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Vocab Test Template


R1 *R2 *R3 *R4 R5 R6 R7 *R8 R9 A AB/ABS (abduct) AC/ACR ACT/AG (action) AD AL/ALI/ALTER AM AMB AMBI/AMPH without off, away fr., apart, down

R18 BE to be, to have a particular quality, to exist good war twice, both

R19 sharp, bitter R20 to do, drive, force, lead to, toward, near other, another love to go, to walk both, more than 1, around of body, mind, and soul year before human, man against away R21



*R15 APO (apology)

*R16 ARCH/ARCH/ARCHY chief, ruler, principal R17 AUTO self



*B1 *B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9 Abate Aberrant Abscond Abstain Abyss Adulterate Advocate Aesthetic Aggrandize to reduce in amount, severity, degree deviate fr. norm/expected B24 to leave silently B25 to choose not to do sth B26 deep hole B27 to make impure to speak in favor of re apprec. Beauty to inc power, rep., influence *B30 Audacious *B10 Alacrity *B11 Alleviate B12 B13 Amalgamate Ambiguous speed, willingness to make more bearable to combine uncertain/doubtful, >1 interp to make better, improve out of place in time alike or same; equiv to dev. fr. norm to annoy/provoke to anger extreme dislike w/o emotion/interest q. authority/authenticity B31 Austere severe or stern in appearance; undecorated fearless, daring *B28 Assuage to make unpleasant situation less severe to reduce in force/degree; weaken Articulate speak clearly/expressively Ardor intense passionate feeling Archaic ancient; old fashioned Arbitrate to judge resoln btw 2 parties *B22 Approbation B23 Arbitrary praise, approval det. by chance/impulse

*B29 Attenuate

B32 B33 Banal Bolster expected, cliché, boring to support, propr up pompous behavior/speech to grow and flourish to polish

*B14 Ameliorate *B15 Anachronism B16 B17 B18 Analogous Anomaly Antagonize

*B34 Bombastic B35 B36 Burgeon Burnish

*B19 Antipathy *B20 Apathy *B21 Apocryphal



*R22 CAD/CID (cascade) R23 *R24 R25 R26 R27 CANT/CENT/CHANT CAP/CIP/CEPT (capture) CAP/CIPT/CIPIT CARD/CORD/COUR CARN to fall/ happen by chance to sing R44 to take, to get head, headlong heart flesh cut to go, yield, stop centre decide, judge, separate, distinguish time around, on all sides cut close/shit to shout, cry out to lean twds together, with running, a course to grow believe/trust 3 R52 CULP blame R42 CRYP hidden to lie down *R43 CUB/CUMB

R45 DAC/DOC to teach down, away fr., completely, reverse ppl apart, w/o to speak, tell, use words worth apart, away fr., reversal, not opinion suffer pain to give doubt to lead hard abnormal, faulty

*R46 DE (depart) R47 R48 R49 R50 *R51 DEM DI/DIA (dichotomy) DIC/DICT/DIT DIGN (dignity) DIS/DIF (disperse, disparate) DOG/DOX



R32 R33 R34

*R53 DOL R54 R56 DON/DOT/DOW (endow) DUB


*R57 DUC/DUCT (conduct) *R58 DUR (endure) R59 DYS



B37 Cacophony harsh, jarring noise impartial + honest in speech *B38 Candid B39 B40 B41 B42 B43 Capricious Castigate Catalyst Caustic Chaos

B55 B56 changing mind quickly/often punish/criticize harshly sth change sth else biting in wit confused situation, great disorder person prejudiced in favor of group deception craft/guile cautious, aware of potential consequences to bring together to form single whole well-reasoned, convincing *B66 Disabuse to set right, free fr. error to perceive/recognize entirely/fund. Different present false ap; disguise true intent/nature harsh/disagreeable combo firmly held opinion (religion) dictatorial in 1’s own opinion deceive 1 easily deceived pardon, overlook, disregard B67 Discern Disparate person w/ expert knowledge or discrim taste complicated, intricate supporting evidence B70 Dissonance Dogma Dogmatic Dupe too trusting, gullible B71 inc. volume/force B72 B73 *B57 Deride *B58 Desiccate *B59 Desultory to speak/treat w/ contempt; to mock to dry out completely disconnected, jumping fr. on thing to another abusive, condemnatory speech w/o self-confidence to expand, enlarge intended to delay person w/ amateur/ superficial interest in topic funeral song/mournful spch Decorum Deference appropriate conduct/speech, propriety respect, courtesy



B44 B45 B46

Chauvinist Chicanery Circumspect

*B61 Diffident B62 Dilate

*B63 Dilatory *B64 Dilettante B65 Dirge

B47 B48 B59 B50 B51 B52 B53 B54

Coalesce Cogent Condone Connoisseur Convoluted Corroborate Credulous Crescendo


*B69 Dissemble



*R60 R61 R62 E/EF/EX (evade) EPI (epilogue) EQU out, out of, from, former, completely upon equal to wander becoming R83 good, well R84 R66 EXTRA beyond, outside R85 GN/GNO GRAD/GRESS (egress) GRAT (grateful) know step pleasing R80 R81 FRA/FRAC/ FRAG/FRING FUS (profuse) to break to pour

*R63 ERR (errant) ESCE *R64 (adolescent) R65 EU

R82 GEN birth, creation, race, kind

*R67 FAB/FAM (fable) FAC/FIC/FIG/ FAIT/FEIT/FY FER (offer) FERV (effervescent) FID (fidelity) FIN FLAG/FLAM FLECT/FLEX FLU/FLUX FORE FORT (x2)

speak R86 HER/HES (adhere) H(ETERO) H(OM) HYPER to stick different same over, excessive under, beneath, more than to do/make R87 to bring, carry, bear to boil, bubble faith end burn bend flow before chance/strength 5 R88 R89

*R68 R69 R70 R71 R72 R73 R74 R75 R76 R78 &9



B74 B75 B76 B77 B78 B79 Eclectic Efficacy Elegy Eloquent Embellish Emulate selecting or made fr. wide variety of sources effectiveness mournful speech moving/persuasive (spch) add orna/fictitious details

*B94 Exigent B95 B96 Exonerate Explicit

urgent, req. imm. Action to clear fr. blame clearly stated/shown; forthright in expression

