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?2010 年高考英语试题分类汇编—— ——完形填空 2010 年高考英语试题分类汇编——完形填空 (10 湖南) D irections: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. B ehind our house is the start of a fascinating trail (小径). This trail is one of the old roads that wind through untold miles of forest. My 36 , Beans, and I walk the trail frequently. Normally, Beans sniffs alongside the trail to follow the smell of a deer track or 37 some cause known only to him. B eans is a white dog, quite handsome and very 38 . He not only understands what we tell him, but also often makes sounds as if he were trying to 39 back. One morning, we took a different route, which led us to an unfamiliar trail. I was sure this trail would eventually lead us to our familiar 40 . But, no. We seemed to be far off course. After two hours, I suddenly realized that Beans probably 41 the way home. So I urged, "Beans, take me home." He ran down a new trail. But it merely led to an intersection (岔道口) of trails. that we were getting nowhere. I began to picture the rest of the day Soon it became 42 in the 43 , without food or drink. We had walked about ten miles. But Beans seemed totally 44 . The sniffing and exploring was going well for him. a crossroad near a highway. Lady Luck suggested I should turn left. We Finally, we 45 did and 46 reached a cottage beside a field. I knocked on the door and explained my situation to an old man. He laughed and then drove us home. Since our adventure, I 47 that Beans probably knew all along how to get home. He was just having too much fan exploring new trails. 36. A. deer B. dog C. lady D. man 37. A. imagine B. consider C. explore D. present 38, A. smart B. sweet C. slow D. shy 39. A. turn B. kick C. jump D. speak 40. A. driveway B. path C. crossroad D. highway 41. A. knew B. saw C. showed D. made 42. A, mysterious B. ridiculous C. fascinating D. apparent 43. A. house B. forest C. field D. cottage 44. A. unconcerned B. unconscious C. undecided D. uncomfortable 45. A. left for B. went off C. came to D. drove toward 46. A. punctually B. frequently C. formally D. shortly 47. A. regretted B. remembered C. concluded D. confirmed 【语篇解读】 我的狗 Beans 领着我沿着一条不熟悉的小路散步而迷路了, 结果好不容易才回到 家。 但从冒险经历来看, 我断定 Beans 可能一直知道回家的路, 他只是喜欢探险新的路径罢了。 36. 答案:B 解析:根据第二段第一句 “Beans is a white dog”可判断选 B 37. 答案:C 解析:根据全文最后一句 “He was just having too much fan exploring new trails.”可判断选 C 38. 答案:A 解析:根据最后一句 “He not only understands what we tell him, but also often makes sounds as if
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he were trying to 39 back.”可推断 Beans 的聪明与机智。 39. 答案:D 解析:根据句中的 “makes sounds”可判断 Beans 试图用言语进行回答 40. 答案:B 解析:根据上文 “My 36 , Beans, and I walk the trail frequently.” 和 “we took a different route, which led us to an unfamiliar trail.”可综合判断选 B,即“熟悉的小径” 41. 答案:A 解析:根据下文 “So I urged, "Beans, take me home."可以推断我突然意识到 Beans 可能知道回 家的路,故选 A 42. 答案:D 解析:根据上文 “He ran down a new trail. But it merely led to an intersection (岔道口) of trails.” 可推断其实 Beans 并不知道回家的路,即:很快,我们已经迷路是很明显的事了。 43. 答案 B 解析: 由前后语境可知我们迷失在一个偏僻之处, 再结合第一段“This trail is one of the old roads that wind through untold miles of forest”的提示可判断选 B 项。 44. 答案 A 解析:根据句中 but 所表示的转折关系,再结合“The sniffing and exploring was going well for him.”的提示推断,至于迷路一事我着急,但 Beams 并不关心,故选 A 项。 45. 答案 C 解析:由前后语境可推断此处应意为“我们终于来到了离高速公路不远处的一个十字路口”, 故 选 C 项。 46. 答案 D 解析:很快我们就来到一处村舍,故选 D 项。shortly 意为“不久”,符合语境。 47. 答案 C 解析:从我们的冒险经历,我断定(得出结论)Beans 可能一直知道回家的路,他只是喜欢探 险新的路径罢了。由此语境可判断选 C 项。 Section C (12 marks) D irections: Complete the following passage by filling in each blank with one word that best fits the context. Parents are busy people. If they are working, they are usually not at home 48 when/ after their children return from school. Sometimes it is necessary for a parent to write 49 an after-school note for their children. They sometimes put the note on the kitchen table, the refrigerator, 50 or another place where their children are sure to find it. A note is often a 51 better way to "talk" with a child than using the telephone. For one thing, parents have time to think about 52what they want to say before they write. For53 another, the note lists all the information in one place. It is easy to read again and again People often forget all the details that they 54 hear in a telephone call. Finally, cell phones can be turned 55 off or telephone calls not answered. For these reasons, after-school notes are very popular with parents. 48. 答案:When/After 解析:该空引导时间状语从句,句意为:“当他们的孩子们放学回来的时候/以后,他们经常不 在家” 49 答案:an
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解析:根据空后的单数可数名词 note 及 after 以元音音素开头可判断填 an 50. 答案:or 解析:该空填并列连词 or,并列三个名词 51. 答案:better 解析:由句意,“便条是与孩子交流的更好方式”可判断填 better 52. 答案:what 解析:该空引导宾语从句在句中作 say 的宾语 53. 答案:For 解析:For another 为固定搭配,意为“另一方面” 54. 答案:they 解析:该空在句中作主语且代指前面的 people。故填 they 55. 答案: off 解析:turn off 意为“关掉”,即手机被关掉

(10 江西) When Alice started to cycle home from Jenny’s house, she wasn’t nervous. She was certainly not afraid of the dark. __36_, it was only a 15-minute ride home. But halfway there, she began to wish that she hadn’t been so __37__. As she rounded a sharp bend, it suddenly __38__ cold — very cold. Alice’s breath became puffs of white cloud and her legs were so cold that it became hard to ride. With her heart beating fast, she struggled so hard to move __39__ that she didn’t hear the car which suddenly appeared beside her. She stopped by the road. The big black car also __40__. Slowly, the passenger-window began to slide down. Alice held her breath. In the soft light inside the car, something __41__. Then, the light brightened and Alice was staring at a sweet, grey-haired old lady. “Hello, dear,” said the old lady. “I need __42__. I’m afraid I’m lost. I need to find the nearest airport. I must be there in the next five minutes.” “Airport? You __43__ are lost,” Alice said. “You need to go back five kilometers __44__ you reach the T-junction. Turn left and __45__ for about another 10 kilometers to the main highway. From there, just follow the __46__ to the airport. But I’m afraid there’s no __47__ you’ll get there in five minutes!” “Thank you very much, dear,” replied the old lady. “Don’t worry — I’ll __48__ in time.” The __49__ moved up and the car started off. A little way ahead, it __50__ and with headlights flashing, it drove past Alice. But then, something __51__ happened. The car began changing. First, its color __52__from black to silvery-grey. Then, the wheels began disappearing, but the car
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continued to move forward, __53__ just above the ground. As the car __54__ into the dark sky, the big red tail-lights grew larger and larger and glowed more and more brightly. With a faint whistling __55__, the car was gone in seconds, leaving Alice shaking her head in disbelief… 36 A However 37 A brave 38 A fell 39 A aside 40 A arrived 41 A gathered 42 A help 43 A necessarily 44 A if 45 A drive 46 A address 47 A doubt 48 A have it 49 A door 50 A passed 51 A strange 52 A developed 53 A rolling 54 A pointed 55 A tune 36. 答案:B。 解析:A 表转折 B 表并列 C 表因果 D 二选一。考连词。前一句说她不怕黑, 后一句说只要 15 分钟就能到家。这两句为并列关系。 37. 答案:A 解析:A 勇敢 B 兴奋 C 好奇 D 固执。前文说主人公 wasn’t nervous. 后文 but, 语意转折. 38. 答案:D 解析:A 掉下 B 看起来 C 证明是 D 变得。根据意思, 变得很冷。
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B Besides B B B B B B excited seemed around stopped existed gas

C Therefore C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C curious proved forward stayed dropped rest basically unless follow notices time make it headlight turned imaginable spread drawing broke sound

D Otherwise D stubborn

D grew D backward D D D D D D started moved water certainly as march

B normally B B B until walk signs

D guidance D D D D way finish it wheel continued

B room B B B B B B B B get it window rushed sensitive appeared floating returned voice

