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娄底市 2014-2015 学年下学期期末文化素质检测试卷

时量:90 分钟 分值:120 分 (温馨提示:请将答案写在答卷上。)

Ⅰ .听力技能(共三部分,计 20 分)
A)反应 根据你所听到的对话,选择最佳答案回答问题。(共 5 小题,计 5 分) 1. Where is the backpack? A. On the desk. 2. What does Jane want to do? A. To join a chess club. A. At 6:30. A. It’s warm and sunny. 5. What would Bob like? A. Fruit salad and hamburgers. B. French fries and ice cream. C. French fries and hamburgers. 听下面一段对话,回答第 6-7 小题。 6. What can you see on Center Street? A.A park. 7. How is Center Street? A.It’s busy. B. It’s quiet. C. It’s old. 听下面一段对话,回答第 8-10 小题。 8. Can Jane go to the movies this evening? A. Yes, she can. A. She can’t go out. B. She can’t watch TV. C. She can’t play the computer games. 10. What is the rule in Jane’s house? A. She has to get up early. B. She can’t play the piano. C. She has to clean her room. B. No, she can’t. C. I don’t know. 9. What can’t Jane do on school nights? B. A post office. C. A library. B. To sing a song. B. At 7:00. C. To join a music club. C. At 7:15. 3. What time does Nick have breakfast? 4. How is the weather in Sydney? B. It’s cool and windy. C. It’s cold and rainy. B. On the bed. C. On the dresser.

B) 短文理解。根据你所听到的内容,从 ABC 三个选项中选出最佳答案。(共 5 小题,计 5 分) 11. Jack Smith is a _________. A. teacher A. two sons 13. How old is Gina? A.12 A. sing A. Play sports. 16. Su Lin is in _________ . 17. Su Lin is visiting his __________. 18. He is studying ________ in a summer school. 19. He is also visiting some of his old __________. 20. The weather is _________ and sunny there. B. 13 B. speak Chinese B. Play the guitar. C.14 C. play the guitar C. Teach English. 14. Both Tom and Gina can __________. 15. What do Tom and Gina often do? C) 笔录要点 根据你所听到的内容,填写下面所缺的信息单词。(共 5 小题,计 5 分) B. musician B. two daughters C. doctor C. a son and a daughter 12. Jack Smith has __________.

Ⅱ . 知识运用(共两部分,计 30 分)
A)单项填空(共 10 小题,每小题 2 分) 21.— you play — No, I can’t. A. Do; the 22. — B. Can; 不填 do you usually have breakfast? B. Where C. How C. Are;不填 basketball?

— I usually have breakfast at 7:00. A.What time 23. — ________ _______? — She is of medium built. A. What is Lily? B. What does Lily do. C. What does Lily look like? 24. — What is your sister doing? — She________ my mom with cooking. A . helping 25. — is the weather? B. How; raining C.What; rainy — It’s ______. A. How; rain B. helps C. is helping

26.— What ___ you do last Sunday? — I _____ for the math test. A. do; study —_____________. A. Yes, please. A. different 29._______ a book on the desk? A. Has 30. ______ talk in the library. A. Don’t B. Not C. Not to 31 the window and 35 he B)完形填空(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分) A train stopped at a small station. A man on the train looked saw a woman. She was selling cakes, and people from man 33 to buy a cake, but the woman wished someone to buy him a cake. Suddenly he saw a boy walking on the platform(站台) boy!” the man said. “ 36 from him. “Come here, two cakes. “One is 37 is a cake, do you know?” “Ten cents(美分).” the boy answered. 34 32 train were buying them. The B. Has C. Is there B. No, I don’t. B. differently C. Yes, I do. C. in differently 28. Many people often describe the same person _________. B. did; studied C. was; studied 27. —Would you like some milk?

far from him. It was raining

The man handed(交给)the boy twenty cents and asked him 38 for me, and 39 for you.” he told the boy.

