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2011《龙门亮剑》高三一轮(人教.山东)英语必修3 Unit 4 课时作业(详细解析)

课时作业 Astronomy:the science of the stars :
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.He doesn’t believe in the________of God. A.life B.exist C.existence D.exhibition 2.________he will offer us enough help doesn’t matter a lot to our success. A.If B.Whether C.Before D.How 3.—How long are you staying? —I don’t know.________. A.That’s OK B.Never mind C.It depends D.It doesn’t matter 4.My advisor encouraged________a summer course to improve my writing skills. A.for me taking B.me taking C.for me to take D.me to take 5.________the development of science,people’s living level is being improved. A.For B.By C.With D.Under 6.He is always ready to help others and many people________a live Lei Feng. A.to think of him as B.think of him as C.think him like D.look him as 7. Completely lost in the exciting________of the football match, Tom didn’t feel his pocket picked. A.scene B.view C.atmosphere D.sight 8 . The harm the modern farming methods have done________the countryside is considerable. A.on B.to C.at D.for 9.Their mother________dinner at the kitchen when a quarrel________among the children. A.was preparing;was broken out B.prepared;was broken out C.was preparing;broke out D.prepared;broke out 10.We can’t continue to pretend that the problem of homelessness doesn’t________in this city. A.exist B.live C.be D.survive 11.He________rumors here and there that the price would go up. A.spread B.scattered C.expanded D.extended

12. typhoon swept across this area with heavy rains and winds________strong as 113 miles A per hour. A.too B.very C.so D.as 13.Many Europeans________the continent of Africa in the 19th century. A.exploded B.exposed C.explored D.expanded 14.________he couldn’t understand was________, a teacher of Chinese,he was asked as to teach history. A.What;that B.What;what C.What;which D.Why;how 15.I had no idea when the World War Ⅱ________,so I turned to my teacher for help. A.broke down B.broke out C.broke in D.broke away Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.这种新方法使得更快地完成这项任务成为可能。(it 做形式宾语) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 17.随着工业的发展,空气的质量越来越差。(development) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 18.是否要关掉那家工厂决定于他们的经济问题有多严重。(depend on) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 19.如果你坚持不懈地学英语的话,总有一天你会说得很流利的。(in time) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ 20.既然大家同意了我的计划,我们明天就动身去北京。(now that) ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ.完形填空

Last night I wrote an article for the 21.A.editor school newspaper that described how I feel C.e-pal right now in honest terms.I emailed it to our 22.A.deleted C.forwarded wonderful__21__,and after she __22__it,

B.coach D.supervisor B.read D.reserved

she asked a very good question:“Do you want the__23__school body,including our senior class and the teaching__24__to read this?”

23.A.entire C.main 24.A.member C.staff 25.A.agreed C.supported 26.A.easygoing C.optimistic 27.A.exactly C.roughly 28.A.how C.where 29.A.exciting C.boring 30.A.everybody C.somebody 31.A.Showing off C.Getting down 32.A.unreliable C.permanent 33.A.either C.both 34.A.burden C.goal 35.A.but C.so 36.A.as C.since 37.A.heavier C.lighter 38.A.miserable C.strong 39.A.by C.with 40.A.reality C.practice

B.junior D.key B.clerk D.fellow B.controlled D.matched B.shy D.open B.rarely D.usually B.what D.when B.simple D.difficult B.yourself D.myself B.Opening up D.Looking up B.weaker D.stronger B.neither D.nothing B.dream D.release B.while D.meanwhile B.when D.while B.unpredictable D.unbearable B.secret D.joyful B.via D.beyond B.use D.print

That question pretty much__25__my thoughts.I’m not a very__26__person;I tend to let only a few friends know__27__what’s going on in my life.I suppose that’s__28__my personality says the opposite to itself,because I’m also an honest person. Being honest is__29__.It involves taking risks—huge risks—and putting__30__on the edge.__31__to someone can be the hardest thing for you in the world and either lead to the hurt of feelings or__32__friendships.During the course of my life,I’ve experienced__33__. In positive ways,being honest can be a __34__.Pretending is not only difficult, __35__it’s very tiring.Last year,__36__I discovered that I could be open with two people whom I was already good friends with,the load on my shoulders felt much__37__.Telling someone your__38__feelings is scary;trusting someone__39__your heart and soul is hard.Of course,putting one’s feelings into__40__for the general population to read is also rather frightening.

