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My day My day begins in the morning, get up at 6 o 'clock in the morning, with 15 minutes before washing a face to brush your teeth, wash a face to brush the teeth, I went to have breakfast, my breakfast is a bag of milk and a bag of bread, it took me twenty minutes to finish.Thirty-five at six and then go out, take 2-2 bus.To school, I began to sweep the floor, clean the classroom after forty seven and downstairs take exercises, must be very standard, finish operation at 8 o 'clock.To do morning reading classroom beginning, read in English.Then the class until 12 noon, have a meal, at two o 'clock in the afternoon class begins again until at four o 'clock in the afternoon, after school is boring.Home, writing homework first, writing for an hour and a half after finish eat while watching the news broadcast.I will sleep until nine o 'clock.Is really boring day!

我的一天 我的一天是从早上开始的,早上六点起床,先用 十五分钟刷牙洗脸,洗完脸刷完牙,我去吃早饭,我 的早饭是一包牛奶和一包面包,我用了二十分钟才吃

完。然后六点三十五出门,乘坐 2-2 路公交车。到学 校,我开始扫地,扫完教室后七点四十,下楼站队做 操,必须非常标准,八点做完操。到教室开始早读, 读的是英语。 然后就一直上课直到中午十二点, 吃饭, 到下午两点又开始上课直到下午四点放学,都是枯燥 乏味的。到家,先写作业,写一个半小时,写完以后 边吃饭边看新闻联播。直到九点我便睡觉。真是无聊 的一天!


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