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Spark English Vocabulary Series Vocabulary for College English Test Band?4 consider: We consider that you are not to blame.? involve:?Over the years I have gotten more involved in the planning of the action and stunts on my American movies and that makes me happy.? tend: ?So many young people—male and female alike—tend to overemphasize physical attributes.? Include:?America's working mothers say their ideal situation would include a part?time job, rather than working full time or staying at home.? information:?For further information please write to me.? issue:?What's at issue here is the whole future of the industry.? offer: Television has begun to offer selected programmes from some foreign countries.? require:?The work isn't up to the standard I require.? result:?The traffic was very heavy and as a result I arrived late.? view:?The house has a view over the sea. level:?The water level of the Three Gorges Reservoir reached the predetermined 135 meters Tuesday, five days ahead of schedule.? condition:?The basic causes are unknown, although certain conditions that may lead to cancer have been identified.? earn:?Clinton lost the public trust as a person but earned it as a president.? likely:?He says he just forgot about it—a likely story! process:?Throughout the process of reform and opening, we must combat corruption.? raise: The question of whether to raise taxes to cut the budget deficit is a real hot potato for a lot ? of politicians. rate: The divorce rate is going up year by year as a result of the involvement of the other men or ? women.? access:?Everyone should have access to education.? account:?Her salary is paid into her bank account.? claim:?The government's claim that war was necessary was clearly mistaken.? control: The fire was soon under control.? decline:?The standard of education has declined in this country.? focus:?Please focus your mind on the following problem. lack:?Their actions lack consistency; they say one thing and do another.? promote?:The football team was promoted to the first division.? situation?:We hope the situation in Iraq can resume stability as soon as possible, and its people can enjoy peaceful lives.? ability?:Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self-confidence.? affect?:Constant exposure to intense light affects the eyes adversely.? avoid?:In international matches, prestige is so important that the only thing that matters is to avoid being beaten.? communication?:To be a player in information and communications technologies, you must be able to make quick decisions.? credit :Don't place credit in idle rumours.


demand?:Air-conditioners are in demand during hot summers.? influence?:Distinguished daily newspapers like Washington Post or the New York Times exert a powerful influence all over the country. light?:If you think about it, you will eventually see the light.? limit?:You really are the absolute limit! maintain?:The improvement in his health is being maintained. nature?:This beautiful garden owes more to art than to nature.? opportunity?:It is often hard to distinguish between the hard knocks in life and those of opportunity.? range?:Both sides exchanged their views on a wide range of topics they were interested in at the meeting.? aware?:One may be conscious of fear,but not altogether aware of the danger which is going on about one.? community?: community college is the most rapidly growing segment of higher education in The the United States.? complete?:It was a complete surprise to me.? concern?:There is some cause for concern but no need for alarm.? Contain:It's hard to understand why English football fans easily get too excited and can not contain their enthusiasm. contribute?:Everyone should contribute what he or she can afford.? ensure?:He would, when in office, ensure that all secret data be made public.? environment?:We should take care of the environment, so that we have something to leave for our children.? fail?:Some students failed to get a bachelor's degree because they failed the CET Band-4.? feature?:Even a skilled writer could not describe all the features that make one face different from another.? function?:What is his function on the committee? ignore?:You've been ignoring me.? impact?:Her speech made a tremendous impact on everyone.? inform?:He informed the police that some money was missing.? major?:Shakespeare is one of the major writers.? nothing?:I can't believe we did all that work for nothing.? particularly?:Cotton grows well in that country, particularly in the east.? refer?:The dispute was referred to the United Nations.? replace?:We have replaced slave labour with/by machines.? seek?:Most of the country's Internet users go online to chat or seek entertainment rather than look for jobs or conduct business.? speed?:His speed and strength helped him win the race.? suggest?:Jane's pale face suggested that she was ill, and her parents suggested that she should have a medical examination. term?:The President is now in his second term of office.? associate?:We associate Egypt with the Nile.? association?:According to the American Automobile Association, since 1964 all cars sold in the United Sates have been equipped with seat belts.?


case?:A Dublin hospital found the first suspect case of SARS.? communicate?:The Minister of Foreign Affairs has already communicated on this event with the American President.? damage?:The court awarded £500 in damages to the injured.? expense?:Most children in Britain are educated at public expense.? injure?:After being wounded in the fighting, he was in an accident when his car was damaged but he himself not injured.? movement?:Your contributions on the field of play have served to strengthen the Olympic Movement and global sport.? occasion?:We must rise to the occasion in order to win this game.? particular?:Michael Jackson is particular about his clothes.? pick?:She picked at her plate, without appetite. practice?:Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it. preference?:Do you have a preference for a particular food??? risk?:The whole future of the company is at risk.? specific?:Some of the reports always speak on the general principle while neglecting a briefing on specific facts.? stick?:If we stick at it,we should finish the job today.? store?:A great part of the chain store's business comes from children.? adapt?:Can you adapt your way of thinking to the new life style?? amount?:Their traveling expenses amount to seven hundred dollars.? appeal?:Her sense of humour appealed to him enormously.? apply?:We should apply to the publishers for permission to reprint an extract. approach?:Few writers can approach Shakespeare in talent.? assume?:Farmers will have a bumper harvest, assuming that the weather is favourable.? available?:There were no tickets available for Friday's performance.? benefit?: Equality and mutual benefit is one of China's five principals of peaceful co-existence in foreign policy.? compound?:Water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. consult?:Have you consulted with the other members of the team? convey?:This train conveys over three hundred passengers every day.?? cultivate?:Continue to carry forward and cultivate the national spirit.? distance?:I could hear voices in the distance.? edit?:They must have edited bits of the interview out.? effective?:They took effective measures to prevent poisonous gases from escaping.? employ :The firm employs the retired professor as an advisor. estimate?:Our best intelligence estimate continues to be that he is alive and probably someplace in those tribal areas on the western side of Pakistan.? exchange?:There is an increase in the technical cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and other countries.? exhaust?:Some web addicts often exhaust themselves by surfing the Internet for days on end. factor?:Her friendly manner is an important factor in her rapid success.? gain?:No gains without pains.?? indicate?:In this map, the towns are indicated by a red dot.?


media?:CCTV has good media coverage of the Iraq War.? refuse?: was no easy matter finding lodgings. In most cases we were refused on some pretext It or other, while we ourselves turned down a few places as unsuitable. relate?:The generation gap makes it hard for children to relate to their parents.? respect?:Love, friendship, respect, do not unite people as much as a common hatred for something.? responsible?:I am partly responsible for the confusion. review?:In our talks today, President Bush reviewed 30 years of Sino-US relation. significant?:The detective said that the time of murder was extremely significant.? spot?:After his second display of insubordination, John was fired on the spot. suffer?:I'm so happy, so absorbed in the sensation of a tranquil existence, that my art is suffering.? treat?:It's treated like it's some evil thing that industry is doing, but if industry wasn't doing that, we would not have any new treatments.? various?:Nowadays, moon cakes with their various flavors and delicate packaging actually have become a kind of artwork.? adopt?:Three concepts have been adopted for the Beijing Olympic Games, namely, the Green Olympics, the High-tech Olympics and the People’s Olympics.? annual?:The cable networks earnings have been eroded over the past year by an estimated $80 million in annual losses from world championship wrestling.? attach?:You'll be attached to this department until the end of the year.? attack?:It immediately ran away when she saw it, and experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered.? attract?:Her attention was attracted by his smile. award?:The Nobel Prize is awarded to commemorate Nobel, the great chemist. background?:When you understand the cultural background, you can better use the language.? campus?: American universities, classes are often arranged in more flexible patterns and many In jobs on campus are reserved for students.? circumstance?:Circumstances alter cases. commit?:China will, as always, commit itself to reform, opening-up and modernization drive.? conflict?:There has been a long and bitter conflict between employers and workers. confuse?:They confused me by asking so many questions.? considerable?:The war in Iraq made a considerable impact on Russia's tourism business. creative?:We need some creative thinking to solve this problem.? crime?:Last year,the crime rate in Chicago has sharply declined. crisis?:Negotiations between the two countries are approaching a crisis. display?:On New Year's Eve the display of fireworks offers many attractions.? efficient?:The new secretary is a quick,efficient worker, and the boss is quite satisfied with her.? entire :In order to hedge his bets he didn't tell the other party his entire plan. expand?:His modest business eventually expanded into a supermarket empire. expose?:The crime of the corrupt officials must be exposed without any reserve. gap?:There were some unaccountable gaps in his story.? grant?:The government gave us a grant to build another classroom.?


growth?:Russia President Putin stressed that the energy tariffs should be raised gradually and in accordance with the growth in people's income.? harm?:The car was badly damaged but none of the passengers came to any harm. incident?:The anti-war demonstration proceeded without incident. individual?:Success at Manchester United is about a good footballing team not individuals.? loss?:Frank was at a loss when he attempted to address the group.? manner?:He is a man with a very prim and precise manner.? model?:They try to build their system of democracy on the American model.? necessarily?:You should necessarily go to the party. object?:Making money was his main object in life.? observe?:When I was young I observed that nine out of every ten things I did were failures, so I did ten times more work.? obvious?:His nervousness was obvious right from the start. opinion?:In the opinion of my doctor, I should be well enough to travel by next week.? property?:The car is my property, you mustn't use it without my permission.? puzzle?:I’ve been puzzling over all the figures, trying to find what happened to the missing money. regard?:If money is regarded as God, it will punish you like a devil. relieve?:The doctor's explanation relieved me of my fears.?? reserve?:Is your holiday a reserved booking, sir? reveal?: you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them If to the trees.? secure?:Every citizen has the right to live a peaceful and secure life.? side?:People on both sides of the Taiwan Straits should inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese culture.? similar?:The brothers look very similar.? single?:Don't stake everything on a single cast of the dice.? strike?:The plan strikes me as ridiculous. supply?:He was arrested for supplying arms to the terrorists.? abstract?:A flower is beautiful, but beauty itself is abstract.? activity?:Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow.? adjust?:We must adjust the relationship between investment and consumption to raise the proportion of consumption in GDP gradually. advocate?:Nothing could persuade me to return to the kind of life Kelsey used to advocate and I once enjoyed.? afford?:I'd love to go on holiday but I can't afford the time.? alone?:Can't you just leave well enough alone? appearance?:Don't judge by appearances—appearances can be misleading.? approve?:My parents don't approve of me smoking cigarettes. attribute?:She attributes her success to hard work and a bit of luck.? average?:The average per-capita GNP will reach the standard of moderately developed countries.? blame?: Don't always blame your own failure on others. Sometimes you yourself are to blame.? casual?:They had a casual meeting in the park.?


