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2012届高考英语一轮复习基础强化:Unit1 Lifestyles(北师大版必修1)

2012 届高考 Ⅰ. 句填词


:Unit1 Lifestyles(



1. After he g__________________from the university,he found a job in a computer company. 句 译 ___________________________________________________________

2.Study hard,o__________________you will not pass the final exam. 句 译

____________________________________________________________________ 3.I find stamp-collecting r__________________and it takes my mind off the stress of my work. 句 译

____________________________________________________________________ 4.In fact,life is full of different__________________ (挑战)when one is born into this world. 句 译

____________________________________________________________________ 5.It is reported that there were about 100,000 Games-time__________________ ( Games. 句 译 )taking part in the 2008 Olympic


6.Some students__________________ (

)that their homework is too 译

much.They almost have no enough time to finish it. 句

____________________________________________________________________ Ⅱ.短语识境 talk show; come up with; suffer from; switch off; get bored; be filled with; be free of; work one’s way through sth. 1.She is sitting at her desk and__________________a lot of documents. 句 译 ____________________________________________________________________ 2.I shall retire next year and__________________the trouble from all kinds of work. 句 译

____________________________________________________________________ 3.I__________________anger when I saw the middle-aged man kicking the dog. 句 译

____________________________________________________________________ 4.The scientists are beating their brains trying to__________________a solution to the problem. 句 译

____________________________________________________________________ 5.Eventually the lights in the house were__________________,and everything went black. 句 译

____________________________________________________________________ 6.The glasses are really necessary to the man__________________shortsightedness. 句 译

____________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ. 译句 1. 们将帮 你 们空闲时学习功课。 one’s spare (in

time) ____________________________________________________________________ ___________ 2. 欢踢球 欢看书。(while)

____________________________________________________________________ ___________ 3. 锻炼 饭。(do some exercise)

____________________________________________________________________ ___________ 4.汽车 开得极 , 突 车 险 。(so...that)

____________________________________________________________________ ___________ 5.现 年轻 多 。(to do)

____________________________________________________________________ ___________ Ⅳ.单项填空 1.China has just launched_________ series of gold and silver coins with the theme of the 60-year anniversary of_______ founding of the People’s Republic of China. A./;the B.a;the C.a;/ D.the;the 2.—What do you think of your English teacher? —He is a strict teacher,but_________ all his students show respect for. A.that B.the one C.who D.one the one 词 代 识 到 可数 : one 可数 词;it 词 代 代 单数, 到 到 可数 ;that 可数 词 词 代 单数, 到 ; 可数


。 3.—Where is

your mother working? —In a hospital_________ our town. A.is located in B.located in C.set in D.is set in 4.—Oh,how depressed!I’m bound to lose

to him in tomorrow’s competition. —Cheer up!In fact,he is_________ than you. A.not more nervous B.no more nervous C.no less nervous D.a little less nervous B都 识 : 语 词 你 A is no+ 较级+than B 词 较级+than B “A B”。 “A : I

……”;A is not+

am no richer than you. 你

样穷。 I am not richer than you.

。 5.He was,after all,the manager,and did not

appreciate________to feel like an ignorant schoolboy. A.being made B.to make C.making D.to be made 6.It is necessary that teachers should be in time kept_________ of students’ needs to provide adequate guide and help to them. A.to be informed B.on informing C.informed D.informing 7.—The research on the new bird flu virus vaccine is challenging and demanding.Who do you think can do the job? 梍________ gmy students have a try? A.Shall B.Must C.Will D.May 8.He found three specific examples, and one more general case, _________ changes in diet appeared to have had beneficial effects. A.why B.which C.that D.where 9.The steel works in which David has worked for five years_________ us with raw material in large quantities in the past two years. A.has been supplying B.was supplying C.have been supplying D.were supplying 10.—Why were so many people trapped into buying the stock of the company? 梍________ penough money within one night. A.Get B.Getting C.To get D.To be getting Ⅴ. 填空 Last evening I was watching the evening news on television.The news was about a prize for scientific 1 ;I forgot what it was.The

announcer,whose name was Ralph Sorry,said something that caught my 2 .“All great discoveries,”he said,“are made by people between the ages of twenty-five and thirty.” 3 a little over thirty myself,I wanted to disagree with him. 4 wants to think that he is past the age of making any discovery.The next day I happened to be in the public library and spent several hours looking up the 5 of famous people and their discoveries.Ralph was right. First I looked at some of the 6 discoveries.One of the earliest discoveries,the famous experiment that proved that bodies of different 7 fall at the same speed,was made by Galileo when he was 26.Madam Curie started her research that 8 to the Nobel Prize when she was 28.Einstein was 26 when he published his world?changing Theory of Relativity.Well, 9 of that.Yet I 10 if those“best years”were true in other 11 . Then how about the field of 12 ?Surely it needs the wisdom of age to make a good leader.Perhaps it 13 ,but look when these people 14 their career.Winston Churchill was elected to the House of Commons at the age of 26.Abraham Lincoln 15 the life of a country lawyer and elected to the government at what age?Twenty ? six. But why 16 best years come after thirty?After thirty,I 17 ,most people do not want to take risks or try 18 ways.Then I thought of people like Shakespeare and Picasso.The former was writing wonderful works at the ripe age of fifty,while the latter was 19 trying new ways of painting when he was ninety!Perhaps there is still 20 for me. 1. A.invention