D horrible D D D D faded flashing rose tone



39. 答案:D. 解析:A 旁边 B 转圈 C 向前 D 向后。根据前文, 主人公在回家路上, 应该是努力向前走, 40. 答案:B 解析:A 到达 B 停下 C 停留 D 开始。前面写主人公 stopped, 后文有 also。所以也填 stopped。 41. 答案:D 解析: 聚集 B 兴奋 C 掉了 D 移动。 A 车中的 something 对应指的是后文的 old lady. 所以填 moved. 42. 答案:A 解析:A 帮助 B 汽油 C 休息 D 水。后文 old lady 说我迷路了(lost),所以是需要 help. 43. 答案:D 解析: A 必要的 B 普通的 C 基本的 D 当然。后文我的回答是, 你要往回走 5 公里再向左然后 再走 10 公里等等, 可见远远偏离目标。所以选 certainly, 你当然迷路了。 44. 答案:D 解析:A 如果 B 直到 C 除非 D 当。跟据句意, 是一直走直到到达某处。 45. 答案:A 解析:A 驾驶 B 走 C 跟随 D 行军。前文说的是开车, 所以是 drive。 46. 答案:B 解析:A 地址 B 标识 C 通知 D 指导 根据句意, “按照 XX 的指示就可以到飞机场了”只有选标 识才说的通。答案:B。因为沿途不会有指导。 47. 答案:D 解析:固定搭配.A no doubt 毫无疑问 B no room 没有空间 C no time 没时间 D 不可能.C 选项看 似正确但整句话矛盾(你没时间在 5 分钟内到达)。 48. 答案:C 解析:A 拥有 B 得到 C 做成某事 D 结束。固定用法,表示成功做成某事 49. 答案:B 解析:A 门 B 窗 C 车顶灯 D 车轮。对应前文的 slide down 得知是车窗摇下来了,所以这里对应 up 的应该是车窗 window. 50. 答案:C 解析: A 通过 B 猛冲 C 掉头/转弯 D 继续。前文我建议 old lady 要 go back,所以这里对应车子 要掉头才对,所以选 turn. 51. 答案:A.
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解析:A 奇怪 B 敏感 C 幻想的 D 恐怖的。根据后文, 车开始变形,选 strange。 52. 答案:D 解析:A 发展 B 出现 C 传播 D 褪色。后文说从 black 变成了 silvery-grey,就是由黑变灰,所以答 案选 D 褪色。 53. 答案:B 解析:A 滚 B 漂浮 C 拉 D 闪。根据文章,是车子的轮子不见了,但是车子在空中接着向前。 54. 答案:D 解析:A 指向 B 返回 C 破门而入 D 升入空中。文中意思, 车子飞起升上填空汇总。 55. 答案:C 解析:A 发出一阵声响 A 曲调 B 指人的生音 D 语气。C 表示声音的意思 (10 山东) It was a cool October evening. Excitement and family members __36___ the hall. I was only a 7-year-old girl, but I was the center of __37___. Finally, after weeks of preparation, I would __38_ all my hard work in a dance of performance. Everything would be __39___ —so I thought. I waited baskstage all __40__ in my black tights with a golden belt. In a loud and clear voice, the master of ceremonies __41__ that my class was next. My dance class was doing a routine on wooden boxes two feet by two feet, facing the __42___. All I had to do in the next move was put one foot on the box next to mine and keep my other foot on my box. I really was an __43__ move. I was concentrating so much __44___ the huge smile on my face and holding my head up that I did not look __45__ I was going. I missed my partner’s box altogether and __46__. There I was standing on the stage floor when my classmates were on top of their boxes. I could hear giggles(咯咯笑) coming from the audience, and I felt the ___47___ rush to my face. I remembered my dance teacher had told us, “If you make a mistake, keep smiling so the audience will not ___48___.” I did my best to follow her ___49___ as I continued with the routine. When the curtain dropped, so did my __50___ for the evening. I ___51___ bitterly, tasting the salt from the tears that streamed down my face. I ran backstage, but no one could __52__ me down. Recently I realized I had been a __53__ that night. I was ___54___, but I fought the urge to run off the stage. __55___, I finished the routine with a smile on my face. Now when friends and family laugh about the time I slipped during a dance performance, I can laugh too. 36. A. filled B. visited C. attended D. decorated 答案:A 解析:通读全文可以知道作者描述了自己七岁时的一次舞蹈表演的情况,有表演自然就有观 众,所以本句句意应为“家人们挤满了演出大厅,大厅里充满了兴奋的情绪”,表示“充满、挤 满”用 filled。 37. A. pressure B. impression C. debate D. attention 答案:D
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解析:根据作者后面的描述可知,本句句意应为“我只有七岁,但是我是人们注意的中心”,所 以要使用 attention。 38. A. take over B. show off C . look after D. give up 答案:B 解析:本题句意应为“最后,在经过了几周的准备之后,我要在舞蹈表演中展示我所做出的辛 苦努力。”表示“展示”用 show off。 take over 表示“继承,接办;接管”;show off 表示“展示; 炫耀,卖弄”;look after 表示“照顾,照看”;give up 表示“放弃,投降”。 39. A. reasonable B. suitable C . obvious D . perfect 答案:D 解析:根据后面的描述可知作者的这次表演失败了,所以本句句意应为“一切都应该是完美的 --- 我是这样认为的。” reasonable 表示“合乎情理的”;suitable 表示“合适的,适宜的”;obvious 表示“明显的”; perfect 表示“完美的”。D 相符合逻辑。 40. A. dressed up B. folded up C. covered up D. mixed up 答案:A 解析:本句描述了自己的穿戴,所以句意应为“我等在后台,穿着黑色的紧身衣,扎着金色的 腰带。”表示“穿着”用 dress up。 41. A. suggested B. explained C. announced D. predicted 答案:C 解析:本句句意应为“典礼的主持人清晰地大声宣布下面表演的是我们班。”表示“宣布”用 announced。 42. A. music B . audience C . curtain D . stage 答案:B 解析:演出自然少不了观众,演员们要面对观众表演,所以本句句意应为“我们的舞蹈班成员 在一个两英尺见方的箱子上做固定的动作,面向观众。”所以 B 项正确。 43. A. easy B . active C . adventurous D. extra 答案:A 解析:本句句意应为“ 我的动作真的非常简单”,所以 A 项符合句意。 44. A. containing B . hiding C . sharing D . keeping 答案:D 解析:作者在本句中描述了出现失误前我的表演,本句句意应为“我脸上带着微笑,高昂着头, 注意力如此集中以至于我没有看到我的脚伸向了哪里。 表示“保持某种状态”用 keep, ” 所以 D 项正确。contain 表示“包含”; hide 表示“躲藏”;share 表示“分享”;keep 表示“保持,保存”。 45. A. why B . whether C . where D . what 答案:C 解析:根据上题解释可知应该选择 C 项。 46. A. wandered B. slipped C . waved D . skipped 答案:B 解析:本句句意应为“我没踩上同伴的箱子,滑倒了。”所以使用 slip。 47. A. blood B . pleasure C . pride D . tear 答案:A 解析:自己的表演出现了失误,肯定非常尴尬,所以本题句意应为“我能够听到观众席上传来 的咯咯笑声,我感到血冲上了脸。”应选择 A 项。 48. A. leave B . cheer C . believe D . notice 答案:D
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解析:根据后面的描述,作者最终克服了自己的心里障碍完成了表演,所以本句句意应为“我 记起了我的舞蹈老师曾经告诉我们的话‘如果你出现了失误,要继续微笑下去,这样观众就不 会注意到了’”。所以 D 项符合句意。 49. A. gesture B . example C . advice D . plan 答案:C 解析:根据后文的叙述可知,作者坚持完成了任务,所以本句句意应为“我尽力听从了她的建 议,继续完成我的动作。” 故 C 项正确。 50. A. doubts B . hopes C . voice D . patience 答案:B 解析:根据作者 的描述可知, 作者本来是想要表现一下的,结果却出现了失误,所以自己 的希望落空了,因此本句句意应为“当幕布落下,我的希望也落空了。”故 B 项符合语境。 51. A. argued B . shouted C . begged D . sobbed 答案: D 解析:由后文的 tasting the salt from the tears 可知作者哭了起来,所以本句句意应为“我哭了起 来”,故 D 项正确。 52. A. turn B . calm C . let D . put 答案:B 解析:在当时的情境下,自然没有人能一下子使她情绪稳定下来,所以应该用 calm down 表示 “使……平静“。 53. A. star B . pioneer C . loser D . fool 答案:A 解析:事情过去这么多年后,作者能够回过头来重新审视自己,所以本句句意应为“近来我认 识到那天晚上我就是一个明星。”所以 A 项符合语境。 54. A. satisfied B . moved C . embarrassed D. confused 答案:C 解析:根据前面的叙述可知作者当时的失误使得自己非常尴尬,所以本句句意应为“我当时很 尴尬,但是我克制住了自己冲出舞台的冲动。”所以 C 项符合句意。 55. A. However B . Instead C . In total D . in return 答案:B 解析:分析上下文逻辑可知,此处表示转折意义,所以本句句意应为“相反地,我脸上带着微 笑完成了动作。” (10 上海) Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. additional B. producing C. regular D . predicted H. reducing I. carried E. identified J. increase

E atmosphere G. matched

Forests in the northern half of the globe could be growing faster now than they were 200 years ago as a result of climate change, according to a study of trees in eastern America. The trees appear to have faster growth rates due to longer growing seasons and higher concentrations (浓度) of carbon

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dioxide in the ___41___. Geoffrey Parker, a scientist at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Centre in Edgewater. Maryland, said that the increase ha the rate of growth was unexpected and might be ___42___ to the higher temperatures and longer growing seasons documented in the region. The growth may also be influenced by the significant ___43___ in atmospheric CO2, he said. "We made a list of reasons these forests could be growing faster and then excluded half of them," Dr. Parker said. Their study suggests that northern forests may become increasingly important in ___44___ the influence of man-made CO2 on the climate. Dr. Parker and his colleagues have ___45___ out a detailed record of the trees on a(n) ___46___ basis since 1987. They calculated that due to the global warming the forest is producing ___47___ tons of wood each year. The scientists ___48___ the land with trees at different stages of growth and found that both young and old trees were showing increased growth rate. More than 90 per cent of the tree groups had grown by between two and four times faster than the scientists had ___49___ from estimates of the long-term rates of growth. 答案:41. F. 此句意思是大气中二氧化碳的浓度加深。 42. G. 43. J. 大气中二氧化碳的增加用 increase。 44. H. 根据常识,森林的增加有助于减少二氧化碳对天气的影响。 45. I. carry out 实行,实施。 46. C. on a regular basis: 定期的 47. A. 根据文章大意,可知此处应是产生额外的(additional)木材。 48. E. 49. D. III. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.

The first attempt of even the most talented artists, musicians, and writers is seldom a masterpiece, If you consider your drafts as dress rehearsals (彩排), or tryouts, revising will seem a natural part of the writing ___50___.

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What is the purpose of the dress rehearsals and the out-of-town previews that many Broadway shows go through? The answer is adding, deleting, replacing, reordering, ___51___ revising. Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera underwent such a process. When Lloyd Webber began writing in 1984, he had in mind a funny, exciting production. However, when Phantom opened in London in 1986, the audience saw a moving psychological love story set to music. The musical had. ___52___ several revisions due, in part, to problems with costuming and makeup (戏服和化妆). For instance, Lloyd Webber ___53___ some of the music because the Phantom's makeup prevented the actor from singing certain sounds. When you revise, you change aspects of your work in ___54___ to your evolving purpose, or to include ___55___ ideas or newly discovered information. Revision is not just an afterthought that gets only as much time as you have at the end of an assignment. ___56___, it is a major stage of the writing process, and writers revise every step of the way. Even your decision to ___57___. topics while prewriting is a type of revising. However. don't make the mistake of skipping the revision stage that follows ___58___. Always make time to become your own ___59___and view your dress rehearsal, so to speak. Reviewing your work in this way can give you ___60___ new ideas. Revising involves ___61___ the effectiveness and appropriateness of all aspects of your writing, making your purpose more clearly, and refocusing or developing the facts and ideas you present. When you revise, ask yourself the following questions, keeping in mind the audience for whom you are writing: Is my main idea or purpose ___62___ throughout my draft? Do I ever lose sight of my purpose? Have I given my readers all of the ___63___ that is, facts, opinions, inferences --- that they need in order to understand my main idea? Finally, have I included too many ___64___ details that may confuse readers? 50. A. technique 51. A. in particular 52. A. undergone 53. A. rewrote 54. A. addition 55. A. fixed 56. A. However
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B . style B . as a result B . skipped B . released B . response B . ambitious B . Moreover

C . process C . for example C . rejected C . recorded C . opposition C . familiar C . Instead
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D . career D . in other words D . replaced D . reserved D . contrast D . fresh D . Therefore

57. A. discuss 58. A. drafting 59. A. director 60. A. personal 61. A. mixing 62. A. amazing 63. A. angles 64. A. unnecessary

B . switch B . rearranging B . master B . valuable B . weakening B . bright B . evidence B . uninteresting

C . exhaust C . performing C . audience C . basic C . maintaining C . unique C . information C . concrete

D . cover D . training D . visitor D . delicate D . assessing D . clear D . hints D . final

【文章大意】修改是作品写作过程中非常重要且必须的步骤。文章讲叙了作品修改的目 文章大意】修改是作品写作过程中非常重要且必须的步骤。 的和途径。 的和途径。

50.答案:C 考点:本题考查名词辨析 解析:参照下文的“Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera underwent such a process.”和“However. don't make the mistake of skipping the revision stage”。名词 technique(技 术) 、style(风格) 、career(事业、生涯)都不符题意。本题难度适中。

51.答案:D 考点:本题考查介词短语辨析 解析:前面 adding, deleting, replacing, reordering 都是 revising 的方面,所以 revising 和这 些名词同义;介词短语 in other words 表示“换句话说”。介词短语 in particular(尤其、特别表 强调) 、as a result(因此,表结果) 、for example(例如,表举例说明)都不符题意。本题难度 适中。

52.答案:A 考点:本题考查动词辨析

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- 11 -

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解析:动词 skip(跳远) 、reject(拒绝、抵制)replace(取代)都不符题意。人们观看的 是完美的表演, 但表演之前作品经历了 (undergo) 多次修改, 与上段的“Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera underwent such a process.”对应。本题难度适中。

53.答案:A 考点:本题考查动词辨析 解析:动词 release(释放、赦免、发行) 、record(记录、录音) 、reserve(保留、预订) 都不符题意。动词 rewrite 表示“重写、修改”,与动词 revise 同义,与本篇文话题相关。本题 难度适中。

54.答案:B 考点:本题考查介词短语辨析 解析:介词短语 in addition to 表示“而且、除…之外还有”,in opposition to 表示“与...的意 见相反”,in contrast to 表示“与...形成对比”,都与本题不符。in response to(作为对┄的反应) 在本句表示“你修改作品是对你想改进作品目的的一种回应”本题难。

55.答案:D 考点:本题考查形容词辨析 解析:fresh ideas 与后面的 newly discovered information 对应。本题难度适中。

56.答案:B 考点:本题考查副词辨析 解析:副词 Moreover(而且)类似与 but also 表递进含义,与前面句 not just(only)呼 应。副词 However(然而,表转折关系) 、Instead(作为替代、反而,表相反含义) 、Therefore (因此,表原因)都不符题意。本题难度适中。


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考点:本题考查动词辨析 解析:switch topics(变换标题)属于修改作品的一部分。动词 discuss(讨论) 、exhaust (汲干、使筋疲力尽) 、cover(覆盖、包含)都不符题意。本题难度适中。

58.答案:D 考点:本题考查动名词辨析 解析:名词 drafting(起草) 、rearranging(重新安排) 、performing(表演)都与题意不符。 名词 training.(培训)在本句表示“排练”,与上文 dress rehearsals / tryouts 同义。本题难。