complex?:This is a complex substance; it is made up of many simple substances.? concept?:That company began searching for an agency to handle a new restaurant concept.? confirm?: Iraqi weapons declaration earlier this month leaves so many unanswered questions The that it is impossible to confirm the accuracy of Iraq's claim.? consequence?:The September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States have produced serious consequences.? consume?:In the mid-seventies Americans consumed about seventeen million barrels of oil daily.? contrast?:Careful contrast of the two plans shows up some key differences.? decorate?:They decorated the wedding car with ribbons and flowers. define?:When boundaries between countries are not clearly defined, there's usually trouble. delay?:There was a delay of two hours before the plane took off.? deposit?:You should learn to deposit the sadness inside your heart. derive?:We derive great pleasure from reading.? differ?:Men are all alike in their promises. It is only in their deeds that they differ.? eliminate?:The endless shirking in some government departments does great harm to our economic construction and must be eliminated.? emotion?:The speaker appealed to our emotions rather than to our minds.? emphasis?:Some dictionaries lay special emphasis on grammar.? equivalent?:The income loss to rich industrial economies might be equivalent to just over 0.5% of GDP.? exaggerate?:He always exaggerates to make his stories more amusing.? expectation?:They had great expectations for their son, but he didn't really live up to them.? express?:No words can express the grandeur of that parade.? failure?:Failure is the mother of success. Failure teaches success.? fashion?:She paints in the fashion of Picasso.? impress?:We were most impressed with your efficiency. inquire?:People called to inquire after the baby.? involved?:The four men involved got killed one by one.? lower?:My cabin was on one of the lower decks.? mild?:He has too mild a nature to get angry, even if he has good cause.? mood?:He's in no mood for telling jokes.? necessary?:If necessary, we can always change the dates of our trip.? neglect :He neglected to write and say “Thank you”.? nervous?:The investors became nervous at the freezing of the assets.? pace?:The old man walked at a very slow pace.? participate?:Among all the exhibition participating nations, China had the biggest space, the largest number of books and the atmosphere was the most lively.? purchase?:Leading banks in Shanghai are planning to finance installment purchase to the individual house buyers.? purpose?:Was your purpose in going to Beijing to see your family? regardless?:He continued speaking, regardless of my feelings on the matter.? remove?:She used a hoe to remove weeds from the rows of tomato plants.? scene?:After the explosion, the factory was a scene of total confusion.?


shift?:The candidate was constantly shifting his position on the issues. solution?:Resorting to violence is not the best solution to an argument. source?:The Pentagon has accelerated development of a new generation of advanced precision weaponry, according to US military sources.? step?:The government must take steps to reduce unemployment.? stuff?:On Christmas Day, families usually get together for a roast goose or stuffed turkey.? subject?:I am French by birth and a British subject by marriage. submit?:I hope you can submit your term papers before the deadline.? symbol?:The wedding ring is probably the oldest and most widespread symbol of marriage.? temper?:The unlucky owner mutters a curse at the manufacturer and, in a foul temper, goes looking for a repairman. throw?:They live within a stone's throw of the station.? transform?:This place, originally a small town, has been transformed into a modern city.? urgent?:It is most urgent that you should make up your mind.? abandon?:I have long since abandoned the notion that higher education is essential to either success or happiness. abundant?:We have abundant proof of his guilt.? acceptable?:Compliments are always acceptable.? acquire?:Some people go back for their education to acquire another degree or diploma to impress the society. alter?:We must alter those rules and practices which have outlived their usefulness.?? amuse?:The audience was amused by the comedian every now and then.? appliance?:We have a kitchen full of electrical appliances. appointment?:I have an appointment with my dentist this afternoon.? arouse?:The music aroused an intense feeling of homesickness in him.? assist?:Two men are assisting the police in their enquiries.? bargain?:We made a bargain on the spot that I would do the work and he would supply the money.? barrier?:All the institutional and policy barriers to urbanization must be removed.? behalf?:It will not be enough for the chairmen and chairwomen of these organizations to utter placatory statements on behalf of their members.? campaign?:She has campaigned for equal rights for women. capable?:With full determination, we are capable of finding a final solution to the Taiwan question.?? charge?:She was complaining that the doctor was charging too much for the treatment he was giving her.? combat?:Throughout the process of reform and opening, we must combat corruption.? composition?:He's doing research into the chemical composition of the new medicine.? conceal?:He tried to conceal his sorrow from his friend.? concentrate?:The examination-oriented education system hinders the development of students, since it forces them to concentrate on scores only.? confident?:Network workers are not as confident of their futures as they used to be now that the cyber economy is sliding down.? congratulate?:We all lined up to congratulate the newly-weds.?


constant?: The pressure to compete causes Americans to be energetic, but it also puts them under a constant emotional strain.? continual?:There appears to be no end in sight over the continual debate over “human cloning”.? continuous?:A continuous beach is exposed to the beating of continual waves.? cope?:There was too much work for our computer to cope with.? criticize/-ise?:The decision was sharply criticized by businessmen nationwide.? cultural?:In 1987, the Great Wall was listed by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage site.? deliver?:May God deliver us from evil.? deny?:The boy denied having stolen the bicycle.? direction?:Ideal is the beacon.Without ideal, there is no secure direction; without a direction, there is no life.? discipline?:We should reform and improve the system of Party discipline inspection and introduce and improve the system of inspection tours.? dispute:The dispute grew out of an argument between a worker and the foreman.? dissolve?:There's acid in her voice; it could dissolve anybody's good intentions.? doubt?:The future of the public library is in doubt.? economics?:This article is about the economics of publishing. economist?:The famous economist gave us a speech.?? entitle?:He entitled the book—Savage Love?.? essential?:Food, clothing, shelter and transportation are essential to life.? exact :To be exact, she is a very exact person. explore :As soon as they arrived in the town they went out to explore. exposure :Exposure of children to TV violence will harm their mental health. faint :I haven't the faintest idea about what she is up to. favo(u)r :He obtained his position more by favor than by merit or ability. frighten :News of the robberies frighten many people into fitting new locks to their doors. genuine :He'll be able to tell the diamonds are genuine at a glance. guide :Be guided by your sense of what is right and just. hint :He hinted to us nothing of his resignation. illegal :Except the Netherlands, all the European nations consider euthanasia illegal. imitate :James can imitate his teacher's speech perfectly. impression :The thief had left an impression of his foot in the garden. initial :Her initial reaction was to say"yes", but she later changed her mind. insert :Later, people tried to lift a building off its foundation, and insert rubber and steel between the ground and its foundation to reduce the impact of ground vibrations. insult:Some TV commercials are an insult to the viewers' intelligence. liberal:Modern people have a liberal attitude to divorce and remarriage. means:Knowledge began to increase as soon as the thoughts of one individual could be communicated to another by means of speech. minimum?:Repairing your car will cost a minimum of $100.? normal?:Wet weather is quite normal at this time of year.?


popularity?:Western music is steadily gaining in popularity. possibility?:Taking this recent evolution into account, we may now conceive the possibility of a convergence among western and Chinese approaches to Nature.? practical?:The number of the practical things done for the benefit of citizens is accepted as a sign of administrative merits.? procedure?:Do you know the correct procedure to follow during a fire drill?? progress?:We have made pleasing progress in our talks.? prospect?:What do you think of the prospect of cyber economy?? reality?:I don't doubt the reality of his story. reasonable?:She's perfectly reasonable in her demands. regulate:The activities of stock exchanges are regulated by law.? release?:Automation is beginning to release workers from the bondage of mindless, repetitive toil.? relevant?:It's said that a person's fate is relevant to his character.? represent?:You will need a lawyer to represent you in court. request :We request the honor of your company at dinner.? resist?:Jill couldn't resist making jokes about his baldness.? retain?:Despite losing his job he retains his pension.? rights?:Jane is a champion of women's rights.? rigid?:The government has rigid laws about paying taxes. secretary?:The secretary made a note of the proceedings.?? series?:China has adopted a series of anti-poverty measures. slight?:They did not pay the slightest attention to it.? specialize/-ise?:He specializes in repairing computers.? stimulate?:The exhibition stimulated interest in the artist's work. sufficient?:Life is the art of dreaming sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.? sustain?:High oil prices, if sustained, will reduce growth and lift inflation. tedious?:I spent a tedious hour in a traffic jam. tough?:Television has turned out to be a tough competitor for advertising and audience to the newspaper industry.? transfer?:He has transferred from the army to the navy.? undergo?:People inevitably undergo a period of adjustment after the loss of their spouse.? viewer?:The viewers chose this talk show as their favorite. vision?:She wears glasses to improve her poor vision.? worth?:The rarer it is, the more it is worth. yield?:If unity is sought through struggle, it will live; if unity is sought through yielding, it will perish.?? absorb?:You must absorb as much information as possible. absorbed?:He was too absorbed in the newspaper to hear the bell.? accomplish?:Our Party must stand firm in the forefront of the times and unite with and lead the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in accomplishing the three major historical tasks.?? accumulate?:Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.? acquaintance?:We met as if we were old acquaintances. adequate?:An adequate water supply for city people is already a problem no government can


take lightly.?? administrative?:Chinese citizens who are residents of the Macao Special Administrative Region are entitled to participate in the management of State Affairs.? alert?: People will be alert and receptive if they are faced with information that gets them to think about things they are interested in. ambition?:Lack of ambition might be his problem.? anxiety?:He expressed anxiety that it should be done in no time. application?:Portugal made a formal application to join the EEC.? arise?:If any problem should arise, please let me know.? arrange?:These books are arranged in alphabetical order.? assumption?:Our assumption that we would win was wrong.? attraction?:The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the world.? attractive?:I don't find him attractive at all.? authority?:He was an authority on the classification and natural history of moths.? beneficial?:The revival of the railroad service will be immensely beneficial for the speedy movement of passengers and cargo. boast :Nobody should boast of his learning.? burst?:She burst through the door.? chase?:She chased the thief for 100 yards. chill?:She is charmed by the President but also chilled by what she sees as his inexhaustible deed. clumsy?:I wanted to dance, but I felt clumsy and stupid.? coastal?:He enjoyed fishing in coastal waters.? competent?:He's not competent to look after young children. competitor?:The company's largest competitor is going out of business.? complicated?:I never blame failures—there are too many complicated situations in life.? compose?:At the age of six he was already composing at the piano.? comprehensive?:Although the professor gave a very comprehensive explanation on how the black holes come into being, I still got confused.? confront?:The reason for Ruan Lingyu's suicide was that she couldn't confront the rumors fabricated by people.? connect?:Because the world is more connected every day in every way, our country's security and prosperity require us to continue to lead in the world.? conscious?:One good result of the last energy crisis was that people became more and more conscious of the importance of energy.? consistent?:You're not very consistent: first you condemn me, and then you praise me.? content?:She was not content with my answer, so I added a few more remarks.? contrary?:The ship was delayed by contrary winds.? controversy?:The relation between the state and the individual in education has long been a favorite theme of discussion and controversy.? convenient?:Will it be convenient for you to start work tomorrow?? cooperation :China needs a peaceful international environment and friendly cooperation with other countries in its economic development. coordinate?:The army, navy and air force are coordinate branches of the armed services.?


