieve accuracy. As the number of customers accumulated, the Board members met and were in accordance that inaccuracy couldn’t be accepted and sent for the manage from his office accommodation to account for mistakes. Dissatisfied with the fact that the manager failed to accomplish his duty and achieve accuracy in his performance, the Board reached an accord and fired the manager. They also accorded Mrs. Black “favored customer” of the month.

You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
James walked out of the travel agency and looked very angry. He had decided to take a trip around the world and planned to take Jimmy, because pets were not allowed to board the aircraft. Although they called afterwards to say they were sorry— even using the adverb “terribly”— James was still very upset. He had adopted Jimmy before Jimmy was an adult, and the affection between them was very strong. Since seeking aid from the airline wasn’t advisable, James advertised in the newspaper for a nanny to take care of Jimmy during his absence. Many people replied to the advertisement, but James was very cautious because he didn’t want to be taken advantage of. An aggressive young man caught James’ attention; he had graduated from an advanced nursing school, and called himself an advocate of animal rights. “This is a big advantage,” thought James. He then dropped the agenda he was preparing for the next day’s meeting and took Jimmy to meet the young man. Jimmy was an old dog, an his hair was a mix of all colors: a bit gray, a bit brown and a bit black, and he was almost deaf too, so he always wore his hearing aid. Luckily, it didn’t affect Jimmy’s activity. You know what happened when the young man who advocated himself as an animal lover saw Jimmy? He refused to look after Jimmy and said a surgical operation would be to advantage for both of them!

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