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2011《龙门亮剑》高三一轮(人教.山东)英语必修1 Unit4 Earthquakes 课时作业(详细解析)

课时作业(四 课时作业 四)


Ⅰ.单项填空 1.The students feel highly________the kind things their teacher said about them. A.honoured for B.honour for C.honoured by D.honour by 2.I haven’t read all of his books before,but________from the one I have read,I think he’s a very promising writer. A.judged B.judging C.determining D.determined 3.At least 203 miners were killed,22________and 13________in a coal mine gas explosion in Fuxin. A.injuring;trapping B.injured;trapped C.injured;trapping D.injuring;trapped 4.Although the town had been attacked by the storm several times,________was done. A.a few damages B.few damages C.little damage D.a little damage 5 . Nowadays , people usually think if you enter a key university , you are your parents’________. A.pride B.luck C.value D.cheer 6.— I think we should buy a new curtain________this one. —Yes.It looks a bit ugly________. A.to replace;as it is B.to in place of;now C.to take the place of;as it was D.instead of;than that one 7.________I explained on the phone,your request will be considered at the next meeting. A.When B.After C.As D.Since 8.What shall we use for power when all the oil in the world has________? A.given out B.put out C.held up D.used up 9.The teacher stayed in the office until late into the night,________his lessons for the next day. A.being prepared B.prepared C.preparing D.to prepare 10.—Did Henry paint the whole house himself? —He________because he doesn’t like to climb a ladder. A.hadn’t painted it B.had it painted C.had painted it D.painted it 11.It is reported that the floods have left about________people homeless. A.two thousand B.two-thousands C.two thousands D.two thousands of 12 . The number of people invited to the party________fifty , but a number of them________absent for different reasons.

A.were;was B.was;was C.was;were D.were;were 13.________of the land in that area________covered with trees and grass. A.Two fifth;is B.Two fifth;are C.Two fifths;is D.Two fifths;are 14.There is a notice on the blackboard,saying “Those________are going camping please gather at the gate”. A.whom B.which C.they D.who 15.You must learn how to communicate with others.Learning to________yourself well is an important part of education. A.express B.find C.introduce D.recognize Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.这些鲜花散发出甜甜的味道。(give out) ________________________________________________________________________ 17.她任凭孩子哭个不停。(leave+宾+宾补) ________________________________________________________________________ 18.这本书太难,我读不懂。(too...to...) ________________________________________________________________________ 19.漫长的酷暑终于过去了。(at an end) ________________________________________________________________________ 20.看起来好像他在这个世界上没有一个好朋友。(seem as if) ________________________________________________________________________ Ⅲ.完形填空 21.A.figuring out B.shutting out C.leaving out D.making out 22.A.attempted B.managed C.failed D.concentrated 23.A.filled B.welcomed C.met D.dealt 24.A.However B.Thus C.Yet D.Even 25.A.decision B.opinion C.determination D.desire 26.A.district

The situation seemed hopeless. From the first day he entered my junior-high classroom, Willard P. Franklin lived in his own world,__21__his classmates and me,his teacher.I__22__to build a friendly relationship with him but my attempt__23__with complete unconcern.__24__a“Good morning, Willard”received only an inaudible grunt (咕 哝).Willard was strictly a loner who seemed to have no__25__or need to walk out of his own world of silence. Shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday,we received word of the yearly Christmas collection of money for the less fortunate people in our school__26__.

B.lab C.cottage D.nursery “Christmas is a season of__27__,”I told my students.“There are a few students in the school who might not have a(n)__28__holiday season.By__29__to our Christmas collection,you will help buy food, clothing and toys for these needy people.__30__start the collection tomorrow.” When I__31__the contributions the next day,I discovered that almost everyone had forgotten, __32__Willard P. Franklin.The boy dug deep into his pockets__33__he walked up to my desk.Carefully, he__34__two quarters (25 美分的 硬币) into the small container. “I don’t need milk for lunch,”he mumbled (喃喃自 语). a moment, a moment, For just he__35__.Then he turned and walked back to his desk. That night,after school,I took our huge contributions to the school headmaster.I couldn’t help telling him our loner’s character was being__36__. “I am__37__Willard is getting ready to become a part of theworld around him,”I told the headmaster. “Yes,I believe it sounds hopeful,”he nodded.“And we mightdo well to have him__38__a bit of his world with us.I just receiveda list of the poor families in our school who need help__39__throughthe Christmas collection.Here,take a look at it.” 27.A.respecting B.giving C.collecting D.memorizing 28.A.appropriate B.suitable C.happy D.negative 29.A.devoting B.sticking C.adding D.contributing 30.A.He B.We C.They D.It 31.A.called for B.put forward C.came up D.focused on 32.A.in addition to B.as well as C.except D.including 33.A.in case B.so that C.though D.as 34.A. dropped B.laid C.reached for D.squeezed out 35.A . sighed B.smiled C.laughed D.screamed 36.A.translated B.treated C.transformed D.trusted 37.A.conveyed B.concerned C.concluded D.convinced

As I looked__40__to read,I discovered Willard and his family were the top name on the list.

