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物流巨头马士基的面试题揭密 Procter & Gamble Asia Management Application Form Supplemental Data 核心部分的题如下: Please provide concise examples that will help us better understand your capabilities. 1、Describe an instance where you set your sights on a high/demanding goal and saw it though completion. Demnding Goal: To design a musical and dramatic show to celebrate the centennial Anniversary of Tianjin University. The person who reach this goal: Chairman of Tianjin University Student Union What I learned from this observation: It is not necessary for a true leader to be an expert in such or such field of his career. But he must possess the charismatic and the capacity to drive different people, who have diverging opinions, or even conflicting interests, to proceed togother to the same organizational goal. 2、Summarize a situation where you took the initiative to get others on an important task or issue, and played a leading role to achieve the results you wanted. The activity I initiated: To organize a group to sing English anthems on Charistmas Eve, visit all domitories in university and send christmas gifts on behalf of our English Association The desired result: To broaden the students’ horizons about Western culture. My leading role: Combine the representatitives’ suggestions with my idea and draw the decision on: *What songs to play? *Who could attend the choir? *Which spots we performed on? The result: Many students said that they felt the warmness we sent to them and they hoped we would


马士基 中国物流成本占比高昂
马士基 中国物流成本占比高昂_经济/市场_经管营销_专业资料。马士基:中国物流成本占比高昂字号:T|T 2014 年 05 月 30 日 10:41 第一财经日报 航运巨头马士基...
马士基在中国的品牌策略分析及启示_经济学_高等教育_教育专区。摘 要 随着中国加入 WTO,对外贸易往来日益频繁,物流行业存在着众多的契 机,伴随着越来越多的外资...
安阳师范学院本科学生论文 Maersk 物流发展的历程与运作模式 作系(院) 专年学业级号 者 焦培培 人文管理学院 (自己改) (自己改) 124986041 (自己改) 指导教师...
马士基物流流程_生产/经营管理_经管营销_专业资料。马士基航运特色物流流程马士基集团...物流企业笔试题目:马士... 3页 免费 我物流巨头马士基的面试... 3页 免费 ...
合理的营销对企业的重要性 --谈马士基的成功秘诀 马士基(MAERSK)是班轮运输业最成功的承运人之一,也是全球最大的综合 物流服务商。 仔细阅读了马士基的经营理念和...
马士基物流为客户提 供各种一站式的服务,包括:出口物流、仓储 、分拨、空运、海运代理、报关 代理和拖车服务。马士基物流能够根据客户的具体要求,度身定制各种服务...
机器、物流工具和燃料等,而且在运输过 程中,还要科学地处理污水和气体排放问题...海运巨头马士基的运作模... 3页 1下载券 莱德物流公司简介 23页 1下载券 ...

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