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高一同步语法 (情态动词用法练习) 1. Oh, I'm not feeling well in the stomach. I ____so much fried chicken just now. A. shouldn't eat B. mustn't have eaten C. shouldn't have eaten D. mustn't eat 2. My sister met him at the Grand Theater yesterday, so he _____ your lecture. A. couldn't have attended B. needn't have attended C. may not have attended D. shouldn't have attended 3. Sorry, I'm late. I ____ have turned off the alarm clock and gone back to sleep again. A. might B. should C. can D. will 4. There was a lot of fun at yesterday's party. You _____ come, but why didn't you? A. must have B. should C. need have D. ought to have 5. I hear you've got a set of valuable Australian coins. ______ I have a look? A. Do B. May C. Shall D. Should 6. Children under 12 years of age in that country _____ be under adult supervision when in a public library. A. must B. may C. can D. need 7. ---Mum, I've been studying English since 8 o'clock. ____ I go out and play with Tom for a while? ---No, I'm afraid not. Besides, it's raining outside now. A. Can't B. Wouldn't C. May not D. Won't 8. ---I don't mind telling you what I know. ---You ______ . I'm not asking you for it. A. mustn't B. may not C. can't D. needn't 9. ---You were driving at 100km an hour, sir. ---But officer, I ______. My car can't go more than 80. A. may not have been B. couldn't have been C. wouldn't have been D. needn't have been 10. In fact your sister ______ the ticket for the concert at her age yesterday. A. ought not buy B. need not buying C. didn't need to buy D. needn't to buy 11. -The room is so dirty. ______ we clean it? -Of course. A. Will B. Shall C. Would D. Do 12. My English-Chinese dictionary has disappeared. Who _____ have taken it? A. should B. must C. could D. would 13. The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone _____ get out. A. had to B. would C. was able to D. could 14. If you really want yourself to be in good health, you must ______ always ________ so much. A. not; be smoking B. not; have smoked C. not; to smoke D. be not; smoking 15. The room must have been cleaned by Tom yesterday, ______ it? A. mustn't B. wasn't C. didn't D. hasn't


高考英语情态动词试题选。 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1. --- Tom graduated from college at a very young age. --- Oh, he ______ have been a very smart boy then. A. could B. should C. might D. must 2. “The interest ______ be divided into five parts, according to the agreement made by both sides,”declared the judge. A. may B. should C. must D. shall 3. --- I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. --- You ______ her last week. A. ought to tell B. would have told C. must tell D. should have told 4. --- Excuse me, is this the right way to the Summer Palace? --- Sorry, I am not sure. But it ______ be. A. might B. will C. must D. can 5. I____ pay Tracy a visit, but I am not sure whether I will have time this Sunday. ) A. should B. might C. would D. could 6. --- I don’t mind telling you what I know. --- You ______. I’m not asking you for it. A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. needn’t 7. I often see lights in that empty house. Do you think I ____ report it to the police? A. should B. may C. will D. can 8. Mr White____at 8:30 for the meeting, but he didn’t show up. A.should have arrived B.should arrive C.should had arrived D.should be arriving 9. --- Isn’t that Ann’s husband over there? --- No, it ______ be him---I’m sure he doesn’t wear glasses. A. can’t B. must not C. won’t D. may not 10. You _____be tired --- you’ve only been working for an hour.) A. must not B. won’t C. can’t D. may not 11. Children under 12 years of age in that country _____ be under adult supervision when in a public library. A. must B. may C. can D. need 12. --- Who is the girl standing over there? --- Well, if you ______ know, her name is Mabel. A. may B. can C. must D. shall 13. --- Excuse me, but I want to use your computer to type a report. --- You _____have my computer if you don’t take care of it. A. shan’t B. might not C. needn’t D. shouldn’t 14. You might just as well tell the manufacturer that male customers _____ not like the design of the furniture. A. must B. shall C. may D. need 15. --- Mum, I’ve been studying English since 8’clock. ______ I go out and play with Tom for a while? --- No, I’m afraid not. Besides, it’s raining outside now. A. Can’t B. Wouldn’t C. May not D. Won’t