After a while, the boy came back. He was eating a cake. He gave the man ten cents and said, “There is only 40 31. A. in 32. A. a 33. A. wanted 34. A. stands 35 A. and 36. A. not near 37. A. How many 38. A. buys 39. A. the cake 40. A. two cakes .” B. for B. an B. asks B. was B. but B. not far B. What B. to buy B. no cake B. only one cake C. out of C. the C. like C. were C. when C. far C. How much C. bought C. the other C. a lot of cakes

Ⅲ . 阅读技能(共五部分,计 50 分)
A)判断(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分) 根据短文内容,判断句子的正(T)误(F)。

My family went camping in a small village in India. First, we took a long bus ride to a lake in the countryside. There we put up our tents and made a fire to keep us warm and cook food on. On the first night, we just sat under the moon and told each other stories. But I was so tired that I went to sleep earl y. The next morning, my sister and I got a terrible surprise. When we looked out of the tent, we saw a big snake sleeping near the fire. I was so scared that I couldn’t move. We shouted to our parents to let them know about the danger. My dad started to jump up and down in the tent. This woke the snake up and it moved into the forest near the lake. My dad told me later that snakes don’t have ears but can feel things moving. He also told me it was important not to go near a snake. This was a very useful lessons for me. 41. The writer’s family took a bus to a lake near their home. 42. On the first night they told each other stories. 43. The next morning the parents saw the snake first. 44. The father jumped up and down and the snake moved away. 45. Snake can feel things moving with their ears. B) 选择(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分) 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案填空。 Bill had a great time last weekend. He visited his uncle in Beijing with his parents. On Saturday morning, they took a bus there. His aunt and cousin Nancy were happy to see them. After lunch in a restaurant, his aunt took them to the Palace Museum. In the evening, they saw a movie. Bill’s parents said it was great. On Sunday morning, they went to Tian’an Men Square. They took many photos there. It was rainy in the afternoon. So they went shopping. After dinner they went home by bus. 46. Bill visited his A. his friend A. Bill and his family A. saw a movie A. the Palace Museum last weekend B. parents . C. Bill’s uncle C. went to the Palace Museum . C. the restaurant C. on Sunday afternoon B. their friends B.Took a bus C. uncle

47. Bill’s aunt and cousin were happy to see 48. On Saturday evening, they_________ . 49. Bill and his parents took many photos in 50. Bill and his parents went to shopping _________. A. on Saturday afternoon B. on Sunday morning, C) 选择(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分) 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案填空。 You’re welcome, ladies and gentlemen.

B. Tian’an Men Square

Everything in our restaurant is cheap and delicious. Let’s have a l ook. For breakfast, you can eat porridge, eggs and noodles. For lunch and dinner, you can have rice, dumplings,

different kinds of meat and vegetables. There are also some drinks for you. Come to our restaurant, please. It’s a good place to have a meal(餐). Breakfast: Porridge ($1.00), eggs ($1.00), noodles ($2.50-$5.00). Lunch and dinner: rice ($1.00), dumplings ($5.00), cabbage($6.00), carrots($8.00), potatoes($8.00), chicken ($12.00), fish($15.00), mutton($18.00), green tea ($2.00), iced tea($3.00), orange juice($4.00). Business(营业)hours: Mon.-Fri. 6:30a.m.-9:30 p.m.; Sat.-Sun. 7:00a.m.-10:00 p.m. 51. What can you eat for breakfast in the restaurant? A. Dumplings. B. noodles. C. Iced tea. 52. You can have a meal in the restaurant __________. A. at 6:40 on Saturday morning C. at 11:30 on Sunday night 53. If you have rice, cabbage, and green tea for lunch, you need to pay __________. A. $8 chicken and __________. A. iced tea A. A waiter. B. orange juice B. A doctor. C. green tea C. An actor. 55. What does the speaker probably(可能) do? B.$9 C.$10 54. Mr. Black goes to he restaurant with$23 for dinner. He can order rice, potatoes, B. at 11:30 every morning

D) 答问 (共 5 小题,每小题 2 分) 根据短文内容,简要回答问题 Dear Linda, Thanks for your letter. I’m glad to hear you can come on Sunday. When you drive over to my house, it’s easy to find the station. It’s a little difficult after that. So here are some instructions(说明). Drive past the station. You can’t turn left into Garden Road, then go across the traffic lights into New Street. There’s a football ground on your left. Go straight ahead, past the bank, and turn left into Green Road. Turn left again into High Street. River Street is the first on the right. My house is in River Street, on the right. See you on Sunday! Love, Ann 56. Is it easy to find the station? 57. When will Linda visit Ann? 58. Who doesn’t live in River Street, Ann or Linda? 59. Is there a football ground in New Street? 60. Who is the letter from? E) 摘录信息 (共 5 小题,每小题 2 分)

阅读短文,在后面两个表中填入相应的信息,每空不超过 1-2 个单词。 We often talk about the weather. If we want to know about the weather, we can listen to the radio to know about the weather. We can watch the Weather Show on TV . And we can ask other people in two different ways, “What’s the weather like today?” or “How is the weather today?” We can also know about the weather from the internet (互联网) . When it’s cold, we need to wear warm clothes and scarves. When it’s rainy, we need raincoats or umbrellas. When it’s hot, we need a cool place and want a cold drink. How to know about Listen to radio. 62 TV. Ash other people . Know from the internet. 61 ?

