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复习课作业单(三) 一.用所给单词的适当形式填空,补全句子。 1. – Is this_________(you) computer? --No, it isn’t. My computer is over there. 2. Tang Tao has a lovely(可爱的) dog.__________ (it) name is Wangwang. 3.I’m looking for ________ (I) notebook. 4. –David. What’s your sister’s name? --Oh,________ (she) name is Mary. 5.Jim likes________(he) new watch very much. 6.The girl behind_________ (she) is our friend. 7._________ (Jim) grandpa is sixty-five years old. 8.This is ______ (we) new English teacher, Miss Liu. 9. –Peter, is this_________ (you) watch? -- Yes, it is. Thank you. 10. __________ (he) uncle is Mr. Xu. 二.选择方框内的词,并使用其正确形式填空(每个词只能使用一次) box, what, is, you, brother 1. My grandma _______ eighty. 2. 2. A: __________ is that over there? B: It’s a dog. 3. A: Who’s that boy? B: He’s my _________. 4. A: Here is a gift for you. B: Thank ________. 5. Where is your cat? B: My cat is on the _________. are, maths, like, who, cousin 6. My sister Linda __________ bananas. 7. There ________ two balls under the table. 8. Does your _________ have a ping-pong ball? 9. Where is my ________ book? 10. __________ is your English teacher? 三. 用所给代词的适当形式填空,补全句子。 1. Sheis Kate. This is _________ (she) eraser. 2. This is Jim. ________ (he) book is here. 3. The boy is ten. _________(he) is English . 4. Excuse ________(I ), is this your book? 5. That’s my eraser. __________ (it) is on the desk. 6. The chair has lost one of ________(it) legs. 7. Could you pass________(she) a piece of paper, please? 8. That is not_______ (I) kite. 9. Do you like to play with __________(she)? 10. – Is this ________ (you) watch? 四. 根据短文内容,用所给单词填空,完成短文(每个单词只能使用一次)

is, some, dictionary, on, my Look at the desk. It is ________ desk. It’s big. An English _________ is on the desk. A book is ________ the dictionary. _________ flowers are on the desk, too. A pencil case __________ in the desk. My desk is tidy(整齐的). student, America, Chinese, class, eats Kate Green is from _________. She is a _________. She goes to school from Monday to Friday. After ________ she plays games and basketball with her classmates. She can speak a little________. She often _________ lunch at school. has, interesting, play, doesn’t, like My name is Jim. I __________ basketball every day. It’s every day. It’s very ________. I don’t have a basketball, but my friend LiLei_______ one. I like strawberries and salad. I also ________ bananas and oranges. But I don’t like carrots. LiLen likes carrots and oranges, but he _________ like salad or chicken. supermarket, home, Sundays, red, like We go shopping on __________. I often go to the _________ with my mother. My father likes fruits very much, so we buy some _________ apples for him. My mother _________ yellow bananas, but the bananas in the supermarket are green. The oranges are very nice. My mother buys some for me. After shopping, my mother and I have some food in KFC. Then we go _________ together. 口语作业 : 家长听写 : ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 家长签字:_____________

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