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人教版高中英语必修5 Unit3 Life in the future说课课件 (共36张PPT)_图文

?Unit ?Life in the Future Unit 3 Life in the Future 教材:高中英语必修5 (人民教育出版社普 通高中课程标准实验 教科书) ? 对象:高中三年级学生 ? 课型:讨论 阅读 语法 ? 一、 教材分析(Ananlysis of Teaching Material ) ? 本单元的中心话题是“谈未来”,内容 主要涉及人类对今后生活环境的想象、 猜测和思考。语言技能和语言知识主要 围绕“未来生活”这一中心话题进行设 计的。 二.教学目标(Teaching Goals) 2.1 知识技能目标 Cognition and skill objectives ? 巩固本单元所学的语法、单词、表达法 Learn about new words,grammar and description of this unit ? 学习有关预测和猜测的表达方式 Learn how to make prediction ? 掌握过去分词做定语、状语的用法 Know how to use past participle as the Adverbial and Attribute ? 运用所学英语写出具有丰富想象力的短文 Write fantastic passage with what you have learned 2.2 过程与方法目标 Procedure and approach objectives ? 使学生在口语和书面表达中自如运用语言点 Students can use language points freely when speaking and writing ? ? 提高学生小组合作能力 Improve the cooperation ability of each group 培养学生独立思考问题的习惯 Cultivate independent thoughts of students 2.3 情感态度、价值观目标 Outlook on life and values ojectives ? 认识现在,展望未来,激发学生的想象力。 Arouse students’ imagination by predicting the future life ? 鼓励学生发言,增强学生自信心 Increase students’ confidence by encourage them to say ? 培养学生合作意识和竞争意识 Foster the competition and cooperation sence of students 三、教学方法(Teaching Approach ) ① ② ③ 任务型教学法(Task-based teaching approach) 合作学习教学法(Cooperative learning approach) 自主学习教学法(Autonomous learning approach) 四、教学重点(Teaching Important Points) ? 过去分词做状语和定语(Past Participals as Adverbial ) ? 所学重点单词,词组 (Impression,lack,take up, be sweep up into…) ? 写作和写作技巧(Life in the future) ?Unit ?Life in the Future On-line shopping on the earth; on land On the space station on the earth On other planets Under the sea ?Do you want to go traveling in the future like the mechanical cat---“Duo La A Meng”? ?The time machine can bring you to the future. Pre-reading ? ? ? ? Housing Population Pollution Global warming (greenhouse effect) ? Traffic ? Hunger …. Make a list of the problems human are facing today. poverty war violence overpopulation Help pollute the environment take up too much room to park… Reading Li Qiang A boy who was given a chance to travel to the year AD 3008 as a prize. He is now writing to his parents about his exciting and unforgettable tour… 1. Answer these questions in pairs Why did Li Qiang go into the future? How did he feel when he left his own time? Li Qiang went into the future because he had won a prize that gave him a tour. He felt rather anxious when he left his own time but soon got it over. How did he get to the year 3008? He went by time capsule.

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