高一英语课外辅导:it 的用法 it 是近年来高考的热点之一。它不仅可以指代时间、地点、天气、距离等,还可以作形式主 语和形式宾语,同时还可以用于强调句结构中。语法重点是 it 在强调句型中的用法,这也是 高考的重要考点。 为了强调句子某一成分(除谓语外), 将这一成分置于"It is (was)... that (who)..." 这一句型中 is (was) 之后, 如果强调部分是人, 既可用 that 又可用 who 连接, 其余的全用 that。 这一句型也可用于一般疑问句、 否定句和特殊疑问句。 其特点是: 去掉 It is (was) 及 that (who) 这几个标志词之后,在不添词、不减词的前提下能重新排列成一个完整的句子。 高考中榜题:

1 Tom's mother kept telling him that he should work harder, but_____didn't help. A.he B.which C.she D.it 2 The Parkers bought a new house but _____ will need a lot of work before they can move in. A.they B.it C.one D.which 3. Is ____ necessary to complete the design before National Day? A. this B.that C. it D.he 4 ____is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language. A.There B.This C.That D.It 5. I don't think_____possible to master a foreign language without much memory work. A. this B. that C. its D.it 6. I hate ____ when people talk with their mouths full. A.it B.that C. these D.them 7. It was about 600 years ago ____ the first clock with a face and an hour hand was made. A. that B. until C. before D. when 8. It was not _____she took off her glasses _____I realized she was a famous film star. A. when; that B. until; that C. until; when D. when; then

1. I was disappointed with the film. I had expected _____to be much better. A. that B. this C. one D. it 2. Was_____ that I saw last night at the concert? A.it you B.not you C. you D. that yourself 3._____turn is _____to clean the classroom? A. Which ; it B. Whose; it C.Which; that D. Whose; that 4. _____that he enjoyed pop songs very much. A. It seemed B. He seemed C. It was seeming D. He was seeming 5. He ______ to do morning exercise in the park. A.took a rule B.made a rule C.made it a rule D. took it a rule 6. Does _____ matter if he can't finish the job on time? A.this B.that C.he D.it 7. Was _____ that I saw last night at the concert? A. it you B. not you C. you D. that yourself 8. It is the ability to do the job ____ matters not where you come from or what you are. A. it B. that C. one D. this 9. "Wasn't it Dr Wang who spoke to you just now?" "_______"

A. I didn't know he was. B. Yes, it was. C. No, he wasn't. D.Yes, he did. 10. It was how the young man had learned five foreign languages ______ attracted the audience's interest. A. so that B. that C. what D. in which 11 It was because of bad weather ______ the football match had to be put off. A. so B. so that C. why D. that 12. It was at the gate ______ he told me the news. A.hat B. what C. which D. when 13. It was because of bad weather ______ the football match had to be put off. A. so B. so that C. why D. that 14. It was ______ he said ______ disappointed me. A. what; that B. that; that C. what; what D. that; what 15. It was only when I reread his poems recently ___ I began to appreciate their beauty. A. until B. that C.then D.so 16. It was not until 1920 ______ regular radio broadcasts began. A. while B. which C. that D. since 17. Was it during the Second World War ______ he died? A. that B. while C.in which D.then 18. ______ was in 1979 ______ I graduated from the university.) A. That; that B. It; that C. That; when D. It; when 19. Was it in this palace ______ the last emperor died? A. that B. in which C.in where D.which 20. Was it in 1969 _____ the American astronaut succeeded ____ landing on the moon? A. when;on B.that;on C.when; in D.that; in 21. It was in the bookstore ______ I met your brother the other day. A. where B.that C. in which D.in that 22. Where was it ______ you found the lost child? A. who B.that C.which D.what 短文改错 Mr.Fox lived close a large clothing 76. ____ shop.For a long time he had meant to buy some 77. ____ of the clothes.Before doing so,he keep a close watch 78. ____ at the shop for several days.As the shop was in 79. ____ an old building with chimneys,so he decided to 80. ____ get into the shop through one of the chimney.One 81. ____ dark night long after midnight,he climbed onto a 82. ____ roof of the shop.But he went down one chimney, 83. ____ he got stuck and could neither climb down or up. 84. ____ He shouted for help but there had no one in the shop. 85. ____