59.答案:C 考点:本题考查名词辨析 解析:名词 audience(观众)与下句 view your dress rehearsal 对应。名词 director(导演) 、 master(主人、大师) 、visitor(来访者)都与题意不符。本题难度适中。

60.答案:B 考点:本题考查形容词辨析 解析:形容词 valuable 表示“做自己作品的观众能给你有价值的新信息”。形容词 personal (个人的) 、basic(基本的) 、delicate(娇贵的、纤弱的、精美的)都与题意不符。本题难度 适中。

61.答案:A 考点:本题考查动词辨析 解析:动词 mix 在本句表示“修改就是把作品所有方面的有效性和适当性融合在一起”。 本题难。


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- 13 -

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考点:本题考查形容词辨析 解析:形容词 clear 在本句表示“我的文章大意或写作意图是否清晰”,与下文 confuse readers 对应。形容词 amazing(令人惊讶的) 、bright(明亮的、聪明的) 、unique(独特的) 都与题意不符。本题难度适中。

63.答案:C 考点:本题考查名词辨析 解析:后句名称 facts、opinions、inferences 都属于 information,与上句 newly discovered information 对应。本题难度适中。

64.答案:A 考点:本题考查形容词辨析 解析:形容词 unnecessary details 表示“多余的信息”反而使读者困惑、误导读者。 形容词 uninteresting(单调的、乏味的) 、concrete(具体的) 、final(最终的、决定性的) 都与题意不符。本题难。

(10 福建) Born in America, I spoke English, not Chinese, the language of my ancestors. When I was three, my parents flashed cards with Chinese 36 at my face, but I pushed them 37 . My mom believed I would learn 38 I was ready. But the 39 never came. On a Chinese

New Year’s Eve, my uncle spoke to me in Chinese, but all I could do was 40 at him, confused, scratching my head. “Still can’t speak 41 me, “You can’t even buy a fish in with

Chinese?” He

Chinatown.”“Hey, this is America, not China. I’ll get some 42

or without Chinese.” I replied and turned to my mom for 43 .“Remember to ask for fresh fish, Xin Xian Yu,” she said, handing over a $20 bill. I 44 45 the

words, running downstairs into the streets of Chinatown.I found the fish
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surrounded in a sea

- 14 -

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of customers. “I’d like to buy some fresh fish,” I shouted to the fishman. But he 46 words and turned to serve the next customer. The laugh of the people behind increased

my English 47 their

impatience. With every 48 , the breath of the dragons(龙)on my back grew stronger---my blood boiling--- 49 me to cry out, “Xian Sheng Yu, please.” “ Very Xian Sheng,” I repeated. The 50 and I ran back home 51 ,expect for the $20

crowd erupted into laughter. My face turned

bill I held tightly in my pocket.Should I laugh or cry? They’re Chinese. I’m Chinese. I should feel right at 52 fish 53 Instead , I was the joke , a disgrace(丢脸)to the language.Sometimes , I laugh at my , but , in the end .the joke is on 54 . Every laugh is a culture B. games B. around C. C. unless D. attempt D. stare 41. A. cared D. asked after 42. A. right now D. in time 43. A. decision D. preparation44. A. repeated D. kept45. A. farm B. forgot B. as B. effort C. persuading C. desire B. stand C. doubted C. with B. C. D. D. from 48. A. D. movement49. A. forcing D. leading50. A. bright B. tongue-tied B. home B. deed B. us B. lost 38.A 43.B 49.A 54.C
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every laugh is my heritage (传统)fading away.36. A. custom C .characters . along D. language 37. A. ahead D. aside 38. A. when B. study C. nod C. argued with B. before C. time

D. until39. A. success 40. A. aim about B. joke B. laughed at

B. from now permission

C. at times

B. reviewed pond

C. information

C. spelled D. market46. A. guessed ignored47. A. by second B. allowing C. pale empty-handed risk D. incident 54. A. it them55. A. thrown 36.C 42.A 48.A 37.D


blank C. C.

D. red 51. A. open-mouthed D. broken-hearted52. A. service D. root 53. A. trade


challenge D.

C. me

C. divided 39.C 44.A 45.B46.D 52.B

D. reflected 答案: 40.D41.B 47.C 53.D


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(10 天津) Robert Moody, 52, is an experienced police officer. Much of his work involves dealing with 16 an gang (团伙)problems in the schools of his community. Knowing that many kids often 17

trouble, he decided to do something about it. So in 1991 he began to invite small groups of kids to go fishing with him on his day 18 . 20

Those fun trips had a(n) 19 impact. A chance encounter in 2000 proved that. One day, working security at a school basketball game, Moody noticed two young guys trouble between them. You took me 24 22 21

.He sensed you.

one of them headed toward Moody and gave him a hug.”I 23

when I was in fifth grade. That was one of the 25

days of my life .”

Deeply touched by the boy’s word, Moody decided to create a foundation(基金会)that 26 teenagers to the basics of fishing in camping programs. “As a policeman, I saw 27 violence, drugs were always behind it. They have a damaging By turning kids on to fishing, he 29 there was

28 on the kids,” says Moody.

to present an alternative way of life, “When you’re 31 can

sitting there waiting for a 30 ,”he says, “you can’t help but talk to each other, and such be pretty deep.”

“Talking about drugs helped prepare me for the peer(同龄人)pressures in high school,” says Michelle, 17 who 32 the first program. “And I was able to help my little brother 33 drugs.”

Moody faces 34 in three years, when he hopes to run the foundation full-time.”I’m living a happy life and I have a responsibility to my 35 to give back,” Moody says.”If I teach a kid to fish today, he can teach his brother to fish tomorrow.”

16. A. drinking

B .drug

C .security

D .smoking

16.B. 根据下文的 drugs were always behind it 和 Talking about drugs helped prepare me for the peer(同龄人)pressures in high school 可以确定,此处是指“毒品,吸毒”。 17. A. ran into B .got over C.left behind D .looked into

17. A. 由空格后的 trouble,和句意可知此处是指“很多小孩陷入困境之中”。 18. A.ahead B .away C .off D .out

18.C. 既然前面说阻止小孩去钓鱼,一般应该是休班、休假的日子,所以,要选择 off。 19. A.immediate
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D .lasting

19. D. 通过下文的例子,可以看出 Robert Moody 警官的钓鱼教育法有着“持久的”影响。 20. A.once B .while C .since D .until

20.B. 从上下句的逻辑关系看,空格所在的句子,表示时间,意思是“在……的时候”,其他几 个词虽然都可以表示时间,但意思不合题意。 21. A.quarreling B.complaining C.talking D .cheering

21.A. 从下文的 He sensed trouble between them.可以判断,那两个人是在“吵架”。 22. A.Slowly B.Suddenly C.Finally D .Secretly

22.B. 在 Robert Moody 警官意识到要出乱子的时候,“突然”发生了下面的事情。对 Robert Moody 警官来说有点意外。 23. A.understand B.hear C. see D .remember

23.D. 因为下文提到是五年级带着去钓鱼,所用用 remember 比较恰当。 24. A.fishing B .sailing 24.A. 带着去钓鱼。 25. A.quietest B .longest C.best D .busiest C .boating D . swimming.

25. C. 既然记得那么清楚,说明那天对他来说很重要,所以用 best。 26. A.connects B.introduces C.reduces D.commits

26. B. 把青少年引导过来。 27. A.where B .unless C .as D .whether

27.A. where 引导地点状语吵架,意思是“在有暴力的地方,其后也总有毒品”。 28. A.impression B.burden C .decision D .impact

28.D. have an impact on 是一个固定短语,意思是“对……有影响”。上文 19 空出有这个短语。 29. A.asked B .intended C.pretended D .agreed

29. B. By turning kids on to fishing 是方式,第 29 空为表示意图 ,用 intended 合适。 30. A.solution B .change C .bite D .surprise

30. C. 此处是钓鱼术语,等待鱼儿上钩。 31. A.concerns B.interests C.conversations D .emotions

31. C. 与前面的 talk to each other 意义一致。 32. A. participated in B. worked out C. approved of D. made up

32. A. participated in 是“加入,参加”的意思;worked out 的意思是“解出,制定,锻炼”等; approved of 是“赞同”;made up 是“编造,组成”。
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33. A. misuse

B . avoid

C . tolerate

D . test

33. B. 既然前面是 help,应该是好的方面,所以用 avoid 表示“避免”。 34. A. unemployment B. challenge C. competition D. retirement

34. D. 根据后面的 when he hopes to run the foundation full-time.说明他不做工作才能全职管理 基金,因此可判断是三年后,退休。 35. A. team B . school C . family D . community

35.D. 第一段中提到 his community。

(10 四川) Recently,I flew to Las Vegas to attend a meeting. As we were about to arrive,the pilot announced with apology that there would be a slight 2lB efore setting down. High desert winds had 22 the airport to close all but one runway. He said that we would be 24 23 the city for a few

minutes waiting to fastened 25

. We were also told to remain in our seats meanwhile with our seat belts

there might be a few bumps(颠簸).We11,that few minutes turned into about

four—five minutes, including a ride that would make a roller coaster(过山车) 26 by comparison. The movement was so fierce that several passengers felt 27 and had to use airsickness bags. As you might guess,that’s not good thing to have happen in a(n) 28 space because it only 29 to increase the discomfort of the situation. w_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m About twenty minutes into the adventure,the entire airplane became very 30 . w_w*w.k_s*5_u.c_o m There was now a sense of anxiety and fear that could be 31 on for dear life …except one. A 32 noticed.Every passenger simply held

was having a good time! With each bump of the33!he would that he didn’t know he was

let out a giggle(咯咯的笑)of delight As I observed this,I 34 supposed to be afraid and worried about his

35 He neither thought about the past nor about the .He was 37 the ride because 38 back

future Those are what we grown—ups have learned from 36 had not yet been taught to fear it. Having into my seat,pretending I was 40 39

understood this,I took a deep breath and

on a roller coaster. I smiled for the rest of the flight. I even

to giggle once or twice ,much to the chagrin(随恼)of the man sitting next to me holding the

airsickness bag. 21. A. mistake B . delay C . change D. wind w_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m22.

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- 18 -

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A. forced

B . warned

C . swept

D. reminded C. circling C . stop C . because C . easy C . angry C . secret C. fails D. crossing D . land D. while D . quick D. afraid w _w*w.k_s*5_u.c_o m D. open D . serves w _w w. k#s5_u.c o*m30. D. crowded D . clearly D . man D . airplane D. insisted D . future D. practice D . enjoying D . rode D . suddenly D . decided w_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m

23. A. watching 24. A. arrive 25. A. if 26. A. light 27. A. sick 28. A. empty 29. A. happens A. quiet B . hot

B . visiting B . enter B . though B . pale B . nervous B . narrow B . continues

C . dirty B . gradually B . baby B . passengers B . hoped B . safety B . books B . taking B . lay B . finally B. managed

31. A. partly 32. A. pilot 33. A. seats 34. A. realized 35. A. health 36. A. teachers 37. A. learning 38. A. sat 39. A. nearly 40. A. attempted

C . shortly C . guard C . flight C . agreed C . joy C . experience C . missing C . went C . really C . wanted

语篇解读:本文记述了作者一次因开会去拉斯维加斯时,飞机因沙尘暴而延时降落,在不断 延长的等待中,成人焦急、害怕,唯独不知恐惧的婴儿在享受着过山车一样的颠簸。作者也 深受启发,体验了一次孩子的享受。 21. 答案:B 解析:根据 “High desert winds…to close all but one runway”可知因沙尘暴关闭所有的跑道,只 留一条,故应为延时降落。 22. 答案:A 解析:因为沙尘暴迫使机场关闭跑道。 B 为“警告”;C 意为“打扫,席卷”;D 意为“提醒”,均 不符合题意 23. 答案:C 解析:飞机在等待降落的过程中应该是绕城市盘旋。故应选 C。 A. watch 用于着动态的场面; B. visit 意为“参观,拜访”; D. cross 意为“横穿” 24. 答案:D 解析:根据上下文句意可知,飞机要绕城市盘旋几分钟以便等待着陆 25. 答案:C
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- 19 -

