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英语外研版选修7 Module 6《The World's Cultural Heritage-Grammar》课件 外研版选修7

虚拟语气和状语从句 语法 ㈠虚拟语气 1. 在suggest, order, demand, propose, command, request insist, recommend 等动词后的宾语从句中,用虚拟语气. I suggest we (should) set off tomorrow morning. 我建议咱们明天早上就出发. He insisted that we should take up the matter at the meeting. 他坚持 我们在会上谈这个问题. The commander ordered that all civilians (should) be withdrawn immediately. 司令官命令撤退所有的平民. 注:suggest作“暗示,表明”讲,宾语从句不用虚拟“暗示,表明” 讲, 宾语从句不用虚拟语气. His expression suggested he was very angry. insist 作“坚持说,坚持认为”讲时,不用虚拟语气.例如: All the doctors in the hospital insisted that he was badly wounded and that he (should) be operated on at once. 2.在it is suggested, it is requested, it was ordered, it was proposed, it is necessary, it is important等结构后的主语从句,用虚拟语气. It is important that we (should) study both Chinese and English well when we are young. 年轻时学好汉语和英语对我们来说很重要. It is requested that every teacher in our class should give a performance at the party. 我们班级的每一位老师都得在晚会上表演节目. 3.在suggestion, proposal, order, plan, motion, recommendation 等名词后面的表语从句或同位语从句,用虚拟语气. At the meeting, only Mr Li supported my motion that we (should) set up a special board to examine the problem. 会议上, 只有李先生支持我组建一个特别委员会来研究这个问题. The suggestion that senior students (should) have classes at weekends was turned down. 关于高中学生周末上课的建议被拒绝了. 4.wish 后的宾语从句. 表示现在不能实现的愿望,从句的谓语用过去时; a. I wish I knew the answer to the question. 我真希望知道这个问题的答案.(事实上不知道) 表示过去未能实现的愿望,从句的谓语用had + 过去分词; b. I wish I had not wasted so much time. 我真希望没有浪费这么多的时间. (事实上已经浪费了) 表示将来不太实现的愿望, 从句的谓语用would



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