高一英语辅导:主谓一致用法练与析(I) 主谓一致是历年高考热点之一,一般说来,句子的主语和谓语在人称与数上应保持一致 ,但在很多情况下存在 一些特殊情况,这些特殊情况就是重要考点。很有必要对此考点作以归纳。

1. 1) There ________ a dictionary, two books and five pens on the desk. 2) There ________ two chairs and a table in the corner of the room. A. are B. is C. has D. have 2. 1) The number of tall buildings ________ greatly in Beijing in the last few years. A. is increasing B. are increasing C. has increased D. have increased 2) A number of tall buildings ________ in Beijing in the last few years. A. has built B. have built C. has been built D. have been built 3. 1) The population of China ________ much larger than that of Japan. 2) Two-thirds of the population in China ________ farmers. A. is B. are C. has D. have 4. 1) He is one of my friends who ________ working hard. 2) He is the (only) one of my friends who ________ working hard. A. is B. are C. does D. do 5. 1) What I need now ________ more time and money. 2) What we need now ________ English textbooks. A. is B. are C. has D. have 6. 1) Each of the students in our class ________ hard at English. 2) They each ________ hard at English. A. has worked B. have worked C. is working D. are working 习题精练: 1. The teacher, with 6 girls and 8 boys of her class, ____ visiting a museum when the earthquake struck. A. was B. were C. had been D. would be 2. A library with five thousand books ______ to the nation as a gift. A. is offered B. has offered C. are offered D. have offered 3. E-mail, as well as telephones, ______ an important part in daily communication. A. is playing B. have played C. are playing D. play 4. Nobody but Jane ______ the secret. A. know B. knows C. have known D. is known 5. All but one ______ here just now. A. is B. was C. has been D. were 6. Either you or the headmaster ______ the prizes to these gifted students at the meeting. A. was handing out B. are to hand out C. are handing out D. is to hand out 7. Not only I but also Jane and Mary _____ tired of having one exam after another. A. is B. are C. am D. be 8. He is the only one of the students who ____ a winner of scholarship for three years. A. is B. are C. have been D. has been 9. She is one of the few girls who ______ in the kindergarten. A. is well paid B. are well paid C. is paying well D. are paying well 10. Every possible means _____ to prevent the pollution, but the sky is still not clear. A. is used B. are used C. has been used D. have been used

11. ____ of the land in that district ____ covered with trees and grass. A. Two fifth; is B. Two fifth; are C. Two fifths; is D. Two fifths; are 12. The number of people invited ___fifty, but a number of them ____ absent for different reasons. A. were; was B. was; was C. was; were D. were; were 13. When and where to build the new factory _______ yet. A. is not decided B. are not decided C. has not decided D. have not decided

1. Juan loves to play games. His favorite game is chess because it requires a great deal of thought. Juan also likes to play board games that are based mostly on luck. He prefers Monopoly ( 垄 断 游 戏 )because it requires luck and skill. If he's alone, Juan likes to play action video games as long as they aren't too violent . What is the main idea of this paragraph? A. Juan dislikes violence. B. Juan likes to think. C. Juan enjoys Monopoly. D. Juan enjoys playing games.

2. Maria is watching too much television. A toddler ( 刚 学 步 的 小 孩 ) shouldn't be spending hours staring at a screen. Worse yet, some of her wild behavior has been inspired by those awful cartoons she watches. We need to spend more time r eading books with her and pull the plug on the TV! What is the main idea of this paragraph? A. Watching a lot of television isn't good for Maria. B. Books are good. C. All cartoons are bad. D. Some cartoons are bad for Maria. 3. Samantha, I can't eat or sleep when you are gone. I need to hear your voice and see your lovely toothless smile. I miss that special way that you eat soup with your fingers . Please come home soon! What is the main idea of this paragraph? A. Samantha, you have bad manners. B. Samantha, you should see a dentist. C. Samantha, I miss you. D. Samantha, I have lost my appetite . 4. Someday we will all have robots that will be our personal servants. They will look and behave much like real humans. We will be able to talk to these mechanical helpe rs and they will be ableto respond . Amazingly , the robots of the future will be able to learn from experience. They will be smart, strong, and untiring workers whose only goal will be to make our lives easier. Which sentence from the paragraph expresses the main idea? A. Someday we will all have robots that will be our personal servants. B. We will be able to talk to these mechanical helpers and they will be able to respond. C. They will look and behave much like real humans. D. Amazingly, the robots of the future will be able to learn from experience.