B97 Fanatical act w/ excess enthusiasm; filled w/ extreme, unquestioning devotion. to grovel feverish; intensely emotional exc. embellished/ornate incite, arouse happen by chance/fortunate cheap/thrifty

to copy; try equal/excel to reduce in strength to produce, cause, bring abt puzzle/mystery count, list, itemize lasting a short time to use expressions w/ double meaning to mislead wandering, unpredictable learned, bookish, scholarly known/understood by few *B105 Gregarious B98 *B99 Fawn Fervid

*B80 Enervate *B81 Engender B82 B83 B84 Enigma Enumerate Ephemeral

*B100 Florid *B101 Foment B102 B103 Fortuitous Frugality

*B85 Equivocate B86 B87 B88 Erratic Erudite Esoteric

*B104 Garrulous outgoing, sociable tending to speak a lot deceit, trickery easily deceived

*B89 Estimable B90 Eulogy

admirable B106 speech in praise B107 Gullible use inoffensive wd/phrase in place of distasteful one to make worse to clear fr. blame; prove inn. Guile

*B91 Euphemism B92 B93 Exacerbate Exculpate

B108 Homogenous of a similar kind



R91 IDIO one’s won in, into not, w/o between, among *R92 IM/IN/EM/EN R93 R94 IM/IN INTER

R104 MAG/MAJ/MAX big bad, wrong, evil, ill hand small to project, hang over to send mixed to remind/warn shape death change *R105 MAL/MALE R106 R107 MAN MIN

*R108 MIN

R109 R95 R96 R97 JECT (eject) JOIN/JUNCT JUR to throw, thrown down meet, join to swear R110 R111 R112


R98 R99 R100 R101 R102 LAV/LUT/LUV LECT/LEG LEV (levitate) to wash select, choose lift, light, rise

R113 R114

R115 R116 NAT/NAS/NAI NIC/NOC/NOX to be born harm rule, order name announce new

LOC/LOG/LOQU word, speech LUC/LUM/LUS light to play





B109 Iconoclast 1 who opposes est. customs, beliefs and institutions not capable of being disturbed impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected quick to act w/o thinking

B125 B126

Latent Laud

potential not readily app to give praise/glorify extremely generous/ extravagant; to give unsparingly acting in indifferent/slow, sluggish manne talkative clear + easily understood bright, clear, glowing

B127 B110 Imperturbable


B128 B129

Lethargic Loquacious Lucid Luminous

B111 B112 B113

Impervious Impetuous Implacable

B130 unable to be calmed down or made peaceful not fully formed; disorganized show innocent, child-like simplicity hostile, unfriendly harmless B134 *B118 Insipid *B119 Intransigent w/o interest/flavor uncompromising; refusing to be reconciled to overwhelm, cover w/ water easily made angry B135 B136 B120 Inundate B137 B138 B139 B131

*B114 Inchoate

*B132 Malinger B133 Malleable Metaphor Meticulous Misanthrope Mitigate Mollify Monotony to evade responsibility by pretending to be ill capable of being shaped figure of spch comparing 2 diff. things; a symbol ext. careful abt details a person who dislikes others to soften, lessen to calm/make less severe no variation; tediously same



*B116 Inimical B117 Innocuous

*B121 Irascible

*B122 Laconic B123 Lament using few words to express sorrow/grieve a state of dim. energy 8

B140 Na?ve lack sophist/experience

*B124 Lassitude


*R121 OB/OC/OF/OP R122 OMNI to, towards, against, over all


to fold, twist, bend, tangle

R140 R141

PON/POS/POUND to place (repository) PORT POST PRE to carry after before to take, seize, get much, for, a lot to prove, test to fight to point; to prick

R123 R124 R125 R126 R127 R128 R129 R130 R131 *R132 PAC/PEAC PAN PAR PARA PAS/PAT/PATH PAU/PO/POV/PU PED PED/POD PEN/PUN (penalty) PEND/PENS (depend, stipend) peace everyone equal next to, beside feeling, suffering, disease few, little, poor child foot

R150 R151



R157 QUE/QUIS (query) to seek quiet R158 QUI

to pay/compensate to hang, weight, pay completely around to go, seek, strive love to please to fill

*R133 PER (persistent) R134 PERI

*R135 PET/PIT (petition) R136 R137 R138 PHIL PLAC (placate) PLE (plethora)



*B141 Obdurate hardened in feeling; resistant to persuasion overly submissive/eager to please stubborn, unyielding to prevent/make unnecessary to stop up; prevent passage of troublesome/oppressive; burdensome impossible to see through; prevent passage of light public disgrace



charity; desire/effort to promote goodness calm/unemotional in temperament to soothe/pacify capable of being molded, shaped or bent excess practical to throw violently, bring about abruptly, lacking deliberation to lie, deviate fr. truth fresh/clean; uncorrupted complete honesty/integrity nat. inclination/predispos. lavish, wasteful to inc. in no. quickly to conciliate, appease acting in proper manner; obeying rules/customs wisdom, caution, restraint sharp/irritating to senses

*B158 Phlegmatic B159 B160 P161 P162 Placate Plastic Plethora Pragmatic

*B142 Obsequious B144 B144 Obstinate Obviate

*B145 Occlude



*P163 Precipitate



*P164 Prevaricate P165 Pristine Probity

*B148 Opprobrium B149 Ostentation

P166 excessive showiness

*B167 Proclivity B168 Prodigal Proliferate

B150 B151 Paradox Paragon contradiction/dilemma model of excellence, perfection person who shows off learning willing to betray one’s trust done in routine way/indiff to penetrate to be present throughout/permeate 10


*P170 Propitiate P171 P172 P173 Propriety Prudence Pungent

*B152 Pedant *B153 Perfidious B154 B155 B156 Perfunctory Permeate Pervasive

*B174 Quiescent motionless


R159 RID/RIS (risible) R160 ROG (interrogate) to laugh to ask


TAIN/TEN/TENT/TIN to hold (obtain) TEND/TENS/ TENT/TENU THEO to stretch/thin God to drag, pull, hold across

*R177 R178

R161 R162 R163 R164 R165 R166 SACR/SANCT/SECR sacred SAL/SIL/SAULT/SULT to jump/leap SCI SCRIBE/SCRIP SE (separate) SEC/SEQU to know to write apart