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解析:句意为;“我们被告知仍在座位上坐好,系好安全带,因为飞机可能有颠簸。”此处应为 because 引导的原因状语从句 26. 答案:B 解析:make…pale by comparison “使……相形见绌”,此处用以强调飞机在空中极不稳定 27. 答案:A 解析:句意为:“象过山车一样的巨烈运动使旅客恶心而不得不用呕吐袋。A. sick 意为“恶心 的”;B. nervous 意为“紧张的”; C. angry 意为“生气的”;D. afraid 意为“害怕的”。 28.答案 Bw_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m 解析:此空前的 that 指的是 using airsickness bags,也就是发 生在飞机上狭小空间中的呕吐, 因此选用 narrow“狭窄的”, 后面的 space 指的是飞机内部空间。 empty 意为“空的”,secret 意为“秘密的”,均不合题意。w_w*w.k_s*5_u.c_o m 29.答案 Aw_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m 解析:在这种情形下本来就很难受,在飞机上呕吐使得这种 难受更加强烈,此处 serve 意为“起……作用,用作……”。 30. 答案:A 解析:根据后面的 a sense of anxiety and fear 可知,人们都很紧张、焦虑,在这种情形下飞机 上的人一定是静悄悄的。 31. 答案:D 解析:飞机上的焦躁不安,应该是能够很明显的被感觉到,故选 clearly 32. 答案:B 解析:从后文中的 “he didn’t know he was supposed to be afraid and worried…Those are what we grown—ups have learned …”他不知道害怕和着急……, 那是我们成年人……, 可推测出应该是 孩子 33. 答案:D 解析:应是飞机的每一次颠簸让孩子体验坐过山车一样的感受,孩子发出咯咯的笑声 34. 答案:A 解析:句意为我意识到孩子不知道他应该害怕和担心 35. 答案:B 解析:应是为他的安全担心 36. 答案:C 解析:成人都是从孩子时代过来的。是成人的亲身经历让他们知道孩子不知道什么是害怕和 担心 37. 答案:D 解析:因为孩子不知道害怕,自然是在飞机的颠簸中享受坐过山车般的快乐 38. 答案:A 解析:sat back into my seat 意为坐回到座位上 39. 答案:C 解析:句意应为:“我坐回到我的座位上,假装真地坐上了过山车。”A 项意为“几乎”;B 项意 为“最后”,D 项意为“突然”,均不合题意。 40.答案 Bw_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m 解析:我甚至咯咯地笑了一两次。作者应该是真的笑出了声, 才让邻座的手拿呕吐袋的人懊恼。做成了某事用 managed to do. w_w*w.k_s*5_u.c_o m

广东) (10 广东) 语言知识及应用(共两节, Ⅱ 语言知识及应用(共两节,满分 35 分)
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- 20 -


第一节 完形填空(共 10 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21-3 各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳 选项,并填写在答题卡上将该选项涂黑。 Every country has its own culture. Even though each country uses doors. .Doors many have lead to 22 differences. and 21 functions and purposes which

When I first came to America, I noticed that a public building had two different 23

they had distiFnct functions. You have to push the door with the word “PUSH” to go out of the building and to pull the door with the word “PULL” to because we use the 24 the building. This was new to me,

25 door in south Korea. For quite a few times I failed to go out of a

shopping centre and was embarrassed. The way of using school bus doors was also 26 to me .I used to take the school bus to 27

classes. The school decided that when the driver opened both the front and back doors,

who were getting off the bus should get off first , and students who were getting on should get on 28 . In south Korea, we do not need to wait for people to get off. One morning, I hurried to the

bus ,and when the bus doors opened, I 29 _tried to get on the school bus through the front door. All the students around looked at me, I was totally 30 21. A.different 答案: 答案:C 试题分析: 试题分析:从“lead to 高考考点: 高考考点:考查形容词 温馨提示: 温馨提示:A 不同的 B 重要的 C 实践的 D 不寻常的 22 differences”可判断 不同功能导致 可判断“不同功能导致 不同” 可判断 不同功能导致-------不同 不同 B .important C .practical ,and my face went red. D .unusual

22. A.national 答案: 答案:C

B .embarrassing

C .cultural

D .amazing

试题分析:从开头总括句 试题分析:从开头总括句“Every country has its own culture.” 高考考点:考查形容词 高考考点: 温馨提示: 温馨提示:A 国家的 B 尴尬的 C 文化的 D 惊奇的

23. A.exits
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B .entrances

C .signs
- 21 www.ks5u. com

D .doors

答案: 答案:C 试题分析: 从下文“push the door with the word “PUSH””和 “pull the door with the word “PULL”” 试题分析: 从下文 及 two different 可知 高考考点:考察名词 温馨提示:A 出口 B 入口 C 标志 D 门

24.A.enter 答案:A

B .leave

C .open

D .close

试题分析:从上文 从上文“push the door with the word “PUSH” to go out of the building”可知“the door 从上文 with the word “PULL””是相反的 高考考点:考查名词 温馨提示:A 进入 25. A.main 答案:B 试题分析:由上文 “came to America”, “This was new to me” 原因是在南韩和美国不同 高考考点:考查形容词 温馨提示:A 重要的 B 相同的 C 前面的 D 后面的 B 离开 C 打开 D 关闭 D .back

B .same

C .front

26.A.annoying 答案: 答案:D

B .hard

C .satisfying

D .strange

试题分析:由上文第三段知:公共建筑门的使用方式不同,使作者感到尴尬 可知: 试题分析:由上文第三段知:公共建筑门的使用方式不同,使作者感到尴尬——可知:下文 可知 的巴士门对作者来说也是陌生的 高考考点: 高考考点:考查形容词 温馨提示: 温馨提示:A 讨厌的 B 畏难的 C 满意的 D 陌生的

27.A.parents 答案:B 答案:

B .students

C .teachers

D .drivers

试题分析:由下文的并列句 。”可以知道 试题分析:由下文的并列句“students who were getting on 。。。。 可以知道 。。。 高考考点: 高考考点:考查名词 温馨提示: 温馨提示:A 父母
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B 学生 C 老师 D 司机
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28.A.sooner 答案: 答案:B

B .later

C .faster

D .earlier

试题分析: 试题分析:由上文并列句 “——who were getting off the bus should get off first,” 可知 高考考点: 高考考点:考查形容词比较 温馨提示: 温馨提示:A 很快 B 较晚 C 较快 D 较早

29.A.politely 答案: 答案:C

B .patiently

C .unconsciously

D .slowly

试题分析: 由上文 “In south Korea, we do not need to wait for people to get off” 可知作者在生活 试题分析: 中已经养成了习惯,由生活常识知道,到美国后,就无意识的遵循以往的习惯。 高考考点: 高考考点:考查副词 温馨提示: 温馨提示:A 礼貌地 B 耐心地 C 无意思地 D 慢慢地

30.A.embarrassed 答案: 答案:A


C .unsatisfied

D .excited

试题分析: 试题分析:由下文 “my face went red.” 及 “For quite a few times I failed to go out of a shopping centre and was embarrassed.” 可知答案应是 A 高考考点: 高考考点:考查形容词 温馨提示: 温馨提示:A 尴尬的 B 恼怒的 C 不满意的 D 兴奋的

第二节 语法填空 (共 10 笑题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和上下文连贯的要求,在空格处填入一个适当的 词或受用括号中词语的正确形式填空,并将答案填在答题卡标号为 31~40 的相应位置上。 A young man,while traveling through a desert , csme across a spring of clear water.____31____water was sweet.He filled his leather container so that he could bring some back to an elder ____32____ had been his teacher .After a four-day journey, the young man____33___.(present) the water to the old man. His teacher took a deep drink, smiled____34____(warm), and thanked his student very much for the sweet water.The young man went home____35_____a happy heart.
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After the student left, the teacher let __36___student taste the water. He spit it out, __37___(say) it was awful. Apparently, it was no longer fresh because of the old leather container. He asked his teacher,” Sir, the water was awful. Why did you pretend to like ___38____?” The teacher replied,” You tasted the water. I tasted the gift. The water was simply the container for an act of kindness and love. Nothing could be ___39___ (sweet).” We understand this lesson best ____40___ we receive gifts of love from children. Whether it is a cheap pipe on a diamond necklace, the proper response is appreciation. We love the idea within the gift rather than the thing.

31. 答案:the 答案: 试题分析: 下文——water 紧接着第二次特 试题分析:由上文 a spring of clear water 第一次提到 water 下文 指 高考考点: 高考考点:考查冠词 易错提醒: 易错提醒:易用 Its

32. 答案:who 答案: 试题分析: 试题分析:who 引导定语从句限制 elder 且做从句的主语 高考考点: 高考考点:考查定语从句 易错提醒: 易错提醒:易填 that

33. 答案:presented 答案: 试题分析:本题缺少谓语, 试题分析:本题缺少谓语,由整篇文章知道时态为过去时 高考考点: 高考考点:考查谓语动词时态 易错提醒: 易错提醒:易填 presenting

34. 答案:warmly 答案: 试题分析:修饰动词 smile 应用副词 试题分析: 高考考点: 高考考点:考查副词的使用 易错提醒: 易错提醒:易填 warmer

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35、答案:with 、答案: 试题分析:本处缺介词,构成介词短语,并且表伴随状态。 试题分析:本处缺介词,构成介词短语,并且表伴随状态。 高考考点: 高考考点:考查介词 易错提醒: 易错提醒:易填 in

36、答案:another 、答案: 试题分析:由 student 单数可知前面代数应指一个人,由下文“He asked his teacher”可知是另 试题分析: 单数可知前面代数应指一个人 由下文 可知是另 一个学生。 一个学生。 高考考点: 高考考点:考查代词 易错提醒: 易错提醒:易填 other

37. 答案:saying 答案: 试题分析: 试题分析:整句汇总已有谓语动词 spit,故此处应填非谓语动词,又表伴随状态,用 v-ing 形 ,故此处应填非谓语动词,又表伴随状态, 式 高考考点: 高考考点:考查非谓语动词 易错提醒: 易错提醒:易填 said

38. 答案:it 答案: 试题分析: 可知, 试题分析:由上文 “the water was auful”可知,是问为什么假装喜欢水,水为不可数名词,由 可知 是问为什么假装喜欢水,水为不可数名词, 代词 it 代替 高考考点: 高考考点:考查代词 易错提醒: 易错提醒:易填错 water

39. 答案:sweeter 答案: 试题分析: 试题分析:用 nothing 与 an act of kindness and love 相对比 高考考点: 高考考点:考查形容词比较级 易错提醒:易填 sweet 易错提醒:

40. 答案:that 答案: 试题分析:用同位语从句; 试题分析:用同位语从句; 由 that 引导从句作 this lesson 的同位语
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高考考点: 高考考点:考查从句的连词选择 易错提醒: 易错提醒:易填 which (10 全国Ⅰ) It was a busy morning, about 8:30, when an elderly gentleman in his 80s came to the hospital. I heard him saying to the nurse that he was in a hurry for appointment (约会)at 9:30. The nurse had him take a 36 in the waiting area, 37 him it would be at least 40 minutes 38 someone would be able to see him .I saw him 39 his watch and decided, since I was 40 buy-my patient didn’t 41 at the appointed hour ,I would examine his wound, While taking care of his wound ,I asked him if he had another doctor’s appointment. The gentleman said no and told me that he 42 to go to the nursing home on eat breakfast with his 43 .He told me that she had been 44 for a while and that she had a special disease, I asked if she would be 45 if he was a bit late. He replied that she 46 knew who he was ,that she had not been able to 47 him for five years now. I was 48 and asked him,” And you 49 go every morning, even though she doesn’t know who you are?” He smiled and said .”She doesn’t know me, but I know who she is” I had to hold back 50 as he left. Now I 51 that in marriages, true love is 52 of all that, The happiest people don’t 53 have the best of everything; they just 54 the best of everything they have .55 isn’t about how to live through the storm, but how to dance in the rain. 36.A.breath B . test C . seat D . break 37.A.persuading B. promising C. understanding D. telling 38. A. if B . before C . since D . after 39. A. taking off B. fixing C . looking at D . winding 40. A. very B . also C . seldom D . not 41. A. turn up B. show off C . come on D . go away 42. A. needed B . forgot C . agreed D . happened 43. A. daughter B . wife C . mother D . sister 44. A late B . well C . around D . there 45. A. lonely B . worried C . doubtful D . hungry 46. A. so far B . neither C . no longer D . already 47. A. recognize B. answer C . believe D . expect 48.A. moved B . disappointed C . surprised D .satisfied 49.A. only B . then C . thus D . still 50.A. curiosity B . tears C . words D . judgment 51. A. realize B . suggest C . hope D . prove 52. A. agreement B . expression C . acceptance D . exhibition 53. A. necessarily B . completely C . naturally D . frequently 54. A. learn B . make C . favor D . try 55. A. Adventure B . Beauty C . Trust D .Life 三、完形填空 36-40 CDBCD
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41-45 AABDB 46-50 CACDB 51-55 ACABD 36. C seat 解析:关键名词就在后面 waiting room。这个词 break 有可能选,但是 break 之前一定要很紧 张才行,这里老汉没有紧张。