主谓习题参考答案: 1-5 AAABD 6-10 DBDBC 11-13 CCA 主谓一致:参考答案与解析: 1. B, A。在“There be ...”结构中,如果主语不只一个时,谓语动词的 数通常和其邻近的主语保持一致。 2. C, D。 the number of 意为 “??的数目(字)” , 后接名词复数作主语时, 谓语动词要用单数形式; a (large / great) number of 意为“许多” ,后接名词复数作主语时,谓语动词要用复数形式。 3. A, B。 “population”意为“人口” 、 “人数” ,其前应有定冠词修饰,单独作主语时,谓语动词一般要 用单数形式;但当其前有分数词或百分数词修饰,而且作主语时,谓语动词要用复数形式。 4. B, A。当“one of + 名词复数”充当先行词时,定语从句中的谓语动词要用复数形式。如果 one 前有 the, the only, the very 等词修饰时,从句中的谓语动词则要用单数形式。 5. A, B。当疑问代词或疑问副词引导的主语从句作主语时,谓语动词可以是单数,也可以是复数,主 要根据其后的名词来决定。 6. C,D。 “each of + 名词复数”作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式;但当 each 作主格代词复数(we, you, they)的同位语时,谓语动词用复数形式。 IT 的用法:高考题:DBCDDAAB so 81.chimney→chimneys 巩固练习: 1-6 DABACD 7—11 ABBBC 12—16 ADABC 17—23 ABADBB 改 错 : Mr. Fox 76 . close 后 加 to 77 . buy→steal 78 . keep→kept 79 . ∨ 80 . 去 掉

82.a→the 83.he 前加 when 84.or→nor


阅读理解轻松练习 1.D 2. A 3. C 4. A

高考情态动词: Key: 1. D。must 在此表示非常肯定的推测。 2. D。shall 用在此表示按法律、条约、规章等必须履行的义务。 3. D。should have done 表示“过去该做的事情而没有做”。这是对对方的一种责备。 4. A。表示可能性时,选项 might 表示把握很小的可能;will 表示根据平常情况的推测;must 表示有很大把握的推测;can 表示理论上的可能。根据前面一句 I am not sure 可知,答案选 A。 5. A。根据语境,表示“我”应该去拜访 Tracy。 6. D。从下文 I’m not asking you for it 可知:你没有必要告诉我。 7. A。should 意为“应该”。may, can 表示许可或可能;will 表示意愿。由 Do you think...可知 说话者在 征求别人的意见,即他是否应该把那件事报告给警察。很明显,B、C、D 都不 合题意。 8. A。从 didn’t 可知此题指的是过去,故答案选 A。should do 表示现在或将来应该怎么样。 9. A。can’t 表示不可能,故选 A。must not 表示禁止;won’t 表示不愿或不会;may not 表示 可能不。 10. C。 11. A。这是一种要求或命令,must 正合题意。 12. C。答语的意思是:“如果你一定要知道的话, (我就告诉你吧)她叫 Mabel。” 故答案选 C。 13. A。在否定的陈述句中, shall 用于二、三人称表示说话人的意愿。 14. C。 由语境“你最好告诉那个制造商,男性顾客可能不喜欢那种款式的家具”可知,此处 应用 may not 在此表示推测,意为“可能不”。 15. A。 情态动词精炼:1--5 CAADB5―10 AADBC 11―15 BCCBC


