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一.阅读下列短文,判断正误。 (A) I am Alice. My Chinese teacher is Rose. This is my English teacher. Her name is Mary Mary is a good teacher. I can spell her name. 1. My name is not Alice. My is Rose. 2. My English teacher is Rose. 3. Rose is a good teacher. (B ) Hi, I am Ann. I am thirteen. I am Number 8. 4,too. Jim is in Class 2, Grade 2. 1. My name is Jim. I am thirteen. 2. I am in Class 4 , Grade 1. 3. Jim is in Class 3 , Grade 2. 4. Jim and I are not in the same class.

I am in Class 2 ,Grade 1 . Jim is in Row

(C) It is Monday today. Boys and girls are here at school. Their teacher is here too. Her name is ZHANG YAN. Miss Zhang is very young. Look ,this is Class Four , Grade One. In the class, you can see a boy and a girl .The boy is fourteen. His name is LI LEI .The girl is ten. She is XIAO MEI. Li Lei’s friend is Mike. He is English. But he is not here. He is at home. 1. Today boys and girls are at home. 2. LI LEI and XIAO MEI are in Class One, Grade Four. 3. Miss Zhang is not old. 4. Mike is XIAO MEI’s girl friend. 5. Mike is an English boy. 二.阅读下列短文,回答下列问题。 PASSAGE 1 My name is LIN TAO. I am a Chinese boy. I’m in Class Four, Grade One. I’m twelve. I have an American friend. His name is Jim. He’s thirteen. We are in the same class. But we’re not in the same. 1. What’s your name? _________________________________ 2. How old are you ? __________________________________ 3. What class are you in ? __________________________________ 4. Is Jim in your grade ? ___________________________________ 5. Are you friends ? _______________________________


PASSAGE 2 I am a Chinese boy. My name is Li Lei. I am twelve. My sister’s name is Li Mei. She’s Fourteen. Li Mei and I are students. We like school. My mother is a teacher. She is a teacher of English. My father is a policeman. My young brother’s name is Li Hong. He is only four. We all like him. CHOICES: ( ) 1. Li Lei is _________. A. Japanese B. English C. American D. Chinese ( ) 2. Li Lei’s sister is__________. A. four B. twelve C. fourteen D. eleven ( ) 3. Li Lei’s mother and father are__________. A. studenr and teacher B. policeman and student C. all teacher D. teacher and policeman ( ) 4. _________like school. A. Li Mei and Li lei B. Li Hong and his mother C. Li Lei and his father D. Li Mei and his mother ( ) 5. How many brothers does Li Lei have? A. Three. B. Two. C.One. D.Four. PASSAGE 3 Today we have two new students in our school. They are American. They are twins. They look the same. Their names are Lucy and Lily. They are in Class 3, Grade 1. Their mother and father are teachers. They teach English in the same school. But they are not in Lucy and Lily’s school. CHOICES: ( ) 1. Lucy and Lily are_________. A. English B. in Class 2 C. twins ( ) 2. Lucy and Lily_________new students. A. are B. have C. do ( ) 3. They come from__________. A. China B. Japan C. England ( ) 4. Lucy and Lily look__________. A. like sister B. after their brother C. at the picture D. the same ( ) 5. Their father and mother teach___________. A. Chinese in the same school B. Chinese in the different(不同的) schools C. English in Lucy and Lily’s school D. English in the other school (2 )

D. Friends D. ask D. America

PASSAGE 4 This is a picture.. In the picture you can see a school. The school is Pei Xin Middle School. You also (也) see a boy and a girl. They are at school. The boy is Lingling and the girl can is Fangfang. They are good friends. Lingling is twelve. Fangfang is twelve, too. They are in the same class. Miss Gao is their teacher. CHOICES: ( )1. __________is Fangfang and Lingling’s teacher. A. Miss Wang. B.Mrs Gao. ( )2. The boy and the girl are________ A.at school. C. behind the hill. ( )3. Lingling and Fangfang are__________. A. good students. C. all eleven. ( )4. They are in__________. A. Pei Xin Middle School. C. Peixin Middle School. ( )5. You can see the school__________. A. in a book. C. in a picture.

C. Miss Gao. B. at home . D. under a tree. B. in different grades. . D. good friends.

D.Mr Gao

B.pei xin Middle School. D.Pei xin Middle School. B.on the blackboard D. on the wall.

PASSAGE 5 Look at the picture. There is a boy in the picture. He is in the boat. There are some birds in the sky. There are two hills and some flowers in the picture, too. Can you see a river(河) ?Yes, I can.. it’s a very nice picture. CHOICES: ( )1. There is_____ in the picture. A. a boy B. a girl C. a man D. a woman ( )2. Where is the boy ? he’s_______. A. behind the house B. in the boat C. under the tree D. near the river ( )3. Are there any birds in the sky ? A. Yes, there are. B. No, there aren’t. C. Yes, there aren’t. D. No, there are. ( )4. Where can you see the trees ? A. Near the river. B. Near the flowers. C. Near the hills. D. Near the house. ( )5. Can you see a river ? A. Yes, it is. B.Yes, I can. C. No. it isn’t. D. No, I can’t,