What should we to do ? Cold 64 Hot Wear 63 and scarves.

Wear raincoats or take umbrellas Go to a cool place and have a 65 .

IV. 书面表达 (共两部分,计 20 分)
A) 翻译(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分) 阅读短文,将文中划线部分译成汉语。 I think today’s school trip was terrible. 66. 我们我们乘坐火车去博物馆。 It was so hot on the slow train. 67. The museum was big and boring. Everything was about robots and I’m not interested in that. 68. The rooms were really dark and it was difficult to take photos, so I didn’t take any. There were also too many people and I couldn’t really see or hear the guide. 69. The things in the gift shop were so expensive. 70. 我一点都不喜欢这次旅行。 B). 作文 (10 分) 假设你的英语老师是 Mr. Green, 美国人, 三十岁,高个子, 有点胖,金色短发,通 常穿着牛仔裤、T 恤衫和运动鞋,爱看电视和读书。请用英语对这位老师做个简单介绍。 要求: 1. 语句通顺,书写规范,不得出现真实姓名、班级和校名。 2. 内容应包括所有要点,可适当 发挥。词数在 50 词以上。

娄底市 2014-2015 学年下学期期末文化素质检测试卷 七年级英语试题听力材料
A) 反应 根据你所听到的对话,选择最佳答案回答问题。 1. A: Where’s my backpack? B: Oh, it’s on your bed. 2. W: Hi, Mike. I want to join the music club. M: Oh, can you sing, Jane? W: Yes, I can. 3. A: What time do you usually get up, Nick? B: I usually get up at 6:30. And I have breakfast at 7:15. 4. A: Hi, Kate. How’s the weather in Sydney? B: Oh, it’s great. It’s warm and sunny. 5. A: I’d like fruit salad and hamburgers. What about you, Bob? B: I’d like some French fries and ice cream. 听下面一段对话,回答第 6-7 小题。 A: Do you live on Center Street, Nancy? B: Yes, I do. A: What’s on the street then? B: Well, there is a big supermarket, a bank, a post office and a hotel on it. A: Then it’s a very busy street. B: Yes. I often go there to buy some food . 听下面一段对话,回答第 8-10 小题。 A: Can you go to the m ovies with me this evening, Jane? B: No, I can’t. A: Why? B: Because I can’t go out on school nights. A: That’s too bad. B: I have many rules in my house. A: Like what? B: I must clean my room. And I have to play the piano every day. B) 短文理解 根据你所听到的内容,从 ABC 三个选项中选出最佳答案。 Jack Smith is a teacher. He is from England. He teaches English in our school. He has two children. Tom is his son. He is my good friend. He is 12 years old. His sister is Gina. She is 14 years old. Gina can play the guitar. They can both speak a little Chinese. They often play sports and go to movies together. They all like Chinese movi es. C) 笔录要点 根据你所听到的内容,填写下面所缺的信息单词。 Hello, I am Su Lin. I am having a great time visiting my aunt in Canada! She is working here and I am going to summer school. I am studying English and I am learning a lot. I am also visiting some of my old friends. I am so happy to to see them again. It’s warm and sunny

and it’s very relaxing here.

娄底市 2014-2015 学年下学期期末文化素质检测试卷 七年级英语试题参考答案
1-5 BCCAB 16. Canada 17. 6-10 Aunt BABAC 18. 11-15 ACCBA 20. warm

English 19. friends

21-25 BACCB 36-40 BCBCB 51-55 BBBCA 56. Yes, it is. 59. Yes, there is. 61. the weather 64. rainy

26-30 BABCA 41-45 FTFTF

31-35 CCABA 46-50 CAABC

57. On Sunday.

58. Linda.

60. It’s from Ann. 62. Watch 65. cold drink 63. warm clothes

66. We took the train to the museum. 67. 博物馆又大又无聊。 68. 房间很暗, 很难拍照, ... 69. 礼品店的东西太贵了。 70. I didn’t like the trip at all.

作文: My English Teacher My English teacher is Mr. Green. He is an American. He is 30 years old. He is tall and a little fat with short blond hair. He usually wears jeans, a T-shirt and sports shoes. He likes watching TV and reading books. I like him because he is really handsome and fun. He is a good teacher.

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