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Unit2 Poems

Do a quiz
Can you recite the Chinese traditional poems according to their English translation?
Let’s have a competition.

If you would ask me how my sorrow has increased, Just see the over-brimming river flowing east!
Translated by Xu Yuanchong

《虞美人》 问君能有几多愁,恰似一江春水向东流。

How long will the bright moon appear? Wine-cup in hand, I ask the sky. I do not know what time of year, It would be tonight in the palace on high.
Translated by Xu Yuanchong

水调歌头 明月几时有?把酒问青天。 不知天上宫阙,今夕是何年?

——— 苏轼

I look for her in vain. When all at once I turn my head, I find her there where lantern light is dimly shed.
Translated by Xu Yuanchong

众里寻他千百度, 蓦然回首, 那人却在, 灯火阑珊处。
青玉案. 元夕

--- 辛弃疾

Till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon, To bring me my shadow and make us three.


Wildfire never quite consumes them -They are tall once more in the spring wind.


Let’s learn

A few simple forms of English poems

Careful reading

Nursery rhymes Read Para 2 and find out the characteristics of nursery rhymes. strong rhyme a lot of repetition Listen to it and try to clap the beat.

Underline the pair of rhyming words.

Nursery rhyme(童谣) Hush, little baby, don’t say a word, Papa’s going to buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird won’t sing, Papa’s going to buy you a diamond ring. If that diamond ring turns to brass, Papa’s going to buy you a looking glass. If that looking-glass gets broke, Papa’s going to buy you a billy-goat. If that billy-goat runs away, Papa is going to buy you another today.

[?:d] [in]

[?u] [ei]

1. What is the baby’s father going to buy if the looking-glass gets broken? If the looking-glass gets broken, the baby’s father will buy a billy-goat instead. 2. What is the baby’s father going to do if the goat runs away? He’s going to buy the baby another billy-goat.

List poems Read Para 3 and answer the following question. What are list poems like? repeat phrases

Some have rhyme while others do not.
Let’s see the examples poem B & C.

Our first football match
We would have won… if Jack had just scored that goal, if we’d had just a few more minutes,

if we had trained harder,
if Ben had passed the ball to Joe, if we’d had thousands of fans screaming, if I hadn’t taken my eye off the ball, if we hadn’t stayed up so late the night before, if we hadn’t taken it easy, if we hadn’t run out of energy, We would have won…

if we’ve been better!

POEM C : Answer the following questions
1. Did his team win the game? No 2. How many excuses did they make to explain why they didn’t win? Nine 3. Does the speaker really believe his own excuse? No
The reason why they are fail is that they are not If no, what is the reason for their failure? good enough.

Cinquain poems Read Para 4 and answer the following question. How many lines is the cinquain made up of?

five lines
Listen and observe Poem D and E carefully. Try to find out the characteristics of the two poems.


Beautiful, athletic
Teasing, shouting, laughing Friend and enemy too

爱美,又爱运动 爱闹,爱叫,又爱笑 是我的朋友 也是我的敌人

夏日 困乏,刺激 干涸,枯萎,恐怖 周而复始 永无止境

Sleepy, salty Drying, drooping, dreading Week in, week out.


Task 3

Poem D & E

1.What subject is the speaker writing about? His or her brother Poem E:________ summer Poem D:_________ 2. In poem D ,Does the author like his brothers?

What is cinquain?
a name (subject of the poem) Brother Beautiful ,athletic two adjs ( describe the subject) verbs ending with – Teasing, shouting ,laughing three ing (describe actions) Friend and enemy too four words (opinions or feelings) mine restates(重复) the subject in
anther single word

Summer Sleepy, salty Drying, drooping, dreading Week in, week out Endless

Summer Sleepy, salty Drying, drooping, dreading Week in, week out Endless

Does the speaker like the topic?

E: No. The reader gets the feeling that the speaker
cannot wait. The words drooping, dreading, week in, week out and endless convey this feeling.

Discussion : which poem do you like best? Give reasons.

group work:

It’s your time to create your own poems or just some poem lines!

A Student's Prayer

rest Now I lie down to_____ test I pray I pass tomorrow's______

remember: Good, better,______! best Never have it rest! better Till good is_______, best And better,_______!

1. To My _____, Thank you
You were always there To _______me …… …… But most important You were always there To _______me

1. To My Parents, Thank you
You were always there To _______me help You were always there To _______me guide You were always there To _______me laugh with …… cry with But most important You were always there To _______me love

Rhyme & rhythm are important to poetry.

Homework Choose a poem you like best and recite it.


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