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新标准英语二年级第四册M7U2 We're having a picnic课件

M7U2 We’re having a picnic. picnic What’s she doing? 1 A. She’s reading a book. 2 B. She’s listening to the music. 3 C. She’s doing her homework. 4 D. She’s playing football. What's he/she/it doing? He's/sShe's/It's ...~ing. she is drawing a picture. Pig is sleeping. What's he/she/it doing? He's/sShe's/It's ...~ing. she is flying a kite. she is playing Youyou ball. Frog is eating. What are they doing? They are playing hide-and-seek. family What’s the family doing? They’re_____ having _ a ______ picnic . picnic have + ing write +ing hide +ing smile +ing having writing hiding smiling Listen and answer Fangfang's Fangfang's Fangfang's Fangfang What's the ... doing? He's/She's ...~ing. She’s eating. He’s flying a kite. She’s sleeping. She’s drawing a picture. 说出动词的ing形式,你发现了什么? sleep- sleeping fly- flying drawdrawing 动词后面直接加ing run- running clap- clapping swim- swimming 动词双写词尾再加ing have- having write- writing hide- hiding 动词后面去e再加ing Fill in the blanks. My name’s Fangfang. at I’ m ____(at / in) the beach with my family. We having are ________(have) a flying picnic. My father is ______(fly) a kite . My mother eatingis ______(eat) . And my grandma is sleeping __________(sleep) . I am ________(draw) a picture. drawing The weather is good. It is sunny and warm. After having a picnic, please tidy away the rubbish! 野餐后请注意带走垃圾哟! A:What are the lions doing? B:They're eating. Let’s do the exercises, ok? 1. It ____ Children’s Day


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