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考博英语“爱考”词系列 7.“创新”系列 一、同义词系列 1.“妨碍,阻碍”系列 encumber fetter preclude hamper hinder 2.“遭受”系列 subject to liable to sth./ liable to do? be susceptible to be prone to be vulnerable to be inclined to do? , 3.“遵守”系列 abide by conform to comply with observe obey 4.“证实”系列 confirm verify certify ascertain 5.“加重”系列 worsen deteriorate aggravate compound 6.“缓解”系列 relieve alleviate palliate ease mitigate (modify) originality creativity ingenuity innovation 8.“统一”系列 integrate integration unify unification systematic systematize oneness synthesize synthesis 9.“激发,困扰”系列 irritate agitate annoy exasperate bother infuriate plague 10.“工具”系列 device facility apparatus utensil appliance implement 11.“恢复”系列 recover recovery recuperate resume reinstate

12.“恶化”系列 deteriorate aggravate exasperate make worse worsen 13.“传播”系列 diffuse prevalence spread transmit disseminate propagate propagation 14.“感染”系列 infect/ infectious communicate/ communicable contagion/ contagious transmission/ transmittable 二、形近词系列: 1.affect v.影响 effect n.效果 2.ingenious a.聪颖 de ingenuous a.淳朴的,直率的 3. erotic a.情爱的 exotic a.外来的,异域风情的 4.discreet a.谨言慎行的 discrete a.离散的 5.congenial a.志趣相投的 congenital a.天生的 6.deprive v.剥夺 derive v.源自于 7.contemptuous a.轻蔑的,傲慢的 contemptible a.卑劣的 contemplate v.凝视;沉思

8.console v.安抚 conceal v.隐藏 consulate n.领事馆 9.ethical a.伦理的,道德的 ethnic a.人种的 10.consistent constant instant 11.temperature temperament 12.Commence commerce recommend command demand



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