37. D telling 解析:护士对一个老汉能做的动作,最符合逻辑的是 telling,告诉。 promising 表示许诺,有 可能选,再看宾语就可以排除,at least 40 minutes 没有一个承诺是这样子的,我保证你 至少要等四十分钟,不是承诺这是诅咒。 38. B before 解析:在医生诊断他之前要等待。 39. C look at 解析:看动作的发出者,一个焦急的老汉会做的动作,肯定是 look at 看手表这个选项。 40. D not 41. A turn up 解析:词组,表示“出现”的意思。这里要注意破折号表示解释说明,我不是很忙,因为我的病 人在 appointed hour 里面没有出现。appoint 这个词除了任命的意思,还有约时间的意 思。B. show off 是“炫耀”的意思。 42. A needed 解析:考察动词搭配,用排除法。B forget 是“忘记”,他忘记了回去吃饭这样的事情,不算一 个 appointment。C agree to do 是“同意做某件事情”,在文中没人提要求,所以不存在同 意不同意。D happen to do“碰巧做某事”。 43. B wife 解析:名词找重复,这里重复再后面,刚做的时候放一放,第五段的第一句出现了 marriage, 表示他们俩曾经有一段,那么选老婆这个选项。 44. D there 解析:she had been there 表示的是她已经在那个 nursing home 里面有一段时间了,有难度, 其他几个选项的中文意思比较模棱两可, A. late 要迟到的是老头子, 不是他老婆。 B. well 她老婆身体很健康。 C.老婆曾经在他身边。 45. B worried 解析: 根据词义辨析。 lonely“孤独的”, worried 是“焦虑的, 担心的”的意思, doubtful“怀疑的”, hungry“饥饿的”。
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46. C no longer 解析:结合后文,49 空那句话给出了很好的对应。neither 表示否定 2 者。 47. A recognize 解析:之前见过,现在认不出来。 48. C surprised 解析:表示惊讶。选项 moved 干扰度比较大,需要对全文的态度进行把握,文中进行到这里 并没有很明显的作者的正面态度出现,证据就在于他的那个问句:你知道她不认识你, 还是每天早上要去陪她?这句话显然不是一个正面态度的体现,而真正的态度转正的 地方在倒数第二段,他忍住泪水,所以这里不能选 moved 这个表示正面态度的词语。 49. D still 解析:表示状态的持续,B. then 表示时间先后,C. thus 表示因果。

50. B tear 解析:关键在前面的动词 hold back 忍住,忍回去。忍回去的只有泪水。 51. A realize 解析:realize 表示主观意识到。 52. C acceptance 解析:真爱就是对于所有一切的接受。本题点明了文章的主旨,老人不管妻子患病与否都始 终不离不弃,所以是接受了一切,无论好坏。 53. A necessarily 解析:这个词的意思是必要地,这句话的意思是最幸福的人并不一定是一个拥有所有最好东 西的人。 54. B make 解析:考查动词和名词的搭配, make the best of 充分利用,就是说他们可以没有最好的东西, 但是他们充分利用了他们所拥有的东西。 选项 favor 不能选, C 因为表示的意思是偏好, 在这里没有比较爱人认得你还是不认得你,所以不选。 55. D Life 解析:生活并不是要经历暴风雨,而是要学会苦中作乐。

(10 江苏) Another person’s enthusiasm was what set me moving toward the success I have achieved.That person was my stepmother. I was nine years old when she enterd our home in rural Virginia. My father__36__me to her with these words:“I would like you to meet the fellow who is___37 for being the worst boy in this county and will probably start throwing rocks at you no ___38 than tomorrow morning.”
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My stepmother walked over to me, ___39 my head slightly upward,and looked me right in the eye.Then she looked at my father and replied,“You are ___40 .This is not the worst boy at all, ___41 the smartest one who hasn’t yet found an outlet(释放的途径)for his enthusiasm.” That statement began a(n) ___42 between us.No one had ever called me smart,My family and neighbors had built me up in my ___43 as a bad boy . My stepmother changed all that. She changed many things.She ___44 my father to go to a dental school,from which he graduated with honors.She moved our family into the county srat,where my father’s career could be and my brother and I could be better___46 . more ___45 When I turned fourteen,she bought me a secondhand___47 and told me that she believed that I could become a writer.I knew her ernthusiasm,I___48 it had alreadly improved our lives.I accepted her ___49 and began to write for local newspapers.I was doing the same kind of___50 that great day I went to interview Andrew Carnegie and received the task which became my life’s work later.I wasn’t the ___51 beneficiary (受益者).My father became the ___52 man in town.My brother and stepbrthers became a physician,a dentist,a lawyer,and a college president. What power __53 has!When that power is released to support the certainty of one’s purpose and is ___54 strengthened by faith,it becomes an irresistible(不可抗拒的)force which poverty and temporary defeat can never ___55 . You can communicate that power to anyone who needs it.This is probably the greatest work you can do with your enthusiasm. 36.A.rushed B .sent C .carried D .introducedw_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m37.A.distinguished B .favored C .mistaken D .rewarded 38. A.sooner B .later C .longer D .earlier 39. A.dragged B .shook C .raised D .bent 40. A.perfect B .right C .wrong D .impolite 41. A.but B .so C .and D .or 42. A.ageement B .friendship C .gap D .relationship 43. A.opinion B .image C .espectation D .mind 44. A.begged B .persuaded C .ordered D .invited 45. A.successful B .meaningful C.helpful D .useful 46. A.treared B .entertained C.educated D .respected 47. A.cemera B .radio C .bicycle D .typewriter 48. A.considered B .suspected C .ignored D .appreciated 49. A.belief B .request C .criticism D .description 50. A.teahing B .writing C .studying D .readingw_w w. k#s5_u.c o*m51. A.next B .same C .only D .real 52. A.cleverest B .wealthiest C .strongest D .bealthiest 53. A.ebthusiasm B .sympathy C .fortune D .confidence 54. A.deliberately B .happily C .traditionally D.constantly 55. A.win B .match C .reach D .doubt 本文讲述了一个继母对作者的肯定, 从而激发了孩子心中的对成功的渴望, 继母心中的热情, 终于促使作者成功了。 36 选 D 爸爸把我介绍给了她 37 选 A 因为是最坏的孩子而著名
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38.选 B no later than 表示不迟于 39.选 C 表示微微地抬了一下我的头 40.选 C 你错了 41.选 A 前面有 not 后面用 but,不是最坏的而是最聪明的 42.选 B 这句话开始了我们之间的友谊,用友谊说明关系的亲密 43.选 D 在我心目中我一直是一个坏男孩 44.选 B 继母把我父亲说服了去上一个牙科学校 45.选 A 在那儿我父亲的事业将更加成功 46.选 C 而在那,我们弟兄们可以得到更好的教育 47.选 D 给我买了二手的打字机,让我开始写作 48.选 D 我非常感激她的热心 49.选 A 我接受了她的信念 50.选 B 我从事的写作,因此用 writing 51.选 C 我不是唯一的受益者 52.选 B 我爸爸成了我们镇上最富裕的人 53.选 A 热情有着多强大的力量呀 54.选 D 不断得到增强 55.选 B 这种力量是贫穷和暂时的挫折所不能相比的 (10 陕西) I used to live selfishly, I should admit. But one moment changed me. I was on my lunch break and had 26 the office to get something to eat . On the way, I 27a

busker(街头艺人), with a hat in front of him. I had some 28 in my pocket, but I would not give them to him, thinking to myself he would 29 use the money to feed his addiction to drugs or alcohol. He 30 like that type-young and ragged. 31 what was I going to spend the money on? Only to feed my addiction to Coca-Cola or chocolate! I then 32 I had no right to place myself above 33 just because he was busking. I 34 and dropped all the coins into his 35, and he smiled at me, I watched for a while. As 36 as it sounds, I expected something more to come from that moment—a feeling of 37 or satisfaction, for example. But nothing happened 38 , I walked off. “It proved to be a waste of 39 ,”I thought. On my way home at the end of the 40, I saw the busker again and he was 41 . I watched him pick up the hat and walk 42 a cafe counter. There he poured the 43 contents into a tin collecting 44 an earthquake fund-raising(募捐) event. He was busking for charity(慈善)! Now I donate any 45 I have to charity tins and enjoy the feeling of giving. 26. A. left 27. A. led 28. A. chocolates
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B . cleaned B . chose B . coins
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C . prepared C . saw C . tins

D . searched D . fooled D . drugs

29. A. almost 30. A. acted 31. A. Though 32. A. declared 33. A. it 34. A. waited 35. A. rag 36. A. selfish 37. A. happiness 38. A. Disappointedly 39. A. words 40. A. moment 41. A. walking around 42. A. around 43.A. chief 44.A.by 45.A.work

B . only B . looked B . For B . realized B . all B . followed B . hat B . awkward B . sadness B. Unfortunately B . effort B . day B. passing by B . in B . basic B . for B . time

C . rather C . sounded C . Therefor C . expected C . him C . stopped C . pocket C . innocent C . love C. Coincidentally C . space C . break C . packing up C . behind C . actual C . on C . energy

D . still D . smelt D . But D . guessed D . them D . arrived D . counter D . special D . hate D. Comfortably D . money D . event D. running off D . to D . total D . with D .change

完型填空 文章导读: “我”曾经是个很自私的人, 但是一次特殊的经历教育了“我”——一天午饭时间, “我” 出了办公楼去买午饭时, “我”看到门口站着一个衣衫褴褛的年轻艺人在表演, 他面前放着帽子, 在向路人乞讨,“我”虽然兜里有一些硬币,但“我”想用它们买我喜欢的可乐或巧克力,“我”就 想:也许他会拿乞讨来的钱去买毒品或去酗酒。“我”犹豫再三,最后依依不舍地将兜里的零钱 放进他的帽子里,“我”站在哪里等了一会儿,但没有体验到“我”想要的满足感,“我”想:这钱 是浪费了。而当“我”下午下班回家时,“我”看到那位乞丐走进一家小餐馆,他把自己帽子里乞 讨来的所有钱都倒进了设在那里的地震灾区捐款箱内,原来,他在为慈善事业乞讨,从哪以 后,“我”每次都将“我”所有的零钱投进捐款箱里,也从此体验到了付出的快乐。 26. A.【解析】由本句中的 to get something to eat 可以推断出此处选 A。 27. C.【解析】句意是:在路上,我看到一个街头艺人,面前放着一顶帽子。选 C。 28. B.【解析】根据空后的 in my pocket 可以推断出此处选 B。 29. B.【解析】句意是:我考虑他仅仅是用这些钱去满足自己的毒瘾或酒瘾。选 B。 30. B.【解析】根据本句中的 young and ragged 可以推断出所填词和 like 构成搭配,意思是: 看起来像,选 B。 31. D.【解析】此处与前一句是转折关系,故用转折连词 but,选 D。 32. B.【解析】句意是:后来我意识到我不能把我置于他之上,因为他在街头卖艺。选 B。 33. C.【解析】所填词做介词 above 的宾语,指代那位街头艺人,故选 C。 34. C.【解析】由后文的 dropped 和 walked off 可以推断出此处所填词意思是:停下来,选 C。
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35. B.【解析】由前文的 with a hat in front of him 可知此处选 B。 36. A.【解析】根据文章首句可知此处选 A。 37. A.【解析】所填词与 satisfaction 并列,意思应该相近,由此可以推断出选 A。 38. A.【解析】根据前一句 But nothing happened 可知此处选 A,意思是:失望地。 39. D.【解析】由前文的 coins 可知此处选 D。 40. B.【解析】根据本句中的 on my way home 可知所填词意思是:当天,一天,选 B。 41. C.【解析】walk around: 徘徊,来回走;pass by:从......旁边经过;pack up:收拾行李;pick up:捡起,拾起;接送;接收。句意是:我看到他在收拾行李。选 C。 42. D.【解析】所填介词与 walk 构成搭配,意思是:朝......走去,表对象,介词用 to,选 D。 43. D.【解析】根据谓语动词 poured 可以推断出此处选 D。 44. B.【解析】此处所填介词表目的,意思是:为了,用 for,选 B。 45. D.【解析】根据动词 donate 和 have 可以推断出此处选 D。