*R179 TRACT (tractor) R180 TRANS

R181 US/UT to use

to follow to sit/be still; to plan/plot to feel/be aware R184 *R169 SOL (dissolve) R170 SPEC/SPIC/SPIT (perspective) STA/STI SUA SUB/SUP SUPER/SUR to free/loosen *R185 to look/see R186 R171 R172 R173 R174 to stand; be in place smooth under over R190 VOL VOR to wish to eat R187 R188 R189 VERS/VERT (revert) VI (vivacity) VID/VIS (vision) VIL VOC/VOK (vocation) to turn life to see base, mean to call VERD green *R182 R183 R168 SENS/SENT VEN/VENT (convene) VER (veracity) to come/move fwd truth SED/SESS/SID *R167 (preside)

R175 TAC/TIC (tacit)




*B175 Rarefy B176 Repudiate to make thinner/sparser to reject validity of

*B190 Vacillate B191 Venerate Veracity Verbose Vex Viscous to physically waver or be indecisive to respect deeply filled w/ truth & accuracy wordy to annoy thick & adhesive like slow flowing liquid easily aroused/changeable; lively or explosive

*B177 Reticent B178 Rhetoric

silent, reserved B192 effective speaking/writing B193 B194

B195 B179 Satiate to satisfy fully/overindulge causing sleep/lethargy deceptively attractive; seemingly plausible but fallacious mark of shame/discredit unemotional, lacking sensitivity lofty/grand B196 Volatile *B180 Soporific

*B181 Specious



B197 Waver to fluctuate btw choices acting in fanciful or capricious manner, unpredictable

*B183 Stolid B184 Sublime



*B185 Tacit *B186 Taciturn B186 Tirade done w/o using words silent, not talkative long, harsh speech/verbal attack extreme physical/mental sluggishness temporary, lasting a brief time 12

B199 Zeal passion, excitement





Additional Vocab

E1. E2. E3. E4. E5. E6. E7. E8. E9. Abase Abash Abject Abjure Abnegate *Abolitionist Abrogate Absolve *Abstemious to humble/disgrace to embarrass

E21. Agrarian E22. Alacrity E23. Allusion miserable, pitiful E24. Allusiveness to reject/abandon by formal means to reject/denounce E26. Ambulatory p. who rejects slavery E27. Amenable to abolish/invalidate by authority to free from blame mod in appetite difficult to understand in touch/be in contact w/ sour in taste/manner highest point, summit sharpness E34. *Anodyne old saying/proverb skillful, accomplished, highly competant high praise to sketch, outline in shadowy way accidental nook/nest built high in air E35. Antepenultimate E32. *Anathema E28. Amorphous E29. *Amortize E30. Anachronistic E31. *Analgesia E25. Altruism

re farming/agri matters cheerful willingness, eagerness, speed indirect ref qual of making indirect ref unselfish conc for ors’ welfare itinerant; re walking @ agreeable, cooperative having no definite form dim by install p’mts outdated sth that lessens pain w/o losing consciousness ban/curse; sth shunned/disliked accessory, subord, helping sth that soothes/calms pain 3rd from last

E10. Abstruse E11. Abut E12. Acidulous E13. Acme E14. Acuity E15. Adage E16. Adroit E17. Adulation E18. *Adumbrate E19. Adventitious E20. Aerie

E33. Ancillary

E36. Anthropomorphic human qualities E37. *Apace E38. *Aperture E39. *Aphelion E40. Aphorism 13 done quickly an opening/hole plc planet’s orbit farthest fr. sun old saying/short pithy stmt

Additional Vocab E41. Apostate (n) E42. *Apothegm E43. *Apotheosis E44. Arable (adj) E45. Arboreal E46. Arboretum p. renounces rel faith short, instructive saying glorification, glorified ideal suitable for cultivation re trees/living in trees place where tree displayed/studied secret, obscure, known only to few grp of islands ext dry; deathly boring E68. Auspicious E50. Arrogate E51. Arsenal E52. *Artless E53. Ascetic (adj) E54. Asinine E55. Askance E56. Askew E57. Asocial E58. *Asperity E59. *Aspersion E60. Assail to demand, claim arrogantly ammunition storehouse open and honest E71. Axiom self-denying, austere, abstinent Ain lacking intel/sound j’mt Arsenide scornfully tilted/crooked unable/unwilling to interact socially harsh, rough false rumor, damaging report, slander to attack/assault containing arsenic E69. Autocrat E70. Avarice E63. Assiduous hardworking, diligent, persistent appt for lovers’ meeting; assignment re the stars, elevated position in different parts to waste away, wither fr. disuse having favorable prospects, promising dictator greed premise, postulate, selfevident truth own E61. Assay E62. *Asseverate to analyze/estimate to affirm positively/earnestly

E64. *Assignation

E65. Astral E66. Asunder (adv) E67. Atrophy (v)

E47. Arcane E48. Archipelago E49. Arid


Additional Vocab

E72. Baleful E73. Balk (v) E74. Bastion E75. Beatific E76. Becalm E77. Becloud E78. Beguile E79. Belfry E80. Belie E81. Bellicose E82. Bemuse E83. Benighted E84. Benison E85. Besmear E86. Betoken E87. Bilious E88. Bilk E89. Billet E90. Biped E91. Blandish harmful, w/ evil intent to shirk, refuse, prevent

E92. Blight (v) E93. Blithe E94. Bluster fort/stronghold saintly, angelic to calm down; to keep motionless by lack of wind to confuse; dark w/ clouds E98. Byway to deceive/mislead; charm bell tower to misrep; expose as false warlike, aggressive to confuse, stupefy; plunge deep into thought unenlightened blessing to smear to indicate, signify, to give evidence of bad-natured to cheat/defraud board lodgings for troops two footed animal to coax w/ flattery E95. Bonhomie E96. Bromide E97. Bursar

to afflict/destroy joyful, cheerful; w/o app thought to boast/make threats loudly good natured geniality; atmos of gd cheer dull commonplace p/idea treasurer back/side road


Additional Vocab

E99. Cabal secret grp to overturn sth a lie

E116. *Cephalic

re the head shame, embarrassment, humiliation to chew noisily watchful, cautious, extremely shy trick, fraud, decept impossible, visionary, fanciful, imaginary short tempered, easily angered re color rude to go around, avoid mild indulging to excess name, nickname dia, conv, conf spacious, roomy sum compl/brief agreeable, friendly feeling guilty or having misgivings feeling of unease caused by guilt/regret

