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人教版七年级英语下册期末考试试题 时间:60 分钟 一、 选择填空 (15 分) ( )1. The book store is far away from here. You'd better____________. A. by bus B.on a bus C. take a bus D. in a bus ( )2. -Would you please go out for a walk with me? -_______, but I'm too busy now. A.That's right. B. I'd love to C. Of course not D.That's all right ( )3. -I'm hungry ,Mom. --__________ A. What about a pizza? B.I'm hungry ,too C.It's time for lunch D.What about you? ( )4. _________interesting dolphin it is! A.How an B.How a C.What an D.What a ( )5. Thank you for________ me the good news A.tell B.to tell C.telling D.told ( )6. Chinese people's favorite food is ________ A.rice B.hamburger C.hot dog D.lemon nada ( )7. --________do you want to be an actor? --It's very interesting. A. What B.When C. How D.Why ( )8. --Would you like some drink? --_______. A. Here you are B.Yes, just a little C. Please give me some D. Yes, I like ( )9. If you are hungry ,you can buy_______ in a supermarket. A.water B.house C.drink D.food ( )10. Is there a pay phone ________the neighborhood? A.in B.on C.to D.off ( )11. I________ know where the post office is. A.not B.don't C.doesn't D.am not ( )12. Why______ he like koala bears? A.is B.are C.do D.does ( )13. ________late for school again. A.Not B.Not be C.Don't be D. Aren't ( )14. --___________pizza would you like? --A small one ,please A.What kind of B.What size C. How many D.How much ( )15. --________does your uncle do? - He is an engineer. A.What B.Where C.How D.Why 二、 完形填空 (10 分) It 16 Sunday yesterday . We had 17 classes. I got up at 6:30 18 morning. Then my mother and I went to the shop. We wanted to do some 19 . My mother wanted to buy some food 20 supper and I wanted to buy some school things: some books and a pen. The shop 21early in the morning. 22 a lot of people in the shop.

They were 23 , old and young. Some things in the shop were cheap ,some were not. We bought some food and school things. The people in the shop 24 friendly 25 . ( )16.A.is B.was C.it's D.it was ( )17.A.no B.not C.not any D.much ( )18.A.in B.in the C.at D.at the ( )19.A.shops B.shopping C.shopping D.shop ( )20.A.for B.to C.with D.at ( )21.A.open B.opening C.is opening D.opened ( )22.A. There is B.There has C.There were D.There have ( )23.A. man and woman B. mans and womans C. men and women D. a man and a woman ( )24. A.was B.were C.did D.have ( )25.A.for we B.to us C.for our D.to ours 三、 阅读理解 (30 分) A Billy and Sam were twins. They were in the same class. They were both very happy. One day their teacher asked the class to write a composition(作文)"My Mother". Sam wrote one, but Billy was lazy. He just copied his brother's. The next day, the teacher asked Billy why his composition was the same as Sam's. "We have the same mother, don't we?" answered Billy. 根据短文内容判断句子正误,正确的填 A,错误的填 B。 ( )26.Sam was older than Billy. ( )27.Sam and Billy were in different classes ( )28.The name of the composition was "My Mother" ( )29.Billy's composition was the same as Sam's ( )30.Billy was not lazy. He was very clever B TV PROGRAMMERS(节目) Channel 1 Channel 2 18:00 Around China 17:45 Computers today 18:30 Cartoon network 18:10 Chinese arts 19:00 News 18:30 English classroom 19:30 Weather report 18:50 Animal world 19:40 Around the world 19:25 China’s 2004 20:10 TV play: Sisters 20:20 Sports 21:00 English for today 21:00 TV play: Big family 21:15 Popular music 21:45 English news 21:55Talk show 22:00 Music ( )31. You want to know something about Japan, you can watch________ A.Weather report world ( )32. You are a football fan. You may watch TV at___________. A.19:00 on Channel 2 21:15Channel B.19:40Channel 1 C .20:20Channel 2 D. B.China's 2004 C.Around the world D.Animal