count?:Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.? crash?:My computer program crashed this morning, and I lost my entire document.? critical?:The transition from childhood to adulthood is always a critical time for everybody.? debate :After a long debate, the House of Commons approved the bill. deceive?:John cheated at the test, but the professor was not deceived.? demanding?:My boss is very demanding.? demonstrate?:The salesperson plugged in and demonstrated the vacuum cleaner.? descend?:These ideas descend from those of the ancient philosophers. distribute?:These plants are widely distributed in China.? embrace?:The term “mankind” embraces men,women and children. enclose?:The garden is enclosed by a high wall.? endure :These traditions have endured throughout the ages. enforce?:Governments make laws and police enforce them.? enormous?:We've got an enormous amount of money to run our company. equip?:Please equip yourself with a sharp pencil and a rubber for the exam.? exception?:All students without exception must take the English examination.? excessive?:I find her attention to her children rather excessive.? exert?:The government must exert pressure on the state-owned enterprises and relax control of them as well.? exhibition?:Chinese economic and trade exhibitions have promoted the exchange of the advanced techniques with foreign countries.? expansion?:The rapid expansion of the company has caused some problems.? exploit?:The revolution is a dictatorship of the exploited against the exploiters.? extension?:May I have an extension of time for paying my bill?? extent?:I agree with you to some extent. familiar :I can't drive this tractor because I'm not familiar with the controls. fare?:All fares please.? favo(u)rable?:The bank will lend you money on very favorable terms.? former?:Did he go there by air or by train? The former seems more likely.? functional?:It's an old car, but it's still functional.? generate?:The hatred generated by racial prejudice is the source of the war.? generous?:She is generous with her money so she has many friends.? globe?:The silvery globe of the moon sank towards the horizon.? grip?:The frightened child gripped its mother's arm.? harsh?:He is a harsh judge.? hurt?:The quality problem has greatly hurt the company's reputation.? illustrate?:The lecturer illustrated the theory with examples. indispensable?:It is well known that knowledge is the indispensable condition for expansion of mind.? inevitable :Death is inevitable; it comes to everyone. innocent?:Can you provide any evidence that he was innocent of the crime?? inspire :The Lake District scenery inspired Wordsworth to write his greatest poetry. instant?:Just for an instant I thought he was going to refuse. instruct?:Effective communication is very important when a boss instructs people under his


leadership to do what he wants them to do.? insure?:He insured his house against fire for ten million Yuan..? integrate?:We must integrate theory with practice. interval?:At intervals she would stop for a rest.? lest?:Lest the wall should collapse, they evacuated the building.? liable?:He was liable for his employees accidents.? lively?:I am not very lively during the transition months from winter to spring.? method?:The new teaching methods encourage children to think for themselves.? mistake?:Susan seems very quiet, but make no mistake about it, she has a terrible temper! modest?:She got the top mark in the exam but she was too modest to tell anyone.? negotiate?:The two countries are negotiating for a peaceful settlement of the boundary question. negotiation?:Negotiations between the two countries have gone on for months.? numerous?:The city has numerous libraries. offend?:She was offended at his sexist remarks.? operate?:The firm operates from its central office in Hong Kong.? oppose?:Do not oppose your will against mine.?? option?:The government has two options, to reduce spending or to increase taxes.? origin?:He spent all his life to study the origins of life on earth.? outstanding?:A good deal of work is still outstanding.? overall :A society has its own overall interest, a nation has another and the earth yet another. parallel?:Peking is close to the fortieth parallel of north latitude.? perceive?:We rarely perceive more than a minute fraction of the sights and sounds that fall upon our sense organs; the great majority pass us by.? pitch?:We couldn't see our way in the pitch?dark.? powerful?:Passion, though a bad regulator, is a powerful spring.? preferable?:The long-established mentality of “boys are preferable to girls” exerts a definite influence over people's attitude towards the sex of their babies.? prevail?:Truth is great and will prevail.? prior :I have a prior engagement and so I can't go with you.? prohibit?:Picking flowers in the park is prohibited.? rank?:The governor, the mayor, and other people of rank were invited to the ceremony.? reaction?:My reaction will depend largely on the kind of answer I get. regular?:In developing the socialist economy with Chinese characteristics, regular attention should be paid to increasing revenue and saving expenditures.? relief?:The doctor's immediate aim is the relief of pain.? remedy?:Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. rescue?:Gentle starving may start up a stress response that rescues cells from dying. Cell death also is an important component of aging.? response :The tax cuts produced a favorable response from the public. reverse?:We suffered some serious financial reverse.? revise?:None of the things I had revised came up in the exam.?? ribbon?:She wore a red ribbon in her hair.? schooling?:He has little real schooling.


Scope:Football gives young people scope for courage and quick thinking. ? sensitive?:The Stock Exchange is sensitive to likely political changes. shrink?:Car sales have been shrinking. sight :No wonder the sight of it should send the memories of quite a number of the old generations back 36 years ago.? smooth?:I trust an honest face more than a smooth talker.? solid?: impressive achievements in environmental protection have laid a solid foundation for The a “Green Olympics” here in 2008.? splendid?:She arrived in a splendid golden coach drawn by white horses.? spoil?:Spare the rod and spoil the child.? squeeze?:They squeezed the truth out of him.? stainless?:If I had a bicycle made of stainless steel, it will never get rust.? statistics :Statistics is a rather modern branch of mathematics. status?:They think owning such an expensive car will give them status.? suffering?:Destruction and suffering are accompaniments of war.? suit?:No dish suits all tastes. suppose?:You are not supposed to play football in the classroom.? survivor :The survivors of the shipwreck transmitted a distress signal every hour. tie?:The two teams tied and had to play an extra period.? trace?:The wanted man was traced to an address in New York.? track?:The teacher asked us to read newspapers every day to keep track of current affairs.? transmit?:The World Cup final is being transmitted live to over fifty countries.? uniform :How long was he in uniform? urge?:Officials of America urge quick patch on mail security hole.? vary?:As conditions vary with each country, there can be no set model of reform and development for all countries.? withdraw?:The general refused to withdraw his troops.?? workforce?:The whole workforce has gone on strike.? workplace?:We visited him at his workplace among the young trees and asked him about his work.? absolute?:Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.? accompany?:I must ask you to accompany me to the police station.? accordance?:We will handle this issue in accordance with international laws and international practices.? accurate?:We must acquire an accurate understanding of social progress in contemporary China.? accuse?:He was sentenced to death. His gang had been accused of killing 20 people.? advanced?:Our Party must always represent the development trend of China's advanced productive forces.? advisable?:It is not advisable to act without planning.? allowance?:IBM offers a quite high traveling allowance to its employees.? ]alternative?:You have the alternative of leaving or staying and behaving.? ambassador?:Mr Smith is the British Ambassador to Greece.?


anxious?:We are all anxious about his safety.? applicable?:This rule is not applicable to foreigners. arrest?:The policeman arrested a criminal suspect. artificial?:There were some artificial flowers on the table.? assemble?:Thousands of people assembled in a stadium. assign?:He has been assigned to a new post.? assure?:He was assured a well-paying job after graduation. automobile?:In 21 century, we must develop our automobile industry.? bankrupt?:The economic crisis has made many companies go bankrupt. bare?:Don't walk on that broken glass with bare feet.? barrel?:The store offered barrels full of crackers and pickles.? battery?:Cell phones use rechargeable batteries.? best-seller?:This dictionary is a best-seller.? bid?:Mary cried when I bid her farewell.? blank?:At those boring meetings, people usually sit still, looking blank, or scrawl on blank paper.? bloodshed?:The two sides called a truce to avoid further bloodshed.? bother?:Don't bother Jane with that now—she's busy.? bound?:Germany is bounded on the west by France and on the south by Switzerland.? bound?:My heart bounded with nervousness during my first job interview. brand?:She only buys the best brands of coffee.? breed : Hunger does not breed reform; it breeds madness and all the ugly distempers that make an orders life impossible. broaden?:The road broadens after this bend.? capacity :This tank has a capacity of 500 gallons.? champagne :They celebrated their anniversary by opening a bottle of champagne. characteristic?:Build a well-off society in an all-round way and create a new situation in building socialism with Chinese characteristics.? charm :We were charmed with the scenery. childlike?:Her childlike enthusiasm delighted us all. circular?:Only a handful of the planets discovered so far follow the nearly circular orbit of our solar system. clash?:I failed to watch the World Cup final because it clashed with my examination.? client?:Clients do seem to put an unusual degree of trust in the firm.? Coca Cola:Coca Cola is a soft drink. code?:Scientists in Canada announced over the weekend that they had broken the genetic code of the virus suspected of causing severe acute respiratory syndrome.? comparison?:Comparisons are odious.? component?:The non?public sector of the economy is an important component part of China's socialist market economy.? concede?:Don't concede without a contest! ? concerning?:For more information concerning the club contact me.? confine :Please confine your remarks to the issues at hand. considerate :She is the kind of boss that is considerate towards her employees.


content?:Eggs have a very high food content.? cooperate?:The couple spoke about how they would cooperate in the raising of their children.? corresponding?:Imports in the first three months have increased by 10 percent compared with the corresponding period last year.? crude :Even after the recent increase, the real price of crude oil today is still less than half its level in 1980. crush?:Her refusal crushed all our hopes.? deception?:He practiced deception on the public.? deed?:He asked if I had the deed to the house.? deliberate?:We had no time to deliberate on the problem.? delightful?:What delightful weather! dim :The room is too dim for me to read. diplomatic?:China has conducted fruitful diplomatic activities in both bilateral and multilateral contexts.? discount?:All the beautiful hanging calendars on sale exhibition will be sold with a 10% discount:from the original price.? dispose :His criminal record dose not dispose me to trust him. distinctive?:She has a very distinctive way of speaking.? driving licence/driver's licence: The police officer asked to see my driver's licence/driving licence. dropout?:For my part, I'm just happy that the Crimson has called me “Harvard's most successful dropout.”? emit?:A volcano emits smoke and ashes.? engagement?:I shall want you to take some notes at the meeting if you have no other engagement.? excellence?:Your reputation for quality and excellence gives us great confidence in you. except?:High way programs, except for the interstate routes, would be slashed.? excess :Optimism is a good characteristic, but if carried to an excess it becomes foolishness. exclaim :Some of the wise even among themselves "exclaim against the own succession" as Hamlet puts it. exclusive :This dining room is for the distinguished guests' exclusive use. explanation :There is no waste of time in life like that of making explanations. extensive?: Chinese participants wish to make extensive contacts and talk business with their The foreign counterparts.? facial :To find out which celebrity you most resemble, and you'll quickly receive a list of stars with similar facial features. faithful?:The dog remained faithful to his master.? fame?:The reformer's fame spread all over the country.? flexibility?:The flexibility of a man's muscles will lessen as he grows old.? fresh?:Their memories of the wedding are still fresh in their minds. fruitful?:The discussions were most fruitful.? frustrate?:The lack of money and hands frustrated him.? fulfil(l)?:The company should be able to fulfill our requirements. furnish :Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge, it is thinking that makes what we read ours.