Ⅳ.阅读理解 As computers become more popular in China,Chinese people are increasingly relying on computer keyboards to input Chinese characters.But if they use the computer too much,they may end up forgetting the exact strokes ( 笔 画 ) of each Chinese character when writing on paper.Experts suggest people,especially students,write by hand more. Do you write by hand more or type more?In Beijing,students start using a computer as early as primary school.And computer dependence is more wide-spread among university

students.Almost all their assignments and essays are typed on a computer. All the students interviewed say they usually use a computer. It’s faster and easier to correct if using a computer.And that’s why computers are being applied more and more often to modern education.But when people are taking_stock_in computers increasingly,problems appear. “When I’m writing with a pen,I find I often can’t remember how to write a character, though I feel I’m familiar with it.” “I’m not in the mood to write when faced with a pen and paper.” Many students don’t feel this is something to worry about.Now that it’s more convenient and efficient to write on a computer,why bother to handwrite? Many educators think differently.Shi Liwei, headmaster of a famous primary school in the the capital,said,“Chinese characters enjoy both practical and aesthetic (审美的) value.But those characters typed with computer keyboards only maintain their practical value.All the artistic beauty of the characters is lost.And handwriting contains the writer’s emotion.Through one’s handwriting,people can get to know one’s thinking and personality.Beautiful writing will give people a better first impression of them.” To encourage students to handwrite more,many primary schools in Beijing have made writing classes compulsory (必修的) and in universities,some professors are asking students to turn in their homework and essays written by hand. 41.Which of the following can best serve as the title of the passage? A.The Importance of Handwriting and Typing B.To Type or to Handwrite C.Writing by Computer Will Replace Writing by Hand D.Practical and Aesthetic Value of Chinese Characters 42.The students interviewed prefer to write using a computer mainly because________. A.they are usually asked to e-mail their homework and essays B.they can correct the mistakes they make quickly and conveniently C.they find it not easy to remember how to write a character D.computers have become a trend and fashion in China 43.Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE of the advantages of handwriting? A.Handwriting contains the writer’s emotion. B.The writer’s thinking and personality are shown in his or her handwriting. C.Handwriting can impress people well and build one’s selfconfidence. D.Chinese characters enjoy both practical and aesthetic value. 44.The underlined expression “taking stock in” (Paragraph 4)probably means________. A.getting bored with B.getting dependent on C.becoming crazy about D.getting curious about 45.We can draw the conclusion from the passage that________. A.more and more students will give up writing on a computer B.writing by hand will give way to typing by computer one day C.more and more students will pay attention to handwriting D.the typing article better expresses one’s emotion and quality