B.discovery C.experiment D.progress 2.A.mind B.idea C.attention D.thought 3. A.As B.Being C.However D.Beyond 4. A.Everybody B.Somebody C.Nobody D.Whoever 5.A.names B.ages C.address D.edvcation 6. A.modern B.scientific C.last D.oldest 7. A.heights B.sizes C.weights D.things 8. A.led B.meant C.stuck D.referred 9. A.plenty B.enough C.much D.none 10. A.believed B.trusted C.wondered D.asked 11. A.fields B.countries C.course D.ages 12. A.agriculture B.politics C.industry D.society 13. A.is B.will C.has D.does 14. A.finished B.went C.started D.failed 15. A.devoted B.gave up C.began D.led 16. A.don’t B.the C.can D.not 17. A.believe B.agree C.guess D.disagree 18. A.other B.their C.best D.still 19. A.always B.still C.seldom D.enjoying 20. A.discovery B.problem C.wish D.hope 识 记录笔记:

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________ 刻 The lecturer on evolution had been

going on for nearly two hours. then he started again, and said he:" Let me ask the evolutionist a question --- if we had tails like a baboon,

where are they?" "I'll venture an answer, " said an old lady. "We have worn them off sitting here so long.". 教进 两个 时, 话题 来 :“让 到哪 这么久 进 去 论 论 师 经滔滔 果 绝 们 讲 经


那样长 说。 “该

,那么现 们 这

?” “ 掉

来试试看,” Ⅰ. 句


吧。” 参考答

填词 1.graduated 2.otherwise/or 3.relaxing 4.challenges 5.volunteers 6.complain Ⅱ.短语识境 1.volunteers 2.be free of 3.was filled with 4.come up with 5.switched off 6.suffering from Ⅲ. 译句 1.We will

help your children in learning lessons in their spare time. 2.He likes playing football while I like reading. 3.Every morning after I do some exercise,I have breakfast. 4.Cars often travel so fast that a sudden stop is dangerous. 5.Today’s young people have a lot of things to do. Ⅳ. 单项填空 1. 冠词 the, :考查冠词。a series of “ 华 可 敬 单数, 到 : 共 国 ”。 为 “ 系 ”; 空处 :B 2. 个既对 代 单数, 到

题选 B 项。答 这样 识 到 可数 ,空格 可数

:考查代词。根据题 学 严格 到 可数 ;that 可数 词 “ hospital , 你 间 学 词 代 。 3. 们镇

,空格 师。

代 a teacher, 选 D 项。答 :D

:one 词 代 语,这

;the one 可数 句 家医 词 单数


结构可 ”,故

locate, :B 4. :C 识

动词 locate 与 :根据语 : 语 “

词 实

动宾关系,故选 B 项。答 ,C 项 。答

样紧张” 可

A is no+

词 B

较级+than B “A B”。



……”;A is not+ 你


:I am no richer than you.( 你 )。 5. 个 :考查 学 ,故

样穷);I am not :毕竟 v.ing 。答 为 们 :A 供

richer than you.( 个经 , “ 欢


当 当

来看。 appreciate v.ing 学 求 动

, 处还 6. 够 informed 学 :考查 导 帮 过去 们可 称。答 个


谓语动词。语 ,这 词


。keep sb.informed “ 宾补。答 :C 7. :考查 求对 语从句。语 果。 导词 果 从句 谓 们 时, :

道……”, :

态动词。答语 见, 到 语从句 状语时, 个 词 ,还


试吗?shall :考查

:A 8. 变


point,case,situation,position 等, 词 where 来 过去 两年 导该 语从句。答 过 年 :D 9.

关系 : 。

:考查 给 进

时态。语 供大 题 单数 ,这 :C Ⅴ. 语

,David 工


根据时间状语 in the past two years 可 虽 A 10. 句 空 1. s , 却 :考查 谓 : , 内 。答 答 :B 4. :B 6. : :根据 可 单数 义, 为 “工厂”, “为 能

works, 。 答 :

谓语动词 ” 可 状语。答


“to get...” 。答 :B 2. : 词 :C 5. ,当

:catch one’s attention 逻辑 : 语与句 谈论 :B 7. 语 年龄与 : 同 功 。 关

:C 3. 。答



。答 举 : :

:C 8. ,说 领 动词 够 。答

:lead to 导 。答

果关系。答 :wonder if 谈论

:A 9. 道。答 。答

: :C 11.

:B 10.

:A 12. :D 14. :A 17.


:B 13. : :C 18. 关系。 可能 们

。答 :B 16.答

:开创,开办。答 : 。答 :A 19. ,从句 测 :

:C 15. 。答


:try other ways 试验其它 答 实现 负责传递 :B 20. 。答 识! :wish

大可能实现 国

虚拟;hope Gkxx.com |

:D 高考学习网-


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