gender :German has three genders. grasp?:He grasped my hand warmly.? guilty?:I feel guilty for visiting her so rarely.? horizon :She pointed to a distant spot on the horizon. iceberg?:These small local protests are just the tip of the iceberg.? identical :My opinions are not always identical with my parents'. idle?:Idle folk have the least leisure.? immigrant :Most of them are Irish immigrants. implement :Man's earliest implements were carved from stone and bone. imply :Freedom does not necessarily imply no responsibility. incline :She inclined her head in prayer for the Iraqis who are suffering the war. influential :With the success of the Olympic bid, Beijing will become an influential city. This government has inherited many problems from the previous one. initiative :One group had attempted to seize the initiative in the negotiation. inquiry?:For further inquiry, please consult our website.? intensive :Intensive care in hospitals is given to the seriously ill. Latin?:Italian, French and Spanish are Latin languages.? leak?:Oil was leaking out of a hole in the tank.? length?:Life's like a play: It's not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters. load?: the reader's disappointment, the leading article in this issue of the magazine is a load of To rubbish.? logo?:What is the significance of the Olympic logo?? lonely?:The old man lived all alone on a small farm in the south, but with a lot of farm work to do all day, he never felt lonely.? loosen?:The screw had loosened and fallen out. middle-class?: Even middle-class consumers in the US are beginning to kick against the runaway prices.? mobile?:Can you give me a lift if you're mobile??The trees were left naked of leaves. observation?:He was under observation by the police. obstacle?:When a big stone blocks the way, the brave look on it as a stepping stone; the weak as an obstacle.?? occupy?:My sister occupies an important position in the Department of the Environment.? opposition?:They kept up a sturdy opposition to the plan.? optimistic?:The situation of the war is not optimistic.? optional?:Formal dress is optional. owing?:There are still ten dollars owing.? part-time?:After several part-time jobs, he's now got a stable job in a bank. penalty?:A football player may be given a yellow card or a red card penalty for his unnecessary roughness during the match.? perspective?:We must learn to see things in their right perspective and avoid making mistakes. postpone :The ball game was postponed because of rainstorm. precaution?:It is wise to take precautions against accidents.? probable?:With England leading 3:0, the probable result is an England victory.? proceed?:To go on a journey is often full of hardships, but so long as one lives he proceeds on


his life's journey. proportion?:The amount of money you get will be in proportion to the work you do.? proposal?:She had many proposals but preferred to remain single.? propose?:The committee proposed that new legislation should be drafted.? provided?:I will go provided you go.? pure?:The voices of the young boys singing in church were high and pure.? quantity?:Mathematics is the science of pure quantity.? ready?:They have got ready for the journey.? registration?:School registration takes place next week.? reinforce?:This evidence reinforces my view that he is a spy. relation?:The changes of language must be studied in relation to the society in which it is used. render?:We call on you to render assistance.? resemble?:The boys resemble each other in that they both have ginger hair and round faces. restrain?:At that time, the government must restrain the prices and profits. risky?:It's risky to drive fast on the icy roads.? rush?:Don't rush me, I'm going as fast as I can.? scan?:Many people like to scan the newspaper while having breakfast.? separate?:What is it that you think separates her from the other applicants? ? skim?:He was skimming stones across the surface of the lake.? soft-drink?:In the US,the National Soft Drink Association says research has found no link between sugar and severe overweight. spare?:You can sit here in your spare time and read the carpet! spite?:I'm sure he only said it out of spite.? split?:If you get any fatter, you'll split your pants. spur?:To spur someone is to urge him to make a greater effort.? stable?:Markets are flourishing and prices are stable. substitute?:Young players stood out in the second half of the Brazil game, when coach substituted older players such as striker Hao Haidong.? supreme?:The US Supreme Court, in an important 5 to 4 decision earlier this month, supported the right of the judge to do so.? swallow?:Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.? swear?:I know you don't believe me, but I swear it's the Gospel truth.? tame?:I find the scenery around here a little tame.? tear?:Tear yourself away from the television and come out for a walk.? tender?:The young lovers were tender towards each other.? tense?:She is tense because of tomorrow's examination.? tight?:Jimmy had a tight clutch on my arm during the scary parts of the movie.? tolerate?:I won't tolerate your bad manners any longer. transport :It's maintained that transport in bulk is not good to the goods.? trap?:The police have laid a trap for him.? trick?:The police tricked him into making a confession.? vacant?:The top post in the delegation was still vacant. vain?:The thief tried to open the locked door, but in vain.?


violent?:Students were involved in violent clashes with the police.? weaken?:Cancer weakened the patient's body.? worthy?:Every year she makes a large donation to a worthy cause. all? above all:I would like to rent a house,modern,comfortable and above all in a quiet location.? after all:The planned war against Iraq is not after all intended only to remove Saddam Hussein, but to destroy the structure of the Sunni-dominated Arab nationalist Iraqi state as it has existed since that country's inception.? all but:A number of recommendations have been made that people should postpone all but essential travel to areas with large outbreaks of SARS which posed a potential threat to travellers.? as as for/to:There are no special rules as for/to what clothes you should wear.? as it were:I'm a sort of unpaid adviser, as it were, to the committee. break? break off:The greatest threat to the United States is not Iraq but the outbreak of another, more threatening war in some other area, causing the United States to break off combat and transfer its forces elsewhere.? break out:When war broke out, he volunteered for service in the army.? break down: the coalition forces are unable to break down the Iraqi resistance and break through If the front, then most probably the Americans will have to stop the attack by next weekend and switch to trench warfare.? break through:At dawn what was left of the Company eventually broke through.? bring bring off:Though it was a very difficult job, Helen was able to bring it off ahead of schedule.? bring down:US and a number of its coalition partners initiated a military campaign to forcibly disarm Iraq and bring down Saddam Hussein's repressive regime.? bring forth :The problem is brought forth for your consideration.? but but for:He might have been killed but for the arrival of the police.? anything but:To anything but the architect's eye, the house is cheap and ugly.? call? call for:Her father called for her.? call off:Everton's planned tour of China in May has been called off due to the outbreak of the SARS.? call on/upon sb. to do:They called on/upon the workers of the country to support the strike.? call up:Please call me up tomorrow morning.? carry carry off:The college team carried off all the prizes of the table tennis.? carry on:They carried on in spite of the extremely difficult conditions. carry out :They have failed to carry out their obligations.? carry forward:The politician's successful speech carried him forward.?


come come up with:Very few scientists come up with completely new answers to the world's problems.? come about : Many a quarrel among us ordinary people has come about through a misunderstanding every day.? come off:Her attempt to break the world record nearly came off.? come up against:We came up against a great deal of resistance in dealing with the case.? come across:I came across an old school friend in Oxford Street this morning.? come through:Most of the troops came through the fighting unharmed.? cut cut off :He was cut off from all his friends when he studied abroad.? cut up :Cut up the carrots and put them into the pot.? cut down :We must cut our expenses down somehow.? cut short :The match was cut short by the rain.? draw draw up :US Secretary of State Colin Powell heads to the June 22 meeting in Amman of the international “quartered” that drew up the roadmap.? effect take effect :The contract takes effect as of October 1.? bring/carry/put into effect :The new regulation does not bring into effect until the first of March.? face in the face of :We fought on in the face of terrible odds.? fall fall back on :She's completely homeless—at least I have my parents to fall back on. fall for : salesman said the car was in good condition and I was foolish enough to fall for it.? The fall in with :She fell in with my idea at once.? fall through :Our plans fell through at the last minute.? far as far as :As far as the weather is concerned, I do not think it matters.? by far :She is by far the best executive in the company.? get get off :We got off immediately after breakfast.? get across :The teacher was using many new words and the children could not take in what he tried to get across.? get around/round to :The day before my history exam, I still hadn't got round to reading the first book on the list.? get along :How are you getting along in you job? get down :Get down every word he says.? get on :Our youngest son is getting on well at school.? get over :He never got over the shock of losing his wife.? get to :He got to thinking that she perhaps wouldn't come after all.? go go in for :David likes country life and has decided to go in for farming.?


go into :He didn't go into detail on the subject; he spoke in general.? go off :The terrorists might have planted a bomb on a plane in Athens, set to go off when it arrived in New York.? go after :We're both going after the same job.? go by :The hours go by so slowly at the office.? go over :The police went over the gun for fingerprints.? go on :There is a wedding going on at the church. go along :Things were going along fairly well. go through :How does she keep smiling after all she's gone through? hand hand over :I am resigning as chairman and handing over to my deputy.? on the one hand...on the other hand :On the one hand, the city is in desperate need of modern industry; on the other hand, there is a concern that the modern industry would damage the environment in this area.? by hand :In many areas of the country, this kind of job is still being done by hand.? hand down :The pair of bracelets were,handed down from my grandmother.? hang on to :Hang on to the rail or you'll fall.? hang up :She hung up the phone before I finished what I was saying.? hang about/around :Hey,boys,stop hanging around. Come and help me with this trunk.? heart? at heart :My father seems rather stern but he's a very kind man at heart.? lose heart :Don't lose heart,all will turn out well.? hold hold up :The roof was held up by pillars.? hold back :Nothing could hold them back from success.? hold onto/on to :The child held on to her mother; he didn't want her to go.? hold off :We will hold off making our decision until Monday.? hold to :I shall hold to my decision.? keep? keep to :we won't be able to keep to the schedule.? keep up with :You are walking so fast that I can not keep up with you.? keep off :Keep off the grass.? live? live up to :You should live up to your promise. live through :Will he live through the night? live with :He doesn't live with his parents.? look into :A committee was set up to look into the causes of the accident.? look on :All we could do was look on when they conducted military exercises.? look in :I'll look in at the shop on my way home.? look over :He has looked over the schedule.? look through :She looked through her notes before the examination.? make? make out :I could barely make out the traffic signs through the rain.? make up for :I must make up for the time I lost during my illness.?


