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英语外研版选修7 Module 6 Reading 1 The world’s Cultural Heritage

Module 6 The world’s Cultural Heritage 1. The sites on the World Heritage List have either outstanding cultural importance or unique ________________ ______________. natural beauty 2.If a site is added to the list, it can become a ______________. tourist attraction The World give money to Heritage Fund does not _________ help a country repair the site. But it get involved in planning how the does __________ sites can be protected; it also gives advice on how to raise funds. __________ The World Heritage List remains fossil prehistoric primitive archaeologist excavation evolution existence skull 1. A ______ fossil is the remains of an animal or plant, which becomes a rock. 2. The bone that makes up your head is the skull ______. 3._ Excavation ___________means digging in the earth to find remains. archaeologist is someone who 4. An ______________ studies ancient civilization. Evolution 5.____________means the development of living things from simple to complicated, over many years. 6. The period of history before information was written down is ______________. prehistoric 7. The early stage in the development of primitive humans or animals is called____________. Part 1: The Amazing Caves of Zhoukoudian Beijing Man Heritage Site Part 1: The Amazing Caves of Zhoukoudian Fast reading: 1. Zhoukoudian was listed as a world heritage site in 1987. Can you find the reasons in part 1? It has not only given us important information about prehistoric Asian societies, but a


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