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? In this movie ,the protagonist lili who is a famous singer falls in love with a male singer who is not popular named wenlong. The girl gave up her own business in order to make the man famous. Eventually, the girl runs out of all her money to elevate the man’s social status. When the man gains his fame, he marries another girl who is a beautiful singer too. The man abondones his former wife when she is pregnant. To our shock, the man tells his former wife lili he doesn't love her. The reason he marries her is just because of the money and fame. Desperately, the woman chooses to live in the country side and gives birth to a baby.

? From then on the woman is in a poor health because of losing a lot of blood when give birth to the baby. One time, the boy has a fever, but it rains heavily outside. There is only one way to save the kid by picking the herb in the mountain. She almost lost her life because of the rain and muddy road. When the boy attended the kindergarten, the mother's body is fragile, even though the boy is laughed at by his classmates, he never complains of this to his mother. He prepares the dishes and does the most housework for his mother. They loves each other and lives happily.

? However, the boy's grandmother comes back and tells the mother to give the kid to her son for he can not have a baby anymore because of a car accident. After taking the boy's future into consideration, she promised to give the kid back. Her heart is broken. It is the same with the boy. The little boy tries to come home to see his mother secretly twice. he begged his mother to let him accompany her.

? At the ending of the movie the boy is making a speech about his mother in front of his teachers and classmates while his mother is in hospital. All of the audience are moved and cried. I cry too. "The best people in the world is the mother" is a song we often heard when we are young is broadcast during this time. The mother's love is so important for all of us. ? We should cherish the love and every minute being together with her. Our mother is the best person in the world.


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