make up :I'm afraid you're making up stories again.? make for :He made for home as it started to rain.? make it :He made it after dozens of failures.? mind? take one's mind off sth. :Hard work always takes your mind off domestic problems.? make up one's mind :He hasn't made up his mind when to start.? change one's mind :It's difficult to make him change his mind.? the moment that : hadn't met for 20 years, but I recognized her the moment that I saw her.? We at the moment :He's unemployed at the moment and has been for over six months.? for the moment:We're happy living in a flat for the moment but we may want to move to a house soon.? in a moment :I'll come in a moment.? more more than :She is more frightened than angry.? move? move on :I think we?ve talked enough about that subject; let's move on.? move in on :Some foreign companies are moving in on our market.? part take part in :We all took an active part in the fund drive.? play a part in :He plays the leading part in the film.? for one's part :For my part, I plan to go to the meeting even if you decide not to go.? place in place of :The task is carried out by robots in place of human workers.? out of place :Your remarks were rather out of place.? take place :The ceremony took place in glorious sunshine.? take the place of :Electric locomotives have now taken the place of steam locomotives in this country.? point? on the point of :They were on the point of setting out when a light rain began to fall.? beside the point :What you said is beside the point.? pull? pull through :They managed to pull her through her exams.? pull up :A car pulled up at the gate when I was waiting for a friend.? put? put up with :I don't know how you put up with this noise.? put forward :If any man here does not agree with me, he should put forward his own plan for improving the living conditions of these people.? put away :Put your toys away before you go to bed.? put off :She put off writing her essay until the last minute.? put up :He's putting up a brave fight.? put through :Could you put me through to the manager, please? put down :Put it down to my account, please.?


put out :The government will put out an important statement next week. run? run over :The old woman was run over as she was crossing the street.? run down :She is always running down her friends.? run into :I ran into your mother yesterday.? run through :A feeling of despair runs through his poetry.? see? see to doing :The politician says he will see to the welfare of the people.? see about doing :“Can we have fish and chips tonight, Mom?” “Well,we’ll see about that.” seeing that :Seeing that she's old enough to get married, I don't think you can stop her.? set? set about :She set about complaining as soon as she arrived.? set down :I have the detailsset down here in my notes.? set forth :The reasons for my decision are set forth in my report.? set out :It's vital that we set out to carry out our plans at once.? set up :The government has set up a committee to inquire into the problem.? stand? stand for :I hate everything that the party stands for.? stand up to :If yous tand up to that bully, he'll back down.? stand by :The police are standing by in case of trouble.? stand out :The road sign is easy to read, the words stand out well.? take? take over :It is a common theme in many science fiction stories that the world may one day be taken over by insects.? take on :She's taken on two more jobs.? take up :She took up her first teaching post in 1980.? take in :She had nowhere to sleep so we offered totake her in.? take after :He takes after his mother's side of the family.? take off :The plane took off at 5∶30.? Take...for :At first John took him for a good friend.? take to doing :She took to the children immediately.? take away :If you take away 5 from 10, you get 5.? turn turn out :The factory turns out a great variety of machines.? turn down :He asked me to marry him, but I turned him down.? turn up :I lost my diamond ring a week ago and it hasn't turned up yet.? turn to :To finance the program they had toturn to the public for the funds they needed.? in turn :We were asked in turn to see the manager.? turn in :She turned in her uniform and quit her job.? turn over :The waves turned our boat over.? way? in no way :Without the friction between their feet and the ground, people would in no way be able to walk.? all the way :I'm with you all the way.?


by the way :By the way, have you seen that movie? by way of :He went to the US by way of Japan.? give way :My new evidence forced them to give way.? work work out :The bank manager asked his assistant if it was possible for him to work out the investment plan.? out of work :He's been out of worksince the factory closed.? Abuse :He was arrested on charges of corruption and abuse of power.? accommodation?:Xiao Tang Shan hospital has accommodations for 2 000?patients.? accord?:Diplomats said the accord's main points included a commitment to the reconciliation process.? accustomed?:I'm not accustomed to getting up so early to do morning exercise.? actually?:Contrary to many parents' fears, owning cats or dogs does not increase a child's risk of developing allergies, and in fact, may actually protect them.? add?:While upholding the basic tenets of Marxism, we must add new chapters of theory to it.? affair?:We have traversed an extraordinary course and scored tremendous achievements in reform, development and stability, domestic and foreign affairs and national defense and in running the Party, state and army.? affection?: bond of true affection had pulled us six very different men from six very different The countries across Antarctica.? alike?:Though death befalls all men alike, it may be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather.? alliance?:The church, acting in alliance with community groups, began to rescue the kidnapped boy.? apart?:We've been apart, but we'll be together soon.? apparent?:Their apparent grief soon turned to laughter.? appealing?:The idea of living in the country is appealing.? appetite?:Don't eat that cake now, you'll spoil your appetite.? applied?:He devoted his life to applied science.? appoint?:We should appoint people on their merits instead of by favoritism.? appreciate?:You can't fully appreciate foreign literature in translation.? approximate?:His story approximates to the facts we already know.? ashamed?:You should be ashamed of your shameful conduct.? assembly?:The national assembly has met to discuss the crisis.? attain?:Genuine achievers are often those who fail for a long time, and who rarely attain popularity outside a small circle.? await?:Twelve months ago we awaited the arrival of comet Hale-Bopp; this year we know of no bright comets that will rendezvous with Earth.? awkward?:You've put me in a very awkward position.?? banner?:Crowds of people carrying banners joined the demonstration.? barely?:He used so many archaisms in his speech that half of it was barely intelligible.? bearing?:He walked with a confident bearing.? beat?:Don't beat around the bush.?


beggar?:Let beggars match with beggars.? belongings?:The tourists lost all their belongings in the hotel fire.? beneath?:They found the body buried beneath a pile of leaves.? bet?:I bet he arrives late—he always does.? bite?:Once bitten, twice shy.? blast?:He was working at full blast in order to complete the order before the holidays.? bloom?:With the development in science and technology man can make various flowers bloom before their time.? bore?:Father bored us all through the meal with stories about the war. bottom?:The stock market has bottomed out.? bridge?:It's unwise to burn all your bridges.? broadcast?:At 7:00 p.m.every evening, local TV stations relay the “National Network” news broadcast from the Central TV station.? browse?:I used to browse through a magazine to kill time.? build?:His amazement turns into laughter, which builds steadily.? bulk?:The bulk of work has been done.? bump?:Our reservations got bumped, so they had to book us another flight.? bunch?:Make sure the wet sheets aren't bunched up otherwise they won't dry properly.? calculate?:Too calculating in plotting and scheming is the cause of her own undoing.? cancel?:The match had to be cancelled because of bad weather.? capital?:It's a decision of capital importance.? career?:I wanted a broad education that would provide me with flexibility and a value system to guide me in my career.? careless?:She left with a careless wave of the hand.? cause?:The doctor's report gave no cause for alarm.? cautious?:The bank is very cautious about lending money.? cease?:He held that a man of learning, if he does not wish to degrade himself, must never cease to participate in public affairs.? ceiling?:The president ordered a ceiling on pricesto hold down inflation.? center/-tre?:London is also the major international insurance center. change:The fox changes his skin but not his habits.? chaos?:The failure of the electricity supplies created complete chaos in the city.? chaotic?:The traffic here is really chaotic.? charter?:The investigation group returned home yesterday by a chartered plane.? circle?:Our manager is wel-known in fashionable circles. cite?:She cited three reasons why people go into debt.? civil?:It is planning to plunge China once again into the maelstrom of civil war, as in 1927~1937.?? classic?:Have you ever read Fielding's classic novel Tom Jones? classify?:This information is classified; only the president can see it.? clause?:The author agreed on all but one of the clauses in the contract. cliff?:The mountaineer broke a leg while climbing a cliff and was hospitalized for a month.? climate?:According to a survey, Indiana's business climate was one of the 10 best in the US.?


clue?:I'll never guess the answer give me another clue.? coach?:I'm coaching their children in A level math in the evenings.? comfortable?:The doctor said that the patient was comfortable after her operation.? comment?:Allowing an unimportant mistake to pass without comment is a wonderful social grace.? commerce?:Our country has grown rich because of its commerce with other nations.? commission?:We sell books on commission.? comparable?:His poetry is hardly comparable with Shakespeare’s.? comparative?:After a lifetime of poverty, his last few years were spent in comparative comfort.? complain?:He complained to the waiter that his meal was cold.? compress?:The film compresses several years into half an hour.? comprise?: The committee comprising people of widely differing views are now meeting here.? compromise?:They are not willing to compromise their individuality in order to get a job.? conclude?:The story concludes with the hero's death.? concrete?:In so far as possible, make the most of your strengths and take concrete steps to overcome your weaknesses.? conduct?:He conducts his business very successfully.? confess?:The criminal finally confessed himself to be guilty when a mountain of evidence gathered from the crime scene was placed before him.? confidence?:We believe management credibility and confidence in the combined management team has been damaged.? congress?:The President has lost the support of Congress.? conquer?:Some countries may be defeated but can never be conquered.? consent?:She made the proposal, and I readily consented to it.? consequently?: Foster has never been to China. Consequently he knows very little about it.? Mr. conservative?:There must have been a thousand people there, at a conservative estimate.? constitute?:They constituted the government in 1997.? construct?:They're planning to construct a new supermarket in our neighborhood.? contact?:I'll contact you by phone.? context?:Can't you guess the meaning of the wordfrom the context? contradiction? : I refer specifically to permanent residents, in contradiction to temporary visitors.? convert?:At what rate does the dollar convert into pounds? convict?:It is said that the fingerprints found on the rifle will be used to convict him.? correct?:Such casual dress would be not correct for a formal occasion.? counter?:The bank teller used a mechanical counter to count the pennies. counter :He countered my proposal with one of his own.? countryside?:The English countryside looks at its best in spring.? county?:A county usually consists of several towns and the rural areas that surround them.? court?:The final decision is in your court.? craft?: until that time, his interest had focused almost exclusively on fully mastering the skills Up of his craft.? creep?:The boys felt tired, so they put out the fire and crept into their tent.?


crew?:The flight crew made sure that the passengers were comfortable.? crucial?:Getting this contract is crucial to the future of our company.? culture?:The culture of the mind is vital.? curiosity?:First love is only a little foolishness and a lot of curiosity.? current?:We must try to counteract the present current of anti-government feeling.? curriculum?:What is being examined cannot be divorced from regular school curriculum.? curse?:I cursed her for spoiling my plans.? curve?:Some women are embarrassed that they do not have enough curves.? dark?:All cats are grey in the dark.? dash?:We dashed along the platform and just managed to catch the train.? decent?:Wearing ragged jeans are not very decent to match the party.? declare?:You must declare all you have earned in the last year.? decrease?:Student numbers have decreased by 500.? defect?:All the cars are tested for defects before they leave the factory.? definite?:I want a definite answer, “yes” or “no”.? delegate?:Minor tasks should be delegated to your assistant.? delicate?:Have you ever notice the delicate beauty of a snowflake? democratic? : E-mail is a convenient, highly democratic informal medium for conveying messages that conforms well to human needs.? density?:The population density is about 500 people per square mile.? depart?:The two cars departed together from the town in the morning and parted at a crossroads in the afternoon.? dependent?:Asia is particularly dependent on exports of electronic equipment.? depress?:Bad weather always depresses me.? deputy?:Joan will be my deputy while I am away.? deserve ?:They deserve to be sent to prison.? desperate?:I would never have resorted to a court of law if I hadn't been so desperate.? despite?:Despite the bad weather we enjoyed our holiday.? detail?:Don't forget to start with the details, while keeping an eye on the big items.? determination:Determination, confidence and perseverance are three main factors for success.? determine?:It is demeaning to say that beauty alone determines one's worth.? device?:A bank is fundamentally a device for moving money around. Sort of a switchboard situation.? devise?:She devised a plan whereby they might escape.? dial?:He lifted the phone and dialed her number.? dictate?:He dictated the passage to us.? diet?:I don't allow myself any chocolate when I am dieting.? difficulty?:At first, the government had great difficulty in persuading people to leave Rio and to settle in Brasilia.? digest?:Fish is easy to digest when you are ill.? disappoint?:She didn't want to disappoint her parents by leaving school.? disapprove?:A public opinion study by the Associated Press this week showed that almost two?thirds of Americans disapprove of the president's handling of the war.? discard?:She discarded a four, and picked up a king.?