E117. Chagrin

E100. Canard E101. Canny

E118. Champ (v) smart; based on common sense affectedly or hypocritically pious or righteous spacious, roomy extensive to submit completely, surrender to lean to one side E124. Churlish E106. Carom E107. Carp (v) E108. Cartography E109. *Catechism E110. Caulk E111. Cavalcade E112. *Cavalier (adj) E113. *Cavil E114. Censorious E115. Centripetal strike & rebound E125. Circumvent to find fault w/; complain constantly art of making maps book of instruction; formal questions watertight a procession happy, carefree; w/ lordly disdain to raise triv objs E133. Compunctious severely critical moving/heading twds centre 16 E134. Compunction E126. Clement E127. *Cloying E128. *Cognomen E129. Colloquy E130. Commodious E131. Compendious E132. Complaisant E119. Chary E120. Chicanery

E102. *Canting

E103. Capacious

E121. Chimerical

E104. Capitulate

E122. *Choleric E123. Chromatic

E105. Careen

Additional Vocab E135. Concatenate (adj) E136. Concomitant E137. Conflagration E138. Congruity E139. Consanguineous E140. *Continence E141. *Contumacious E142. Contusion E143. Convalescence E144. Convivial linked together accompanying sth big dest fire corresp, harm, agmt same origin/rel by blood self-restraint/control rebellious bruise grad recov after ill sociable; fond eat/drink people to call together, summon flirt abundance pamper, treat w/ great care sml grp of ppl w/ similar purpose to favor, support to annul/cancel; make contrary order to counteract; to exert force ats cowardly greed 17 E155. Curmudgeon cranky p.

E145. Convoke E146. Coquette E147. Cornucopia E148. Cosset

E149. Coterie E150. Countenance (v) E151. *Countermand

E152. *Countervail E153. Craven E154. Cupidity

Additional Vocab

E156. *Dearth E157. Decamp E158. Declivity E159. *Decry E160. Deflation E161. *Deleterious E162. Demagogue E163. *Demur E164. *Denigrate E165. Denude E166. Deplore E167. Deprecate E168. Derivative E169. Derogate E170. *Descry E171. Despot E172. Detractor E173. Diaphanous E174. Dictum E175. Didactic lack, scarcity, insuff to leave suddenly downward slope to belittle, condemn openly decrease depreciation harmful, destructive, detrimental p. uses emot/prej to app

E176. Diffract E177. *Disaffected E178. Disclaim E179. Discomfit E180. *Discompose E181. Disconsolate E182. Discursive E183. Disgorge E184. *Disingenuous express doubt/objections to slur, blacken rep to make bare; undress to feel/express disapp; feel deep regret to belittle, disparage copied/adapted, not orig E189. Distaff to belittle, disparage, deprecate to discover/reveal tyr ruler 1 who takes sth away allow light; delicate pop saying, auth stmt exc instructive E190. Diurnal E191. Divest E192. *Divisive E193. *Doctrinaire E194. Dogged (adj) E195. Dogmatic E196. Dolor E185. Dispassionate

sep into parts (esp. light) disloyal, discontented deny/disavow to cause perplex/embarr to disturb comp/serenity unable to be consoled; ext. sad wander fr topic to topic vomit, discharge violently sly and crafty w/o emotion; impartial and unbiased to dishearten, make dejected difference of opinion to spread out; to pursue pleasure to excess female head of family daily to get rid of creating disunity/conflict rig dev to theories stubborn, persistent rig fixed in op, opinionated sadness

E186. Dispirit E187. *Dissension E188. *Dissipate


Additional Vocab mental decline, senile cond senile old person courageous gloom, sullen; stern, severe amusing in wry, subtle way waste from metal; garbage angry indignation pleasing to ear fool, pawn suff indigestion; gloomy irritable

E197. Dotage E198. Dotard E199. *Doughty E200. *Dour

E201. Droll

E202. *Dross E203. *Dudgeon E204. Dulcet E205. Dupe (n) E206. *Dyspeptic


Additional Vocab

E207. Earthy E208. Ebullient E209. Edifice E210. *Edify E211. Editorialize E212. Effluvia E213. Effrontery E214. *Effulgent E215. *Effusive E216. Egregious E217. Emend E218. *Emolument E219. Emotive E220. Encipher E221. Encomium E222. Endemic E223. Endogamous E224. *Enjoin crude full of enthuse/high spirits; exhilarated building instruct mor/spiritually

E227. Epigraph E228. *Epithet E229. Epitome

quote begin lit work abusive word/phrase summary; rep of entire grp re part time/epoch; v significant/influential calmness, composure stray, mistaken, roving fake avoid, abstain fr/ to marry, supp/adv hungry, greedy belief/chara of grp harmonious body mmt to clearly show, signify, display to denounce utt destestable to urge/incite by strong appeal (foment) to wander; discuss/describe at length drive 1 away fr. hmland to make amend/atone champion/advocate

E230. Epochal E231. Equanimity

to exp. op. on issue E232. Errant outpour gas/vapor E233. Ersatz audacity; impudent boldness brilliantly shining exp. emot w/o restraint ext. bad correct text profit/salary/fee/comp appeal to emot/senses E240. *Excoriate trans msg into code E241. Execrable warm praise belonging to part area; inherent marry w/in law/custom urge, order, command, prohibit/forbid (judo rd) boredom, lack int/energy short witty saying; poem 20 E242. Exhort E234. *Eschew E235. Espouse E236. *Esurient E237. Ethos E238. Eurhythmics E239. *Evince

E243. *Expatiate

E244. Expatriate (v) E245. *Expiate E246. Exponent

E225. *Ennui E226. Epigram

Additional Vocab E247. Expound E248. Expurgate E249. Extemporaneous to elaborate, inc/exp to censor spur of the moment, unrehearsed to lessen serious, strength, effect of to estimate

E250. Extenuate E251. Extrapolate


Additional Vocab

E252. Facetious E253. Facile E254. Facility E255. Fallacious E256. Fallow E257. Fastidious E258. Fatuous witty in inapp way very easy aptitude, ease in doing sth wrong, unsound, illogical uncultivated, unused careful w/ details