( )33. How long does the TV play "sisters" last(持续)? A 30 minutes . A.English news C ( )35. Children often like to watch_________. A.Cartoon network B.News C Two men are walking in the park. One is Mr. Brown , a worker, the other is Mr. Black. Mr. Brown is going to a chair. It is beside the road. Mr. Black is after him. Mr. Brown finds Mr. Black. Now Mr. Black begins to walk faster(更快). Because he wants to get to the chair before Mr. Black. Now Mr. Black begins to walk faster because he also wants to get to the chair first. Then they both run .Mr. Black runs faster than (比) Mr. Brown. So he gets to the chair first and sits down on it. Mr. Brown runs after Mr. Black. When he gets to the chair. He sees Mr. Black sitting on it. He is sorry to show a notice(通知)with the words "Wet Paint(油漆未干)"to Mr. Black . Now Mr. Black knows why Mr. Brown is going to the chair. ( )36. Where are Mr. Brown and Mr. Black? A.In the garden A.talking a chair ( )38._________is after _________at first A. Mr. Black , Mr. Brown C. Mr. Brown , Mr. Black ( )39.________get to chair first. A.The worker B.Mr. Brown C.Mr. Black B.it is his chair D.he wants to tell people "Wet D.A strange(陌生人) ( )40.Mr. Brown goes to the chair because__________. A.he wants to sit there Paint" D. Jim, Kate and Li Ming are doing the homework together(一起). Jim's spelling of "Monday" is wrong (错误). Kate tells him about it. Li Ming wants to borrow (借) an eraser from Jim or Kate. Jim says he has one and gives it to Li Ming. Li Ming thanks Jim for his help. Jim says, "You're welcome". Now Jim says "Thanks very much" to C.he wants to talk to Mr. Black on the chair B. The worker, Mr. Brown D. Mr. Brown The worker B.On the chair C.In the park D.Beside the road D.sitting on ( )37.What are they doing? They are________ B.walking to the chair C.holding a notice C.Weather report D.Sports B 50 minutes . C 90 minutes . D 120 minutes . ( )34. You can watch _______if you want to learn English. B.English classroom C.English for today D.A、B and

Kate for her help. Kate says "That's all right". The three children are students in a school in Beijing. Jim is from London. Kate is from New York. Li Ming is a Chinese girl. They are good friends. They often do homework and play games together. They often help each other (互相). ( )41. Jim is ________ . A. an English girl American boy ( )42. Kate helps Jim with ________. A. his spelling B. an eraser C. a ruler D. a pencil ( )43. Li Ming borrows ________ A. an eraser from Kate from Jim ( )44. The three students are ________ . A. not in the same class ( )45. They are ________ . A. doing homework room 四、任务型阅读 (5 分) One day an old man sells(出售) a big elephant. A young man comes to the elephant and begins to look at it slowly(慢慢地). The old man goes up to him and says near(在……附近) his ear. "Don't say anything about the elephant before I sell it, then you can get some meat." "All right." says the young man. After the old man sells the elephant, he gives the young man some meat and asks, "How can you see the bad ears of the elephant?" "I don't see the bad ears,"says the young man. "Then why do you look at the elephant slowly?" asks the old man. The young man answers, "Because(因为) I want to see what an elephant looks like." 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。 46. What does the old man sell? ____________________________________________ 47. Does the young man want to buy the elephant? ____________________________________________ 48. What does the young man get at last(最后)? ____________________________________________ 49. Does the elephant have two bad ears? ____________________________________________ 50. Why does the young man look at the elephant slowly? B. playing games C. reading D. cleaning the B. in U.K. C. in Beijing D. in USA B. an eraser from Jim C. a ruler from Kate D. a ruler B. an American girl C. an English boy D. an

____________________________________________ 五、 词汇 (15 分) (story) (five) floor. (A) 用所给单词的正确形式填空。(5 分) 51. He often tells us interesting 52. Daming lives on the 53. I am 54. He is

(surprise)that the door is open. (write) a letter to his pen pal. (help) me.

55. Thank you for

(B) 用所给的词或词组的适当形式填空。(10 分) go home, look after, Chinese, skirt, who

56. It's five in the afternoon. Let's _________. 57. -- Where is Yao Ming from? -- He's from _________. 58. -- Who's that girl in a red _________ --She is my sister. 59. -- _________ is this dress? --It's hers. 60. --Please _________ your things. --Thanks. A. That's a good idea B .I'm calling to thank you for your present. C. Yes, very much. D. Well, I saw many old things on show. E.I called you yesterday, but you were not in. 六、 交际用语 (10 分) 根据对话内容,从方框各选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。(5 分) A:Hello, Jim .This is Ann speaking. B:Hi, Ann. A: A: 61 62 It's a beautiful sweater. I really like the color. B:Do you like it? B: I think the blue is just the right color for you . By the way, you looked wonderful at the party. A:Thank you ,I really enjoyed it. A:What did you see? B: 64 A: Wow! Are there any new things ? B: Yes, many more! Why not go there and have a look? A: 65 But I don't know the way to the museum. 63 B:Oh, I'm sorry. I went to the Science Museum.

B:Don't worry. I'll go with you. A:Great! Thanks. 七、书面表达 (15 分) 暑假就要到了, John 想应聘一份做老师的社会实践工作,请你根据提示帮他设 计一份 60—80 词的应聘信。要点如下: 1.想得到这份工作,自我形象介绍。 2.你的能力:会说英语,擅长运动,如篮球,足球,游泳等 3.去年暑假你曾经在少年宫任过老师,带孩子们练过英语,和孩子们相处得很好。

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