discharge?:He was discharged because he hadn't finished the work in time.?? discourage?:A country that discourages bankruptcy makes the past the most important thing about a business, when what we really want companies to be worried about is the future.? disguise?:There's no disguising the fact that business is bad.? dismiss?:The teacher dismissed the class five minutes earlier.? distant?:The airport is about ten miles distant from the city.? distinct?:Here the two distinct theories converge.? distinction?:The President shook hands with everyone, without distinction of rank.? distinguish?:We should distinguish between major and minor work and not put the trivial above the important.? district?:Each living district in the city is fenced round with elms.? disturb?:However, at times this balance in nature is disturbed, resulting in a number of possible unforeseen effects.? diverse?: American culture has typical features, and perhaps one of the most characteristics is the blending of all of the diverse strains to produce American customs and ideals.? divide?:United, we stand; divided,we fall.? division?:The river forms the division between the heavy industrial and light industrial areas of the city.? divorce?:According to a newspaper, children from divorced parents are generally more crime-prone.? document?:Only when they free themselves from a mountain of documents and a sea of meetings can the leading cadres be able to go down to the masses and do a better job.? domestic?:We should put our career before our domestic duties.? dominate? :The church dominates the town.? doubtful?:I am not doubtful about/of the news.? draft?:He drafted a letter to the local newspaper.? drama?:His life was full of drama.? dramatic?:In California the drop in the incidence of lung cancer has been a far more dramatic 14%.? duck?:She had to duck (her head) to get through the doorway.? dump?:Nuclear waste should not be dumped into the sea.? dust?:The peasants are dusting chemical fertilizer over the fields.? eager?: They are eager for new skills so that they can be qualified for the jobs in various fields to which they are strange.? ease?:Mass communication and ease of travel are breaking down differences between the English of America and that of Britain.? echo?:Mrs. Janssen is only an echo of her husband's opinions, and has no ideas of her own.? economic?:At no time should cultural and ideological progress be sacrificed in return for temporary economic development.? economical?:She is an economical housekeeper and feeds her family cheaply.? economy?:Township enterprises have not only opened ways for the peasants to be better off but also served as the pillar of the rural economy.? elaborate?:I don't want elaborate lace patterns on my dress; just make it simple.?


elect?:She has been elected to the committee.? electrical?:This machine has an electrical fault.? elegant?:The lady dressed in the latest Paris fashion is elegant in her appearance but rude in her speech.? element?:I suppose there is always an element of luck in war, and to be defeated occasionally is excusable.? embarrass?:For years, I was almost embarrassed to admit that the one I'd enjoyed watching the most was John McEnroe.? emerge?:He emerged as a leader at the age of thirty.? emergency?:You should only use this door in an emergency.? employee?:The firms have gone to greater and greater length to hold on to their star employees, the ones who really produce the profits.? employment?:Growth of the tertiary industry will help ease the pressure on employment.? enable?:The broad peasants feel indeed that the policy issued this year will enable them to make a lot of money.? encourage?: Twenty of America's 39 presidents have been farmers themselves or sons of farmers, and each has encouraged agriculture in some special ways.? engage?:She wants to engage herself in foreign trade.? enlarge?: newspaper will be enlarged to 24 pages from the present 16 as of September 1st.? The envious?:I am not envious of him, though he has got an enviable job there.? era?:Clearly, this is an era of great change for global business.? erode?:Metals are eroded easily by acids.? escape?:His name escapes me for the moment.? establish?:We must have a fundamental evaluation of a person's work and establish whether his achievements amount to 30 per cent and his mistakes 70 per cent, or vice versa.? event?:Coming events cast their shadows before.? evident?:It is evident that you have been drinking.? evolve?:He preferred to allow any situations to evolve on their own.? exceed?:I tried to carry on a conversation in English, but it far exceeded my ability.? exclude?:Women are often excluded from positions of authority. Execute:The plan was good but was poorly executed. experience?:The astronaut gave a narrative of her strange experience in space.? experiment?:Newton was so engrossed in his experiment that he even forgot that he had invited friends to dinner.? expert?:Throughout his life, he was a recognized expert on old coins.? explode?:My neighbor exploded in rage at the trespassers.? export?:China's export of light industry products is quite beneficial for foreign exchange earnings.? extend?:Can you extend your visit a few days longer? external?:The medicine is for external use only.? extra?:Dinner costs $80, and wine is extra.? extreme?:Love and hate are extremes of passion.? facility?:Without facility,there would be no difficulty; without difficulty, there would be no facility.?


fade?:Any memory of her childhood had faded from her mind.?? fate?:There was no word on the fate of Saddam or his sons, Uday and Qusay, targeted by US bombs in a western residential area of the city on Monday.? feel?:She felt herself unwanted there.? festival?:The TV festival will be sponsored by China Central Television and assisted by some local television stations.? fiction?:Taking ?Dream of the Red Chamber? as a history book is an important visual angle in reading fiction.? file?:Here's our file on the Middle East.? final?:He ran well in the heats but came in last in the final.? flash?:This camera has a built-in flash. flee?:These people not only fail to help the victim, but, like the hoodlums, flee before the police can question them.? flock?:Heavyweight financiers and business figures flocked to back the company, helping to push its value up to $ 18 billion.? Fluent:She speaks fluent though not very correct French.? fold?:How are you going to get the fold out of this dress that has been packed too tightly? forbid?:In some countries women are forbidden from going out without a veil.? form?:Some words have the same form for singular and plural.? formal?:As the days passed, their relationship grew more and more formal.? frank?:To be frank with you, I like you, and should be glad to give you any help I can.? frown?:When she frowns, you know she's very angry.? fruit?:The potato is a vegetable, not a fruit.? fund?: of the school sports fund will be used to improve the condition of the football field.? Part fundamental?:There are fundamental differences between your religious beliefs and mine.? fuss?:Don't tell him anything about our decision. Otherwise there will be a fuss.? future?:Who knows what will happen in the future? gather?:I gather she won the first prize, since she came out of the hall with a crowd of reporters following her.? gaze?:The child gazed at the toys in the shop window.? gear?:She is not used to driving a car without automatic gears.? generation?:This is a new monument to remind future generations of the sacrifices their senior generations made.? genius?:The relation of genius to talent is the same as that of instinct to reason.? geography?: You should get to know the geography of a neighborhood before you move there.? gesture?:The policeman gestured for us to proceed.? giant?:The first full-scale giant recycling plants are perhaps fifteen years away.? glance?:On the bus I always manage to glance at the headlines in the newspaper.? glimpse?:She has a quick glimpse at the newspaper headlines.? global?:With war threatening as the cartel's ministers meet in Vienna this week, prospects for the global economy are so cloudy, analysts say, there is not much left for OPEC to do.? golden?:The Elizabethan period was the golden age of English drama.? governor?:I shall have to ask permission from the governor.? grab?:He grabbed at the opportunity of going abroad.?


grace?:She danced with grace that surprised us all.? gradual?:The change was so gradual:that we hardly noticed it.? graduate?:The university graduated 350 students last year.? grand?:The party was held in the grand ball-room.? grave?:He has one foot in the grave.? greedy?:He is not hungry; merely greedy.? grind?:She grinds coffee beans every day.? gross?:What I want to know is net profit, not gross profit.? halt?:The officer halted his troops.? handle?:She handled a difficult argument skilfully.? harbo(u)r?:You may be punished if you harbour an escaped criminal or a spy.? haste?:He headed towards the church in haste.? hatred?:He looked at me with hatred.? hazard?:Chemical waste is becoming a major public hazard.? headquarters?:The United Nations Headquarters is located in New York City on the East River.? heal?:The cut soon healed over, but it left a scar.? heavy?:In the unexpected nuclear leakage accident, five technicians received a heavy dose of radiation.? highlight?:Milu has highlighted several young players as candidates to go overseas, preferably to European clubs.? highly?:The trouble with the profit system has always been that it was highly unprofitable to most people.? historic?:July 13,2001 has become a historic day for China Beijing succeeded in the 2008 Olympic bid.? hit?:These foreign students hit it off with the natives.? hollow?:His words rang hollow.? hono(u)rable?:It is honourable to earn a living with your hands.? horror?:I have a deep horror of war.? hostile?:I have no time to tell you the whole story, in a word, they become hostile to each other.? household?:The household was still asleep at six in the morning.? housing?:The government helped them to solve the housing problem.? hunger?:Hunger is the best sauce.? hungry?:The boy has a hungry look.? hurry?:I hate to hurry you, but time is running out.? ideal?:She finds it hard to live up to her mother's high ideals.? identify?:Do you identify beauty with wisdom? ignorance?:Ignorance of the law excuses no man.? ignorant?:I am quite ignorant of what his plans are.? image?:The Tian Chi Lake is so clean that you can see your image in it.? imaginary?:Don't worry; it is just an imaginary fear.? immediate?:The city government should take an immediate measure to stop pollution.? immense?:The play was an immense fortune.?