E272. Foible E273. Foil (v) E274. Foist E275. Foliate E276. Forbearance E277. Ford (v)

minor weakness/chara flaw to defeat, frustrate to pass off as genuine to grow, sprout leaves patience, restrain, leniency to cross water at shallow place re legal proceedings/debates study of argumentation and debate to prevent pitiful in appearance to abandon, w/draw fr. to repudiate, renounce, disclaim, reject to fall helplessly, sink unruly, rebellious leaf to explode w/ anger excessive, overdone, sickeningly abundant

E278. Forensic stupid; smugly/unconc foolish E279. Forensics E259. Feckless E260. Febrile E261. Fecund E262. Felicitous E263. Felicity E264. Fell (adj) E265. Fetid E266. Fey E267. Fictive ineffective, careless, irresponsible E280. Forfend feverish E281. Forlorn fertile, fruitful, productive E282. Forsake suitable, app; well spoken E283. Forswear feeling great happiness cruel foul-smelling, putrid doomed fictional, imaginary use obstructive tactics in legis to prevent adoption of measure fussy, difficult to please being fixed/stable to treat contemptuously, scorn 22 E284. Founder (v) E285. Fractious E286. Frond E287. Fulminate E288. Fulsome

E268. Filibuster

E269. Finicky E270. Fixity E271. Flout

Additional Vocab

E289. Gainsay E290. Gall (n) E291. Garner E292. Gauche E293. Gaucherie E294. Gibe (v) to deny bitterness, careless nerve to gather and store crude, socially awkward

E299. Hallow E300. Hector E301. Hegemony E302. Helix tactless/awkward act E303. Hemicycle to make heckling, taunting remarks fluent in an insincere manner; offhand, casual pompous talk, fancy but meaningless lang free, costing nothing relating to sense of taste E304. Hermetic E305. Heterodox E306. Hew semicircular form/structure tightly sealed unorth, not widely accepted to cut w/ an ax exc. rigid; dry and stiff wilderness very old; whitish/gray fr. age emph imp of whole and interdependence of parts widespread destruction (fire) public honor and respect to farm; manage carefully and thriftily purposeful exaggeration for effect abnormally low body temp to make holy; treat as sacred a bully, braggart leadership, domination (usually by a country) a spiral

E295. Glib

E296. Grandiloquence E297. Gratis E298. Gustatory

E307. Hidebound E308. Hinterland E309. Hoary E310. Holistic E311. Holocaust E312. Homage E313. Husband (v)

E314. Hyperbole E315. Hypothermia


Additional Vocab

E316. Ignoble E317. Ignominious E318. Ilk E319. Illimitable E320. Immure E321. Impassive E322. Impecunious E323. Impious E324. Impolitic E325. Importune E326. Imprecation E327. Improvident E328. Imprudent E329. Impugn dishonorable, not noble in chara disgraceful, dishonorable type/kind limitless to imprison showing no emotion poor, having no $

E335. Incongruous E336. Incontrovertible E337. Inculcate E338. Inculpate E339. Incumbent (adj)

incompatible, not harm unquestionable, beyond dispute to teach; impress in mind to blame; charge w/ crime holding specified office (pol); required, obligatory never tired bound by anor contract to accuse formally, charge w/ crime very poor habitually lazy, idle place ceremoniously in off too great to be estimated inflexible, unyielding reputation for bad deeds extremely tiny disease, ailment lacking fame/honor; shameful ungrateful person to bring oneself purposefully into anor’s good graces entrance

E340. Indefatigable E341. Indenture E342. Indict

not devout in religion unwise to ask repeatedly, beg curse w/o planning/foresight, negligent unwise to call into Q, attack verbally foolish, silly, lacking significance blood-red in color combustible, flammable, burning easily beginning to exist/appear; in an initial stage perceptive, penetrating E343. Indigent E344. Indolent E345. Induct E346. Inestimable E347. Inexorable E348. Infamy E349. Infinitesimal E350. Infirmity E351. Inglorious E352. Ingrate

E330. Inane E331. Incarnadine E332. Incendiary

E353. Ingratiate

E333. Incipient E334. Incisive

E354. Ingress


Additional Vocab E355. Iniquity E356. Innuendo E357. Inscrutable E358. Insentient E359. Insoluble E360. Insubstantial E361. Insouciant E362. Insular E363. Insuperable E364. Insurgent (adj) E365. Insurrection E366. Intemperate E367. Inter to bury E368. Internecine E369. Interpolate E370. Interpose E371. Interregnum E372. Intersperse E373. Interstice E374. Intimation E375. Intractable sin, evil act indirect & subtle criticism; insinuation imposs to und. fully unfeeling, unconscious unable to be solved/expl modest, insignificant carefree; nonchalant; free fr. concerns/worries isolated, detached insurmountable, unconquerable rebellious, insubordinate E385. Iota rebellion E386. Iridescent extreme, not moderate E387. Irreverent to get rid of deadly to both sides to insert; change by adding new wrds/mats to insert; to intervene interval btw reigns to dist. among, mix w/ a space btw things clue, suggestion not easily managed E388. itinerant wandering fr. place to place, unsettled disrespectful showing many colors very tiny amount E383. Invidious E384. Inviolable likely to provoke ill-will, offensive safe fr. violation/assault E376. Intramural E377. Intrepid E378. Inure E379. Invective E380. Inveigh E381. Investiture w/in institution like school fearless to harden; accustom; become used to verbal abuse protest strongly ceremony conferring authority confirmer, long-standing, deeply rooted

E382. Inveterate


Additional Vocab

E389. Jaded tired by excess/overuse; slightly cynical to cast off; throw cargo overboard to shift suddenly fr. one side to anor. belligerent (aggressive, confrontational) support of one’s country

E402. Largess E403. Laxity E404. Leery

generosity, gift carelessness suspicious trickery humor, frivolity, gaiety 1 who believes in unrestricted freedom immoral; unrestrained by society right to possess & sell property of debtor clear and simple in style medicinal liquid used externally to ease pain to treat as a celebrity easily flexed, limber, agile moving & bending w/ ease; graceful discolored fr. bruise; red fr. anger mmt fr. place to place moo sorrowful, mournful bring object; celebrity; source of inspiration harshly shocking, sensational; glowing

E390. Jettison

E405. Legerdemain E406. Levity E407. Libertarian

E391. Jibe

E392. Jingoism

E408. Licentious

E409. Lien

E393. Keen (adj) having a sharp edge; intellectually sharp, perceptive re motion; chara by mmt fate

