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93年5月 托福听力文字

93 年 5 月 托福听力文字

Part A 1. You like researching term papers? 2. I feel as though I've got a fever, but my temperature was normal. 3. I can't believe how good the new furniture looks. 4. Solving the puzzle is easy for everyone except Michael. 5. It's a great day to go for a drive, don't you think? 6. In spite of himself, he couldn't stopping eating. 7. George likes running more when he has a partner. 8. The students can register for the course during the first class. 9. Won't Lynn be sorry she didn't go to the seminar! 10. He'd take his responsibilities as class president seriously, wouldn't he? 11. Peggy proved herself to be a fine student. 12. I don't believe you understand my question. 13. My aunt is about to publish her third book. 14. The restaurant won't reopen until the renovation's completed. 15. If I'd known he was driving downtown, I'd have asked him for a ride. 16. Is there room for one more at this table? 17. If we leave home at eight, we should get there in plenty of time. 18. You are asking what I think about this proposal? 19. Please drop me a line when you get a chance. 20. The school infirmary doesn't stock prescription medicines at this time. Part B 21. Grace and his friend went down to that old house on Nasle street. What for? What does the woman want to know about Grace and his friend? 22. Do you know where I can get a copy of that report? How about the dean's office? What does the man mean? 23. This is certainly a great restaurant. Isn't it ever? How does the man feel about the restaurant? 24. We should get started on the project. The sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. What does the woman mean? 25. Frank is certainly in a good mood.

The bargain he got on his new stereo made him very happy. What does the woman say about Frank? 26. I'd like to apply for the part-time job. Fine, just fill out his form, and someone will be with you in a moment. What does the woman mean? 27. They are building a new shopping center near my house. Not another one. What does the man mean? 28. Nancy, you look trouble. I am. I am having difficulty deciding on a topic for my history paper. What does Nancy mean? 29. Here I am. I'm lucky I made it to the exam on time. I can see you were in a hurry. You are wearing your sweater inside out. What does the woman mean? 30. Does John know the class is having a surprise party for him when he turns twenty-one this week? No, he thinks we are giving a retiring party for the dean. We've hidden the presents for him. What are the man and woman planning? 31. Is it supposed to rain tomorrow? If you believe the weather forecast, we'd better bring our umbrellas. What does the man mean? 32. I must have seen this play five times. Don't you think it's great? Not that great. What does the man imply? 33. Your son certainly shows a lot of enthusiasm on the tennis court. I only wish he'd show as much for his studies. What does the woman imply about her son? 34. Look outside and see how beautiful the snow is? So we did get snow after all. What had the man assumed? 35. Has the technician called about the repairs yet? When he does, I'll have you talk to him. What does the man mean?

Part C Questions 36-39, Good afternoon, I'm Torris Don, housing director here at the university. I'm visiting all the dormitories this week to inform students about check-out procedures, I know you have a lot on your mind with finals coming up, but there are a few things you need to be aware of, as you prepare to leave for vacation. This dormitory will be closed during the summer months and will reopen on September first. You must vacate your room by June third. Even if you're registered for classes during the summer, you must leave this dorm by June third. If this does pose a problem for you, you should contact my office as soon as possible. You should remember to turn in your room key before you leave. Failure to return your key can result in a 25-dollar fine. You must also make sure that all of your personal property has been cleared out of your room. I'll be passing out a form for you to fill out concerning the condition of your room, you should report on the form any damages to your room which has occurred over the last year, such as holes in the room's walls, doors or windows. That way, our summer maintenance crew will know where to make repairs before the next school year starts. If you have any questions during the next few days, please ask your residence advisors or call my office. Now please take one of the forms as tey are passed around. 36. What does the speaker mainly discuss? 37. When does this talk take place? 38. Before they leave their dorm rooms, what must students do? 39. What must students indicate on the forms? Questions 40-42, listen to a conversation between two members of a university choir. M: It sounds like a lot, but by the time you add up the air fare, meals and lodging, it's pretty reasonable. W: But I doubt we'll all be able to go. Remember there are 32 people in the choir this year. M: We can make it. For our last trip, we got the alumni to make donations and the professor applied for a grant from the Association of Choral Directors. W: Did he put anyone is charge of fund raising? M: Russ. She took care of it last time. She'll probable be calling the choir members to work with her. W: I really hates soliciting donations, but it'll be worth it, this tour is a once-in-a-life-time experience. 40. What problem are the speakers discussing? 41. What will Russ probably have to do? 42. Why will Russ probably be calling the Choir members? Questions 43-46 Word comes from California of a new weapon in the war on household pests. Two scientists working for a firm in Annahine, California developed a new method to eliminate insects without using dangerous chemicals. The new poison: hot air. The basic idea is that insect pests can not adjust to temperatures much above normal. In laboratory experiments, cockroaches and termites can't survive much more than a quarter of an hour at 100 degrees. Ferenhite or about fifty degrees Certigrade. The new method involves covering a house with a huge tent, and filling it with air

heated to around 65 degrees Certigrade. Hot air is forced in with fans and the tent keeps the heat inside the house. Since termites must be continued for four to six hours. But when it's all over and the insects are dead, there is no toxic residues to endanger humans or pets, and no funny smells. Scientists claim that there's no danger of fire either. Since very few household materials will burn at 65 degrees Certigrade. In fact, wood is prepared for construction use by drying in the ovens at 80 degrees Certigrade, which is substancially hotter. 43. What is the program about? 44. What makes the new system better than other treatments? 45. Why are the houses covered with tents? 46. Why does the announcer mention that construction wood is dried by heat? Question 47-50 M: Math Department, Doctor Webster speaking. W: Hello, Prof. Webster, this is Janet Hill calling, I'm living two doors down from your teaching assistant, Don Williams. Don asked me to call you because he has lost his voice and can't talk to you himself. M: Lost his vice. Oh, what a shame! Is there anything I can do for him? W: Well, he has a class this afternoon from two-thirty to four and he won't be able to teach it, but he doesn't want to cancel it either. M: Want me to try to find somebody else to teach the class? W: No, not exactly. What he wants to do is to get someone go in for him, just to pass back the mid-term exams. He's already marked tem and they are on the desk in his office. The whole thing wouldn't take more than ten minutes. M: His classes are two-thirty, eh? Well I'm afraid at that time I was going to be on campus anyway; so I could do it for him. What room is his class in? W: Cader Hall, room two-fourteen. Will you need his office key to get the exams? He's given it to me and I could bring it to you. M: Actually, that won't be necessary. We have a master key in the maths department. So I can get into his office. W: Thank you very much, Prof. Webster. Don doesn't have another class to teach until Thursday, and hopefully, he will be able to talk by then. He'll call you as soon as he can. Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Could you put the next assignment on the board, too. It's all the problems on page forty-five, and they are due at the next class. 47. What is Don's problem? 48. What favor does Don want someone to do for him? 49. What does Janet offer to do? 50. What does Janet almost forget to ask professor Webster?

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