impatient?:Don't get impatient about a trivial thing like that.? implication?:What are the implications of this statement? import?:The import of tobacco is prohibited in this country.? impressive?:The range of her knowledge is impressive.? improvement?:Continued improvement of people's lives must be regarded as an important link in balancing reform, development and stability.? Increase:Corruption is like a ball of snow: whence once set a rolling it must increase. incredible?:People around the world can't hold their wonder at the incredible speed at which the Chinese reconstruct their own country.? independent?:Pursue the independent foreign policy of peace, safeguard world peace and promote common development.? index?:The book is well indexed.? indifferent?:How can you be indifferent to the sufferings of war people? industrial?: The opportunities that WTO brings will multiply the quantity of industrial exports 20 times.? infect?:The SARS virus has killed about 560 people around the world and infected more than 7 400.? infection?:These crowded cities are the perfect environment for the transmission of infection.? infer?:It is possible to infer two completely opposite conclusions from this set of facts.? inferior?:Some stores would put the inferior products on sale.? inhabitant?:The inhabitants of the island were friendly.? injection?:This hormone could be supplied by injection.? inner?:The core of the earth is made up of a liquid outer core and a solid inner core.? innocence?:The lawyer proved the innocence of her client.? insight?:These excursions will give you an even deeper insight into our language and culture.? instinct?:Birds learn to fly by instinct.? institute?:an institute of technology institution?:Our city has many excellent academic institutions.? intellectual?:He was an intellectual who understood Hebrew but could not look up a train timetable correctly.? intelligence?:Use your intelligence, and you're sure to achieve something.? intelligent?:The lowly are most intelligent; the elite are most ignorant.? intense?:She did not go out because of the intense cold.? intensity?:I didn't realize the intensity of people's feelings on this issue.? intention?:He has no intention of marrying yet.? interfere?:It's unwise to interfere between husband and wife.? interference?:He hated interference in his work.? interior?:This is a house with a classical exterior and a modern interior. internal?:We need to hold an internal inquiry to find out who is responsible. interpret?:He interpreted the silence as contempt.? intimate?:We're not exactly on intimate terms, but we see each other fairly often.? invade?:World War Ⅱ began when Germany invaded Poland in 1939.? invent?:He invented an ingenious excuse for his absence.? invest?:The state has planned to invest two millions in the dam.?


investigate?:Sherlock Holmes investigated many cases by following the footprints left at the scene of the crime.? invite?:He often appears unexpectedly and invites himself to lunch.? inward? : Her words were inward and indistinct when she was in a state of half unconsciousness.? irrigate?:They irrigate their crops with water from this river.? isolate?: During analogue missions in harsh, isolated environments, more than ten per cent of the subjects develop serious psychological adaptation problems.? item?:I'm very pleased with the results of my blood test, for all tested items show negative reactions.? jealous?:He is jealous of his friend's success.? journey?:The young man in the seat next to mine was on his first journey.? judge?:Judge a man not by his clothes, but by his wife's clothes.? junior?:My brother is seven years junior to me.? jury?:The jury found the prisoner innocent.? justify?:The pursuit of good ends does not justify the employment of bad means.? keen :My roommates are very keen on bridge cards among other things.? killer?:The police are following all possible leads to track down the killer.? kind?:How kind of Bill to get our board and lodging ready.? label?:Because there is no label on the can we don't know what it contains.? labo(u)r?:People engaged in manual labor are often badly paid.? lag?:The small boy soon became tired and lagged far behind the rest of the walkers.? large?:Two fugitives remain at large tonight after escaping from the state prison.? later?:The committee consisted at first of nine later of twelve members.? launch?:Launch the new perfume with prime-time commercials on the major networks.? law?:All citizens are equal before the law.? lecture :He gave a very interesting lecture on American literature. legal?:A country's legal responsibility toward genuine refugees should not be manipulated for political ends.? less?:He should speak less and listen more.? liar?:Have you any grounds for calling him a liar? liberate?:Allied armies liberated France from the Nazis.? licence/-nse?:When John was arrested for drunken driving, he expected to lose his driving licence, but he was let off with a fine.? lift?:His low spirits lifted as soon as his lost watch was found.? limitation?:I'll help you without limitation.? link?:The new company linked up with several older ones in self-protection.? list?:I must make a list of things to buy.? little?:They little expected such a generous gift.? live?:April 23,2002, Hillary Clinton's speech telecast live on Community Television.? living?:Her grandfather is still living at the age of 93.? loan?:The dictionary is a loan,not a gift.? locate?:We located the shops and the post office as soon as we moved into the town.? location?:We're trying to find a good location for our party.?


logic?:He argues with learning and logic.? logical?:It seemed the only logical thing to do.? loose?:The dog broke loose and ran away.? loyal?:The people stayed loyal to their country.? manage?:We want to find someone to manage our sales department.? manual?:Office work can be more tiring than manual work.? manufacture?:His books seem to have been manufactured rather than composed.? mark?:We hit the mark last year when we introduced our new product line.? master?:Money is a good servant but a bad master.? material?:They export raw materials and import manufactured goods.? matter?:What matters most is giving the children proper care. mature?:You are a mature man now; you are no longer a boy.? medium?:How do you want the beef rare,medium or well done?? membership?:The membership are very annoyed at your suggestion.? memorial?:Over 100 people attended the memorial meeting.? memory?:The tower was built in memory of those who died in the war.? mill?:The mill of God mills slowly.? miracle?:It'll be a miracle if he ever gives up smoking! ? miserable?:Refugees of Iraq lead miserable lives.? mislead?:She is a good girl, but bad companions misled her.? mission?:It seemed to be her mission to care for her brother's children.? modesty?:She does a lot of work for the poor, but modesty forbids her from talking about it.? moist?:New Zealand's mild,moist climate is favourable to the growth of grass.? motion?:Motion itself is a contradiction.? motive?:None of them seemed to have a motive for the murder.? mount?:He mounted the stairs quickly.? mutual :We have a mutual agreement to help each other out when necessary.? myth?:German artillery superiority on the Western Front was a myth.?? namely?:The railroad connects two cities, namely, New York and Chicago.? natural?:It is natural for him to oppose a plan like that.? necessity?:I walked home by necessity, because there was no bus.? nerve?:It takes a lot of nerve and endurance as a sportsman.? nonsense?:My father thinks people talk nonsense about health foods.? notify?:Have the authorities been notified of this? novelist?:She began to make her reputation as a novelist in the 1980s.? nuisance?:You are a confounded nuisance.?Stop pestering me.? objection?:If at the end of next term you still want to go, I 'll make no objection.? objective?:My objective is to finish the work by the end of the week.? obligation?:Supporting parents is every adult's obligation.? oblige?:People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.? obtain?:Through my uncle's influence I obtained a good appointment at the Foreign Office.? occupation?:That farm has been in the occupation of the same family for over a hundred years.?


occur?:Don't let the mistake occur again.? occurrence?:The professor shouted, which is a very rare occurrence.? odd?:I find it odd that she hasn't written to us.? offense?:It is an offense to drive a car at night without lights.? offensive?:She made several offensive remarks.? omit?:This chapter may be omitted.? ordinary?:Ordinary people like you and me cannot change something.? original?:The Indians were the original inhabitants of North America.? originality?:Her book shows great originality.? outcome?:He was pretty well satisfied with the outcome of his efforts.? outlet?:Switzerland has no outlet to the sea.? outline?:We saw the outline of a ship in the fog.? output?:The value of the industrial output dropped a lot last year.? outset?:At the outset of her career she was full of optimism but not now.? overlook?:The house on the hill overlooks the valley.? owe?:He owes all his success to his wife.? package?:They are trying to put together a package that will end the dispute.? painful?:His head was very painful.? panel?:There were dials, switches and flashing lights all over the instrument panel.? partial?:At first he had only partial, disconnected information.? passion?:She argued with great passion.? pat?:He received a pat on the back for doing a good job.? patch?:We’ve got a vegetable patch at the back of our garden.? payment?:in any of the following ways, in cash, by check, or by credit card.? perfect?:This wonderful scenery of Venice is perfect for daydreaming.? permanent?:True love should be permanent.? permission?:Have you obtained permission from your teacher? persist?:We will persist in our demands.? personal?:I never had any personal contact with Hyndman.? physical?:It's a physical impossibility to be in two places at once.? pile?:On the table is a pile of books which she consults from time to time.? pinch?:He put a pinch of salt on his food.? pleasure?:Pleasure without joy is as hollow as passion without tenderness.? plunge?:The news plunged us into despair.? policy?:Honesty is the best policy.? poll?:The result of the poll won't be known until midnight.? pollut : The air is polluted in this city, but it is not given sufficient attention partly because of the nation's drive to save energy.? portable?:I have a portable television set.? portion?:The money was divided into seven portions.? pose?:They posed their plan for the director to consider.? possible?:Palestinians have the right to do whatever possible to regain their rights and their land.? potential?:The book is arguably a potential best seller.?


poverty?: These people once had fame and fortune; now all that is left to them is utter poverty.? power?:Our research has focused on a drug which has the power to change brain chemistry.? pray?:Pray be careful.? predict?:Timely snow predicts a bumper harvest.? preface?:Has your history book a preface?? prefer?:I prefer bananas to apples.? pregnant?:She was six months pregnant.? prejudice?:A judge must be free from prejudice.? preparation?:The room is in excellent preparation for the party.? present?:There is a wrong tendency at present, that is putting money above everything else in all matters.? pressure?:He felt a pressure on the right shoulder.? previous?:Enough materials should be collected previous to writing.? pride?:This fine picture is the pride of my collection. primary?:Matter is primary and consciousness is secondary.? prime?:Only prime foods are served at the hotel.? principle? : Their diplomatic principles completely laid bare their ambitious for world conquest.? printing?:Books had to be written by hand before the invention of printing.? priority?:To build Beijing into an international metropolis, the highest priority has been given to the problem of heavy traffic by the municipal government.? profession?:The doctor is respected by his professions.? profile?:The painter drew a profile for the girl.? profit?:We hope our criticisms and suggestions will profit you.? program(me)?:The hospital building program has been delayed by lack of money.? project?:It is an elaborate project that answers many purposes.? prominent?:The party hopes to play a prominent role in political life.? pronounce?:Foreigners find it hard to pronounce many words in English.? proper?:He wondered whether it would be proper to knock at the door of her room.? proportional?:Payment will be proportional to the amount of work done.? protest?:He protested that he hadn't been in the country when the robbery took place.? provide?:The government is hoping to open up new areas of industry to provide employment.? provision?:The present law makes no provision for this.? publish?;The journal is published monthly.? punctual?:He is punctual to the minute.? punish?:The company is to adopt the floating wage system as of next year to award the diligent and punish the lazy.? pursue?:The police pursued the stolen vehicle along the motorway.? qualify?:Youngsters are qualified to vote when they are 18 years old.? queue?:People are queuing up for tickets for the concert.? quit?:Don't quit love with hate.? quote?:The author frequently quoted Shakespeare.? radical?:Moving to the farm made a radical change in our lives.? rage?:He went into a rage when he learned about it.?