(3 ) PASSAGE 6 This is the twin’s bedroom. The two beds looks the same(看起来像). This bed is Wang Lei’s. It is near the window. That one is Wang Fang’s. It’s behind the door. The twins have one desk and two chairs. Their clock, books and pencils are on the desk. Their schoolbags are on the chairs. Wang Lei’s shirt is on his bed. On Wang Lei’s bed there is her skirt. It’s yellow. The room isn’t big, but nice. CHOICE: )1. This is_______ bedroom. A. your B. my C. our D. Wang Lei and Wang Fang’s ( )2. Wang Lei and Wang Fang are________. A. friends B. brother and sister C. sisters D. brothers ( )3. The bed behind the door is __________. A. Wang Lei’s B. Wang Fang’s C. theirs D. different ( )4. _______on her bed. A. Wang Lei’s sweater B.Wang Lei’s yellow shirt C. Wang Fang’s skirt D. The sweater ( )5. The bedroom is __________. A. not big but new B.new C. nice D. big and nice ( PASSAGE 7 Look at the picture. What can you see? In the picture there is a big table with a lot of things on it. There are three bottles of orange juice, two glasses of milk, some bread, cakes and so on.. look, there is a cat under the table. It’s Kate’s cat. Its name is Mimi. I think it like them very much. No, Mimi. You can’t have them . All the things on the table are not for you . they are for Jim and Kate. They have them for lunch.. POLLY is a bird. Now it’s on the window. It’s eating a banana. CHOICE: ( )1.There is a big table with ________ on it. A. many things B. three bottles of orange C. two glasses of milk D. some bread and cakes ( )2. Where is the cat? It’s _________. A. behind the door B. under the table C. near the window D. on the floor ( )3. What’s the name of Kate’s cat ? A. Mimi B. Polly C. Xiao Mi D. Mary ( )4. All the things on the table are for __________ A. Jim and Kate B. Jim and Mimi C. Jim and his father D. Kate and her mother ( )5.Which sentence is right ? A.The cat is eating bread . B. Jim is having breakfast. C.Polly is eating a banana. D. Kate is having lunch.

(4 )

PASSAGE 8 My name is Mary Green and I’m a teacher of English. I am American. But I have many students here in China.The girl in the red hat is Lin Hong. She is twelve. She is in Row One . Behind her is Lucy ,a new student .She is English. Her father, Mr Black is a teacher of English ,too. The boy in the green sweater is Li Lei. He is on duty(值日) today. He is thirteen. His father is a policeman. CHOICE: ( )1. Who is Mary Green ? A. She is an English woman . B. She is Li Lei’s teacher. C. She is Lin Hong’s mother. D. She is Mr Black’s friend. ( )2. Where is Mary Green now? A. She is in China. B.. She is in English. C. She is in American. D. She is in her room. ( )3. Which girl is Lin Hong ? A.The one in the red skirt. B. The one in the white blouse C. The one in the black trousers. D. The one in the red coat . ( )4.What colour is Li Lei’s sweater ? A. It’s blue. B. It’s red. C.It’s green. D. It’s yellow. ( )5.Which one is right? A. Lucy is not Chinese. She is American. B. Li Lei’s father is a teacher of English. C. Mary Green is an English teacher. D. Mr Black is a Chinese teacher. PASSAGE 9 Tom is a student. Dick is his classmate. They are from American. They are in Grade 6. Their classroom is on the second floor. Dick is twelve and Tom is twelve, too. Now Dick’s father is in China and teaches English here. His mother is a nurse and works in America. They all like China very much . CHOICE: ( )1. Dick and Tom _________ in Grade 6. A. am B. is C. are D. aren’t ( )2. Dick’s classroom is on the________ floor. A. first B. second C. third D. fourth ( )3. Dick’s father is an English ________. A.teacher B. driver C. doctor D. worker ( )4.They were born (出生) in _________. A. 1987 B.England C. China D. the same year ( )5. Dick and his father are in _________,and his mother is in _________. A. China , England B. America, China C. China , America D. England , America

(5 )

PASSAGE 10 I have a good friend in my home. It’s a bird . Its name is Polly. It’s three. It’s yellow and beautiful. I play with it after school. My classmate ---- Ann and Kate often come and see it. Polly can sing every day. I teach it to sing ABC. Now it can sing ABC. I like it very much. . CHOICE: ( )1.Who is my good friend in my home? A. Polly B.Ann ( )2. Is Polly a bird? A.No, it is . B. No, it isn’t . ( )3. How old is Polly ? A. One B. Five ( )4. Who teaches Polly to sing ABC? A. I do. B. You do. ( )5.Where is Polly ? A. It’s at school . C. It’s in the sky(天空).

C. Mike C. Yes, it is. C. Three C. She does .

D. Kate D. Yes it isn’t . D. Four D. He does.

B. It’s in my home. D. It’s in the tree.

PASSAGE 11 My friend, Mr Clock, has many clocks. There are about 150 clocks in his house . Some are new and some are old. You can see clocks in every room. The rooms are small for so many Clocks, and each clock doesn’t have the same(相同的)time . Mr Clock likes those clocks very much. He cleans them once a week(一周一次) . CHOICES: ( )1. Are Mr Clock’s clocks all new ? A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t. C. Yes, they aren’t . D. No, they are. ( )2. Where can you see the clocks ? A. In every room . B.In some room C. In the kitchen (厨房) D. In the bathroom (浴室) ( )3. How are the rooms for so many clocks ? They’re ________. A. big B. large C. very small D. small ( )4. Each clock has the ________ time. A. right B. wrong C. often D. different ( )5. Mr Clock _______ cleans his clocks . A. never (从不) B. always (总是) C. often D. rarely(偶尔)

(6 )

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