英语语法技巧辅导:攻击“ it 句型
1.It +系动词+过去分词+that 从句 这一句型中常用的过去分词有 said, reported, known, thought, believed, suggested 等等。通常译为"据说(报 道……)"。It 是形式主语,that 从句是真正的主语。如: It is reported that a lot of people lost their jobs in the city last month.据报道,上个月这个城市的许多人都失业了。 2.It+动词(seem/appear/happen...) +that 从句意为"似乎/看起来/碰巧……".如: It seems to me that the maths problem is too easy for her.在我看来,这道数学题对她来说太简单。 3.It is /was +被强调部分+that/who 从句 这一句型可以强调除谓语以外的任何成分.如: I saw her in the post office when I was walking by.→ It was I that /who saw her in the post office when I was walking by.(强调主语) It was her that /who I saw in the post office when I was walking by.(强调宾语) It was in the post office that I saw her when I was walking by.(强调地点状语) It was when I was walking by that I saw her in the post office.(强调时间状语) 注意:在这一句型中,如果被强调部分是人,可用 that,也可用 who 连接,其余的常用 that.同时在学习这一句型 时还要注意其变换句型,像一般疑问句、否定句、特殊疑问句等。如: Why was it that he came late? 4.It +系动词+一段时间+since 从句 意为"自……以来已有多长时间了"或"自不……以来已有多长时间了"。 注意:在该句型中若 since 从句的谓语动词是非延续性动词,则表示从句中的动作延续多长时间了;若 since 从句的谓语动词是延续性动词或状态动词,则表示从句中的动作已结束多长时间了,译成汉语时要特别注意.如: It is just a week since we arrived in Beijing.我们到达北京刚好一星期。 It is five years since I last smoked.我戒烟已有五年的时间了。 5.It is /was /will be the first /second...time that... 该句型意为"这是/将是……第一/二……次干某事".当主句的谓语动词用 is 时,从句的谓语动词用现在完成 时;当主句的谓语动词用 was 时,从句的谓语动词用过去完成时;当主句的谓语动词用 will be 时,从句的谓语动词 用一般现在时(表示将来)。如: It is the first time that I have spoken to a foreigner.这是我首次和一位外国人交谈。 6.It is /was +形容词/名词+that 从句 其中,It 是形式主语,that 从句是真正的主语。 如: It is quite important that China becomes an official member of WTO.中国成为世贸组织的正式成员是十分重要的。 7.It is /was /will be +……+before 从句 这一句型意为"还有……时间就……".如: It won't be long before you reach your goal.你离成功不远了。 8.It is up to sb. to do sth. 该句型意为"该由某人负责干某事"。如: It is up to you to look after the children.应该由你负责照看这些孩子。 9.It is(high)time that sb. did sth. 该句型意为"是某人该干某事的时候了".这是一个虚拟语气句型,表示与现在事实相反的虚拟语气,因而 that 从句的谓语动词一般用一般过去时。如: It is high time that we went to school.现在是我们该去上学的时候了。 10.It is +adj.(+of/for sb.)+to do sth. 这是有关形容词的一个复合结构句型。其中 It 是形式主语,真正的主语是后面的不定式。当该形容词(通 常是 necessary, important, difficult, hard, easy, impossible 等)表示事物的特点或特征时,用 for;当该形容词(通常是 kind, nice, good, bad, wise, clever, silly, foolish, careless, rude, brave, cruel, careful, grateful 等)表示人的特征或特 点时,用 of。如: It is wise of him to make such a decision.他做出这样的决定是明智的。 It is not hard for one to do a good deed.一个人做一件好事并不难。


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初中英语情态动词讲解-练习及答案_英语_初中教育_教育专区。初三专练定语从句--...3. must 的基本用法: ⑴ 表示必须,强调说话人的主观意志。 例:I must go ...
初中英语情态动词详解练习题 - 情态动词练习题 用 can, could,may
情态动词用法练习题 - 情态动词情态动词】 又叫情态助动词。它们具有 以下特点: ⑴ 它们必须与其他动词连用,即: 情态动词+动词原形 表示说话人对所述...
初中英语情态动词详解及练习 - 初中英语情态动词用法详解 【情态动词知识梳理】
情态动词用法归纳与练习 - 情态动词用法归纳与练习 A: can / could
情态动词表推测用法总结及专项练习 - 情态动词表推测用法总结及专项练习 1.can / could 用于表推测的用法 (1) 从使用句型上看,can 通常只用于否定句或疑问句,...
情态动词用法归纳与强化练习(高三复习) - 情态动词的用法 一、情态动词命题特点
情态动词讲解_练习题和答案 - 情态动词用法习题 1. can (could

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