raid?:The soldiers made a raid upon the enemy's camp.? rare?:The higher we go above the earth, the rarer the air is.? rarely?:Big Ben in London has rarely gone wrong.? rather?:I'd rather take those important documents with me. ratio?:The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in water is 2 to 1.? rational?:Are men more rational than women? react?:How did he react to the news? rear?:The wounded fighters have been sent to the rear for safety.? rebel?:The peasants rebelled but were ultimately put down.? recall?:The government recalled the general after he lost the battle.? reckon?:Do you still reckon him among your friends ? recognize/ise?:Many colorblind people can't recognize different shades of red and green.? recommend?:This hotel has nothing to recommend it to tourists except cheapness.? recover?:Bone marrow transplantation is the most effective way for leukaemia patients to recover.? reference?:We are now forwarding you a catalog for your reference.? refine?:Much of the nutritive material was refined out of foods.? reflect?:The calm lake reflected the trees on the shore.? reform?:The education system was crying out for reform.? refresh?:Enough time should be left for sleep because that will help one become refreshed.? reject?:She rejected his offer of marriage.? reliable?:My memory is not very reliable these days.? rely?:You should not rely on statements or guesses but on evidence.? remain?:The situation remains unchanged.? remarkable?:She is remarkable for her beauty.? remind?:Please remind me to answer that letter.? representative?:Are your opinions representative of all the workers here?? reputation?:We have spent 40 years building a reputation for high quality and high service.? residence?:His office is in town, but his residence is in the suburbs.? resident?:The city government pledged to give top priority to developing the housing project for low-income urban residents.? resign?:I wonder why she resigned her job.? resistance?:The environmentalists put up lots of resistance to fur-clothing companies.? resistant?:I prefer the plants that are resistant to bad climate.? resolve?:He resolved on an early start.? resort?:He resorted to walking to and from work after his bike was stolen.? resource?:The mortgage is a drain on our financial resources.? respective?:All men have their respective duties.? respond?:Their ambassador showed no sign of responding to our proposals.? restore?:It's hard to restore a broken mirror.? restrict?:By 1900, some cities had begun to restrict in order to ensure pedestrian safety.? retire?:When they reach a certain age army officers retire from active service.? reward?:How can I reward your kindness? riot?:The police succeeded in quelling the riot.?


rise?:Lincoln's rise to the presidency was inspiring.? rival?:She has no rival in the field of romantic fiction.? romantic?:The romantic schoo-girl's mind was full of handsome heroes and fine clothes.? rotate?:The coach rotates her players frequently near the end of the game.? rough?:I think that girl is a diamond in the rough.? rouse?:All over Scotland he went, rousing the workers for the war against terrorism.? routine?:Will you go to the routine meeting instead of me? sake?:For the sake of getting more money, he left home and went to Australia.? sale?:Such things are on sale everywhere.? sample?:Samples are presented free in the company.? save?:He saved the boy from drowning.?? scarce?:Eggs are scarce and expensive this month.? scarcely?:We scarcely have time for breakfast.? scatter?:More than 2.5 million Vietnamese are scattered in 80 countries around the globe.? scenery?:Don't you like English scenery?? schedule?:We are sure to finish this job ahead of schedule if everyone does his bit.? scold?:Beating and scolding is not the correct method of education.? scratch?:We haven't even begun to scratch the surface in researching this story.? screen?:He spends most of his time working in front of a computer screen.? screw?:The ship's screw stopped and it drifted helplessly.? search?:The birds flew south in search of warm sunshine.? section?:It means that marketing managers look for new users and market sections.? seize?:Jinan police seized a gang of scalpers of train tickets at Jinan Railway Station yesterday.? select?:Mother took a long time in selecting a few hats for Mary, out of which Mary chose the one she liked best.? selection?:The Selection Committee would spend a fortnight reviewing the applications in an attempt to identify the ideal candidate.? sensible?:That seems to be a sensible idea.? sentence?:He is serving his sentence.? sequence?:The sequences of historical plays by Shakespeare are still the masterpieces in today's literature.? session?:He had to attend a night session of one of the commissions.? setting?:The cooker has several temperature settings.? settlement?:The strikers have reached a settlement with the employers.? severely?:Dangerous driving should be severely punished.? shadow?:Shadows are longer when the sun is low in the sky.? shallow?:The boat ran aground in the shallow water.? sharpen?:This saw doesn't cut well it needs to be sharpened.? shelter?:Food,clothing and shelter are basic needs.? shield?:The spacecraft was fitted with a heat shield.? shiver?:Jane is shivering with cold so that her teeth are chattering.? shortage?:There is a shortage of grain because of poor crops.? show?: Each of the mascots has a repeated two—syllable name. This type of name is a traditional


way of showing affection for children in China.? shoulde : I asked her where Sam was, but she just shrugged her shoulders.? significance?:Indeed, Hemingway welcomed his (Robert Jordan's) discovery of a worthwhile cause :because it could give significance to an otherwise meaningless death.? sin?:All religions have certain days when people refrain from eating and excessive eating is one of Christianity's seven deadly sins.? sketch?:He has done a new sketch of me for Lady Gregory.? snap?:He said the fact that his company's shares were snapped up by buyers showed confidence in his company.? soak?:I was caught in the rain and my clothes were soaked.? sole?:She is the sole beneficiary of her husband's $10 000 insurance policy.? solve?:How are you going to solve the questions put forward?? sometime?:I saw him sometime last summer.? sound?:The missing children were found safe and sound by the police.? span?:How brief the span of life is! specially?:Bluebird, the car he was driving, had been specially built for him.? sphere?:We are doing this work in the context of reforms in the economic, social and cultural spheres.? sportsman?:A sportsman is a man who likes some such games as cricket, football, etc.? spring?:We are impatient for spring to arrive.? stack?:How does our product stack up against the competition?? stain?:I'm afraid I can't get this stain out of your blouse.? stake?:He lost his stakes when the horse finished last.? state?:A healthy state of mind is the source of a happy life.? steer?:“How can we steer our child toward success?” they ask.? stem?:The present wave strikes stems from discontent among the lower-paid.? stiff?:After riding in the chilly wind, he felt stiff in four limbs.? sting?:Some spiders can give a poisonous sting.? stir?:The dissident stirred up the students to hold a demonstration and by this way he wanted to pressure the government to give in.? stock?:The New York Stock Exchange crashed in 1929.? stress?:He lay stress on the point about hard work.? stretch?: Chicago newspaperman looked pained, his journalistic vocabulary stretched thinner The and further than an Gore story.? stroke?:The stroke of midnight signaled the New Year's coming.? structure?:The Great Wall is one of the most famous and also ancient structures in the world.? style?Books for children should have a clear,easy style.? subsequent?:In subsequent lessons, we shall discuss the topic further.? substance?:There's little substance to her speech but it's very amusing.? succeed?:The stormy night ended and a beautiful morning succeeded.? suicide?:The tragic suicide of Zhang Guorong is on everyone's tongue.? summarize/ise?:His statement summarized the situation.? summit?:There is no royal road to science, and only those who do not dread the fatiguing climb of its steep paths have a chance of gaining its luminous summits.?


superior?:The superior man knows what is righteous, but the inferior man knows only what is profitable.? surround?:The football star was surrounded by his admirers.? survival?:The doctor said she had a 50/50 chance of survival.? survive?:Few people in the town survived the earthquake.? suspect?:He that once deceives is ever suspected.? suspend?:Universities want the government to introduce a loan scheme for tuition fees and have suspended their own threatened action for now.? suspicion?:Politeness is not always the sign of wisdom, but the want of it always leaves room for the suspicion of folly.? sweep?:A new broom sweeps clean.? switch?:I think it will be a nice switch for you to change jobs.? symbolic?:The dove is symbolic of peace.? talent?:If you have great talents, industry will improve them; if you have but moderate abilities, industry will supply their deficiency.? teach?:To teach a fish how to swim.? temperature?:The average temperature in Beijing was 34.9℃ last summer.? temporary?:She took a temporary job.? tender?:He is always tender of hurting other people's feelings.? tension?:Similar tensions exist between the developed and the developing nations.? terminal?:This ward is for terminal cases.? thirst?:A little stream will quench a great thirst.? thoughtful?:What deserves being thoughtful and sad when you are just a child? threaten?:When your love for someone is rejected,:in no case should you threaten him/her with death.? thrive?:Some components of a thriving friendship are honesty, naturalness, thoughtfulness, some common interests.? tide?:The country has decided that swimming with the global tide is the only way to survive.? tidy?:She always keeps her kitchen tidy.? timber?:Timber is gotten from forest, very difficult to transport.? tired?:She is tired from hiking.? title?:I try to remember what really counts: not money or title or possessions, but the way we love others.? tone?:You'd better tone down some of the opinions in your article.? transformation?:There was a noticeable transformation in his appearance.? triumph?:I believe that love is the greatest thing in the world; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might.? trouble?:Don't trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.? trust?:No men living are more worthy to be trusted than those who toil up from poverty. try?:The constant noise from the next door was trying my nerves to the utmost.? tutor?:There is a tutor to teach the children while they are in hospital.? type?:John didn't think of himself as being the macho type.? typical?:This editorial was written in typical governmentese.? unceasingly?:The company encourages its staff to develop an unceasingly innovative spirit.?


uncover?:Agents have uncovered a plot against the President.? understanding?:Perfect understanding will sometimes almost extinguish pleasure.? uneasy?:They had an uneasy suspicion that all was not well.? unique?:Mona Lisa's smile is unique.? universal?:Despite almost universal acknowledgement of the vital importance of women's literacy, education remains a dream for far too many women in far too many countries of the world.? unload?:The dock workers began unloading the ship.? unnatural?:During the Iraq War many innocent people died an unnatural death.? upright?:Mother has told me to be an upright person since I was a little girl.? up-to-date?:Satellite communications are so-up-to date that when on business, businessmen can contact their offices as if they were next door.? usage?:According to usage, the guest of honour sits on the right of the host.? used?:Kong Yiji was the only long-gowned customer who used to drink his wine standing.? utility?:The utility of a computer cannot be fully realized therefore, until the capabilities of the computer are recognized.? valid?:Illness is a valid excuse for being absent from work.? value?:She puts little value on money.? vanish?:It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly.? variable?:Have you taken all the variables into account in your calculation?? variety?: The United States was actually many varieties of human weirdness concealed beneath a thin veneer of sameness.? victim?:Candles were lit in memory of the victims.? vigorous?:The patients must avoid vigorous exercise.? violate?:The actress violated the terms of her contract and was sued by the procedure.? violence?:They are determined to meet violence with violence.? virtual?:His sending her a dozen roses was a virtual declaration of love.? virtue?:There is a limit which forbearance ceases to be a virtue.? volunteer?:Most of the relief work was done by volunteers.? vote?:Los Angeles County school officials voted to ban the sale of soft drinks to its students amid worries about increasingly overweight children being fed junk food in their schools.? wage?:Wages are higher in service traders than in industry.? wait?:Thousands of young girls and boys were waiting at the gate of the gym, eager to get the ball game stars's autographs.? wander?:The travellers wandered for some time in the fog.? whereas?:He was poor,whereas his brother was very rich. wire?:Don't touch those wires whatever you do.? wit?:The game of chess is essentially a battle of wits.? within?:He did everything within his power to achieve the goal.? wreck?:Tedious tasks demand absolute concentration,because a single error can wreck months of work.



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