E410. Limpid E411. Liniment E412. Lionize E413. Lissome E414. Lithe

E394. Kinetic E395. Kismet

E396. Lachrymose E397. Lackadaisical E398. Laggard E399. Lambaste E400. Lapidary E401. Larceny tearful idle, lazy; apathetic, indiff dawdler, loafer, lazy p. disapprove angrily

E415. Livid E416. Locomotion E417. Low (v) E418. Lugubrious E419. Luminary re precious stones theft of property E420. Lurid


Additional Vocab

E421. Machination E422. Macrobiotics plot/scheme prolong life by sp. diet of organic non-meat substs system as entity w/in subsystems whirlpool; turmoil; agitated state of mind

E440. Megalomania E441. Mendacious E442. Mendacity E443. Mendicant E444. Mercenary (adj)

mental state w/ delusions of wealth/grandeur dishonest a lie beggar motivated only by greed quick, shrewd, and unpredictable imag circle passing through 2 poles of the earth courageousness; endurance microorganism tiny system used as analogy for larger system menacing, threatening 1 who behaves criminally incorrect name/designation note/letter re memory; designed to assist memory a small amt ext. plain/secluded (monastery) large block of stone composite picture

E423. Macrocosm

E424. Maelstrom

E425. Magnanimous generous; noble in spirit E426. Mainstay E427. Maladroit E428. Malapropism E429. Malefactor E430. Malodorous E431. Manifest (adj) E432. Mannered E433. Manumission E434. Martinet chief support clumsy/tactless humorous misuse of word evil-doer; culprit foul-smelling obvious artificial/stilted in character release fr. slavery strict disciplinarian; one who rigidly follows rules one who enjoys pain/humiliation overly sentimental p. who resists adherence to a group sickeningly sentimental huge stone used in prehistoric structures 27

E445. Mercurial

E446. Meridian

E447. Mettle E448. Microbe E449. Microcosm E450. Minatory E451. Miscreant E452. Misnomer E453. Missive E454. Mnemonic E455. Modicum E456. Monastic E457. Monolith E458. Montage

E435. Masochist E436. Maudlin E437. Maverick E438. Mawkish E439. Megalith

Additional Vocab E459. Mordacious E460. Mordant E461. Moribund E462. Mote E463. Motley E464. Mottle E465. Multifarious E466. Munificent E467. Munitions E468. Myopic caustic, biting sarcastic dying, decaying E470. Natal small particle, speck E471. Nebulous many-colored; composed of diverse parts marked w/ spots diverse generous ammunition near sighted E477. Niggardly E478. Nihilism E479. Noisome E480. Nomenclature stingy belief that existence & trad. values are meaningless stinking, putrid terms used in part. science or discipline existing in name only; negligible conc. not following from apparent evidence lacking interesting or distinctive qualities; dull an insignificant person period of being beginner or novice coin collecting E472. Nefarious E473. Neologism E474. Neonate E475. Nettle (v) E476. Nicety vague, cloudy vicious, evil new word/expression newborn child to irritate elegant/delicate feature; minute distinction re birth

E469. Nascent starting to develop, coming into existence

E481. Nominal

E482. Non Sequitur

E483. Nondescript E484. Nonentity E485. Novitiate E486. Numismatics


Additional Vocab

E487. Obeisance E488. Obfuscate E489. Objurgate E490. Oblique E491. Obloquy E492. Obsequy E493. Obstreperous E494. Obtuse E495. Odious E496. Officious E497. Ontology E498. Opalescence E499. Opaque E500. Optimum E501. Ordain E502. Ornithologist E503. Orotund E504. Ossify E505. Ostensible E506. Overstate show of respect/submission to confuse/obscure to scold indirect, evasive; misleading, devious abusive lang; ill repute funeral troublesome, boisterous, unruly insensitive, stupid, dull hateful, contemptible too helpful, meddlesome theory re nature of existence iridescent, displaying colors imperv to light; diff to und most favorable degree to make s’one priest or minister; to order bird scientist pompous turn to bone; become rigid apparent to embellish, exaggerate

E507. Overt E508. Overweening E509. Overwrought

in the open, obvious arrogant agitated, overdone


Additional Vocab

E510. Pacific (adj) E511. Pacifist E512. Paean E513. Palaver E514. Paleontology E515. Palisade E516. Pall (n) E517. Pall (v) E518. Palliate E519. Pallid E520. Panacea E521. Pandemic E522. Pandemonium E523. Panoply E524. Pariah E525. Parity E526. Parley E527. Parochial E528. Parsimony E529. Partisan (adj) calm, peaceful 1 opposed to war

E530. Partisan (n) E531. Pastiche E532. Patent (adj) song of praise/thxgiving E533. Pathos idle talk E534. Patrician study of past geological eras thru fossil remains fence made up of stakes E536. Paucity covering that darkens or obscures; a coffin to lose strength/interest to make less serious, ease lacking color/liveliness cure all spread over whole area or country chaos or loud noise impressive array E544. Pensive outcast E545. Penumbra equality E546. Penury discussion (btw enemies) E547. Perambulate of limited scope/outlook; provincial stinginess E549. Perdition biased in favor of 30 E548. Percipient E537. Peccadillo E538. Peculation E539. Pediment E540. Pejorative E535. Patrimony

strong supporter pc of lit/music imitating other works obvious, unconcealed pity, compassion aristocrat inheritance/heritage derived from father scarcity, lack minor sin/offence theft of money/goods triangular gable on roof having bad connotations; disparaging transparent; translucent; easily understood inclination expressing sorrow for sins or offences, repentant thoughtful partial shadow extreme poverty walk about discerning; able to perceive complete, utter loss; damn

E541. Pellucid E542. Penchant E543. Penitent

Additional Vocab profound, substantial; concise, succinct, to the pt expressing sorrow loud sound; wailing sound stale, overused expressn applause crude, vulgar; low class to use diligently; to engage; to join together re air; worked by compressing air tend twds opp extremes shrewd, practical; diplomatic 1 who lacks courage speaking many langs weighty, heavy, large to speak in pretentious manner bottom, rear drinkable monarch/ruler w/ great pwr uncertain principle/law hasty, quickly, w/ too little caution

