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Class __________ Name __________ No. _____
单项选择: 1. ---Where did you see the movie Life of Pi directed by Ang Lee? --- It was in the cinema ________ I regularly go . A. which B. that C. where D. what 2. Jessica's voice shook with _____ as she was afraid of speaking in public. A. doubt B. anger C. delight D. tension 3. It was a real race _______ time to get the project done. Luckily, we made it. A. over B. by C. for D. against 4. The human body consists of organs, each ______a definite job to do. A. have B. to have C. has D. having 5. Do you think this shirt is too tight ______ the shoulders? A. at B. on C. to D. across 6. The boy was _____, because he only bought an out-of-date computer which is not worth 5,000 yuan. A. brought in B. set in C. taken in D. called in 7. In the reading-room, we found Winifred ____ at a desk, with her attention ____on a novel. A. sitting; fixing B. seating; fixed C. sitting; fixed D. seated; fixing 8. For quite a few students, their teacher’s advice is more important than ______ of their parents’. A. one B. that C. it D. any 9. --- Thank God we’ve finally cleared up some problems. Let’s ______, shall we? --- All right. See you tomorrow. A. go Dutch B. get it straight C. call it a day D. make a meal of it 10. --- Shall I give the dog a chocolate? --- It’s better _________. A. not to B. to not C. don’t D. can’t 11. Rose is _____ and she always lets you know what she's thinking. A. elegant B. straightforward C. stubborn D. rude 12. It is no use gathering a lot of facts and data without making a ______ study and scientific analysis of them. A. thorough B. similar C. collective D. particular 13. I can't tell you a(n) _____ date because I don't know how long I need to hand over my work to the new secretary. A. roundabout B. probable C. apparent D. precise 14. In order to improve English, _______. A. Jeo’s father bought her lots of tapes B. Jeo bought lots of tapes for herself C. Lots of tapes were bought by Jeo D. Lots of tapes were bought by Jeo’s father 15. Zhang Hua is clever and works hard at his lessons. . A. So is Li Ming B. So does Li Ming C. It was the same with Li Ming D. So it is with Li Ming


16. Take it easy! No one can hear our talk because the walls are made of a material that _____ sound. A. produces B. controls C. absorbs D. pronounces 17.Teachers prefer to measure our performances the efforts we made rather than the intelligence we have. A. as a consequence of B. regardless of C. for the sake of D. in terms of 18. Tom received a promotion to the role of assistant manager and is the youngest person to that post in this international company. A. adopt B. occupy C. acquire D. seek 19. Lectures were , so students could focus attention on their study for the finals. A. called off B. set off C. taken off D. turned off 20. The newcomer was annoyed that the natives couldn’t his meaning because of his strong accent. A. get down to B. make sense of C. look down upon D. go in for 21. The result was far beyond _____ we had expected, _____ brought great joy to every one of us. A. that, which B. that, that C. what, what D. what, which 22. It is said that Chinese eat ______ vegetables per person today as they did about 30 years ago. A. more than twice B. as many as twice C. twice as many as D. more than twice as many 23. --- May I go to play football with Mike now, Dad? --- No, you can’t go out ______ your homework is being done. A. as B. until C. before D. after 24. ______ the breakfast room, there is also a cozy bar where guests can enjoy afternoon tea. A. Except for B. In addition to C. In addition D. Except 25. The professor could hardly find enough grounds on which to base his arguments ______ the new theory. A. in honor of B. in favor of C. in case of D. in memory of 26. --- Why didn’t you call me this morning? --- I ______ call you. I called you all the morning, but I couldn’t ______. A. did, get over B. do, get it C. didn’t, get together D. did, get through 27. ---Look at your pale face. You ______ a sleepless night. --- You bet. The work site next to the hotel was so noisy. A. must have had B. might have C. should have had D. cannot have had 28. The opinion you used to object to _____ to be true. A. proving B. proves C. be proved D. is proved 29. --- Did you have any difficulty catching yesterday’s lecture? ---No. The professor spoke very clearly to make his speech easy _____. A. understood B. understand C. understanding D. to understand 30. When ______ by the teachers, a student tends to study harder than usual. A. to be praised B. praising C. praised D. to praise 31. That is the only way we can imagine ______ the overuse of water in students’ bathrooms. A. reducing B. to reduce C. reduced D. reduce

32. --- The room is in a mess again! --- Sorry. It is ______ who ______. A. me, is to blame B. I, is to be blamed C. me, am to be blamed D. I, am to blame 33. So far all cloned animals have suffered from some different serious disorders, ______ dying soon after birth. A. many of which B. many of whom C. many of that D. many of them 34. So far all cloned animals have suffered from some different serious disorders, and ______ die soon after birth. A. many of which B. many of whom C. many of that D. many of them 35. So far all cloned animals have suffered from some different serious disorders, ______ die soon after birth. A. many of which B. many of whom C. many of that D. many of them 36. Not far from the club there was a garden, _____owner seated in it playing bridge with his children every afternoon. A. whose B. its C. which D. that 37. Not far from the club there was a garden, _____owner was seated in it playing bridge with his children every afternoon. A. whose B. its C. which D. that 38. I prefer a university in Fuzhou to _____ in Beijing. Because I like the weather there. A. one B. that C. it D. any 39. No matter how late she comes home, she makes _____ a routine to walk her dog for about an hour. A. one B. that C. it D. her 40. --- Would you mind giving your advice on how to improve our learning efficiency ? --- If you make _______ most of forty-five minutes’ classes day after day, there will be _______ switch in grades. A. 不填; 不填 B. the; a C. 不填; a D. the; 不填 41. Despite the fact that all three teams _______ different approaches to the problem, they were all immediate successes. A. acquired B. adapted C. achieved D. adopted 42. Who would the headteacher rather ________ the classroom at the beginning of the term? A. have decorate B. have to decorate C. decorate D. have decorated 43. --- Could you be so kind as to give us a little bit of help? --- _________. A. A pleasure B. My pleasure C. With pleasure D. It’s my pleasure 44. --- Did you meet with the famous space hero from China, Yan Liwei? --- _______I had come here earlier. A. If only B. Why not C. But for D. For fear 45. Chengdu has focused on improving the surrounding countryside, ______ encouraging large-scale city expansion. A. due to B. rather than C. except for D. other than

46. A _______ political and economic situation is very important for the development of any country. A. relative B. stable C. temporary D. casual 47. Formal teaching methods went _____ some time ago, and new ideas are coming in all the times. A. out of reach B. out of question C. out of mind D. out of fashion 48. --- He is a very hard-working student. --- _______. As far as I know, he often burns the midnight oil. A. You can say that again B. Absolutely not C. Heaven knows D. No way 49. They lost their way in the forest, and ______ made matters worse was that night began to fall. A. it B. which C. that D. what 50. Don’t you know, my dear friend, ______ it is your money not you that she loves? A. who B. which C. that D. what


Keys to 高三总复习跟踪检测题(13)
1-5: CDDDD 21-25: DDABB 41-45: DACAB 6-10: CCBCA 26-30: DABDC 46-50: BDADC 11-15: BBDBD 31-35: BDDDA 16-20: CDBBB 36-40: BAACB


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