38.A.share B.deliver C.explain D.clarify 39.A.hardly B.badly C.mainly D.mostly 40.A.over B.behind C.down D.around

Ⅳ.阅读理解 Farmer Joe was in his cart when he was hit by a truck.He decided his injuries from the accident were serious enough to take the trucking company to court.In court the trucking company’s lawyer was questioning Farmer Joe.“Didn’t you say,at the scene of the accident, ‘I’m fine’?”said the lawyer. Farmer Joe answered,“Well,I’ll tell you what happened.I had just loaded my favorite mule Bessie into the...” “I didn’t ask for any details,”the lawyer interrupted.“Just answer the question.Didn’t you say,at the scene of the accident,‘I’m fine’?” Farmer Joe said,“Well I had just got Bessie into the cart and I was driving down the road...” The lawyer interrupted again and said, “Judge, am trying to make clear the fact that, the I at scene of the accident,this man told the highway patrolman (巡警) on the scene that he was just fine.Now several weeks after the accident he is trying to cover the fact.I believe he is telling lies.Please tell him to simply answer the question.” By this time the judge was fairly interested in Farmer Joe’s answer and said to the lawyer, “I’d like to hear what he has to say about his favorite mule Bessie.”Joe thanked the judge and went on,“Well,as I was saying,I had just loaded Bessie,my favorite mule,into the cart and was driving her down the highway when this huge truck ran into the stop sign and pushed my cart right in the side.I was thrown into one side and Bessie was thrown into the other.” “I was hurt so badly that I didn’t want to move.However, could hear old Bessie breathing I loudly and groaning.I knew she was in terrible shape just by her groans.Shortly after the accident a highway patrolman came on here to the scene.He could hear Bessie groaning so he went over to her.After he looked at her,he took out his gun and shot her between the eyes.Then the patrolman came across the road with his gun in his hand and looked at me.He said,‘Your mule was in such a bad shape that I had to shoot her.How are you feeling?’” 41.Farmer Joe and his mule were________. A.taking a rest by the highway when the truck ran over and hit them B.just on their way when the truck hit a sign on the roadside and then hit them C.going to stop by the road when they were hit by the truck D.going so fast that they ran into a truck 42.The trucking company’s lawyer insisted Farmer Joe answer his question________. A.because he knew Farmer Joe was not hurt in the accident at all B.so as to prove that Farmer Joe was a man who could not tell right from wrong C.because he believed Farmer Joe could not remember what he had said at the scene D.because he believed the answer should be in his favor 43.Farmer Joe________. A.did say “I’m fine”at the scene of the accident

B.couldn’t have said “I’m fine” at the scene of the accident C.couldn’t remember whether he had said “I’m fine” at the scene of the accident D.tried to cover the fact in the court but no one would believe him 44.________,the patrolman shot the mule. A.In order to let Farmer Joe keep silent about the accident B.As the mule’s groaning was too loud C.Thinking it was the best way to stop the mule from suffering D.To make Farmer Joe feel better 45.From the text we can infer that the lawyer is a (an)________person. A.honest B.famous C.talented D.sly(狡猾的)