(10 全国Ⅱ) A man who knows how to write a personal letter has a very powerful tool.A letter can be enjoyed,read and 21 . It can set up a warm conversation between two people far apart(远离的); it can keep a 22 with very little effort. I will give 23 . A few years ago my older brother and I were not getting 24 We had been close as 25 but had grown apart. Our meetings were not 26 ; our conversation was filled with arguments and quarrels; and every effort to clear the air seemed to only 27 our misunderstanding. Then he 28 a small island in the Caribbean and we 29 touch .One day he wrote me a letter. He describeb his island and its people, told me what he was doing,said how he felt,and encouraged me to 30 . Rereading the letter, I was 31 by its humor(幽默)and clever expressions,These were all qualities for which I had 32 respected my order brother but 33 he no longer had them.I had never known he could write so 34 .And with that one letter we became friends 35. It might never have occurred to 36 to write me if he had not been in a place where there were no 37 ,For him, writing was a necessity, It also turned out to be the best way for us to get back in touch.Because we live in an age of 38 communication(通讯),people often 39 that they don’t always have to phone or email. They have a 40 . And that is to write. 21. A.received B.rewritten C.returned D .reread 22.A.record B .promise C.friendship D .secret 23.A.an example B.a lesson C.an experience D.a talk 24.A. through B .together C.along D .away 25.A.brothers B .children C.fellows D .classmates 26.A.normal B .necessary C.pleasant D .possible 27.A.deepen B .start C .express D .settle 28.A.toured B .stopped over C.reached D.moved to 29.A.lost B .kept in C .needed D .got in 30.A.think B .write C .enjoy D .read 31.A.driven B .beaten C .surprised D .honored 32.A.never B .seldom C .sometimes D.once
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33.A.realized B .judged C .thought D .expected 34.A.well B .often C .much D .soon 35.A.later B .anyhow C .too D .again 36.A.us B .anyone else C.someone D .my brother 37.A.mail services B.transport C.phones D .relatives 38.A.poor B .easy C .popular D .busy 39A.believe B.decide C .argue D . forget 40.A.habit B .choice C .method D . plan 第三节完形填空 【总体评析】最近几年来的完形填空试题材料选材上,都力图选取一篇有教育意义 和现实实用价值的文章。受到更多先进快捷媒体比如 internet 的冲击的现状,作者通过回顾和 现状事实的对比描述,也表达了自己的担忧:未来书信何去何从?通常来讲,这样的文量均 会是一篇记叙文或者一个与生活有关的一些经历描述:这篇文章就是亦属于与生活相关:这 是一篇教育性或倡导性文章:通过描述自己与哥哥的交往变化来倡导书信在交流中的重要性 作者措述了一个有趣的事实:在相聚中,自己与哥哥相处不好,忽视了它的优点:但是分开 后.多亏了没有现代化的交通工具…电话、email.所以只能写信.再次展现哥哥的品质,所以 连作者本人都发出感叹: “Because we live in an age of easy communication(通讯),people often forget that they don’t always have to phone or email. They have a choice . And that is to write.” (因为我们生活在通讯工具便捷的时代,人们难免会忘掉我们不必总得用电话或电子邮件联 系,我们还有另一种选择,那就是写信。 ) 这样的记叙思路恰好是全国卷高考英语命题的潜在思想,达到了教育性 启迪性的目的。 该试题的难度和前几年相比,难度相当;用词选项方面,都间接考查了构词法:reread, deepem 等,类似于去年的 acceptance,难度上略微有所增加。 详细解析 21. D 解析: 前文有 enjoy, read, 不可能是 received 或 returned, 只能是“重读”。 Rewritten 表示“重 写” 22. C 表示保持两人的友谊 23. A 根据后文举例说明,故用 give an example 24. C get through 通过,完成; get together 聚会,聚焦; get along 相处; get away 走 开,离开 25. B Children 与后面的 grow apart 呼应 26. C 根据后文的 our conversation was filled with arguments and quarrels, 推理出“不愉快”, 选择 pleasant 27. A 根据情感变化是“加深误解”,故选用 deepen,该题主要考构词法 28. D 搬家,迁居,move to some place 29. A 失去联系 lose touch with sb. 30. B 根据上下文,鼓励我写信 encourage me to write 31. A. drive 驾驶;驱动;驱赶。这里是为他的语言文字所驱使或驱动之意。 32. D 忆往昔,曾几何时,这些品质恰是我尊重哥哥的原因。Once 曾经 33. C 但“认为”他不再具备这些品质。Thought 说明过去的想法 34. A 强调写信的好 35. D 我们再一次成为朋友。Again“再一次,又”
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36. D 整句话是虚拟语气,“如果哥哥去的地方不是因为没有电话,他将不会给我写信”是 哥哥的身上发生的事 37. C 同 36 题 38. B 当代是通讯发达的年代,故选 easy,表示便捷的意思。 39. D 根据文章,人们忘掉了这一点(参考总体评析) 。此处提醒人们要记得并非必须用 电话、电子邮件才能交流 40. B 另一种选择 choice

(10 湖北) The passengers on the bus watched with sympathy as Susan made her way carefully up the the seats, settled in one of them. steps. She paid the driver and then, using her hands to 31 It had been a year since Susan became blind. As the result of an accident she was suddenly thrown into a world of 32 . Susan’s husband Mark watched her 33 into hopelessness and he was 34 to use every possible means to help his wife. Finally, Susan felt ready to 35 to her job, but how would she get there? She used to take the bus, but she was now too 36 to get around the city by herself. Mark 37 to ride the she could manage it by herself. bus with Susan each morning and evening 38 For two weeks, Mark 39 Susan to and from work each day. He taught her how to rely on her other 40 , specifically her hearing, to determine where she was and how to adapt to her . new 41 At last, Susan decided that she was ready to try the trip 42 . Monday morning arrived. , her eyes filled with tears of gratitude 感激) ( .She Before she left, she hugged her husband 43 said good-bye and, for the first time, they went their 44 ways. Each day went perfectly, and a wild excitement 45 Susan. She was doing it! . As she was getting off the bus, the On Friday morning, Susan took the bus to work 46 driver said, “Miss, I sure 47 you.” Curious, Susan asked the driver 48 . “You know ,every morning for the __49_week,a fine-looking gentleman in a military uniform has been standing across the corner watching you until you enter your office building safely,” the bus driver said. Tears of happiness poured down Susan’s cheeks. She was so lucky for he had given her a gift more powerful than_50_,That is the gift of love that can bring light where there is darkness. 31.A. touch B .grab C .count D .feel 32.A.weakness B . sickness C .darkness D .sadness 33.A.run B .sink C .jump D .step 34.A.inspired B .determined C .honored D .pleased 35.A.return B .adjust C .contribute D .stick 36.A.dred B .astonished C .depressed D .frightened 37.A.volunteered B .attempted C .continued D .struggled 38.A.when B .as C .until D .after 39.A.drove B .direted C .accompanied D .sent 40.A.feeling B .organs C .skills D .senses 41.A.position B .environment C.status D .role
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42.A.on her own B .in person C .to her benefit D .on foot 43.A.politely B .calmly C .briefly D .tightly 44.A.opposite B .separate C .fixed D .lonely 45.A.took charge of B .took place of C.took advantage of D .took hold of 46.A.as usual B .as a rule C.as well D .as a consequence 47.A.respect B .evry C .know D .support 48.A.what B .how C . why D .who 49.A.past B .same C .first D .next 50.A.courage B .will C .sight D .wisdom 答案: 答案:31.D 32.C 33.B 34. B 35.A 36.D 37.A 38.C 39.C 40.D 41.B 42.A 43.D 44.B 45.D 46.A 47.B 48.C 49.A 50.C 解析: 今年的完形填空的文章原型来源于一片叫作“The Blind Bus Passenger”的文章。 讲的是一 解析: 个盲人乘客的故事。20 道题的设置基本考察了学生对于文章的理解能力,和根据上下文理解 单句的能力。期间也涉及到一些基本语法问题,比如从句,被动语态,固定搭配以及动词短 语的选择。 比如 31 题,考生要知道盲人是看不见的,所有的动作都是靠摸索的,其实这是常识问题,据 此可知应该选择“feel”(摸索,感知),而不应该是“有目的”地去“touch”(触碰) ; 32 盲人陷入到黑暗的世界,这种表达在中文里面我们也使用,所以明显应该是“a world of darkness”; 33 单纯考察词汇,sink into hopeless , 描述人陷入到绝望之中,“sink”表示下沉,和人陷入绝 望的状态是符 合的。[来源:Ks5u.com] 34 be determined to do sth. 这是新概念二册中的重点句型,下决心做某事,当然你也可以用 make up one’s mind to do sth. 35 人残志不残,她想回到工作之中去,作返回来讲 return 是一个不及物动词,因为选 D。 36. 考察形容词。Frightened 表示恐惧 37. volunteer 表示志愿去帮助 Susan,现在很流行志愿者,所以大家不会对这个词感到陌生。 38. Until 在这里是连词,引导时间状语从句。状语从句是重点语法,大家要注意学习了 39. accompany 表示“陪伴”,既然 Mark 是来帮助 Susan 的,显然就来陪伴她的 40. 盲人失去的是 “sight”实力,其它的 sense(感觉)还是存在的 41. 简单的词汇辨析题,盲人需要适应的是新的 environment(环境) ,而不是新的 position(位 置)等到 42. on one’s own 表示“靠某人自己”本文一直都是在表扬这位盲人的毅力和坚持, 希望能够靠自 己来维持自己的正常生活。 43. 试想,拥抱自己的丈夫,而且是在分别的时候,感慨万千的时候,应该有的动作当然是 “tightly”(紧紧的) ,而不是其它的类似于 politely(礼貌的) 44. 在接受了别人的帮助后,Susan 终于要独自一人登上旅程了。他们各自走各自的路, “separate”表示“分别的”,其实她的背后有很多默默支持她的人,显然不是 “lonely”(孤独的) 这样的词 45. take hold of(吸引) take place of(代替) ; ;take charge of(掌管) ;take advantage of(利 用) 46. as usual(像往常一样) ,表示经常发生的动作再次发生 47. envy(嫉妒,羡慕)仔细阅读下面的文章,不难发现,司机是准备告诉 Susan 一个秘密。
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也就是要告诉她有很多人在默默地支持和关怀她。所以,根据上下文的理解,可以知道此刻 司机是要表达一种羡慕嫉妒之情,也是对 Susan 的一种宽慰 48. 几个疑问词的选择,不难。 49. 在过于的几个星期中,英文应该是 “for the past week” “next”表示的是下周,还没发生的事 情是不可能用完成时的,而且 “for”+一段时间,是现在完成时的时间状语标志 50. sight 表示“视力”。文中指的是,Susan 虽然失去了视力,但是获得了更多宝贵的东西。 (10 辽宁) When I first entered university, my aunt, who is an English professor, gave me a new English dictionary. I was __36___to see that it was an English dictionary, also known as a monolingual dictionary._37___it was a dictionary intended for non—native learners, none of my classmates had one __38__, to be honest, I found it extremely __39_ to use at first. I would look up words in the dictionary and _40__ not fully understand the meaning. I was used to the __41__ bilingual dictionaries, in which the words are _42__ both in English and Chinese. I really wondered why my aunt __43_ to make things so difficult for me. Now, after studying English at university for three years, I _44__ that monolingual dictionaries are __45_ in learning a foreign language As I found out, there is __46_ often no perfect equivalence(对应)between two _47___ in two language. My aunt even goes so far as to 48___ that a Chinese “equivalent” can never give you the __49___ meaning of a word in English! ___50_ , she insisted that I read the definition(定 义) of a world in a monolingual dictionary __51___ I wanted to get a better understanding of its meaning. ____52__, I have come to see what she meant. Using a monolingual dictionary for learners has helped me in another important way. This dictionary uses a(n) definitions, I am 53 54 number of words, around 2, 000, in its definitions. When I read these exposed to(接触)the basic words and learn how they are used to 55 this, I can express myself more easily in English. C .surprised D .nervous

explain objects and ideas. 36.A.worried

B .sad

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这是一篇记叙文,作者主要描写自己从最初接触英英词典的惊异,到习惯使用英英词典 以及使用英语词典的好处。 36.C 。 通读全文可知,作者是一个中国大学生,中国人学英语,尤其是初学者习惯使用英汉 词典。当作者看到英英词典的时候,他感到“吃惊”。 37.A.Because B .Although C .Unless D .If

