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考研英语核心词汇速成胜经Unit 2

考研英语核心词汇速成胜经 Unit 2 一,真题文章

Sleep is divided into periods of so-called REM sleep, characterized by rapid eye movements and dreaming, and longer periods of non-REM sleep. Neither kind of sleep is at all well-understood , but REM sleep is assumed to serve some restorative function of the brain. The purpose of non-REM sleep is even more mysterious .The new experiments, such as these described for the first time at a recent meeting of the Society for Sleep Research in Minneapolis, suggest fascinating explanations for the purpose of non-REM sleep . For example, it has long been known that total sleep deprivation is 100 percent fatal to rats, yet , upon examination of the dead bodies , the animals look completely normal . A researcher has now cast light on the mystery of why the animals die. The rats develop bacterial infections of the blood , as if their immune systems--the self-protecting mechanism against disease--had crashed crashed.

睡眠通常被分为所谓的 REM 睡眠阶段(REM=rapid eye movement 眼睛快速运 动)和较长非 REM 睡眠阶段,前者特点为眼球快速转动并做梦.我们对两种形式 的睡眠了解都不多,但是人们认为 REM 睡眠对大脑起某种康复功能的作用.非 REM 睡眠的作用更加神秘.最近睡眠研究协会在明尼阿波利斯举行的会议上,专 家们首次描述的一些新实验,对非 REM 睡眠的作用的阐释令人兴奋. 例如,人们早已了解到,完全剥夺其睡眠对老鼠具有 100%的致命性,然而, 在检查老鼠尸体时,这些动物看上去完全正常.一研究人员已阐明这些动物死亡 原因的奥秘.老鼠患血液细菌感染,似乎他们的免疫系统(抵抗疾病的自我保护 机制)已崩溃.

characterize / 5kArIktEraIz / vt. 表现...的特色, 刻画的...性格

[例] This kind of behavior characterizes the criminal mind. 这种举止是罪犯的心理特征. [同义] depict, describe, distinguish, picture, portray, represent 同义] [派生] characterization / 7kAriktErai5zeiFEn / 派生] n. 描述, 人物之创造


/ E5sju:m /

vt. 假定, 设想, 采取, 呈现

[例] The queen assumed a velvet robe. 王后穿了一件天鹅绒长袍 [同义] adopt, believe, presume. put on, suppose, suspect 同义] [反义] conclude / kEn5klu:d / 反义] v. 结束, 终止, 决定, 作出结论 推断, 断定, 缔结, 议定

vt. [派生] assumed / E5sju:md / 派生]

adj. 假定的, 假装的, 装的

restorative restorative

/ ri5stC:rEtiv /

adj. 有助于复元的



[例] a restorative tonic 有恢复作用的滋补品 [派生] restore / ris5tC: / 派生] vt. 恢复, 使回复, 归还, 交还, 修复, 重建

function / 5fQNkFEn / 数

n. 官能, 功能, 作用, 职责, 典礼, 仪式, [数]函


(器官等)活动, 运行, 行使职责

[例] Growth is a function of nutrition . 长身体是由营养决定的. [同义] act, ceremony, exercise, gathering, operate, perform 同义] [派生] functional / 5fQNkFEnl / 派生] adj. 功能的

[固定搭配] public function 盛大的公共集会, 正式社交集会; 固定搭配] social function 盛大的公共集会, 正式社交集会;

purpose / 5pE:pEs /

n. 目的, 意图, 用途, 效果, 决心, 意志


打算, 企图, 决心

[例] He went to town with the purpose of buying a new television. 他进城的目的是买一台新电视机. [同义] aim, design, determination, goal, intention, object 同义] [派生] purposeful / 5pE:pEsful / 派生] adj. 有目的的 to good purpose 有益地,有成

[固定搭配] on purpose 故意地;有意地; 固定搭配] 效地

to little purpose or to no purpose 几乎徒劳的,少有成效地


/ 7depri5veiFEn /

n. 剥夺

[例] deprivation of civil rights 剥夺公民权 [派生] deprival /di5praivEl/ 派生] n. 剥夺 剥夺, 使丧失

deprive / di5praiv / vt.

fatal /5feitl/ 性的


致命的, 重大的, 命运注定的, 不幸的, 致命的, 毁灭

enter [例] "It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it" (Douglas MacArthur). "不抱赢的希望参加战争,那是必死无疑的" (道格拉斯麦克阿瑟). [同义] deadly, destructive, disastrous, fateful, important, killing 同义] [派生] fatally / 5feItElI / 派生] adv. 致命地, 宿命地, 不幸地

bacterial / bAk`tIErIEl /



bacterial [例] bacterial diseases. 细菌性疾病 [派生] bacteria / bAk5tiEriE / 派生] n. 细菌


/ i5mju:n /

adj. 免疫的

[例] The criminal was told he would be immune from punishment if he helped the police.

罪犯被告知说,如果他协助警方,就可以免受惩罚. [同义] clear, exempt, free, resistant 同义] [反义] liable 反义] / 5laiEbl / adj. 有责任的, 有义务的, 易...的, 有...倾向 的, 负有责任的, 很有可能的 susceptible / sE5septEbl / adj. 易受影响的, 易感动的, 容许... 的 n. (因缺乏免疫力而) 易得病的人 [派生] immunize / `ImjU:naIz / 派生] v. 使免疫, 赋予免疫性

crash / krAF /

n. 碰撞, 坠落, 坠毁, 撞击声, 爆裂声 v. 碰撞, 坠落, 坠毁, (指商业公司, 政府等)破产, 垮台

[例] The elephant crashed through the forest. 大象冲进森林. [同义] break, shatter, smash, strike 同义] [派生] crasher / `krAFE(r) / 派生] [固定搭配] on a crash basis 固定搭配] n. 猛击, 不速之客 紧[应]急地; with a crash 轰隆一声;

1. The scientists monitored the patients' blood pressure, release of harmful hormones(荷尔蒙) and other measurables that__________ heart failure. A. characterize B. consider C. integrity D. intend

2. The companies _________ no obligation to update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. A. intervene B. dictate C. prolong D. assume

3. Architectural form should not rigidly follow__________, but ought to reflect the needs of the social body it represents. A. profession B. function C. vacation D. vocation

4. The________ of today I come here is to help people who want to learn English but don't know how to learn. A. neglect B. proposal C. purpose D. likely

5. Survival is usually uppermost in the minds of companies with their backs to the wall, even if that entails being reduced to a minority stake. In Thailand, however, most ailing companies seem loathe to admit that their conditions may be_______. A. gross B. fatal C. flat D. extinct


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