课时作业( 课时作业(四)答案卷
Ⅰ.单项填空 1. 感到荣幸 feel honoured, C 排除 B、 项。 表原因, 表“因……而感到荣幸”, D for by 根据句意选 C。 2.B judging from...是固定短语,常在句中作状语。不管它与主语是主动还是被动关 系,都是用 judging from 形式。 3.B 考查 injure 和 trap 的用法。22 人受伤用 injured (adj.),trap 与 13 人的关系是被 动关系,故用 trapped。 4. damage 作“破坏”讲, C 作名词时, 是个不可数名词, 因而也无复数形式; damages 更常被人们看做另外一个词,含义为“赔偿金”,显然此处不合题意。因为 although 引导让 步状语从句,所以此题应该指“几乎没受什么损失”,故用 little。 5.A 考查词义辨析。由句意可知,如果你考入一所重点大学,你就是父母的骄傲。 pride 骄傲;luck 运气;value 价值;cheer 欢呼。 6.A to replace 为不定式作目的状语,as it is 意思是“实际上”。 7.C as 引导定语从句,意思是“正如”。表示正如我在电话里解释的那样。when 引 导时间状语从句, 意思为“当……的时候”。 after 引导时间状语从句, 意为“在……之后”。 since 引导原因状语从句,意为“因为”。 8.A give out 用完,为不及物动词;put out 扑灭;hold up 抬高,举起;use up 用完, 用尽,为及物动词。 9. 因 the teacher 和 prepare 之间存在逻辑上的主谓关系, C 故用动词的-ing 形式作状 语。 10.B 考查“get/have sth.done”结构。 11. A 考查数词用法。 thousand 用做数词表达确数时, 不用复数, 后面也不加介词 of, 只有在前面无具体的数字,表达的概念不是确数时才有复数形式,如 thousands of 成千上万 的,所以选 A。 12.C the number of...……的数目,此结构作主语时,谓语用单数,a number of...大量, 若干,此结构作主语时,谓语用复数。 13.C 英语中分数由基数词和序数词构成,当分子大于 1 时,分母要加-s。分数修 饰单数名词或不可数名词作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式。 14.D 根据句意可判断出 those 指人,当先行词是 those 时,关系代词一般用 who。 15.A express 表示,表现,表达。句意为“学会把意思表达清楚是受教育的一个重要 方面”。

Ⅱ.翻译句子 16.The flowers give out a sweet smell. 17.She left her baby crying. 18.The book is too difficult for me to understand. 19.The long hot summer was at last at an end. 20.It seemed as if he didn’t have a good friend in the world. Ⅲ.完形填空 21.B shut out 这里意思是“把……排除在外”,表示 Willard 不与同学老师交流。 figure out 算出、理解,leave out 省去、不考虑,make out 理解、辨认出,均不合语境。 22.A attempt to 试图做某事,句中有提示信息 my attempt。 23.C meet with 遭到、遭受,指老师的努力受到冷落。 24.D even 甚至。句意为:甚至一声“早上好”的问候所得到的回应也只是小声的咕 哝声。 25.D desire 愿望。Willard 不愿走出自己孤独的世界。 26.A district 地区、区域、行政区,文中指学校范围的不幸人群。 27.B 圣诞节是一个给予的节日。 28.C 有些学生家里贫穷,可能过不上一个幸福的节日。 29.D contribute 与句中的“to”搭配,意思是“捐献、捐款、投稿”。 30.B 老师向学生宣传捐款的工作,当然是“我们”明天开始。 31.A call for 要求、提倡、为……叫喊。句意为:当我第二天要求大家捐款的时候, 我发现除了 Willard 外,几乎每个人都忘了这件事。 32.C except 除……之外,指忘记此事的同学中不包括 Willard。 33.D as 在句中的意思是“当……的时候”,符合句意。 34.A drop 与句中的“into”搭配,意思是把硬币丢到捐款箱中。 35.B 句意为:在那一刻,也就在那一刻他笑了。 36.C transform 改变、转换、使……变形,符合语境。 37.D convinced 确信的、深信的,符合句意。 38.A share 共享、均分、分配,常与“with”搭配。 39.B badly 这里相当于 very much,常与 want、need 搭配。 40.C 句意为:当我低头读名单的时候,我发现 Willard 和他的家庭位于名单的第一 位。 Ⅳ.阅读理解 41.B 细节题。根据短文第六段中的“I had just loaded Bessie,my favorite mule,into the cart and was driving her down the highway when this huge truck ran into the stop sign and pushed my cart right in the side.I was thrown into one side and Bessie was thrown into the other.”可知。 42.D 推断题。根据常识可知,货运公司的律师坚持要农夫承认在事故现场曾说过 “I’m fine”,是因为农夫的回答会对货运公司赢得官司有利。 43.A 推测题。根据短文最后一段可知,农夫的确说出了“I’m fine”,因为他认为 如果他不这样说,他会像骡子那样被枪杀。 44.C 细节题。根据短文最后“Your mule was in such a bad shape that I had to shoot her.”可知,警官认为最好的使骡子结束痛苦的方法是杀死它。 45.D 推测题。通读全文,律师坚持要农夫承认在事故现场曾经说过“I’m fine”, 不难看出律师很狡猾。




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