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考研英语核心词汇速成胜经Unit 9

考研英语核心词汇速成胜经 Unit 9
一, 真题文章

Comparisons were drawn between the development of television in the 20th century and the diffusion of printing in the 15th and 16th centuries. Yet much had happened between . As was discussed before, it was not until the 19th century that the newspaper became the dominant pre-electronic medium, following in the wake of the periodical. pamphlet and the book and in the company of the periodical It was during the same time that the communications revolution speeded up, beginning with transport, the railway, and leading on through the telegraph, the telephone, radio, and motion pictures into the 20th-century world of the motor car and the air plane. Not everyone sees that process in perspective . It is important to do so.

It is generally recognized, however , that the introduction recognized of the computer in the early 20th century, followed by the invention of the integrated circuit during the 1960s, radically changed the process, although its impact on the media was not immediately apparent . As time went by, computers became smaller and more powerful, and they became "personal" too, as well as institutional , with display becoming sharper and storage capability increasing. They were thought of, like people, in terms of generations, with the distance between generations much smaller.

It was within the computer age that the term "information society" began to be widely used to describe the context within which we now live. The communications revolution has influenced both work

and leisure and how we think and feel both about place and time, leisure but there have been controversial view about its economic, political, social and cultural implications. "Benefits" have been weighed against "harmful" outcomes. And generalizations have proved difficult .



人们曾把 20 世纪电视的发展与 15,16 世纪印刷术的传播进行比较. 然而在这段时间之间还发生过许多事情.正如前面讨论的,直到 19 世纪, 报纸才继小册子和书本之后,和期刊一起,成为电子时代之前最重要的传 媒.正是与此同时,通信革命加速发展,从铁路运输开始,发展到电报, 电话,无线电和电影,直到 20 世纪的汽车和飞机.并非人人较正确地看 到这一进程,而做到这点是很重要的. 然后,人们普遍承认,20 世纪早期计算机的出现,及随后 60 年代集 成电路的发明,大大地改变了这一进程,虽然它对传媒的影响并不是立竿 见影的.随着时间的发展,计算机变得越来越小,却越来越强大;并出现 了个人电脑,也出现了大型机,它的显示器分辨率越来越高,存储量越来 越大. 就像人类一样, 计算机也被分为一代代, 而每代之间的差距更短了.

正是在这个计算机时代,"信息社会"这个词开始广泛用来描绘我们 所生存的环境.通信革命对工作,休闲以及我们思考和感受时空的方式都 产生了影响,但是也产生了关于其经济,政治,社会及文化含义的不同看 法."益处"要针对产生的"害处"来权衡.很难一概而论.


考研核心词汇 n. 扩散, 传播, 漫射 光线的漫射 v. 散播, 传播, 漫射, 扩散, (使)慢慢混

diffusion diffusion / di5fju:VEn / [例] diffusion of light [派生] diffuse / di5fju:z / 派生] 合

adj. 散开的, 弥漫的 diffusive / di5fju:siv / adj. 散布性的, 扩及的, 普及的

dominant / 5dCminEnt / adj. 有统治权的, 占优势的, 支配的 adj. [生物] 显性的 [例] The right hand is dominant in most people. 大多数人右手比 左手有力. [反义] recessive / ri5sesiv / 反义] 隐性性状 [派生] dominance / 5dRmInEns / 派生] n. 优势, 统治 adj. 退行的, 逆行的, [遗]隐性的 n.

dominate / 5dCmineit / v. 支配, 占优势

pamphlet / 5pAmflit /

n. 小册子 单行本

single[例] a single-article pamphlet

[同义] booklet ,brochure, folder ,leaflet 同义] [派生] pamphleteer / 7pAmfli5tiE / 派生] 子 n. 小册子作者 vi. 写小册

periodical / 7piEri5CdikEl / adj. 周期的, 定期的 志 [例] a weekly [monthly] periodical [同义] gazette , journal , magazine 同义] [派生] periodically / 9pIErI`CdIkLlI / 派生] adv. 周[月]刊

n. 期刊, 杂

周期性地, 定时性地


/ 5mEuFEn / n. 运动, 动作 v. 运动 他向侍者打了个手势.

[例] She motioned to the waiter.

[同义] activity, doings, legislation, 同义] movement ,proposal ,proposition [反义] inaction / in5AkFEn / 反义] n. 无行动, 不活动, 无为, 怠惰, 迟

钝 [派生] motionless / 5mEJF(E)nlIs / adj. 不动的, 静止的 派生] motionless [固定搭配] go through the motions 做…姿态机械地做某事,显示出缺 固定搭配] 乏兴趣或投入;

recognize / 5rekE^naiz /

vt. 认可, 承认, 公认, 赏识 vi. 具结

[例] I don't recognize this word -- what does it mean? 我不认识这个单词,它的意思是什么? appreciate, [同义] accept, acknowledge, admit, allow, appreciate, behold, 同义] know, realize [派生] recognizable / 5rekE^naizEbl / 派生] adj. 可认识的, 可辨认的, 可公认的, 可认知的

institutional / 7insti5tju:FEnEl / [例] institutional religion

adj. 制度上的 组成机构的宗教 n. 公共机构, 协会, 制度

[派生] institution / 7insti5tju:FEn / 派生]

leisure / 5leVE; 5li:VE /

n. 空闲, 闲暇, 悠闲, 安逸 你空闲时间做些什么?

[例] What do you do in your leisure time? [同义] freedom , business 同义] [派生] leisureful / `leVEfJl/ 派生] 迫的

adj. (=leisurely)不匆忙的, 从容不


/ 7impli5keiFEn /


牵连, 含意, 暗示

was [例] "He smiled, but the implication was that he didn't believe me." "他微微一笑,但这一笑暗示着他不相信我的话." [派生] implicative / im5plikEtiv; 5implikeitiv / 派生] 的 implicate / 5implikeit / vt. 使牵连其中, 含意, 暗示 n. 包含 adj. 含蓄的, 连带


generalization / 7dVenErElai5zeiFEn / 广义性 generalization [例] make a hasty generalization [派生] generalize / 5dVenErElaiz / 派生]


一般化, 普遍化, 概括,

匆忙下结论 vt. 归纳, 概括, 推广, 普及



1. Those creative achievements still date from the time when Great Britain was the ________ world power. A. procession dominant B. private C. proceeding D.

2. They distributed a _______ that repeated the charge, widely believed by Angolans, that the government is deliberately prolonging the country's devastating civil war in order to pillage its rich natural resources. A. priority B. provision C. pamphlet D. pursuit

3. One of the processes of evolving from a child to an adult is being able to_________ and outgrow our fears. A. recognize B. illuminate C. demonstrate D. impose

4. Undoubtedly, the_______ innovation indicated by course of marketization is one of the engines of Chinese economy. A. imaginable illiterate 5. From what has been discussed above, I am fully convinced that the _______ life-style is undergoing a decline with the progress of modern society, it is not necessary a bad thing. A. humid B. hostile C. leisure D. humble B. institutional C. immune D.


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