37.B. 前后两句在意义上是让步关系,所以用 although 引导让步状语从句。而 A 项 because 引 导原因状语从句;Unless 和 if’引导条件状语从句。 38.A.but B .so C .or D .and

38.A. 此空格处是一个并列连词,连接前后两句。而前后两句之间存在的是转折关系,所以用 but。 39.A.difficult B .interesting C .ambiguous D .practical

39. A. 最初用英英词典,不习惯,所以作者感觉用起来“很难 difficult”。interesting 是“有趣味 的意思”,根据下文 not fully understand the meaning 不可能是这个答案;ambiguous 是“不明确 的”;practical 是“实用的”,这两个词也不符合语境。 40.A.thus B .even C .still D .again

40.C. 句子中有否定词 not,有副词 fully,所以用 still,表示“仍然不能够完全”的意思。 41.A.new B .familiar C .earlier D .ordinary

41.B. be used to 表示“习惯……,对作者来说习惯了双语词典,或者说是英汉词典。这里指双 语词典的使用对他来说是熟悉。 42.A.explained B .expressed C .described D .created

42.A. 此句是一个 in which 引导的定语从句,其中 words 是主语,根据常识在词典中单词的意 思是被“解释出来”的,所以用 explained.

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B .agreed

C .decided

D .happened

43.C. 我真想知道我姑妈为什么决定这么为难我。其他三个词虽然都跟动词不定式,但是在这 里意思都不恰当。 44.A.imagine B .recommend C .predict D .understand

44.D. 过去不理解, 经过一段时间后, “明白了 understand”; imagine 是“想象”的意思; recommend 是“推荐”的意思;predict 是“预测”的意思。 45.A.natural B .better C .easier D .convenient

45.B. 此句中 monolingual dictionaries 和 bilingual dictionaries 比较, 和 D 项没用比较级, A better 强调更好,更实用,而 easier 则不可能。 46 A.at best B .in fact C .at times D .in case

46.B. 常见的情况是实际上两种语言之间的两个词没有完全的对应。in fact 表示“实际上, 事实 上”。at best 是“至多;充其量”;at times 是“有时”;in case 是“万一,以防”,显然 A、C、D 项 不合语境。 47.A.words B .names C .ideas D .characters

47.A. 词典上重点的内容应该是单词。 48.A.hope B .declare C .doubt D .tell

48.B. 我姑妈甚至还声称汉语意思决不能给出一个英语单词的确切意思。 49.A.exact B .basic C .translated D .expected

49.A. 前面的 a Chinese equivalent 和 the meaning of a word in English 对应,所表明还是对应不 准确的问题,所以用 exact。 50.A.Rather B .However C .Therefore D .Instead

50. C. 此空后面的句子和前面表示的是一种“因果”关系,所以用 therefore。

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B .before

C .until

D .while

51. A. 表示“当……时候”,用 when 引导时间状语从句。而 before 通常指“在……之前”;until 指“直到……时候”;while 指“在……的同时”。 52.A.Largely B .Generally C .Gradually D .Probably

52. C. 该句的谓语 have come to see 是表示“变化过程”,所以用 gradually 表示“渐渐地”。 53.A.extra B .average C .total D .limited

53. D. 从后面的 around 2,000 可知词典中用于解释词义的词是限制在 2,000 左右。 54.A.repeatedly B .nearly C .immediately D .anxiously

54. A. 在有限的范围内,查阅阅读释义的话,就会反复接触基本词汇、学会这些词汇怎样用来 解释事物和观点,所以用 repeatedly 表示“反复地,经常地”, 55.A.According to B .In relation to C .In addition to D .Because of

55. D. 后面主句部分 I can express myself more easily in English.表达的是结果, 此处表达的应该 是原因,说明使用这种词典所带来的好处。

(10 北京) I met Mrs. Neidl in the ninth grade on a stage-design team for a play and she was one of the directors. Almost instantly I loved her. She had an Unpleasant voice and a direct way of speaking, 36 me. Mrs. Neidl would ask me for my 38 37 . She wanted to know how I thought we should 39 about stage design! But I she was encouraging and inspiring. For some reason, she was impressed with my work and

things. At first I had no idea how to answer because I knew

slowly began to respond to her began to how 42 41

40 . It was cause and effect: She believed I had opinions, so I

them. She trusted me to complete things, so I completed them perfectly. She loved

I was, so I began to show up to paint more and more. She believed in me, so I began to

believe in myself. Mrs. Neidl's
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that year was, "Try it. We can always paint over it


!"I began

- 39 -

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to take 46

45 . I had been so afraid of failing but suddenly there was no failing--only things to be 47 create something. 48 in the program 49 I

upon. I learned to dip my brush into the paint and

The shy, quiet freshman achieved success that year. I was

as "Student Art Assistant" because of the time and effort I'd put in. It was that year that I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing stage design. B eing on that stage-design team 50

Mrs. Neidl changed me completely. Not only was I 51 a strong interest and a world I

stronger and more competent than I had thought, but I also hadn't known existed. She taught me not to take chances and not be 53 52

what people think I should do: She taught me to 54 in

. Mrs. Neidl was my comforter when I was upset. Her 55 . D . for D . intention D . change D . nothing D. remarks D . form D . punctual D . suggestion D . later D . risks[ D . reflected D . proudly D . considered D . acknowledged D . by D . fostered D . wonder D . afraid D o interest D . favorable

me has inspired me to do things that I never imagined 36. A. and 37. A. opinion 38. A. make 39. A. anything 40. A. questions 41. A. hold 42. A. happy 43. A. message 44. A. again 45. A. steps 46. A. improved 47. A. easily 48. A. introduced 49. A. confirmed 50. A. with 51. A. developed 52. A. accept 53. A. bored 54. A. trust 55. A. accessible
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B . yet B . impression B . keep B . something B . comments B . follow B . lively B . motto B . more B . control B . acted B . carefully B . recognized B . decided B . below B . discovered B . care B . lazy B . patience B . enjoyable

