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新人教必修一 Unit 5 Nelson Mandela-Warming up[2][课件]_图文

Unit 5

Nelson Mandela--a modern hero


Words about qualities:
active 积极的,活跃的 careful 办事仔细的 confident 有信心的 easy-going 随和的 devoted 忠实的 friendly 友好的 strong-willed 意志坚强的 tireless 孜孜不倦的 calm镇静的 lovely 可爱的 handsome 帅气的

hard-working 勤劳的 honest 诚实的 intelligent 理解力强的 wise 明智的 warm-hearted 热心的 brave 勇敢的 selfless无私的 generous 慷慨的 reliable 可信赖的 responsible 负责的 sincere 真诚的 willing to help 助人的 determined 坚定的

lazy 懒惰的 cruel 残酷的 mean 吝啬的 unkind刻薄的 stubborn顽固的 selfish 自私的

In groups describe the qualities of great persons In my opinion, a great person is someone who________________


Never give up
Intelligent Help others

Spend more time
Insist on what he pursues

Never lose heart when in great trouble

Do his best

What qualities does a great person have?
Get on well with others
Set up an aim Be active in social activities

Be willing to do public service

What personal qualities do these people have? Are these famous people also great people?


William Tyndale believed that the Bible《圣经》should be able to be read by everyone. At that time Christianity(基督教) was the religion(宗教) of England but the Bible was only read and understood by priests(牧师) and religious people. It was written in several different ancient languages and there was no version(译本) in English. William Tyndale made it his life’s work to translate the Bible into easily readable English for the people of his time. William Tyndale was put in prison and died for his ideas but his work was later used in the Bible. 8

Norman Bethune was a Canadian and also a communist(共产党员). He had a very strong feeling against injustice(不公平). He was also a very important doctor in his own country who made many important changes to the way surgery(外科手术)was carried out. He fought against the German Nazis and Japanese invaders(侵略 者) during World War II, and saved many Chinese soldiers. He died helping the Chinese army as a doctor.

Sun Yat-sen founded the first Republic in China in 1911 after many years’ fighting. He strongly believed in the three principles: nationalism; people’s rights; people’s livelihood.


Mahatma Gandhi gave up a rich life for his ideas and fought for his country to be free from the UK in a peaceful way.


Nelson Mandela fought for the black people and was in prison for thirty years. He helped the black people to get the same rights as white people.


Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon in July 1969. He said, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”


Warming up-II----discussion (2m)

In pairs talk about your idols(偶像)
? Who is your idol? ? Why do you like him / her so much? ? Did he / she do anything for others? ? What are his / her best qualities?


Use these words and phrases in your discussion
? Good idea! ? That’s an excellent idea! ? I agree / don’t agree. ? I prefer… ? In my opinion… ? ? ? ? ? I think / don’t think… I’m afraid… Why do you think so? What do you think of…? What’s your opinion?


Discuss the topic in groups: What will you do in order to be a good student?


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