E550. Peregrinate E551. Peremptory E552. Perennial E553. Perihelion E554. Peripatetic E555. Periphrastic E556. Pernicious E557. Perpend E558. Perspicacious E559. Pert E560. Pertinacious E561. Pertinent E562. Perturbation E563. Pettish E564. Phalanx

to wander fr. plc to plc imperative; dictatorial

E570. Pithy E571. Plaintive

present throughout the yrs; persistent pt in orbit nearest sun moving fr. plc to plc. containing too many wds very harmful ponder, reflect shrewd, astute, keenwitted lively, bold persistent, stubborn applicable, appropriate disturbance fretful massed grp of soldiers, ppl or things narrow minded p.; s’one lacking apprec for art/cult coldness/indifference

E572. Plangent E573. Platitude E574. Plaudit E575. Plebian E576. Ply (v)

E577. Pneumatic E578. Polarize E579. Politic E580. Poltroon E581. Polyglot E582. Ponderous E583. Pontificate E584. Posterior E585. Potable

E565. Philistine E566. Phlegm E567. Picayune E568. Pillory

E586. Potentate petty, of little value to expose to ridicule or abuse fleeting feeling of hurt pride E587. Precarious E588. Precept E569. Pique E589. Precipitous 31

Additional Vocab E590. Preclude E591. Precocious E592. Predestine to rule out unusu adv at young age to decide in advance E611. Propitious E612. Proscribe E613. Proselytize E614. Protean E615. Protract E616. Provident E617. Providential E618. Provincial favorable, advantageous to condemn; forbid/outlaw to induce s’one to rel

E593. Preponderance maj. in no.; dominance E594. Prepossessing E595. Presage E596. Prescient E597. Prestidigitation E598. Presumptuous E599. Privation E600. Probity E601. Profligate E602. Profundity E603. Progenitor attractive, engaging, appealing to foretell, indicate in adv having foresight sleight of hand rude, improperly bold

assume diff form/chara to prolong, draw out, extend prudent, frugal prudent, lucky rustic, unsophisticated, limited in scope lustful, exhibiting lewd desires childish, immature, silly boxing quarrelsome, eager + ready to fight pwrful, mighty, potent careful in obs rules of behavior/ceremony an authority or critic re punishment lacking vision/insight process of cleansing, purification cowardly

E619. Prurient lack of usual nec/comfort honesty, highmindedness corrupt, degenerate great depth originator, forefather, ancestor in direct line prediction of disease o/come; any prediction to predict E626. Punitive E606. Prolix E607. Promontory E608. Promulgate E609. Propagate E610. Propinquity tedious, wordy E627. Purblind pc of land/rock higher than surroundings to make known publically E629. Pusillanimous to breed nearness 32 E628. Purgation E622. Pugnacious E623. Puissant E624. Punctilious E625. Pundit E605. Prognosticate E620. Puerile E621. Pugilism

E604. Prognosis

Additional Vocab

E630. Quadruped E631. Quaff E632. Quandary E633. Quaternary E634. Querulous E635. Quibble E636. Quicken E637. Quiescence animal having 4 feet to drink heartily dilemma, difficulty consist or relating to 4 units or members inclined to complain; irritable

E641 Raconteur E642 Rail (v) E643 Raillery E644 Ramshackle E645 Rancor E646 Rapacious argue insig/irrelevant details E647 Rapprochement having a cordial rel-ship to hasten, arouse, incite E648 Ratiocination inactivity, stillness E649 Reactionary ext. conservatism (pol) irritating; repellent resisting authority/control formally w/draw or disavow stmt/opinion tendency to repeat previous behavior re obscure learning; known only to a few disloyal; cowardly moral uprightness room where meals served deflect sound/light obstinately resistant govt rule/systematic plan methodical/logical reas-ing skilful, witty storyteller to scold w/ bitter/abus lang lighthearted jesting likely to collapse bitter hatred greedy; predatory

most typical example; E638. Quintessence concentrated essence E639. Quixotic E640. Quotidian overly idealistic; impractical occurring daily; commonplc

E650 Rebarbative E651 Recalcitrant E652 Recantation

E653 Recidivism

E654 Recondite E655 Recreant E656 Rectitude E657 Refectory E658 Refract E659 Refractory E660 Regimen


Additional Vocab to move backward; revert to earlier form/state response to assign to class, esp. lower one to protest/object reborn, coming into being again resist pressure; obstinate torn apart meal/mealtime abundantly supplied repetition (esp. music) morally unprincipled p. hymn/rel. service for dead to return/repay interval of relief splendid, brilliant impatient, uneasy, restless to slow, hold back grp of attendants w/ imp p. shy, modest, reserved to regroup, reorganize; curtail, restrict applying to an earlier time E692 Ruminate E693 Rustic to contemplate, reflect upon rural E688 Risible E689 Roil E690 Rostrum E691 Rube causing laughter; ludicrous to disturb/cause disorder stage for public spking unsophisticated p. fr. rural area having backward motion or direction humorous in vulgar way widespread, prevalent; abundant an open space to divide a retort

E661 Regress E662 Rejoinder E663 Relegate E664 Remonstrate E665 Renascent E666 Renitent E667 Rent E668 Repast E669 Replete E670 Reprise E671 Reprobate E672 Requiem E673 Requite E674 Respite E675 Resplendent E676 Restive E677 Retard (v) E678 Retinue E679 Retiring E680 Retrench E681 Retroactive

E682 Retrograde E683 Ribald E684 Rife E685 Rift (n) E686 Rift (v) E687 Riposte


Additional Vocab

E694. Sacrosanct E695. Salacious E696. Salient E697. Salubrious E698. Sanguine E699. Sapient E700. Sardonic E701. Savant E702. Scabrous E703. Scale (v) E704. Scapula E705. Schism E706. Scintilla E707. Scintillate E708. Scion E709. Scrivener E710. Scurrilous E711. Secant E712. Secede E713. Sectarian E714. Secular ext. sacred; beyond crit lustful prominent/conspicuous healthful ruddy; cheerfully optimistic

