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一、Use of English 1、A: I wonder if I could use your computer tonight? A、Sure, go ahead. B、Iˊm glad you enjoyed it. 2、A: Youˊve given us a wonderful Chinese dinner, Mrs. Wang 4、A: Do you think Tom is ill? A、No, I donˊt think so.

3、A: Hello, may I talk to the director now? A、Sorry, he is busy at the moment. 5、A: Excuse me, but can you tell me the way to the airport? B、Sorry, Iˊm a stranger here 2、A: What day is it today? B、Today is Saturday 3、A: Will you go on a picnic with us tomorrow? B、Sorry, I have an appointment with Dr. Brown 4、A: What do you think of this novel? B、Itˊs well-written. 5、A: Hi, is Mary there, please? A、Hold on. Iˊll get her. 1、A: Excuse me, when is the next flight from London due to arrive?

二、Reading 1 In a job interview, the first question is often a “breaking the ice” 1. The passage is mainly about _________. D) Do’s and Don’ts in job interviews 2. A “breaking the ice” type of question is _______.B) an opening question asked to make people less nervous 3. All of the following are considered to be the interviewee’ s qualifications except _______. B) all kinds of special training received 4. ___________ is not mentioned in the passage as a mistake found in job interviews. D) Arriving late 5. If an interviewee has no question in the job interview, it may show he ___________. A) is not interested or not prepared 2 What makes a person a scientist? Does he have ways or tools of learning that are different 1. What makes a scientist according to the passage? B) The way he uses his tools.

2. "The scientist, however, goes one step further" ______.C) the difference between scientists and ordinary people 3. A sound scientific theory should be one that ____________. 5. What is the main idea of the passage? 3 A

Work not only

4. The author quotes the case of Albert Einstein to illustrate _____C) that the investigations are important in science D) Exactness and ways of using tools Laptop computers are popular all over the world.

1. The main purpose of the laptop program is to give each student a laptop to ____. A) use for their schoolwork 2. Why is the word “speak” in the second paragraph in quotation marks?A) They donˊt really talk. 3. Which of the following is true about Westlake College?C) It is an old college in America. 4. A window on the world in the last paragraph means that students can ____. C) get information from around the world 5. What can we infer from the passage?D) We donˊt know the result yet. 4 How men first learnt to invent words is unknown; in other words, 答案: c c d c a 5 A characteristic of American culture that has become almost a tradition ABDAB

1 2 3 4

The room was dark and still. Only one boy was still awake.

B) F

B) F

B) F

A) T

A) T

M. Gregory Gale is one of the few people in England who are 100 years old What do we talk about when we talk about money? (1)F(2)F(3)F(4)F(5)T Almost every society has certain traditional ideas about marriage T F T F F

三、Vocabulary and Structure 1、Where can I _______ dollars for pounds? D、exchange

2、Do you know the man ________ under the apple tree?

C、lying B、from that B、 had learned

1、The furniture in his room is quite different _____ in yours

2、He ____ more than 5000 English words when he entered the university 4、Youˊd better ______in bed. Itˊs bad for your eyes B、not read

3、He ____ more than 5000 English words when he entered the university D、learned 5、Never before _________ see such a terrible car accident on the road!(D、did I 1、With his work completed, the manager stepped back to his seat, feeling pleased C、that 2\ I donˊt know the park, but itˊs _______ to be quite beautiful 3、What is the train ________ to New York? C、fare C、was 4、It _____John and Mary that helped me the other day A、said

5、Every year thousands of lives ________ in road accidents because of careless driving D、are lost 1、I suppose by the time I come back in ten years’ time all these old houses _____ down

四、Cloze(1 道小题,共 10 分 1 2 3 The first time I remember noticing the crossing guard It was a busy morning, about 8: 30, when an E) when D) with B) for A) behind B) if E) what C) through D) expect B) make One day a famous speaker gave a speech to a crowd of people. C) raised C) looking at A) turn up A) Anybody

E) no longer

D) necessarily

五、Translation and Writing(5 道小题,共 35 分)

I managed to catch the plane just before it took off


He told me that he had lived in America for ten years before he came to China. (他告诉我,在来中国以前他已经在美国住

了 10 年。
Our textbooks are very different from theirs.(我们的课本跟他们的很不一样。 Sometimes they can make an old house look more beautiful than a new one. (有时他们可以使老房子看起来比任何 一个更美丽。 Our teacher always encourages us to speak English bravely 我们的老师总是鼓励我们勇敢地说英语 He gave me a book five years ago, which I kept to this day 五年前他给我一本书,一直到今天我还保留着。 Fast-food restaurants are very popular because the service is fast and the food is inexpensive 快餐店很受欢迎,因为服务是很快, 饭菜便宜

六 梦想


My dream

My dream is to be an astronaut in the future, to the sky when I was a child often fantasize oneself one day to be able to fly in space, to explore the unknown world. If my dream come true, I will work harder, study hard, for human exploration, welfare.

like football. Because football is a very strong

antagonism collective contests, intense competition in this need both need solidarity and collaboration environment again, you will quality and competitiveness will be honed, to cultivate positive, be competitive, not afraid of difficulties, bear hardships and stand hard work spirit.


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