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英语外研版选修7 Module 4 Music Born in America--Reading Vocabulary and speaking课件(外研版选修7 Mo

Module 4 Music Born in America All You Need to Know About Hip Hop 1.Work in pairs . Read the words and discuss their meaning. breakdancing, disco, DJ, graffiti, hip hop, improvisation, microphone, percussion, pop, rap, record, reggae, rock, soul, turntable, vocals Read the passage and check the true statements. ? 1. Hip hop is the result of a combination of T North American and Caribbean influences. ? 2. Jamaican DJs continued to play reggae F music even though the audiences didn’t like it. ? 3. Hip hop was successful because it doesn’t cost a lot of money to do it. T ? 4. After the early recordings, rap artists T changed the way they recorded their songs. ? 5.Hip hop music is only produced in the United States. F Read Part 1 of the passage again and finish activity3 on Page46. ? Check your answers. ? Then read the words and meaning aloud to memorize them. ? ? ? ? ? a. block i. rapping b. DJ h. graffiti c. percussion f. Jamaica d. reggae g. breakdancing e. DJ-ing j. soul music Read Part 2 carefully and answers questions. 1.Why did DJ Herc stop playing reggae music? Because he noticed that people didn’t like it. 2. How did the DJs make the percussion breaks in the songs longer? By using two records on two turntables. 3. What were DJs who shouted during the songs called? MCs 4. How long were the performance s of the shouting DJs? Hours 5. Apart from the DJs, what else happened at block parties? Breakdancing Listen to the tape and read the text. Do you like h



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