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高中英语必修五人教版课件:unit 3 life in the future 3.1_图文

Unit 3Life in the 【文章导语】 What can you imagine our life will be in the future?Will it become more boring or exciting? 你能想象我们未来的生活是什么样子吗?它会变得更加乏味还是 更加令人兴奋呢? We don’t know how different our life will be in the future.We can only try to imagine it. At first we think about human relationship.In the year 2050,we will use computers almost every day.We will be making new friends through the Internet—even our husbands or wives will be met in this way.On the other hand,our relationships with people won’t be as important as they are today—we will feel a little lonely. Computers will also help us in many other activities in 2050.For example,they will be used by the children at school to make their learning easier.In addition,there will be many other machines which will play a similar role as computers,like robots which will do the housework for us. Spending holidays will also be completely different.Traveling to other planets or to the moon will be available for everyone.Means of transport will,of course,change,too.We will be using solar-powered cars,which will be much more environmentally friendly. We could expect that the faster technological progress would lead to a more polluted environment.But it isn’t true.We will pay more attention to protecting the environment.And,scientists will probably find cures for many dangerous diseases,like cancer or AIDS.Therefore,our surroundings as well as health will be in a better condition. Although we can’t predict the exact changes which will be made in the world,I think we should be rather sanguine about our future.We should believe good things will happen in the future. 译文 我们不知道未来的生活会有何不同。我们只能试着去想象它。 首先我们想一下人际关系。在2050年,我们将几乎每天都使用电 脑。我们将通过网络交新朋友——即使我们的丈夫或妻子也将以 这种方式相遇。另一方面,人与人之间的关系不像今天这么重要— —我们将感到有点孤独。 2050年,电脑还将在许多其他活动中帮助我们。例如,孩子们将 使用电脑来帮助他们更加容易地学习。此外,还有许多其他的机器 起着与电脑相似的作用,如帮助我们做家务的机器人。 度假也将完全不同。对于所有人来说,去其他行星或月球度假都 是可能的。当然,交通方式也将改变。我们将使用太阳能汽车,这 将环保得多。 我们可能预料,更快的科技进步会导致环境污染更严重。但是这 不是真的。我们将更加注意保护环境。并且科学家们将可能找到 许多治疗危险疾病的办法,如癌症或艾滋病。因此,我们的环境和 健康将处于一种更好的状况。 虽然我们不能准确地预测出世界上将发生的变化,但是我认为我 们应该对未来充满信心。我们应该相信未来会发生好的事情。 典句欣赏 In addition,there will be many other machines which will play a similar role as computers,like robots which will do the housework for us. 此外,还有许多其他的机器起着与电脑相似的作用,如帮助我们做 家务的机器人。 理解诱思 1.What does the passage mainly talk about? A.How people will communicate in the year 2050. B.What our life will be like in the year 2050. C.How people will travel and spend their holidays in the year 2050. D.What high technolog

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