C . so C . information C . handle C . everything C . explanations C . evaluate C . reliable C . saying C . instead C . charge C . looked C . confidently C . identified C . realized C . of C . took C . judge C . sad C . curiosity C . possible
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36.B 考察连词及句子理解。前面 unpleasant voice 和 direct way of speaking 是消极意向,后面 encouraging 和 inspiring 是积极意向,因此需填转折连词,四个选项中 A 表并列,C 表结果,D 表 原因,只有 B 选项 yet 表转折。 37.A 考察名词及篇章理解。第二段第二句话“她想知道我认为我们该怎样处理事情”直接提示 了这个空应该选观点 opinion 这个词. 第二段倒数第四句话中也出现了这个词从而验证了其正 确性。B. impression 印象、C. information 信息、D. intention 意图均不符合题意。 38.C 考察动词及篇章理解。根据文章主线选择“处理”事情。考纲要求考生掌握 handle 的两种 意思,名词是“柄、把”,动词是“处理”,这里考察后者。A, 做、创造 B 保持 D 改变 均不符 题意。 39.D 考察代词及句子理解。开始我不知如何回答是因为我对舞台设计“一无所知”。 know nothing about sth 对某事一无所知。 40.A 考察名词及篇章理解。解题关键词是本句的 ”respond 回答、响应”, 线索是第二段第一 句中的 “ask 提问”及第四句中的“answer 回答”, 因此这里填 “question 问题”这个词。BD 选 项是评论,C 是解释,不符题意。 41.D 考察动词及篇章理解。 本句的 them 指代 opinions 。 form opinion 形成观点 。 hold opinion 持有某种观点,form 是个变化的状态,hold 是个持续的状态,根据文意推断作者开始并没有 观点,由于她相信我有观点所以我形成了观点,强调形成这个过程,另外 Begin to 后接有变化 感的词,故选 form 不选 hold. B. follow 遵照,C .evaluate 评估与题意差别较大。 42.C 考察形容词及句子理解。解题线索在后半句 “so I began to show up to paint more and more ” 作者做的事情变多是 Mrs. Neidl 信任的结果,说明我是个可信赖(reliable)的人,C 选 项符合题意。其他三个选项 happy 高兴的 lively 活泼的和 punctual 准时的都不能表达出这种 合理的因果关系。另外迷惑性较大的 lively 通常用来形容物。 43. B 考察名词及句子理解。引号里是一句鼓励性质的话,而且前面“that year”也是线索,说明 这话是她的 motto 座右铭。迷惑性较大的 C 选项 saying 是谚语的意思,往往是人们长期形成 的对生活及经验的总结,强调群体性及时间性,故不合适,message 信息,suggestion 建议, 不合题意。 44.D 考察副词及篇章理解。本题难度较大,解题关键词是介词“over”,表覆盖。选择 later 可 以理解为“如果没有画好,稍后可以再画一次覆盖在之前的画上。” more 更多, Instead 代替, 不合题意。迷惑性最大的是 again.表示“再一次、又一次”但是放在这里与 over 意思重复,paint over it later 相当于 paint it again, 故不选 A。
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45.D 考察名词及篇章理解。take risks 固定搭配,冒险。通读全文发现作者是开始很不自信, 第四段开头也提示了作者“shy” ,“quiet”,因此动笔画画对他来说是个冒险,是自我突破的过程, 文章最后一段也提到了 take chances 冒险,因此选 D。take steps 是采取措施、步骤的意思,与 文章主题不搭,control 和 charge 都有控制的意思,不合题意。 46.A 考察动词及句子理解。Improve upon 改进。线索是本段开头的座右铭“试试吧,我们永 远可以重画一次。”因此不存在失败,只存在改进。Act upon 按照、对…起作用,look upon 看 待、考虑,reflect upon 考虑、回顾,均不符题意。 47.C 考察副词及篇章理解。本段主要描写了作者从不敢做到敢做的过程,根据前文提示作者 曾很不自信,后来在 Mrs. Neidl 的鼓励下自信地拿起了画笔,因此选 confidently. A easily 容易 的。作者超越自我的过程并不容易。B carefully 小心地。创作并不是个小心翼翼的过程。D Proudly 骄傲地。文章中没有任何体现。 48.B 考察动词。Be recognized as“被公认为、被承认”。 Introduce 介绍、引入,be identified as“ 被确定是”,有验证身份的意思,be considered as “被认为、被当作”。其中 be recognize as 有“被大家承认、被普遍接受”的意思,表意更准确。 49.C 考察动词。解题关键词是“want ”。作者意识到自己想要的是什么,所以用 realized. 迷惑 项是 decided 决定。可以说决定要什么,但不可以说决定想什么,因为想法是不可控制的。 Confirm 证实 acknowledge 承认,与题意差别较大。 50.A 考察介词。 Being with sb 与某人在一起。 这里不能选 of 是因为全文第一句话, Mrs. Neidl 是“ one of the directors”,所以不能说是她的团队。Below 和 by 搭配错误。 51.B 考察动词。发现了一项爱好和一个未知的世界,选 discovered. 迷惑项是 developed , 这 个词可以与 interest 连用表示形成了某种爱好, 但是不可以与 world 连用表示“形成一个未知世 界,”故排除。Take interest 取利,foster 培养,均不合适。 52.B 考察动词及篇章理解。“她教会我不要去在乎别人认为我该怎么做”,care 在乎,符合文 意。Accept 接受,judge 判断 ,wonder 怀疑 均不合文意。 53.D 考察形容词及句意理解。Be afraid 害怕。前面说 Take chance 冒险,后面理所当然说不 要怕(失败) ,而且前文反复出现了 afraid 这个词,是全篇的关键词。Bored 无聊的,lazy 懒 惰的,sad 伤心的,在文中均无体现。 54.A 考察名词及篇章理解。Trust 信任。通读全文会发现文中多次提到 Mrs. Neidl 对作者的信 任,并在第三段明确使用了 trust 这个词,因此推断出答案。Patience 耐心,curiosity 好奇心, interest 兴趣,文中均无体现。
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55.C 考察形容词及篇章理解。“她对我的信任激励我完成以前认为不可能的事情”, “never imagined possible” 等于 “imagined impossible.” 认为不可能的,贴合文意。Accessible 容易取 得的 enjoyable 有趣的 favorable 有利的赞同的 均不合文意。 (10 重庆) Introduction to Letters to Sam Dear Reader, Please allow me to tell you something before you read this book. When my 36 , Sam, was born, my heart was filled with joy. I had been sitting in a wheelchair for 20 years before then, and I have been 37 ill many times. So I wondered if I would have the 38 to tell Sam what I had 39 . For years I have been hosting a program on the 40 and writing articles for a magazine. Being 41 to move freely, I have learned to sit still and keep my heart 42 , exchanging thoughts with thousands of listeners and 43 . So when Sam was born, I 44 to tell him about school and friendship, romance and work, love and everything else. That’s how I started to write these 45 . I hope that Sam would 46 them sooner or later. However, that expectation 47 when Sam showed signs of autism (自闭症) at the age of two. He had actually stopped talking before the discovery of the signs. He 48 to communicate with others, even the family members. That was 49 for me but didn’t stop me writing on. I realized that I had even 50 now to tell him. I wanted him to 51 what it means to be “different” from others, and learn how to fight against the misfortune he’ll 52 as I myself, his grandfather, did. I just 53 if I could write all that I wanted to say in the rest of my life. Now, 54 the book has been published, I have been given the chance. Every chapter in the book is a letter to Sam: some about my life, and all about what it means to be a 55 . D aniel Gottlieb 36. A. son B. nephew C. brother D. grandson 37. A. seriously B. mentally C. slightly D. quietly 38. A. ability B. time C. courage D. responsibility 39. A. written B. suffered C. observed D. lost 40. A. radio B. television C. stage D. bed 41. A. ready B. unable C. anxious D. eager 42. A. warm B. broken C. closed D. open 43. A. hosts B. visitors C. readers D. reporters 44. A. began B. stopped C. forgot D. decided 45. A. letters B. emails C. books D. diaries 46. A. find B. read C. collect D. keep 47. A. developed B. disappeared C. changed D. arrived 48. A. tried B. refused C. regretted D. hoped 49. A. exciting B. acceptable C. strange D. heartbreaking 50. A. less B. everything C. more D. nothing 51. A. understand B. explain C. believe D. question 52. A. fear B. face C. know D. cause 53. A. felt B. guessed C. saw D. doubted
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54. A. as B. once C. though D. if 55. A. teacher B. child C. man D. writer 【语篇解读】本文介绍了“Letters to Sam”这本书的创作背景和写作目的。 36. 答案:D 解析:根据 as I myself,hisgrandfather 可判断,Sam 是“我”的孙子。 37. 答案:A 解析: I had been sitting in a wheelchair for 20 years before then 和 I wondered if I would have the 由 time…可知作者在这期间重病了几次。所以用 seriously. 38. 答案:B 解析:由这一段可知,作者是想告诉他的孙子,但担心自己的身体,所以不知道是不是有 时间。此处用 time 符合上下文。 39. 答案:C 解析:observe 看到,注意到。根据全文内容的理解,作者想告诉他孙子的是他的经历,只有 observe 合题意。 40. 答案:A 解析:由下文的 with thousands of listeners 可知,作者是主持广播节目,所以选 radio. 41. 答案:B 解析:由第一段可知,作者在轮椅上待了 20 年,所以不能自由活动。 42. 答案:D 解析:由下文中与听众和读者交流思想可知,作者敞开心扉,所以选 open。 43. 答案:C 解析:由第二段开头可知,作者主持广播节目和为杂志写文章,所以此处是和听众和读者交 流。 44. 答案:D 解析:由下句这就是我怎样开始写这些信的可知, 这儿应用 decided.是因为我决定告诉 Sam 学 校与友谊、浪漫与工作、爱情与其它一切,才开始写这些信。 45. 答案:A 解析:由本文的题目可知是介绍的 Letters to Sam 这本书,下文中也告诉我们这本书的每一章 都是一封信,所以这儿选 A。 46. 答案:B 解析:因为信是写给 Sam 的,所以作者希望 Sam 迟早会读到这些信。 47. 答案:C 解析:由于 Sam 患了自闭症,所以作者的这种期望改变了。 48. 答案:B 解析:因为 Sam 患了自闭症,这儿是说他拒绝与别人交流。 49. 答案:D 解析:由上文可知,作者对 Sam 希望很大,而 Sam 却患了自闭症,这对作者来说是令人心碎 的。 50. 答案:C 解析:由上面一句语,但是并没有阻止我继续写下去和下文中的我想让他理解与别人不同意 味着什么,学会和我一样与面对的不幸作斗争可知,作者是有了更多的东西要写。 51. 答案:A 解析:见第 50 题。 52. 答案:B
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解析:见第 50 题。 53. 答案:D 解析:由上文可知,作者的身体不好,所以他怀疑他是不是能写下所有他想说的话。 54. 答案:A 解析:as 引导原因状语从句。句意:因为这本书出版了,所以我有机会让 Sam 看到我所有想 说的话。 55. 答案:C 解析:这本书的每一章都是一封信,一些是关于我的,所有都是关于作为一个人意味着什么 的。 (10 浙江) I will never forget the year I was about twelve years old. My mother told us that we would not be _21_ Christmas gifts because there was not enough money. I felt sad and thought, “What would I say when the other kids asked what I’d 22 ?” Just when I started to 23 that there would not be a Christmas that year, three women 24 at our house with gifts for all of us. For me they brought a doll. I felt such a sense of 25 that I would no longer have to be embarrassed when I returned to school. I wasn’t 26 . Somebody had thought 27 of me to bring me a gift. Years later, when I stood in the kitchen of my new house, thinking how I wanted to make my 28 Christmas there special and memorable, I 29 remembered the women’s visit. I decided that I wanted to create that same feeling of 30 for as many children as I could possibly reach. So I 31 a plan and gathered forty people from my company to help. We gathered about 125 orphans (孤儿) at the Christmas party. For every child, we wrapped colorful packages filled with toys, clothes, and school supplies, 32 with a child’s name. We wanted all of them to know they were 33 . Before I called out their names and handed them their gifts, I 34 them that they couldn’t open their presents 35 every child had come forward. Finally the 36 they had been waiting for came as I called out, “One, two, three. Open your presents!” As the children opened their packages, their faces beamed and their bright smiles 37 up the room. The 38 in the room was obvious, and 39 wasn’t just about toys. It was a feeling –the feeling I knew 40 that Christmas so long ago when the women came to visit. I wasn’t forgotten. Somebody thought of me. I matter. 21. A. sending B . receiving C . making D . exchanging 答案:B 考点:本题考查动词辨析。 解析:由上文可知,还是小孩子的我,在圣诞节来临, 我应该是收到礼物,所以选择 receiving。 22. A. found B . prepared C . got D . expected 答案:C 考点:本题考查动词辨析。 解析:联系上下文,此处表达的意思是别人问我收到了什么礼物,所以选择 got。 23. A. doubt B . hope C . suggest D . accept 答案:D 考点:本题考查动词辨析。 解析:联系上下文,推断此处表达的意思是:我开始接受没有礼物的现实,选择 accept, 其他三个选项意思都不符合。 24. A. broke in .B. settled down C . turned up D . showed off
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答案:C 考点:本题考查动词短语辨析。 解析:四个选项:break in 闯入;settle down 安居;turn up 出现;show off 炫耀。联系上下 文此处是出现在我家,给我们圣诞礼物,故选择 C,意思最贴切。 25. A. relief B . loss C . achievement D. justice 答案:A 考点:本题考查名词辨析。 解析:根据下文:I would no longer have to be embarrassed when I returned to school(当我回 到学校时,我不会再感到难堪了。 )结合四个选项的意思,可以推断出此处是表示我解脱 了,送了一口气,故选择 A。 26. A. blamed B . loved C . forgotten D . affected 答案:C 考点:本题考查动词辨析。 解析:分析四个选项,结合上下文,可以得知,这件礼物对我是多么重要,所以此处表达 我将不会忘记这件事情,故选择 C。 27. A. highly B . little C . poorly D . enough 答案:D 考点:本题考查短语辨析。 解析:联系上下文,首先排除 B、C,think highly of sb 的意思是“对……评价很高”。此处 根据作者的前面的心态,选择 enough,表示有人关心自己。 28. A. present B . first C . recent D . previous 答案:B 考点:本题考查形容词辨析。 解析:联系上下文,提到是 new house,肯定选择 first,西方人对于圣诞节很重视,是一家 人团圆的日子,所以此时表达重要性,作者想让自己在新家过的第一个圣诞节有意义。选 择 B。 29. A. hardly B . instantly C . regularly D . occasionally 答案:B 考点:本题考查副词辨析。 解析:根据四个选项的意思,联系上下文,可了解当时作者那种激动的心情,所以应该是 很快就想到了那件让她难忘的事情;故选择 B。 30. A. strength B . independence C . importance D. safety 答案:C 考点:本题考查名词辨析。 解析:根据第一段中描述那次圣诞节礼物给我的感慨,和作者此刻的心情,她认为送圣诞 节礼物的给自己以及给得到的孩子们的重要性。 31. A. kept up with B . caught up with C . came up with D. put up with 答案:C 考点:本题考查动词短语辨析。 解析:从上一段的可以推断,是我提出了(came up with)了一个让四十个人来我公司帮忙 的计划。 32. A. none B . few C . some D . each 答案:D 考点:本题考查不定代词辨析。
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解析:根据作者的想法,应该是每个人都有自己的圣诞节礼物,所以选择每个人(each) 。 33. A. fine B . special C . helpful D . normal 答案:B 考点:本题考查形容词辨析。 解析:每个人都有属于自己的礼物,而且不是固定的,所以作者的意思是给孩子们启示: 每个人都是独一无二的。 34. A. reminded B . guaranteed C . convinced D . promised 答案:A 考点:本题考查动词辨析。 解析:从下文的“One, two, three. Open your presents!”可知,此时在分发礼物时,我提醒每 个人开始不要打开礼物。 35. A. after B . until C . when D . since 答案:B 考点:本题考查连词辨析。 解析:同 34 题,此时选择 until,直到每个人都拿到礼物。 36. A. chance B . gift C . moment D . reward 答案:C 考点:本题考查名词辨析。 解析:根据下文的意思,此处表达大家等待的拆礼物的时刻到来了,故选择 moment。 37. A. lit B . took C . burned D . cheered 答案:A 考点:本题考查动词辨析。 解析:分析四个选项的意思,根据文章的上下文:他们灿烂的笑容照亮了整个房间,所以 选择 light 的过去式 lit。 38. A. atmosphere B . sympathy C . calmness D . joy 答案:D 考点:本题考查名词辨析。 解析:联系上下文,分析四个选项的意思,此处是表达欢乐,故选择 D。 39. A. it B . such C . something D. everybody 答案:A 考点:本题考查代词辨析。 解析:联系上下文,得知:欢乐不仅仅是因为玩具。所以选择 it,指代欢乐。 40. A. by B . till C . for D . from 答案:D 考点:本题考查介词辨析。 解析:联系上下文,此处表示:我从很久以前的那次圣诞节上获得的感觉再次感受到了。 故 选 择 from 。

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