E715. Sedition E716. Sedulity E717. Senescent E718. Sententious E719. Sentient E720. Sepulchral wise E721. Seraphic cynical, scornfully mocking E722. Sere learned person E723. Serendipity dealing w/ suggestive or indecent things E724. Servile to climb to the top of E725. Sheepish bone (shoulder blade) E726. Simper div./sep.; disharmony E727. Simulated v. small amt E728. Sinecure to sparkle, flash descendant, child professional copyist vulgar, low, indecent st. line intersecting a curve at 2 pts to w/draw formally fr. org. narrow-minded; re grp/sect not specifically re religion E729. Sinuous E730. Skulk E731. Slake E732. Sobriety E733. Sobriquet E734. Solecism E735. Solicitous 35

behavior promoting rebelln always diligent + attentive aging, growing old having a moralizing tone aware, conscious, able to perceive typical of place of burial angelic, pure, sublime dried up, arid habit of making fortunate discoveries by chance submissive, obedient timid, meek; bashful to smirk, smile foolishly fake, made to look real well-paying job/office that requires little or no work winding; intricate, complex to move in a stealthy or cautious manner; sneak to calm down or moderate seriousness nickname grammatical mistake concerned, attentive; eager

Additional Vocab belief that the self is the only reality shortest/longest day of yr sleepwalker drowsy, sleepy; inducing sleep p. gd at arguing deviously deceptive rea/argumentatn immature + overconfident austere, severe, grave; simple, bare frolicsome, playful E765. Supererogatory nonessential E745. Squalid E746. Staid E747. Stand (n) E748. Stentorian E749. Stint (v) E750. Stratagem E751. Stratify E752. Stricture E753. Strident E754. Stripling E755. Stultify E756. Stylize filthy; morally repulsive E766. Supposition self-restrained to the point of dullness a growth of trees extremely loud to be sparing or frugal trick to deceive enemy to arrange into layers something that restrains; negative criticism E772. Symbiosis loud, harsh, unplea noisy an adolescent boy impair/red. to uselessness to fashion, formalize 36 E773. Synthetic E770. Sycophant self-serving flatterer, yesman deductive reasoning; ext. subtle, sophistic or deceptive argument cooperation, mutual helpfulness artificial, imitation E767. Surfeit E768. Surreptitious E769. Sybarite assumption excessive amount chara by secrecy p. devoted to pleasure and luxury E762. Suffragist 1 who advocates extended voting rights E759. Subliminal E760. Subterfuge E761. Subterranean E740. Sophist E741. Sophistry E742. Sophomoric E743. Spartan E744. Sportive subconscious; imperceptible trick/tactic use to avoid sth hidden, secret; undergrd E757. Stymie E758. Sublimate E737. Solstice E738. Somnambulist E739. Somnolent to block/thwart to repress impulses

E736. Solipsism

E763. Superannuated too old, obsolete, outdated arrogant, haughty, overbearing, condescending

E764. Supercilious

E771. Syllogism

Additional Vocab

E774. Tableau E775. Tandem E776. Tangential E777. Tantamount E778. Tawdry E779. Taxonomy E780. Technocrat E781. Temerity E782. Temperance E783. Tempered E784. Tenable E785. Tenacious E786. Tendentious E787. Tenet E788. Tensile E789. Tepid E790. Terrestrial E791. Theocracy E792. Theoretical E793. Therapeutic E794. Thrall vivid description, striking incident/scene acting as grp/partnership digressing, diverting E798. Topography equiv in value/significance; amounting to E799. Torpid gaudy, cheap, showy science of classification strong believer in technology; technical expert recklessness restraint, self-control, modn moderated, restrained defensible, reasonable stubborn, holding firm biased belief, doctrine can w/stand physical stress lukewarm; show little enthu E809. Truncate earthly; down-to-earth, c-plc E810. Turbid govt. of priests rep. a god E811. Turgid abstract E812. Turpitude medicinal person in servitude; 37 E813. Tyro E807. Trenchant E800. Torsion E801. Tortuous E802. Tractable E803. Trammel (v) E804. Transmute E805. Travesty E795. Threnody E796. Timorous E797. Toady

enslaved a sad poem/song timid, shy, full of apprehenn flatterer, hanger-on, yes-♂ art/craft making maps/charts lethargic; unable to move; dormant act of twisting + turning having many twists + turns; highly complex obedient, yielding to impede/hamper to change in app/shape parody, exaggerated imitation, caricature trembling, quivering; fearful, timid acute, sharp, incisive; forceful, effective savage + cruel; fierce; ready to fight to cut off, shorten by cutting muddled; unclear swollen, bloated inherent vileness, foulness, depravity beginner, novice

E806. Tremulous

E808. Truculent

Additional Vocab

E814. Umbrage E815. Unavailing E816. Unbridled E817. Unctuous E818. Undulating E819. Unequivocal E820. Ungracious E821. Unimpeachable E822. Unobtrusive E823. Unsoiled E824. Unsolicited E825. Unstinting E826. Unsullied E827. Unswayable E828. Untoward E829. Untrammeled E830. Unwitting E831. Upbraid E832. Urbane E833. Usury E834. Utilitarian offense, resentment hopeless, useless unrestrained greasy; oily; smug + falsely earnest moving in waves

E835. Vapid E836. Variegated E837. Vaunted E838. Venal E839. Vent (v) E840. Verdure absolute, certain E841. Verisimilitude rude, disagreeable E842. Verbal beyond question E843. Verve modest, unassuming E844. Vestige clean, pure unrequested generous clean unable to change E848. Vilify not favorable; unruly E849. Vim unhampered E850. Virulent unconscious; unintentional E851. Vitiate to scold sharply E852. Vitriolic courteous, refined, suave E853. Vituperate lend $ at exorbitant rates E854. Vociferous efficient, functional, useful E855. Voluble 38 spk much+easily; talkative, glib loud, vocal + noisy to abuse verbally burning, caustic; sharp/bitter red. in value/effectiveness ext. pois; malignant; hateful energy, enthusiasm to slander, defame E845. Viaduct E846. Vicissitude E847. Vignette series of elevated arches used to cross a valley /variation; ups + downs decorative design; short literary composition trace, remnant energy, vitality related to spring qual of appearing true/real tasteless, dull varied; marked w/ diff colors boasted/bragged about willing to do wrong for $ to express, say out loud fresh, green vegetation

Additional Vocab

E856. Wallow E857. Wan E858. Waspish E859. Wax E860. Wayward E861. Weather (v) E862. Welter (n) E863. Whimsy E864. Wizened E865. Wrangle E866. Wry to indulge oneself excessively; luxuriate sickly pale rude, behaving badly to increase

E867. Yoke (v) to join together

E868. Zealot s’one passionately devoted to a cause animal scientist

erratic, unrestrained, reckless to endure, undergo a confused mass; jumble playful or fanciful idea withered, shriveled, wrinkled loud quarrel amusing, ironic

E869. Zoologist



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