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八年级第二学期英语期中试卷 (4)

(满分 110)

第一卷 听力 (30 分)

Ⅳ。听下面一段对话,将所缺部分补充完整。(1.5*10) One day, my classmates talked ______ with their friends, but I sat at my desk unhappily as ______, At that moment, a boy ______ the classroom. I didn't ______ who he was. He ______ me and then ______ back. He looked at me and, ______ a word, ______, I felt the _____ of something ______ and friendly.

第二卷 笔试 (70 分)
一.单项选择(1*15) ( )1.Please be careful, _____ you won't pass the exam. A and B so C that D or ( )2.The books _____ so much space of his room. A take off B take up C take away D take to ( )3.Our classroom is untidy, we must _____. A tidy them up B tidy up it C tidy it up D tidy up them ( )4._____ a result,he became a famous pianist. A As B To C With D By ( )5.The book is very _____ and I am _____ in it. A interesting;interesting B interesting;interested C interested;interesting D interested;interested ( )6.Can you tell me _____ the movie will begin?------At 7:30. A that B how C what D when ( )7.Thank you so much! -------__________. A Yes, I am B Ok C It doesn't matter D The same to you ( )8.Let's go to the policeman to _____ help A ask to B asking C ask for D asking for ( )9.The teacher warned the students _____ in class. A not to talk B no talk C not talk D to no talk ( )10.His first book ______ in 1998.

( ( ( ( (

A come to B come out C came out D came up )11.Why not _____ boating in the park? A to go B go C going D goes )12.I am not sure ______ there is life on the moon or not. A whether B where C what D why )13.Before you leave the room, please _____ the lights. A turn off B turn down C turn up D turn on )14.He has two sons and he likes living _____ ,but he doesn't feel ______ . A lonely; lonely B alone;alone C lonely ; alone D alone ;lonely )15.If you _____ here tomorrow,he will not be happy. A don't come B won't come C doesn't come D aren't come

二.完型填空 (1*10) Last week, my friend Da Wei brought a new computer game and _1_ play it _2__my father's computer.But my father has warned me _3_use his computer for _4_games because he used it for his job.I can use it _5_my homework.He thinks _6_ if I play _7_ on it, it will go wrong. But finally, we played games on it, and the computer had a virus.My dad was __8_,and I feel _9_.Should I _10_ to pay? 1.A ask B ask to C asked to D asked 2.A in B for C on D of 3.A to B about C of D not to 4.A playing B play C plays D playing 5.A to B for C on D about 6.A what B that C if D wether 7.A violin B back C games D music 8.A angry with me B happy C tired D excited 9.A happy B interesting C boring D terrible 10.A like B offer C want D need 三.阅读理解 (3*10) A David Smith is a student, and his hobby is writing. During the summer of 2001, he spent four weeks on a summer camp.As well as the usual activities, such as sailing, climbing and mountain biking, there was a writing workshop with a professional writer. "She asked them to imagine that they were in a story. Then they wrote about their experiences at the camp." His first book came out in 2003 ,as a result, he became a successful writer. He's also interested in playing volleyball, he hope that he can write more books in the future. 1.What's Davia Smith? A writer B teacher C doctor D student 2.He spent ____days on a summer camp. A 4 B 1.5 C 28 D don't know 3.When did he become a successful writer? A 2000 B 2001 C 2002 D 2003 4.How many hobbies does David have? A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 5.Which hobby is he interested in most? A sailing B playing volleyball C writing D climbing B People from all over the world make friends by writing letters. One way to find a pen friend is to join a club. International Pen Friends started in 1967 and has over 300.000 members in different countries. Their youngest member is eight years old, and their oldest member is over 80. Some people write to find out about life in another country, others want to practise their English, or enjoy their hobbies.Stamp collectors, for example, write to people in different countries so that they can collect the stamps on the letters. Most people just enjoy making friends, and they invite their pen friends to visit them. 1.How do people make friends? A by phone B by writing letters C by sending e-mail D by chatting on line 2.When did the International Pen Friends start? A 1966 B 1976 C 1796 D 1976

3.How old is the youngest member in it? A 6 B 7 C 8 D 9 4.people write letters to _____. A find out about life in another country C enjoy their hobbies 5.Stamp collectors write to _____. A collect stamps C invite their pen friends to visit them

B practise their English D all of them

B practise their English D find out about life in another country C I know about a really good website, called Photobox. If you like a photo, you can print it on your printer. And if you want to buy the photo, choose 'Buy' on the website page. If you don't like the photos, or if they are not good, don't save them.So, if you want to save money and get great photos, write down this website address: Photobox@soho.com 1.What's the website called? A Photo B good website C Photobox D Photos 2.If you like a photo, _________. A download it B print it on your printer C buy it D save it 3.If you want to buy the photo, __________. A choose 'Buy' on the website page B choose 'copy' C choose "Yes" D choose 'OK' 4.If you don't like the photos, __________. A save them B don't buy them C take them off D don't save them 5.,The website address is __________. A soho.com B Photobox@soho.com C soho website D Photobox 四.用所给词的适当形式填空 (10*0.5) 1.She warned us about _____(work) hard. 2.China is a ______(develop) country, America is a ______(develop) one. 3."How old are you?" is a ______(person) question, I won't ask you. 4.Lily is interested in ______ (play) the violin. 5.He always make us ______(laugh). 6.Every students work hard to get great ______(successful) at the middle exam. 7.Jim spent three years ______(learn) Chinese. 8.I refuse ______(tell) the lie. 9.He _____(pass) me and then turned back. 10.______(lady) and ______(gentleman), please welcome our star player ----Yao Ming. 五.句型转换 (2*5) 1.Remember to be an honest person.(改为同义句) ______ _____ ____ be an honest person. 2.We always read books on Tuesday.(改为同义句) We read books on Tuesday _____ _____ _____. 3.Tom likes helping other students,too.(改为同义句) Tom likes helping other students _____ _____. 4.My computer doesn't work.(改为同义句) There ___ _____ ______ ______ my computer. 5.I want to know how I can mend it.(改为同义句) I want to know how ____ _____ _____.

第三卷 附加题 (1*10)
书面表达 请谈谈你对“友谊”的认识,词数 60——70 个 _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________


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