Ⅰ.单项填空 1.C life 生命,生活,exist 动词,存在,existence 名词,存在,exhibition 展览。根 据语境“他不相信上帝的存在,”C 正确。 2.B whether 连词“是否”,引导主语从句,不作成分,if 不能引导主语从句。 3.C 根据答语前半句“我不知道”,可知后半句为“那要看情况而定了。”选 C。 that’s OK 那挺好,never mind 不要紧,it doesn’t matter 不要紧,均与题意不符。 4.D encourage sb.to do sth.鼓励某人做某事,固定搭配。句意为:我的顾问鼓励我参 加暑假培训班以提高我的写作技能。 5.C with 表示“随着”。句意为:随着科学的发展,人们的生活水平不断改善。 6.B 固定短语 think of...as...把……看做,句意为“他总是乐于帮助别人,很多人都把 他看做活雷锋”。 7.C atmosphere 表示“氛围、气氛”。句意为:由于完全沉醉在足球赛令人兴奋的氛 围中,汤姆全然不知有人掏他的口袋。其他选项无此意。 8 . B do harm to sb./sth. 为 固 定 短 语 , 意 为 “ 对 …… 有 害 ” , 且 “the modern farming...countryside”为定语从句修饰 harm。 9.C 短语 break out 为不及物动词短语,不用被动语态,可先排除 A、B 两项。根据 语境第一处用过去进行时态。句意为:“妈妈正在厨房做饭这时孩子们争吵起来了。” 10.A exist 表示“存在”。句意为:我们不能继续假装在我们城市没有无家可归的人 的问题。live in 居住,survive 存活,都不合题意。 11.A spread rumors 散布谣言。spread 指散在表面;scatter 指向四方散开;expand 指 扩大、增加、增强;extend 指伸直或延长。 12.D 由于题干中出现了 as,且为肯定句,所以该空格处用 as,构成 as...as...结构。 13.C 考查 4 个形近词的词义辨析。句意为:许多欧洲人在 19 世纪对非洲大陆进行 了探索。explode 爆炸;expose 暴露,显示,揭露;explore 探索,探究,勘探;expand 扩大, 展开,膨胀。 14.A 第一个空格引导主语从句,且从句缺宾语,故用 what,而不用在从句中作状语 的 why;第二个空格引导表语从句,且该从句不缺任何成分,故用在表语从句中不作成分的 that,而不用在从句中作成分的 what,which,how。 15.B 考查由 break 构成的动词短语的词义辨析。break down (化合物)分解,出故障, (健康、精神等)垮下来;break out(战争、火灾、疾病等)突然爆发;break in 闯入,打断;break away 脱离,逃脱。 Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.The new method made it possible to complete the task faster. 17.With the development of industry,the quality of the air is becoming worse and worse. 18. Whether the factory will be closed down depends on how serious their economic problem is. 19.If you keep on learning English,you’ll be able to speak English quite fluently in time. 20.Now that everyone agrees to my plan,let’s start for Beijing tomorrow. Ⅲ.完形填空 21.A 作者为校报写文章,当然是发给编辑。 22.B 根据句意,编辑阅读文章后,提出一个问题。 23.A the entire school body 指“整个学校”。 24.C staff 意思是“全体职员”。 25.D match 这里意思是“使合适,与……一致”。句意为:这个问题和我的观点非

常一致。 26.D open 坦率的;开放的。根据上下文可知,作者不愿让很多人了解自己生活中的 一切。 27.A know exactly 准确地了解、知道。 28.C where 在句中引导表语从句,意思是“……的地方;……之处”。 29.D 根据上下文可知,作者认为做到诚实不容易。 30.B 把你自己放到危险的边缘。 31.B open up to sb.向某人公开自己;与某人无拘无束地交谈,是固定搭配。 32.D 根据文意可知与某人无拘无束地交谈要么会造成感情上的伤害,要么会使友谊 更牢固。 33.C both 指上文提到的两种情况。 34.D 从积极方面而言,诚实可能是一种压力的释放。 35.A but (also)与句中的“not only”并列。 36.B when 引导时间状语从句,意思是“当……时候”。 37.C 根据上下文可知,作者向朋友倾诉衷肠后,感到肩膀上的担子轻了许多。 38.B secret feelings 指“内心的情感”。 39.C with your heart and soul 全心全意地。 40. put one’s feelings into print 这里意思是“使自己的情感表白刊登在报纸上(供大 D 家阅读)”。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 41.B 主旨大意题。文章围绕话题“我们是依靠电脑还是应该手写”展开,故答案选 B。 42.B 细节理解题。由第四段“It’s faster and easier to correct if using a computer.”和 第七段“Now that it’s more convenient and efficient to write on a computer,why bother to handwrite?”可知学生依赖电脑是因为使用电脑方便、快捷、修改容易。 43.C 细节理解题。由倒数第二段中的“Beautiful writing will give people a better first impression of them.”可知漂亮的书写可以给人好的第一印象,但并没有说可以帮人建立自 信。故 C 项表述错误。 44.B 词义猜测题。结合上文的 computer dependence 和下文的表述,不难推出 taking stock in 意为“相信,依靠”。故 B 项正确。 45.C 推理判断题。最后一段介绍:北京许多小学已把写作课规定为必修课,在大学 里,有些教授要求学生交手写的作业和论文,由此我们可以得出结论:今后越来越多的学生 会重视书写。故 C 项为正确答案。




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